Putin Prepares To Make Major Concessions During Trump Summit

A senior Kremlin official tells Bloomberg that Vladimir Putin is preparing to offer significant concessions to President Trump at their July 16 summit in Helsinki, Finland in the hopes of beginning to repair strained relations between Russia and the United States. Chief among them, according to the official, is a discussion on Iran's role in Syria - an issue that Moscow is simultaneously coordinating with Tehran.

Putin has agreed in principle to U.S. and Israeli demands that Iranian-backed forces in southern Syria be kept away from Israel’s border, replaced with troops loyal to the government in Damascus, two Kremlin advisers said.

After studying Trump’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, during which he announced a surprise halt to U.S. military exercises with South Korea, Putin decided he needs to negotiate with the billionaire personally, the senior official said, without elaborating. The two leaders may meet without aides, as Trump and Kim did in Singapore, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. -Bloomberg

In advance of the summit, U.S. ambassador to Russia, Jon Huntsman, briefed President Trump during a one-on-one conference call Thursday - saying that Trump will go into the meeting with "eyes wide open." 

Trump, meanwhile, has broken with Obama's policy of demanding that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad be removed from power, a position reportedly formed before Russia and Iran turned the tide of the Syrian civil war in Assad's favor against U.S. backed rebels. This sentiment was backed by U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton - who on Sunday told CBS News that Assad is no longer "the strategic issue" in Syria. Instead, Iran is now the focus. 

“We’ll see what happens when the two of them get together,” said Bolton, who never met a regime he didn't want to change. “There are possibilities for doing a larger negotiation on helping to get Iranian forces out of Syria and back into Iran, which would be a significant step forward.”

Russia views the upcoming Trump-Putin summit as an opportunity to mend fences with the United States. Relations have soured dramatically since the days Bill Clinton was hanging out at Putin's Moscow estate - within hours of collecting $500,000 for a speech to a Kremlin investment bank - in the same month Russia assumed control over 20% of U.S. uranium under Hillary Clinton's State Department. But that was 2010. Since then, Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and allegedly hacked the 2016 U.S. election - which the Kremlin has been heavily sanctioned for. 

Still, major questions remain over Putin's ability to actually enforce any agreement governing Iran's actions in Syria, even if he offers to stabilize the border with Israel by sending troops into the area. This has in turn caused some in Washington and among Western allies in Europe that Trump may prematurely tout the Helsinki meeting without actually achieving real concessions. 

Russia may have supplanted America as the indispensable arbiter in various Mideast conflicts but there’s only so far Putin is willing to go to appease Trump when it comes to Iran, according to Andrei Kortunov, head of the Russian International Affairs Council, a research group set up by the Kremlin. -Bloomberg

“Trump can’t force Putin to turn away from Iran,” Kortunov said. “Putin is not willing to push Iran too hard and he cannot rely on Trump.”


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LoL @ BS story.

During the Kremlin meeting last week between Putin and Trump’s national security advisor, John Bolton, one clue was visible. This was the appearance of the Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu on the Russian side of table, alongside the president’s foreign affairs advisor Yury Ushakov and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Shoigu wasn’t matched by a military officer or Pentagon counterpart on the American side of the table. So Shoigu wasn’t present to speak. He was there to listen, and to report to the General Staff what the US side is proposing – and not less significant, what Putin had to say. Shoigu’s presence was a signal that on the Russian side, the military do not quite trust the president — their own, not the other one.


Putin has not the power to offer such an agreement. ;)

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Imagine how fucked up it would be if two leaders of the world's super power countries wanted to have a good relationship and were willing to work together for their mutual benefit, but many .gov "employees" (employees of the people) would do anything in their power to obstruct and prevent that from happening. Could you imagine if things were that fucked up? 

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"Putin has agreed in principle to U.S. and Israeli demands that Iranian-backed forces in southern Syria be kept away from Israel’s border"


What utter bullshit!

Especially since there are no Iranian troops in Syria, only advisers. Hezbollah troops, yes.


Besides, these were NOT US Demands, but Apartheid Israhell's. Trump is just Satanyahoo's PUPPET.


Artist's IMPRESSION of Satanyahoo RIDING Trump


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So does Putin. In Syria, just look at the de-escalation zones. In Ukraine, just look at the Budapest agreement, and at the non-implemenation of the Minsk agreement.

So, the agent leader and his agent do have something in common. Maybe that helps with their relationship, plus maybe one or two interesting videos or other things the agent leader might have.

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I don't have great knowledge of Russia's politics.  To me, Putin is a strategist at its best without doing unnecessary damages.

1. He took Crimea.

2. He didn't retaliate against Turkey for shooting down the jet.

3. He didn't annihilate the ISIS, instead negotiate a winning position without having to waste more men/resources.

4. Leading SCO with the backing from China's BRI.

5. Providing energy to the EU.

The only thing I don't like about Putin is his lack of pushing cryptos forward.

I really like Putin... , but again I don't know everything about Russia.

Putin (and Hu Jintao/Xiaoping) is very very close to Sun Tzu...

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Putin is s dove..as in a get along pragmatist. When he was forced to act in Ukraine/Crimea and Syria- and as the Anglo Zios tried to take his Med and Black Sea ports into the bargain..he did..because he had too. Hed much rather get Russia rich from high oil prices and trade with Europe from one end and China from the other. The Anglo Zios cut that off so he does what he needs to do.

God bless Putin

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While I agree that Putin may not be the kind of ruler Stalin was, and has to accommodate various factions, agressive ones as well as pragmatist ones, I still wonder why he does try to sow chaos in Europe, eg financing and supporting right wing organisations.

Chaos in your neighbourhood will fall back on yourself some time, earlier or later. Best example is Germany's fostering of the Russian Revolution in 1918, by allowing Lenin to return from Switzerland to Russia through Germany.

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Excellent. Intelligence - a rare commodity of late here on zh. Can you blame the Russia old guard for not trusting any US president? Memory lane. Clinton: Corrupt, horny, and on cocaine. His wife ditto. Bush jr.; stupid beyond belief. "Reformed" alcoholic (check the trash) and cocaine addict. Blows up wtc and starts wars. Obama: More wars with Hillary as SOS. God complex, homosexual, and corrupt. Trump: Who the hell knows. I mean there's no honor, they lie all the time - who would trust this crew? Pre-Trump there wasn't a statesman among them. Now Putin will meet Trump. He'll give up what's not necessary and, with his understanding of America's social anger level, will give Trump a win in exchange for security.

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Sorry 07564111, but you're wrong.  The demands on the ground in Syria were hammered out at the (unpublicized) meeting of JCS Gen. John Dunford and Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov in Helsinki Finland a month ago.  

Shoigu, former Minister of Exceptional Situations, and not a military cadre officer, was the 'compromise' candidate for Minister of Defense after the civilian Minister Serdyukov was forced to resign after a corruption and sex scandal. The fact that Shoigu was at the table with Bolton and Huntsman is completely normal and nothing can be read into it. 

The Russian military is thoroughly subservient to political control and probably eager to curtail its campaign in Syria a time of budget austerity in Russia.  I think Putin wants to wind it down, and keep their last client in the middle east (Assad).  That's the read. 

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I think from a operational perspective the Russian military very much appreciates the invaluable opportunity to field test equipments, procedures and personnel that the Anglo-Zionists unwittingly gifted them in Syria, and probably just file it under regular training expenses, as Putin stated.

Specially, as with it also came a treasure trove of brand spanking new equipment, and data gathering opportunities.

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Exactly as the hard core Trumptard dead-ender clique still runs thru the drill - 


Drumpf is taking down the "Deep State"

Drumpf is rearranging the international chess board to bring about 'World Peace'

Drumpf has put America back on the road to prosperity 


so the pathetic drudges of Russo-talmudic shilldom carnie-bark their lines with flagging enthusiasm...

in the face of all too obvious signs that Pootin has has been taken into tow by his Chabad handlers - reduced like Drumpf to a nonentity who executes Bibis' wishes with the alacrity of a trained poodle... our moronic spinsters now have to lay off the Pootin-manboy love and train their sites on more manly fantasies - the "soviet military machine" as secret superhero which will rescue everybody in the end. Truly pathetic stuff.

Iran is abandoned by all sides - so as to be forced into the waiting arms of an Sreal eager to reclaim the home of talmudism on the banks of the Babylonian rivers. A "shining castle on a hill" will once again be seen to arise in the Mesopotamian heartland - the new temple of the moneypower and the new HQ of real power in the geopolitical world, as the compliant stooges east and west bow down one by one.

a brilliant psyop executed in plain daylight, as stealth is no longer needed to  win the minds of dumbed down Merikan exceptionalist fanboys.

Hurrah - they croaked. 

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Are you another Englishman Bob?

Putin was born a Christian and is religious tolerant, yes he passed laws quickly to stop the asset stripping of Russia which lost 85% of its wealth to (oligaths) and the tainted USA and uk. The oligaths hate him for that. Some still in Russia and playing up with other countries. 

Iran is not abandoned, it is the key country in the one belt one road, it is an informal member of the SCO.

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Both of you are wrong.  There has never been a leader that the Russian military could trust more than Putin - he pulled them up from hell - they have every confidence in him.  Shoigu was there because in all likelihood, he will be taking a more visible role in Russian politics in the future - if he is now being groomed to replace Putin.

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Assad's Tiger forces are now advancing into the opposition forces positions along the areas near Israel. By the time Putin and Trump meet, the ground reality that satisfies Israel may already be in place. Israel is already resigned to the fact that it doesn't get to depose Assad. Trump has already tacitly accepted that Crimea is Russian now, blaming Obama for losing it to Russia.

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Trump wants peace? Averaging one bomb dropped every 12 minutes. Destroys everything, Half buries bodies as in Raqqa after the Allies freed it by bombing everyone and everything, it stinks of rotting human flesh still with bits of civilians poking out of the mess.

then the bombs on Damascus market to set up the white helmets and the Big Boys bombing of east ghouta, blew limbs off the people it did not kill outright. 

Fkn hubris most ZH commentators are dead keen to kill.

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Yes they do peace. They want a negotiated peace with all signatories honoring the agreement. Peace at any price, i.e. Russia giving everything but others not is never going to happen.

Thus far, the USA demands from Russia much, and in some cases, it demands that which is not ours to give (such as Iran) but the USA owners are unwilling to give in anything in return i.e. removing all troops and bases from Syria.

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I get the impression from reading this article that this author is giving the impression that Putin has been an Atlanticist from the begining and has slowly but surely been wearing down nations in the Middle East.  Currently, I don’t believe this.  I don’t think that Putin will hardly make any concessions.  If he does, I am suspicious.

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bullshit article

Shoigu is trusted. More Eagle than hawkish.

several reasons he there, none writer article focus on.

The obvious is obvious, except West miss it..

I know exactly main reason Shoigu there,

not what author try make of it....













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