Trump Said To Narrow SCOTUS Pick Down To 3 Candidates

A day before the White House's first round of China-specific tariffs are set to take effect, Bloomberg is reporting that President Trump has narrowed down his list of potential Supreme Court candidates to three federal appeals court judges: Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Raymond Kethledge. Among these three candidates, Trump is said to favor: Kavanaugh and Kethledge, according to two insiders.

Brett Kavanaugh

Meanwhile, Trump has reportedly interviewed at least seven candidates to replace outgoing justice Anthony Kennedy. Trump has said he’ll name his nominee July 9, and the White House aims to have Kennedy’s successor confirmed in time for the court’s next session in October. That could be difficult as legislators head out for their summer recess, as Bloomberg reminds us.

The confirmation process promises to be a fight. As soon as Kennedy announced his retirement plans in late June, Democrats mobilized against Trump’s eventual pick, arguing that anyone he selects would help roll back abortion rights, Affordable Care Act protections, same-sex marriage and scores of other decisions that have shaped modern America while ruling in favor of corporations and against under-represented minorities.

Even though Democrats pulled out the so-called "nuclear option" back in 2013 to make it easier to push through presidential nominees, Republicans' slim 51-49 advantage means that the success of Trump's nominee will turn on a handful of moderate votes from Senators like Alaska's Lisa Murkowski. Murkowski and her moderate peers like Susan Collins of Maine are wary of approving a justice who would support the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

The confirmation process promises to be a fight. As soon as Kennedy announced his retirement plans in late June, Democrats mobilized against Trump’s eventual pick, arguing that anyone he selects would help roll back abortion rights, Affordable Care Act protections, same-sex marriage and scores of other decisions that have shaped modern America while ruling in favor of corporations and against under-represented minorities.

With Republicans holding just a 51-49 advantage in the Senate, the fate of the nominee will turn on a handful of Senate outliers in both parties -- Republicans who support abortion rights and Democrats who don’t.

Barrett, 46, is currently on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals after being nominated by Trump in mid-2017 and confirmed in October. Before joining the bench, she was a professor at Notre Dame Law School, her alma mater, and two decades ago, clerked for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Like four of the five Christians on the court, Barrett is a Roman Catholic. If confirmed, she would be the fifth woman to join the court and one of four currently on the court.

Responding to a question about Barrett during an interview on Air Force One last month, Trump praised her profusely, calling her "an outstanding woman." Meanwhile, hobbyist forecasters placing bets in the online market see Kavanaugh as the frontrunner, with Kethledge representing a close second.


Kavanaugh, 53, is a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Washington DC circuit who has a background in politics. Before he was nominated to the Washington DC circuit court back he was Bush’s White House staff secretary and worked for Bush during the 2000 Florida vote recount. He also played a lead role in drafting Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr’s 1998 report on Bill Clinton. He is a Yale Law School graduate.



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Ann Coulter: “Hardiman & Kethledge are open borders zealots,”

Later, when challenged on her assertion, Coulter expounded on how she reached her conclusion, citing several opinions in which Judge Kethledge favored expanding the legal options available to illegal aliens facing deportation:

Kethlege's ruling for the illegal immigrant was too much even for the Clinton judge on the panel, who dissented.

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 4, 2018

Kethledge also reversed a deportation order of a CRIMINAL ALIEN who had lied about a drug conviction and been convicted of grand theft auto, which Kethledge argued was not an aggravated felony. Van Don Nguyen v. Holder, 571 F.3d 524

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 4, 2018

Barrett has only been a judge for seven months and has never ruled on a wide variety of issues.

following is  me not Coulter don't know how to get out of this fucking quote box im trapped in

Barrett has 7 kids, 2 are adopted from Haiti, will be soft on immigration. She can be liberal on everything but abortion as a catholic. Guess she couldn't find any black kids in America that needed a home like all the rest black baby sporters. So she is importing Hatians herself. Grrrreat!!

Abandon this Federalist Society list, when I saw the guy who runs it my first hit was really bad. All these institutions are filled with traitors. "When the barrel is filled with rotten apples go to the tree." That's where we are at, no Judges are patriots they are corporate plants. We need a patriot for what we are facing. I would also suggest Ron Paul for a few years. Even Scalia his best friend on the court was freaking Ruth Bladder. What was he doing down there at that fucking creepy ranch filled with satanic imagery? What was going on there? In the dining area were single beds with all sorts of demonic masks above them. Sorry but that is the truth.

Abortion/gay marriage the ridiculous wedge issues for decades. I don't care about either of those now or in the past. The fight is IMMIGRATION/TRADE/JOBS/Get out of the war business/save the republic.

Making liberal heads explode is meaningless, they are already blown out. Select a Judge who will move the agenda we voted for forward. Like wall, travel ban, immigration, anchor babies, affirmative action, gun rights, slap down Tech monopoly, small businesses, anti globalist/corporatist meddling, ending O-care, military waste fraud and abuse, medicare abuse, welfare fraud.

If Trump appoints some bullshit Judge we are going to burn this motherfucker down. We are at the Last Chance Saloon now.


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Chris2 Chupacabra-322 Thu, 07/05/2018 - 21:21 Permalink

Looking for pics of their kids found all these white catholic liberals encouraging others to adopt global orphans most all black. I can just see it now. She has an agenda and it ain't ours.

Yes Globalist like her Pope.

Too many Jews and Catholics on the court.

Knowing Trump he will pick someone off this shortlist and see how the left and rino's block and use this for midterm repub turnout.

Personally I hate them all. Get some hardcore proven America first person from anywhere outside of the coastal blue zone. Who cares if they are older, the fight is fucking NOW do or die. This person can give 6 yrs then retire having done their duty to America and Trump can appoint again. That's what he should do. How about Rudy?

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The Catholic church was founded by Jesus Christ & St. Peter.

Not by a guy riding in a chuckwagon across the Western US.

Not by an english king.

Not by a middle eastern war starter.

You're probably a 7th day adventist - I've read their policies - the founder was some anti-Catholic woman, it's like islam - so much of it is committed to hating non-believers - 7th day adventism has a large portion of anti-Catholic ideologies, it has so much hatred - whereas Catholicism can be summed up in one word "Love". On a philosophical level, 7th day adventism doesn't add up to me, and like every other religion aside from Catholicism. I don't think 7th day adventism has God-sent teachings - it's rather a man made religion. I'll pray for you though Chris.

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hey joe - typical roman catholic arrogance.  thanks for the display.  martin luther started cleaning up the shit mess of your organized crime syndicate hundreds of years ago, and there's been no end to the corruption since.  your butt fucking faggot "celibate" priests have caused no end of misery to the children (and adults) that they're supposed to be serving.

when cardinal bernie law fled the usa to avoid prosecution for his crimes (yes, some of us are still pissed off about that), gwb should have sent uh-60's to the vatican to yank him out of his socks and bring him back to the usa.  but bush was a pussy, so he didn't.  he also should have prosecuted the roman catholic church in the usa under the RICO statutes as an organized crime syndicate - (WHICH IT IS!!) for the church's role in the pedophile priest scandal.  but no one has the balls to do that either.  

save your prayers for yourself asshole!  you need them more than chris.  your sanctimonious attitude is just you whistling in the dark while you ignore all the corruption around you.  catholics deserve all this scorn for tolerating the CRIMINAL behaviour of their church for literally hundreds of years.

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Yep! Andrew Napolitano! That would be more than a pleasant surprise, it would be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the enemies of the Republic! Napolitano is a "true blue" constitutionalist, he doesn't care what the left, or right thinks, he doesn't give a rat's ass, what any power broker thinks, he simply takes a look in the constitution, and says "Sorry, not there" or "Yep, right there! Where? In front of your f***ing face!"

President Trump, think outside the limits, look outside the box, nuke em with Napolitano! Well, that's just my opinion, I'm sure some folks may not like that, and according to the US Constitution, that's okay!...

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lol...ya know, we could try to explain the ramifications of that to the throngs until we dropped dead from exhaustion and their eyes glazed over with righteous vengeance & self induced madness.

And that would be exactly what the enemies of this nation desire.

State sanctioned marriage is no different than "the king" and his overlords asserting "the right" of prima nocta, I prefer to keep marriage sanctioned AWAY from all ties to the state ;-)

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It can also be said, the state has a "practical reason" for wanting to interfere with what is...a personal/religious matter. That is the ground I hold.

I maintain the practical reason for the state is the physical health of the general population (read blood tests and an inordinate prurient interest in peoples lives) and taxation (read proprietary revenue & special interest accomodation) as the main motivations to even be having a discussion about marriage.  

Marriage to me (to be clear) is between a man & a woman under the auspices of their chosen religion (if any) HOWEVER under law it can be anything the law says it is.

Marriage (in all it's incarnations) should be kept separate from the state (and I can't emphasize that enough.) Its a Pandora's Box that belongs to the betrothed and their individual beliefs, not to the state to be opened when some whiff of electability passes under the nostrils of a bureaucrat.  

Marriage (like religion) should always be separate from the state lest they get their hands on it, as they have done in the past and will try again. 

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Occams_Razor_Trader nmewn Fri, 07/06/2018 - 07:51 Permalink

ALL "Marriage" is State Sanctioned that's why they sell you a license.

A Biblical Marriage is when a man takes a wife- for his own- the ceremony was to celebrate the arrangement under God's blessing.

And anyone could do that under any god they believed in.

The Gays co-opted the term "marriage" to kick hetero's in the shin- every right afforded a man and woman under a marriage was granted under a "civil union" or "domestic partnership- Gays wanted the term- and they got it.

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The confirmation process promises to be a fight. As soon as Kennedy announced his retirement plans in late June, Democrats mobilized against Trump’s eventual pick, arguing that anyone he selects would help roll back abortion rights, Affordable Care Act protections, same-sex marriage and scores of other decisions that have shaped modern America while ruling in favor of corporations and against under-represented minorities."

awwww, poor (((demonic))) agenda inspired babies are seeing every tool they relied on to destroy white, Christian America over the last 60 years threatened - boo hoo

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No it's time to let the individual states figure that out via their voters and their respective state constitution.

and for gods sake lets stop letting the left call that shit "reproductive rights" You don't see pregnant women marching for the right to give birth, you don't see people marching for the right to NOT buy a gun or the right to NOT speak about politics. No one is preventing a woman's right to not get pregnant. The question is; does a woman have the right to get pregnant or not get pregnant? Duh, yea (The Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness) anything else is NOT "reproductive rights" Call it what you want but it ain't that.

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No you're the one who can be quiet and sit down. The people have spoken overwhelmingly: it's time to make abortions illegal - across the country and in every territory & demand that our allies do the same.

Liberals have been talking down to us and forcing their views on us - it's time for democrat states to get a taste of their own medicine, if they can't bring order to their states, then we will - by ending the abortion genocide.




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Kavanaugh sounds sketchy to me. I don't like the fact he thinks it's all about being open to changing one's mind as opposed to whatever it is that the fucking constitution says. If it isn't spelled out in the constitution it goes back to states to decide, pretty fucking clear to me. Oh, and stop this bullshit about everything falling under the commerce clause.

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According to Ann Coulter he is the best pick on our shared single issue, IMMIGRATION.

Kavanaugh  "remove beaner"

Also strong on American worker Trump agenda.

I don't like abortion but its not the hill I want to die on. Tell these idiots to use fucking birth control.

Immigration will destroy this country in a decade for sure. That's where the fight needs to be.

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nmewn Chris2 Thu, 07/05/2018 - 20:46 Permalink

As long as he stays strong (if appointed) on the Constitution & BoR's (which is the main goal) it's good enough. 

And to your point, Congress makes the law and POTUS enforces it, which is what everyone should be concentrating on. I've always said, I can be a pirate or a citizen but I can't be both and i do have a preference ;-)

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Yes, check this out about Kavenaugh.  He led part of the investigation of Vince Foster and wrote the first 140 pages of the investigation.  Berated a witness who questioned the narrative.  There are videos and links to follow, some are kooky and in conspiracy land, but others rely on Kavenaughs direct work.  Here is a summary link.…


Im still liking Amy Coney Barrett.  She hasn’t been in the swamp long enough to be fully corrupted (my opinion) giving an opportunity for a clean slate, honest pick.

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