UK Confirms Novichok In Latest Poisoning Same As Used On Skripals

The UK government has now confirmed that the Novichok nerve agent used in its latest poisoning case is the same kind that was used to poison Yulia and Sergei Skripal, according to the Telegraph. Charles Rowley, 45, and Dawn Sturgess, 44, became critically ill after being exposed to the nerve agent in Amesbury, just a few miles away from the Salisbury strip mall where the Skripals fell ill. UK Police confirmed on Wednesday that Novichok was used in the poisoning.

And seemingly right on cue, as suspicion has immediately been directed at the Russians, UK Security Minister Ben Wallace, the minister who confirmed that the Novichok used on Sturgess and Rowley was the same used on the Skripals, has asked Russia to "fill in all the clues to keep people safe" - or basically admit its involvement in a crime that has barely begun to be investigated.

So, to review:

  • An Amesbury couple in their 40's, Dawn Sturgess, 44, and Charlie Rowley, 45 were poisoned with Novichok nerve agent

  • Police were initially called after Sturgess fell ill, only to return later that evening after Rowley also fell ill

  • None of the other people who were with the couple at Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury the day before fell ill

  • One of the last places the couple was seen together in public was a family fund ay at Amesbury Baptist Centre on Saturday afternoon. The church has been cordoned off by police

  • Wiltshire police originally thought the couple had taken contaminated heroin or crack cocaine

  • Authorities don't believe there is "a significant health risk to the wider public" at this time

  • Rowley and Sturgess remain in critical condition in Salisbury District Hospital

  • The address where the couple were found is on a new housing development on the southern edge of the town, which lies close to Stonehenge per ITV

  • UK authorities believe the Novichok nerve agent that caused the poisoning was the same used in the Skripal attack and that the couple somehow encountered it by accident.

But it's Russia's fault.

Dawn Sturgess and Charles Rowley

This, despite also contending that the victims in the latest crime encountered the substance "accidentally". because if people thought Russia was randomly poisoning UK citizens, we imagine pandemonium would break out.

Amid fears the public could still be at risk, Ben Wallace, the security minister, confirmed the "working asaccusesumption" is the couple taken ill in Amesbury - around eight miles from Salisbury - were not targeted victims, but encountered the substance accidentally. Novichok can be inhaled as a fine powder, absorbed through the skin or ingested.

He called on Moscow to provide information, saying: "The Russian state could put this wrong right. They could tell us what happened. What they did. And fill in some of the significant gaps that we are trying to pursue.

"We have said they can come and tell us what happened. I'm waiting for the phone call from the Russian state. The offer is there. They are the ones who could fill in all the clues to keep people safe."

UK police were initially summoned Saturday morning after Sturgess collapsed, but returned to the same address later that evening after Rowley also fell ill. Wiltshire police have declared the sickening a "major incident," which will allow more than one emergency agency to respond. Police from 40 departments around England and Wales only just returned home last month from working the Skripal case, while specially trained workers have been decontaminating areas around Salisbury for months.


With Rowley and Sturgess both in comas in the hospital, the Kremlin has "categorically denied" any involvement in the Salisbury attack and said the UK "showed no interest" in a joint investigation. The Kremlin described the Rowley-Sturgess poisoning as "disturbing" but said it had not received anything from the UK about the incident. Police have have already ruled out the possibility that the couple had been deliberately targeted, and John Glen, the Conservative MP for Salisbury, has said he believes the couple somehow come into contact with discarded Novichok that was outside of the Salisbury cleanup area.

And of course, all of this is happening just two weeks before the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, which also begs the question: Why would Russia risk another diplomatic incident breaking out just weeks before such an important meeting? Though another poisoning case will certainly be red meat for members of NATO - who love their "Russian aggression" - ahead of their summit.


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Theresa so jealous of trump's compliments to Putin for the world cup organization that she doesn't know what to do to save the day. 

Maybe she could make a movie with a donkey, that would reduce the nuclear hazard in the end. 

This thing will call back the many questions that have been silenced last time, and soon enough they will find out it would have been better to lay low for a while. Now they will look like total idiots. 

Anyway it's probable that UK's credibility on the international scene is going to take a serious plunge. 

There you go, the new laughing stock of the world has been found. 

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SofaPapa StackShinyStuff Thu, 07/05/2018 - 11:57 Permalink

One of the other zh articles on the Skripal case suggested the possibility that there is a Russian mafia connection to these poisonings which is NOT related to the Russian state.  Much as the MSM wants to paint a nice neat picture of Putin=evil, and Russia is a codeword for Putin, the real world is a lot more complex.  If we hold open the possibility of another actor being involved in the first poisoning, this second case makes a LOT more sense.  Otherwise, this second case is of no benefit to anyone at all, Russian, British, no-one...

The British authorities are so determined to use these cases in their propaganda arsenal that they have stretched zero facts into a story to back what they want to claim.  But that story is so poorly defended, it risks exposing their desire to disseminate propaganda with no thought given to its actual plausibility.  

This second case really blows a hole in their narrative.  From what I have seen of when the Russian state acts, one thing they are not is incompetent.  Having some of this substance (whatever it is, which is quite apparently not state-manufactured Novichok, that would be quite quickly very lethal) floating around randomly?  This suggests a third party who is not careful.  The Russian state is much more careful than this.

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The Russian state could put this wrong right. They could tell us what happened. What they did. And fill in some of the significant gaps that we are trying to pursue.

Clearly, one of the significant gaps is between the ears of Ben Wallace, the security minister. The intracranial gaps of Theresa May and Boorish Johnson are also of great significance. This is where the investigation should focus.

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Why argue with a bunch of liars? Anything from the Brit authorities is as dissembling and fake as their axis allies in the US and Israel. Even if there was some evidence that Novichoks were exclusive to Russia and their was some reliable evidence that Novichoks were used, the Brit evidence would still be as unreliable and fake as with the falsely alleged Skripal poisonings.  

What the alleged Skripal poisoning signified to the more astute people on this site was that another poison gas false-flag attack in Syria was in the works, for reasons given at that time, a few  weeks right before that last Syrian false flag. Again, what the Brits (and I am getting more and more disgusted with being a Brit descendant as more truth is reveled on the internet) keep trying to do with their perception management of their own either dumbed-down or hypocritical population is to associate Russia with the use of poison gas, such that if there is another false flag in relation to Mid East hostilities, the US-led Anglo Zionist axis will find it easier to justify attacks on Russians in Syria who get in the way of any escalation or invasion.  

Teresa May, Boris Johnson, Ben Wallace are very much a part of puke effort of the present US-led attempts to get Russia to back off protection of particularly Iran and also helping Syria to take back its turf north of the Euphrates from the US-supported Kurds.  With the July 16 summit and just following another Axis false-flag, it should be any surprise that Trump announces over cake that missiles are on the way to Syrian government or Iranian government positions. Hope Putin tells all them just to FO, and the Syrians take out any unwelcome foreign jet, drone or missile, and also eject any regime-change orientated Axis foreigner from their turf. 

Syria in Perspective: Fabricating Incidents to Incriminate The Syrian Government

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Doubling (Porton) Down on Stupid.

Going full retard.

Didn't work the first time, so push it back uphill, and see if it works this time.

Truth is no one needs Government and the assholes that staff it. Never ever. Big Lie of all Time.

A Mexican community threw out the corrupt police and corrupt politicians, then ran off the illegal loggers stealing their forests. People bearing Arms. Protecting themselves against Government. James Comey's Fear.

The long running global Divide and Conquer strategy.

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A Russian Mafia connection to this is very possible.  The Russian mafia is not the Russian government by a long shot.  The Russian mob is headed by many of the oligarchs who were thrown out of Russia by Putin and others.  Some of the Oligarchs are aligned with the zio empire (we know who they are).  But, truth be told, they are 'mafia,' so their real motive is money and power, so I suspect they will play for pay when it suits them.  Of course, it does not hurt that many of the Oligarchs/Russian mob have a hatred for the Russian government.  Timing with Putin-Trump summit is not coincidental.   In the espionage business, coincidence does not exist.

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Good point. It just seems a given that you can carry and employ this highly toxic substance like a bottle of water.

Same with supposed sarin grenades in Syria. Really? I'm going to use a sarin grenade where the grenade explodes 40 yards from me and/or my comrades?  Hold me back, dude. Under what precise meteorological and tactical circumstances is your average troop going to let fly with that bad boy?

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A Russian Mafia connection to this is very possible. 

I respectfully disagree. When the Russian mafia wants you dead you generally die by lead poisoning or by rapid mechanical disassembly of your automobile. Trying to kill specific people and only those specific people with a nerve agent is beyond retarded. But, since the British state is retarded they went full retard again with the so-called "deadliest nerve agent known to humankind." I think that the US CIA set up the Brits just to make them look like retards. 

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It was Seymore Hersh being interviewed on "Going Underground". Then there's this article at RT by George Galloway:

which gives a good synopsis of the UK government BS and then mentions Sy Hersh's opinion. All in all, the MI6 and CIA spooks tried to pin it on Putin, using it as a false flag op and perhaps are helping the Russian mob.

The Sy Hersh interview is brilliant and worth the watch, touches other topics, i.e. the corrupt MSM,NATO, ISIS and more. Also the disgusting mass murder/war crimes during the Vietnam war.…

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gregga777 SofaPapa Thu, 07/05/2018 - 14:18 Permalink

One of the other zh articles on the Skripal case suggested the possibility that there is a Russian mafia connection to these poisonings

I'm about 99.99% convinced that these are false flags by MI6 and US CIA. The Russian state and mafia know full well that a Tokarev in 7.62X25mm or a Makarov in 9X18 mm tends to be much more reliably permanent than whatever the U. K. is using to simulate that Novickok crap. 

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  "ex" MI6 spook Steel (author of the Clinton financed "dossier") also was chosen to pin the blame on Russia for the Litfvnenko poisoning by authoring another "report" blaming Putin.  It looks like the Russian mob is used by MI6 and probably CIA to undermine Putin,  Steele the guy who ties it all together, also was working with Skripal. 

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silver140 Volkodav Thu, 07/05/2018 - 19:26 Permalink

If I could summarize the substance of this link and other info. that I think is factual: Polonium was smuggled from a complicit Israel to be used in a dirty bomb in London by the Russian mob with help of the MI6, to be blamed on Putin. The smugglers weren't careful and poisoned themselves in transit, this was blamed on Putin by MI6 Steele, who later (after having formed a private company with Skripal) also concocted the "salacious" fiction in the Russian dossier to smear Trump at the behest of the Clinton campaign for president of the US. Skripal is then eliminated (he's been disappeared by MI6) after, supposedly being poisoned by Putin, according to MI6. Sy Hersh stating that according to his sources, the Russian mob did the poisoning, trying to make it look like, again, Putin did it.

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