Craig Murray: No Need For NATO

Authored by Craig Murray via,

A NATO summit approaches that brings Donald Trump to Europe and then on to these [British] shores, and brings the usual clamour for more of the taxpayers’ money to be given to arms manufacturers.

Yet NATO is a demonstrably useless institution.

It’s largest ever active military deployment, for 12 years in Afghanistan, resulted in military defeat throughout 80% of the country, the installation of a pocket regime whose scrip does not run further than you can throw the scrip, and a vast outflow of heroin to finance the criminal underworld throughout NATO countries.

Look at this chart closely, and marvel at the fact that the NATO occupation began in early 2002.

In invading Afghanistan and boosting the heroin warlords, NATO countries destabilised themselves.

NATO’s second biggest military operation ever was the attack on Libya, where NATO carried out an incredible 14,200 bombing sorties using high explosive munitions and devastated Libya’s infrastructure and entire cities. Here is Sirte after NATO “liberation”.

The direct result of the devastation of Libya and destruction of its government infrastructure has been the massive untrammelled exodus of migrants, especially from West Africa, through Libya and across the Mediterranean on boats. This has not only led to the appalling exploitation and tragic death of many migrants, it has fundamentally weakened the governments and indeed governing public ethos of European NATO member states and led to a right wing populist surge throughout much of the EU.

In short, in destroying Libya, NATO members destabilised themselves.

The direct result of NATO’s destruction of Libya.

Now NATO is focusing once more on the original “threat” it was supposed to combat, a Russian invasion of Western Europe.

Russia has absolutely no intention of invading Western Europe. The very notion is ludicrous. It does not require NATO to deter a threat that does not exist.

Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia alone have a combined GNP as big as Russia. On a purchasing power parity basis, if you add in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania those Eastern states still match Russia economically. On a PPP basis, the combined GDP of all NATO states is 12 times that of Russia.

Russia does have disproportionate military power for its size – but not that much. Russia’s defence spending is one sixth that of NATO defence spending, though it is slightly more efficient because, despite corruption, less of Russia’s defence spending goes into the pockets of arms company shareholders, lobbyists, politicians and other fatcats than happens in the West. But that cannot outweigh Russia’s massive economic disadvantage. Nothing can. Russia is very well placed to defend itself, but in no position to attack major powers.

Russia’s foreign policy successes – in Crimea, Syria and Georgia – have been based not on massive military strength – the NATO powers far outweigh Russia there – but simply on much better statecraft. And NATO, for all the trillions western taxpayers spend on it, has been unable to do anything about it, despite the fact that Russian actions in Crimea and Georgia have been illegal in international law.

In fact if anybody has not worked out by now that our famed nuclear arsenal is a chocolate teapot, then they have not been paying attention. In none of the recent foreign policy crises – including the North Korean nuclearisation issue – nobody, anywhere, ever has mentioned Trident missiles as part of the solution. They are utterly worthless.

The threat of a Russian attack on NATO itself is non-existent. The EU is not officially a military alliance but the idea that any part of EU territory could be subject to invasion without the rest of the EU reacting is a political impossibility. It is very plain that Vladimir Putin’s policy is to reincorporate into Russia those bordering pockets of ethnic Russians in former Soviet states. But this has been approached piecemeal and avoiding major confrontation. There is no practical threat to the Baltic states whose security is already de facto guaranteed by EU membership.

So NATO’s role of defence against Russia is otiose, and its wider military adventures have been a total disaster.

Finally, a thought about China. I cannot think of a parallel to China these last two decades, where any country in history has obtained so much economic pre-eminence in the World and shown so very little interest in military expansion. The invasion of Tibet occurred before China’s economic flowering, and the South China Sea dispute is hardly the invasion of Iraq. I do not claim any expertise in Chinese culture or thought, but they appear to realise that dominance can be achieved by more subtle means than the sword. It is going to be a fascinating few decades as China rapidly overtakes the USA in the superpower stakes.


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"NATO is a demonstrably useless institution."

Another demonstrably useless article that avoids the JQ because the author is afraid of JP.  

Nato is the Rothschild army.  When the third temple is sitting on the mount and greater Israel is no longer just a dream, only then will the Rothschilds be done with Nato.

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Adolfsteinbergovitch Davidduke2000 Fri, 07/06/2018 - 03:54 Permalink

NATO is not useless. They are good at committing crimes together with their blue helmet buddies. That is their raison d'être. They are good at killing innocent trafficking drugs and reintroducing slavery in our societies. There's the facade, there's the charade, then there's the rest. The cattle will never understand. 

That's why TPTB are very happy about them. 

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philipat Adolfsteinbergovitch Fri, 07/06/2018 - 04:49 Permalink

Quick, we need a refreshed boogeyman before the world cup successful finale and the Summit in Helsinki. The Globalist cabal and the MIC are rallying the troops; new Skripal "incident" and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see another ME false flag imminently. Russia!! Russsia!! Russia!! Reds under the bed!!!!

In reality, of course, neither the US nor Europe really have any serious threats to their territory and if Russia were a serious threat to Europe, NATO would not be a viable defense force, especially now with all the new hypersonics. And Russia could be a major trading partner and close ally, particularly of Europe if it would call an end to the vassalage and "allow" Trump to pull out and go home.

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> NATO dissolves

> Russia takes over Europe

> Kicks out undesireables

> Teaches youth how to be MEN and WOMEN again

> Europe is Great Again

falconflight ACP Fri, 07/06/2018 - 02:13 Permalink

Really??? Why would the Russians bother to inculcate Europe in traditional values?  They've spent nearly one hundred years destroying traditional values there and in the US.  They can rule all the better with a fractured population.  Think harder.

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hey here's some fun little factoids that the media never, no NEVER talks about. 

russia pop = 160MM, give or take

EU pop = 650 MM

russia GDP = 1.4 trillion

EU GDP = 16.5 trillion

now nobody hates a commie more than a Vato does, but what. the. fucking. fuck. Europe can field their own damn armies, and NATO can go straight to hell

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Typical moronic 2-syllable American brainwashed thinking.

If you remove NATO, Europe and Russia will co-operate even more, do more trade and more energy deals. Win-win.

That's why NATO stays and USA continues the divide and conquer tactics.


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But the uniforms.  The medals.  The days of meetings in other EU nations.  

The flights to the USA.  The pay scale and rank with years of service.    

Generations have paid for decades of nice middle class comforts doing NATO work.


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Without NATO how would Washington force all those

first world countries in Europe to spend 2% of their

GDPs, on the expensive, over-hyped production of

the American  M I C?  

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Russia hates Nato of course as Nato was set up to constrict its expansion into Europe.


Now the cold war is over, Nato needs to be disbanded then reconstituted with a different mission: Against Islamism.


That means Turkey gets kicked out. That means the Nato warships patrolling the Mediterranean return the illegal migrants to the coast of Libya/Turkey.

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 Fuck Europe!

 They'll come running for help again, and when they do, I'll give them a layoff notice, until business picks up.

 I'm tired of the failed Schengen experiment.

 How many times do the autocrats in Brussels need to change their approach, before it's deemed insanity?

holgerdanske Yen Cross Fri, 07/06/2018 - 04:35 Permalink

assuming you are American?

The plan has been to give Europe the same handicap hat you suffer from. The hanger on-ers! The people that will not conform, behave and haul the load. You sit with this from historical mistakes and can't get rid.

In order to impose the same on Europe, you created the failed states in the ME and NA, by imposing "regime change" and murdering their leaders! creating failed states to the south of Europe. This caused the problems we see currently.

All planned and executed with help of stupid European leaders.



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Yeah, Fuck Europe. Fuck USA. Fuck Russia. Fuck NATO.

Fuck all entities messing with other people's business.

USA should close down all of it's bases, withdraw support from Israel and close down NATO.

The world would be a better place.

But USA will not do it, because it is corrupt to the core. Just like the Rome was. It will hollow out from within.


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Go through your list Craig. Do you see something common? More money for some and chaos for everyone else.

That is the purpose of NATO. Or any other such "organization" for that matter.

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Brexit, Trump's desire that France leave the EU and lastly disillusionment with NATO as in the above. If I were a German I would be getting nervous. The anglos want to blow you up again. 


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NATO needs reform that's for sure. A good start would be if all members contributed to their defense budgets.  A good policy statement would help stating that we're not going to follow neocon theories anymore about "nation building" in secular Arab countries, or expansion to the east where we are forced to prop up corrupt economically non-viable countries like Ukraine. 

Former French president Sarkozi was arrested for accepting campaign finance from the Qadaffi's/Lybia and to cover it up he started bombing; that's a hell of a motive!

I am Groot Fri, 07/06/2018 - 03:59 Permalink

Fuck NATO. If I had a bunch of people constantly circling my front yard all the time (Russia) I would be agitated as Hell. And Fuck Europe for bleeding the US dry and never,ever paying their fair share for defenses. Almost every single country  with the exception of a few pay their 2%GDP towards NATO defense. Time for all the titsucking manchildren in Europe to get off their fat, lazy asses and be responsible for themselves again.

alphasammae Fri, 07/06/2018 - 04:21 Permalink

NATO is useless. The USA should depart it and let the eastern European block keep it if they want it. Only defense contractors benefit from NATO and the US taxpayers are carrying the bulk of the expenses while these European nations enjoy affordable medical and education benefits, etc., and the USA cannot afford it for his citizens. Cancel NATO and instead use money for education, affordable  health services and even security, defense research and development projects. 51% of $957 Billion is $488 Billion savings to the USA.

BritBob Fri, 07/06/2018 - 04:52 Permalink

NATO will only survive if the other members pay their dues and stop relying on the US.

President Trump has taken the unprecedented step of lecturing world leaders on their chronic failure to pay for their own defence as they gathered in front of him for the unveiling of memorials to Nato’s role in keeping the peace around the world.

The US president broke with diplomatic norms to use his speech at a Nato meeting in Brussels to directly castigate 23 of the 28 members for failing to spend enough on defence, leaving the “taxpayers of the United States” to pick up the tab.

As tributes to Nato’s collective action – made from fragments of the Berlin Wall and the twin towers – were unveiled, Trump mentioned the article 5 commitment of member states to act as one when attacked. However, he largely focused on letting the leaders, and Nato’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, know of his determination to make them pay.

“I have been very very direct with secretary Stoltenberg and members of the alliance in saying Nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations.

“But 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are supposed to be paying for their defence. (Guardian May 2017).

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NATO will collapse when the US stops funding it. President Trump will decide to support NATO by funding to the Average other NATO Nations do around 0.65% GDP. NATO will then Collapse. Hence the call from Junkers, Merkhel and Macron for an EU Army. I fortell that that Army will be filled be troops with a diversity quota, trained in going into combat in RED High heels and have a shock troops of ISIS Veterans given Nationality if they enlist.