Moped Crime Is Soaring In London

Many European cities including tourist hotspots such as Barcelona, Rome and Paris have become notorious for petty crime, especially pickpocketing.

However, as Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, while London never really gained such a bad reputation among tourists, a new criminal phenomenon is quite literally gaining traction.

Infographic: Moped crime is soaring in London | Statista

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In the UK's capital, thieves are more likely to snatch someone's bag from their moped or motorcycle as it quickly weaves in and out of traffic.

Back in 2013, the Metropolitan Police recorded 1,637 incidents of this type of crime and since then, it has soared. In 2017 (up to September 30), there were 17,604 incidences of moped crime in London.

The solution is simple - Ban Mopeds!!!