The Gathering Storm

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

The gathering storm cannot be dissipated with propaganda and bribes.

July 4th is an appropriate day to borrow Winston Churchill's the gathering storm to describe the existential crisis that will envelope America within the next decade. There is no single cause of the gathering storm; in complex systems, dynamics feed back into one another, and the sum of destabilizing disorder is greater than a simple sum of its parts.

Causal factors can be roughly broken into two categories: systemic and social/economic. The central illusion of those who focus solely on social, political and economic issues as the sources of destabilization is that tweaking the parameters of the status quo is all that's needed to right the ship: if only Trump were impeached, if only GDP hits 4% annual growth rate, if only the Federal Reserve started controlling the price of bat guano, etc., etc., etc.

The unwelcome reality is the systemic issues cannot be reversed with policy tweaks or shuffling those at the top of a crumbling centralized order. The systemic problems arise from the structures of centralization and monopoly capital, the institutionalization of perverse incentives and the depletion of natural capital: soil, water, fossil fuels, etc.

We can create "money" out of thin air but we can't print fresh water, productive soil or affordable energy out of thin air.

Regardless of their ideological labels, centralized socio-economic systems follow an S-Curve of rapid expansion during a "boost phase," a period of stable expansion (maturity) and then a period of stagnation and decline as the system's participants do more of what's failed, as they cannot accept that what worked so well in the past no longer works.

A successful model traps those within it; escape becomes impossible. That's the lesson of the S-Curve:

The Ratchet Effect is another key reason why meaningful reform of the status quo is impossible. In flush times, budgets expand as easily as waistlines, ratcheting up to consume ever-higher revenues. But once revenues start declining, the administrative/consumerist status quo is fiercely resistant to any reduction.

Like a body which has grown fat from excessive consumption and a decline in vitality/ functionality, the status quo resists any reduction in staffing or spending, sacrificing muscle to keep its layers of fat untouched.

In other words, the social crises, the constitutional crises, the financial crises--all of these are to some degree mere manifestations of the failure of centralized systems that arose to benefit from conditions that no longer exist.

Our centralized institutions and systems are failing, and shuffling the management and tweaking the parameters cannot stave off collapse.

What nobody gorging at the trough of the status quo dares admit is the system is failing most of its participants, and this is the source of populism and other manifestations of social disorder. I often publish this chart, as it crystallizes and encapsulates the verboten reality of 21st century America: the few are skimming the vast majority of the rewards of the system, at the expense of the many.

The many are politically powerless and divested of capital. Our centralized system concentrates wealth and power into the very apex of the wealth-power pyramid. In this apex, wealth, power, and control of media and surveillance all mix easily: thus Bezos controls Amazon and The Washington Post and has long-established ties to the National Security State in what's been aptly described as Surveillance Capitalism, a term that also describes Facebook and other quasi-monopolies of social media.

Amazon's Fusion With The State Shows Neoliberalism's Drift To Neo-Fascism.

Rather than admit the failure of our socio-economic system, those benefiting from the system's gross imbalances are pursuing a multi-pronged strategy of control:

1. Propaganda. The basic idea here is simple: ignore what your own experience is telling you about the failure of our socio-economic system and believe a carefully tailored host of interconnected narratives that all is well and this is most prosperous, wonderful system in the galaxy, nay, the universe.

Anyone who challenges these narratives is quickly attacked and marginalized:a highly centralized state goes hand in hand with a highly centralized media. Anything outside this apex of wealth and power is dismissed as "fake news."

For example, anyone who dares measure real-world inflation is quickly attacked and marginalized, least the restive masses finally awaken to the reality that the unprotected are being ravaged by 6% to 8% annual inflation in big-ticket items while the protected elites bask in subsidies that protect their self-serving fiefdoms from the harsh reality of rising inflation (i.e. loss of purchasing power).

2. Bribery and buy-offs such as debt forgiveness, tax breaks and Universal Basic Income (UBI). To calm the restive masses who have been disenfranchized, exploited and transformed into tax donkeys, those in the apex of power offer bribes and buy-offs: hey, let's "forgive" student loan debt--but of course it's not actually forgiven; the losses are simply transferred to the taxpayers.

Tax breaks and subsidies are used to mask the ever-greater share of the nation's wealth being skimmed by junk fees, useless licencing, compliance penalties, and taxes on everything.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the ultimate systemic bribe. Having stripmined the unprotected non-elites of opportunity and capital, those at the top of the wealth-power pyramid are promoting basic material survival as the substitute for actually having a stake in the system.

The unspoken reality is that UBI is designed to give debt-serfs just enough income to keep servicing their debts. Why not bypass the charade of "helping the powerless" and transfer the taxpayers' money directly to the banking sector?

The gathering storm cannot be dissipated with propaganda and bribes. The status quo is only hastening its demise with its strategy of misdirection and distraction.

*  * *

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Scipio Africanuz Billy the Poet Thu, 07/05/2018 - 12:04 Permalink

The storm is truly gathering, martial folks will remember their oath, spiritual re enforcement is arriving as we speak, traitors to the Republic should gently caress their necks, before it's stretched, if they don't mend their ways. Vultures are due for the bonfire, eagles will hatch in great numbers, friends will provide assistance, the zombied will recover their humanity, but still, the dark clouds must be dispelled by heart, strong, unwavering heart!...

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Deep Snorkeler Thu, 07/05/2018 - 10:19 Permalink

Trump Luxury Golf Links

  • an economy underpinned by Federal banking
  • fantastical financial products and networked fraud
  • permanent, every growing national debt
  • enormous standing army and unending foreign wars
  • erratic nihilistic threats and trade wars
  • inequality on a feudal level
bshirley1968 CrowTRobot Thu, 07/05/2018 - 10:59 Permalink

You don't get around much, do you?

Billy defends Trump on a regular basis and is quick to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I on the other hand would like to point out that even though Trump hasn't had a hand in the "other" topics, he now has power to influence them.....and is doing a crappy job in my opinion.

As pointed out in the article, the calamity we face goes way beyond Trump's ability to fix and people would be better served by not being distracted by the bullshit kabuki theater and start preparing themselves for the economic calamity that draws closer with each day.

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Billy the Poet bshirley1968 Thu, 07/05/2018 - 11:39 Permalink

Billy defends Trump on a regular basis and is quick to give him the benefit of the doubt.

In a conversation with you yesterday I called one of Trump's ideas stupid. I prefer to look at current events realistically rather than hysterically as you do. It simply isn't true that everything that has been wrong with the country for decades is Trump's fault.


goes way beyond Trump's ability to fix and people would be better served by not being distracted by the bullshit kabuki theater

You continue to ignore that events surrounding the Mueller investigation and attacks by "the resistance" on Trump supporters are likely to be the flash point of any civil violence. Trump could be a stuffed turkey and it wouldn't change the fact that events swirling around him can only be ignored at your own peril.

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hongdo Kayman Thu, 07/05/2018 - 12:34 Permalink

Used to be you kept a competent intelligence service so you did not have to rely on the MAINSTREAM MEDIA for actionable info.  Now the  US intel writes and reads the papers as a propaganda service.

There will come a new rising Sun Tzu and the smart and able will follow him since they have become so tired of political pussies.

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Giant Meteor Seasmoke Thu, 07/05/2018 - 10:40 Permalink

True, which was channeled accurately after the last "global financial crisis." Green shoots and all. On the other hand the "calm" isn't looking so calm lately, but the fracturing of the social economic order seems to be accelerating, going into what looks to be a long hot summer of discontent, right before the long winter of discontent ..

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Giant Meteor Kayman Thu, 07/05/2018 - 12:49 Permalink

Free rider countries. Well, just like if one is caught "free riding" in a stolen vehicle, the "free rider" can of course be held legally responsible. Free riding is considered a crime. It carries penalties. Of course the larger penalty is reserved for those that actually "stole" the vehicle.

In the case of this discussion, finance, economics, we're talkin inside job. The snakes have been in the woodpile, right under everyone's noses, and largely ignored for obvious reasons ..

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LightBeamCowboy Seasmoke Thu, 07/05/2018 - 12:09 Permalink

I always say "history happens in slow motion". Take yesterday's holiday for instance: today, looking in the rearview mirror, we have the time frame perception that there were a couple of rowdy demonstrations, then we declared independence, fought a revolutionary war, wrote the Constitution, and everybody lived happily ever after. But when we look at the actual dates for these events, we see that they took place over a three-decade period. Now everyone is eager to skip to the "happily ever after" phase, but we still have a long, hard slog ahead of us.

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Giant Meteor LightBeamCowboy Thu, 07/05/2018 - 13:08 Permalink

Indeed we do, and with no certainty as to outcomes ..

You make excellent point. But where the comparison falls short, during that time there was dedicated citizen involvement .. there was, whether for or against, a sense of urgency, as well as a sense of grand possibilities through citizen involvment and self sacrifice .. Many were willing to give all, including their lives, for what they believed.

As I read the federalist, and anti federalist papers I am struck at the lucidity and cogency of argument, brought forth through the keen intellect of farmers, shop keepers, tradesmen, and yes, doctor's and lawyers .. engagement in the great struggle was not limited, and even the lowliest on the rungs, had good understanding, were generally well informed, KNEW what was at stake. I see no indication that this is so today ..

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Sparkey LightBeamCowboy Thu, 07/05/2018 - 19:50 Permalink

"History always happens in slow motion" correct, or at least I agree, the only people who don't know what is going on are those who can't pay attention, another true-ism, I think,  is Nations always spend their citizens into poverty, look around now, and see the signs and portents of the future, The 'Leaders" are just like us an accident of History placed them in their positions, not some inate suitability for the positions they hold. 

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LawsofPhysics Thu, 07/05/2018 - 10:25 Permalink

History may not repeat exactly, but it sure as hell rhymes. Humans as a species, stopped evolving some time ago, but the laws of Nature and physics will re-assert themselves soon enough.  Some people will have access to the consumable calories and reduced hydrocarbons that are REQUIRED to maintain a decent standard of living...   ...most will not.

There is plenty of evidence that the culture on Easter Island was actually pretty advanced for the time.  Of course there is also evidence that as resources dwindled on the island, those that did not leave ate each other.

Stupid is as stupid does...

"Full Faith and Credit"

same as it ever was!

Hubbs LawsofPhysics Thu, 07/05/2018 - 10:42 Permalink

Thanks, Laws of Physics,  for bringing up a fond memory , unfortunately against a grim reality.

Actually, newer evidence might suggest that Easter Island was depopulated because of slave trade. But when I visited there 14 years ago, the going thesis was indeed that in order to move the giant Moai statues, the natives cut down every tree to the point that they could no longer build boats to fish or leave the island.

Nevertheless, the culture of the Birdman and reports of even cannibalism, as you suggest,  may still refute this newer theory. Either way, it sure is a fascinating story.

But one thing for sure, we need energy, lots of it, to run this economy- or rather keep it from collapsing, and that includes energy needed to produce and transport food. 

But all this alternative energy- PV and  wind, starts with coal, oil  and NG. When I see people charging up their trendy hybrid battery powered cars, I look over to the smokestack at the electrical power plant here in western NC and listen for the rumble of the trains transporting box car after box car of coal.

The ultimate "not so fast buster!"

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Giant Meteor 1 Alabama Thu, 07/05/2018 - 11:42 Permalink

The government was captured, long, long ago. The people surrendered. The regulators are in place to insure the game continues in favor of the top tier "regulated" in their respective industries and also supporting international corporations.. In short, government, and especially government regulators continue, as farce, selective enforcement. Picking winners and losers is what government, and it's "regulators" do ..

Musolini described a system of fascism .., Sheldon Woiln had updated some time ago on on the matter, and had rebranded present conditions to "inverted totalitarianism."

The late Chalmers Johnson wrote, regarding Wolin's thesis (book), it is "devastating critique" of the contemporary government of the United States—including the way it has changed in recent years, and the actions that "must" be undertaken "if it is not to disappear into history along with its classic totalitarian predecessors: Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia".

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Billy the Poet Giant Meteor Thu, 07/05/2018 - 13:29 Permalink

The regulators are in place to insure the game continues in favor of the top tier "regulated" in their respective industries


See the following story in which the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection intentionally did not test residents' well water for chemicals used in fracking when that was supposedly the specific point of the tests.

A congressman alerted the public to this activity and the Department of Environmental Regulation condemned him by stating that the congressman's vote against fracking regulations showed that he was biased against the fracking industry.



Lawmaker challenges Pennsylvania DEP's reporting of gas well water safety

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection produces incomplete lab reports and uses them to dismiss complaints that Marcellus Shale gas development operations have contaminated residential water supplies and made people sick, according to court documents.

In response, state Rep. Jesse White, D-Cecil, Thursday called on state and federal agencies to investigate the DEP for "alleged misconduct and fraud" revealed by sworn depositions in a civil case currently in Washington County Common Pleas Court.

The DEP responded in an email, noting its water testing lab received a "glowing" peer review last year from the Association of Public Health Laboratories, and saying, "Jesse White is ideologically opposed to responsible drilling regulations which is evidenced by, among other things, his vote against Act 13," a state law that regulates Marcellus Shale drilling and gas production.…

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the artist Billy the Poet Thu, 07/05/2018 - 14:33 Permalink

They prevent real testing of the Beef Herd for Mad Cow for the same reason...they know what they will find. 

Generally agree. Big Biz loves regulation because they can afford the economy of scale and the legions of lawyers to comply. 

But things will give way to decentralization of power because nobody can escape the math of it all. 

Link to Prof Bartlet lecture on Arithmetic, Population and Energy. 

The most important hour on YouTube.

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Radical Marijuana Kayman Thu, 07/05/2018 - 14:36 Permalink

Darwin had a blind spot towards the role of "revolution" in evolution driven by natural selection pressures. That relative blindness is far greater toward the role of "revolution" within artificial selection systems.

While it it surely the case that there is a long list of possible mega-disasters, which could overwhelm the frame of reference within which Globalized Neolithic Civilization is currently operating (the most probable one of which is a great solar flare), the underlying issues which are likely to be the most important were those identified in the article above as

"... the depletion of natural capital: soil, water, fossil fuels, etc. We can create "money" out of thin air but we can't print fresh water, productive soil or affordable energy out of thin air."

Natural selection was internalized as human intelligence, which was then applied to the most important selection pressures, which were other groups of people. Hence the history of successful warfare based on deceits and treacheries, within which history developed political economy based on being able to enforce frauds, i.e., about exponentially more "money" created out of nothing as debts, being used to "pay" for strip-mining the natural resources of the planet at about exponentially increasing rates.

The symbolic robberies achieved through being able to enforce frauds flow through vicious feedback spirals of the funding of the political processes, to result in what the article above described as "the structures of centralization and monopoly capital ...  institutionalization of perverse incentives."

I think that the article above was correct in presuming that those systems of enforced frauds can only continue to drive about exponentially increasing fraudulence, until, relatively rapidly, some tipping points are reached, due to the diminishing returns causing series of crazy collapses into chaos, along with driving series of psychotic breakdowns in those sociopolitical systems, which are becoming more and more psychotic, because being able to back up legalized lies with legalized violence never stops those lies from still being fundamentally false, and therefore, the underlying falseness is growing at about exponential rates, as the runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut develops fascist police state powers to endeavour to keep its exponentially growing fraudulence going.

However, it is generally mistaken to believe that somehow "natural selection" will resolve problems, other than through how those natural selection pressures continue to be channeled through artificial selection systems. It is particularly mistaken to believe that Darwinian notions regarding evolution are sufficient, due to the degree to which those notions have had blindness toward the roles of revolutionary events in the context of biological evolution.

There is an entire new kingdom of life emerging, at about exponentially increasing rates, due to series of intellectual scientific revolutions based on profound paradigm shifts in mathematical physics enabling technologies to become many orders of magnitude more powerful and capable than ever before in human history. The previously discovered principles of biological evolution, particularly the development of evolutionary ecologies, still may abstractly apply. However, since all of those phenomena are happening at about exponentially increasing rates, there is nothing comparable in previous human history, as well as nothing similar in previous biological evolutions, other than perhaps the development of photosynthesis, which took many millions of years to cause the kinds of radical revolutions in biological evolution which that eventually did.

The consequences of the development of photosynthesis were the greatest, so far, of the expressions of "revolutions" in biological evolution. The development of technologies like atomic and electrical energy have revolutionary potentials which are orders of magnitude greater than any previous changes in human history, as well as have the potential to happen at about exponentially accelerating rates.

Old-fashioned ideas regarding Darwinian evolution are seriously misleading when those attempt to be applied to radical transformations of human ecology, and the political economy which developed inside that ecology, which will be driven by the series of intellectual scientific revolutions which enabled about exponentially advancing technologies, such that the world now has globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic weapons.

Once there is life, then, by definition, it is the death control systems which direct the evolution of that life. In the case of human beings, that also necessarily applies, but it does so in the ways that natural selection pressures drive the development of artificial selection systems. In particular, the history of warfare made and maintained Globalized Neolithic Civilization to become what it is now, with the USA, and its Federal Reserve Board, as the single most significant components of those systems of more or less organized lies operating robberies.

The intensifying paradoxes are due to natural selection pressures driving artificial selection systems to become as dishonest as possible, and therefore, to become about exponentially more dishonest, as the abilities to enforce frauds drive about exponentially increasing fraudulence. Moreover, those intensifying paradoxes are most acute due to the degree to which there is almost nothing which is publicly significant but layers of controlled "opposition" groups surrounding the core of bankster dominated governments.

While Charles Hugh Smith provides superficially correct analysis, which I mostly agree with, he tends to collapse back to bogus "solutions" which are similarly superficial. The same happens with those who collapse back to old-fashioned notions regarding natural selection, as labeled as Darwinian evolution.

The combined money/murder systems which Globalized Neolithic Civilization developed are deliberately ignored and misunderstood, by most people, as much as humanly possible. Even those few who are pointing out the accumulating apparent anomalies of the ways that money is measurement backed by murder tend to not go through sufficiently profound paradigm shifts in their perceptions of those combined money/murder systems.

Increasing natural selection pressures, primarily due to the diminishing returns from creating "money" out of nothing in order to "pay" for strip-mining the planet, are not going to go straight through to change human beings, but rather, are going to necessarily go through artificial selection systems. The deeper reasons for how and why doing so is extremely problematic is that the most socially successful murder systems were selected to become the most deceitful and treacherous, while those murder systems backed up the money systems which became almost totally based on being able to enforce frauds, despite that prodigious progress in physical science enabled those to become about exponentially more fraudulent, which resulted in more and more painfully obvious apparent anomalies to accumulate.

While I agree with the overall conclusions drawn by Charles Hugh Smith, that the established systems can not correct themselves, without those driving through their own series of psychotic breakdowns and crazy collapses to chaos, in general I find mostly myopic faith in the back-up systems of natural selection, rather than a more refined understanding of the artificial selection systems which natural selection made and maintained.

The greatest obstacles to developing better artificial selection systems are somewhat similar to those identified by Charles Hugh Smith, but those are way worse than he recognizes, due to the degrees to which there is almost nothing but controlled "opposition" groups surrounding the central core of banker dominated governments, due to almost everyone continuing to take for granted thinking and communicating within the same frame of reference, which developed for thousands of years, as the biggest bullies' bullshit, which became the banksters' bullshit.

Those kinds of controlled "opposition" do not want to fully admit and address the degree to which the entrenched systems have maximizing maliciousness, because of the long history of how the biggest and best organized gangsters dominating civilization for thousands of years. Moreover, those kinds of controlled "opposition" want to continue to believe in the same old-fashioned DUALITIES, based on false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals, such as "what money should be," which mostly ignores what money is!

As long as any human beings survive, then the only ways that Darwinian evolution can sort out problems related to human evolution are through the development of artificial selection systems. The greatest obstacles to that continue to be that natural selection pressures have driven the development of artificial selection systems to become as dishonest as possible, in the most profound ways which were possible.

While human beings live as reproducing gangs of robbers in their environment, because that is the case, the biggest and best organized gangsters dominated, to become what is now Globalized Neolithic Civilization, with the government of the USA as still the single most significant component of that. By and large, it is politically impossible for that Civilization to consciously develop any better Civilization, due to the degrees that there is nothing which is publicly significant surrounding those but various kinds of controlled "opposition" groups, which do not fully admit and address that the combined money/murder systems have maximized maliciousness.

It continues to be naive stupidity to presume that there are some fundamental dichotomies between natural selection versus artificial selection. Rather, artificial selection systems developed inside natural selection systems. It is especially naive stupidity to believe that natural selection is going to "solve" human problems, other than if those natural selection pressures became such that no human beings survived.

As long as any human beings survive, then artificial selection systems will continue to develop inside natural selection pressures. Given that prodigious progress in physical sciences has created new kingdoms of life (e.g., computer/machine entities), as well as that about exponentially advancing technologies have enabled the development of globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by threats of force from apes with atomic weapons, it is theoretically imperative that political science goes through series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts, such as are inspired and guided by those which have already happened in mathematical physics.

Given those relatively objective factors, natural selection pressures will be focused through artificial selection systems, in ways which drive "radical revolutions," none of which can be comprehended within old-fashioned notions of Darwinian evolution, and even less could be comprehended within old-fashioned impossible ideals expressed through bogus political science, which is actually almost totally compromised with the biggest bullies' and banksters' bullshit-based views of the world.

The essential political problems are due to the degree to which the biggest and best organized gangsters dominated Civilization, by being able to back up legalized lies with legalized violence, while the government of the USA became the leading component of that Civilization. Since the degree of their domination also enabled them to almost totally dominate their apparent "opposition," those essential problems are like Charles Hugh Smith outlined, except for actually being way worse!

The prodigious progress in physical sciences, and the resulting technologies, had their main theme being the development of UNITARY MECHANISMS to replace the previous DUALITIES, which were previously being used. Something similar must be done with respect to political science. However, since the oldest and best developed forms of social science and engineering were manifestations of warfare, whose successfulness were based on deceits and treacheries, which then supported an economy based on being able to enforce frauds, to move on from thinking about the problems that Charles Hugh Smith outlines toward genuinely better resolutions of those problems requires radical revolutions in the ways that those problems are thought and communicated about.

Increasing natural selection pressures, due to "the depletion of natural capital,"  are going to cause corresponding changes in human ecology in general, and especially changes in the death control systems which are central to that ecology. However, those changes will continue to be channeled through artificial selection systems, as long as those natural selection pressures are not bad enough to cause the extinction of the human species.

At the present time, the various controlled "opposition" groups tend to not fully articulate the ways that the existing systems are actually based on murder systems which have maximized maliciousness in order to make and maintain money systems based on about exponentially increasing fraudulence. Since the established political economy is almost totally based on the power of public governments enforcing frauds by private banks and the big corporations that have grown up around those big banks, therefore, the public perceptions of Civilization tend to have deliberately ignored and misunderstood the laws of nature as much as humanly possible, because the only connections between the laws of men and the laws of nature were the abilities to back up legalized lies with legalized violence, which social facts were what the biggest bullies were most able to deeply bury under their bullshit.

Expressions of controlled "opposition," such as Charles Hugh Smith, and most of the the other authors republished on Zero Hedge (and many of those posting comments here as well, albeit with a few exceptions), tend to turn from superficially correct analyses of the accumulating anomalies (which are automatically becoming more apparent, since those are expressions of about exponentially increasing fraudulence, as about exponentially more "money" is created out of nothing as debts) to proposing promoting similarly superficial solutions, which tend to stay within taking for granted the same old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomies and related impossible ideals, amongst which is included the ways that people tend to think of Darwinian evolution, through natural selection pressures, as separate from human evolution and its artificial selections, which actually developed inside natural selection, and will continue to do so, as long as any human beings still survived.

The increasingly severe problems which human beings have are paradoxically due to progress in physical sciences, amplifying the ways those primates were able to behave by many orders of magnitude. Therefore, it is theoretically obvious that political sciences should go through similar series of profound paradigm shifts. However, as Charles Hugh Smith grossly understates, the currently existing systems of "the structures of centralization and monopoly capital ...  institutionalization of perverse incentives"  continue to make those kinds of radical revolutions politically impossible at the present time, as well as in the foreseeable finite future of Globalized Neolithic Civilization, because of the storms gathering on the horizon of human history, due to "the depletion of natural capital"  have consequences which are relatively postponed in proportion to the positions that people have within the pyramid systems.

The pyramidion people, at the top of slavery systems, are the last to feel the consequences of "the depletion of natural capital."   For them, their enforced frauds, achieving symbolic robberies, continue to enjoy strip-mining the planet's natural resources as fast as possible. Nothing regarding those diminishing returns directly cause them to suffer, in the ways that those lower down, or more out of the periphery of those slavery pyramids suffer. Hence, those systems will continue to believe what the best available professional hypocrites operating those systems want to believe.

But nevertheless, it is clear that those pyramidion people have actually prepared to respond to their problems in ways which they could from within those pyramid system, such as by staging series of false flag attacks, to start more genocidal wars, along with developing the abilities to impose democidal martial law. In that context, the most probable future developments of the existing artificial selection systems will become the ways that the eruptions of death insanities might be catalyzed and channeled into the development of new death control systems, which theoretically could make greater uses of information, that enabled higher consciousness.

It is not possible to stop the runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut, and its associated police state powers. However, it may be possible to push those beyond where they were otherwise intended to go. In that context, there are always TWO insights which are relevant: FIRST, the existing death control systems have become as dishonest as possible, and SECOND, there must be some death control systems.

The existing systems are based on the existing death control systems being as deceitful as possible, which includes the ways that the controlled "opposition" to those systems does not fully state the degree to which that is so, as well as never proposes and promotes better death control systems, which would be necessary to back up better debt control systems. Rather, the controlled "opposition" points out the apparent accumulating anomalies, that the debt slavery systems are generating numbers which have become runaway debt insanities, but then, usually, does not follow through with sufficient recognition that the debt controls were actually backed by the death controls, which means that only simultaneous changes in the murder systems could sustain radical revolutions in actually existing money systems.

Overall, it is not good enough to collapse back to old-fashioned notions regarding "evolution," which are not able to include "revolutions" within those notions. While it is certainly correct to expect that runaway debt insanities will provoke runaway death insanities, better responses to those likely events would require profound paradigm shifts in the perception of the death control systems, which were backing up the debt control systems, all of which is particularly poignant because those events are happening at about exponentially increasing rates, as well as include similar rates of emergence of new kingdoms of life, that require radical revolutions in the ways to think and communicate regarding "evolution."

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LightBeamCowboy LawsofPhysics Thu, 07/05/2018 - 12:20 Permalink

Yesterday Dave at the Adapt 2030 YT channel covered a mysterious irrigation system discovered in the Kalahari Desert that has remnants of perfectly straight parallel canals, each 750 feet wide and evenly spaced one mile apart. They cover 350 by 300 miles, an area the size of Arizona. For all of our vast historical/archeological knowledge, we have no idea what went on before our current record begins.

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pods Thu, 07/05/2018 - 10:29 Permalink

That last chart is the kind that gets wealthy heads a rolling. If they don't make it to Teterboro to catch their Gulfstream outta here.