The United States Of Terror

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Two recent articles (here and here) have again demonstrated that the greatest “terrorist” entity on earth is not the boogeymen – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea – so often portrayed by Western presstitudes and the American government; but the United States itself!  Ever since World War II, the US has been the most militaristic, far surpassing all of the Communist and dictatorial regimes combined.

Some startling and rarely reported facts:

  • Currently, the US drops on someone or something a deadly explosive once every12 minutes

  • W. Bush’s military dropped 70,000 bombs on five different nations during his murderous regime

  • Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Barrack Obomber, launched 100,000 bombs on seven countries

  • Funding this mass murder is a reportedly $21 trillion (!) that is unaccounted for in the Pentagon’s coffers

Despite all of the “America First” bluster at the start of the Trump Administration, little has changed but, in fact, things have escalated.  While G.W. Bush in his wicked eight years dropped over 24 bombs per day and his successor upped that total to 34 bombs per day, the current Bomber-in-Chief has, in his first year in office, averaged 121 bombs per day!  For the initial year of his Presidency, 44,000 bombs were dropped on people and lands despite the fact that the US is not officially at war with a single country!

Despite these grisly statistics, which are hardly ever reported by the mainstream press, the military industrial complex and the controlled Western media outlets have propagated the lie of “precision bombing.”  Precision bombing has been trumpeted to minimize the effect of US aggression to the public that only true belligerents are targeted and not innocents.

When US bombing is reported by the press, the actual casualties and property damage are never accurately given.  The most notorious example of this mendacity was the coverage of Bush II’s Iraq war.  “The US and its allies ruthlessly carpet-bombed Iraq,” a UN report acknowledged, “reducing it from ‘a rather highly urbanized and mechanized society’ to a ‘pre-industrial age nation.’”

Later accounts of what actually happened showed that “only seven percent of the 88,500 tons of bombs and missiles devastating Iraq were ‘precision weapons.’”

Despite these facts, US policy makers have the gall to call certain regimes “rogue” and/or “terrorist.”  Do not look for any de-escalation, however, as “defense” spending for 2018 is set at $700 billion with an increase of $16 billion in the following year.  Yes, more taxes extorted from the public for the pulverization of peoples and their homes across the globe!

Even if these statistics were of common knowledge, do not look for things to change.  The majority of the American public loves its military and government and has been conditioned to overlook and accept nearly all of its military engagements and the propaganda that attempts to justify them.

What must change is ideology which, at one time, was strongly anti-interventionist, but gradually became pro-war.  Through education, the press, books, and the electronic media, the intelligentsia was able to manipulate public opinion.  Americans began to glorify war under the guise of spreading democracy and “freedom” to everyone, whether they wanted it or not.

Under current ideological conditions, a reversal of thinking to a non-interventionist foreign policy is not likely.  The only way that the nation’s rampaging foreign policy will be checked is through an economic collapse or a severe dollar crisis, the latter of which would end the greenback’s status as the world’s reserve currency.

If America no longer has the means to fund its military around the world, its imperialism will quickly come to an end.  It is extremely burdensome on a domestic economy to maintain a global empire and one that is actively engaged in costly military operations.  If the nation’s economy severely contracts or the dollar can no longer be printed with impunity, the bombing of other peoples and political involvement in overseas affairs would have to cease, or be drastically curtailed.  A historical example of this is Great Britain after WWII.

As it stands now, only financial calamity will bring down the world’s foremost terrorist state.  If such a scenario comes about, the US may become the recipient of the destruction, loss of life, and mayhem it has unleashed upon the world.


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Bombs away! There are many reasons, many of which I don't agree with, to be sure.

Just remember this, all wars are banker wars - Break the windows, then fix 'em - win win for them, wink wink, not so much the recipients!

Prescott Bush funded the NAZI regime for goodness sake. We are not angels, our gov't at least, is not.

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No, I actually hate it. I don't like the fact we have a an oligarchy running the place, I actually want to restore the Constitution, and pull the troops home. Let the world murder themselves. But if they attack us, or our allies, and there was not good reason, take the gloves off.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Loser boy, the retard that spends all day trolling on ZH is coming to get us shit is getting serious. After he finishes cleaning the cum off his keyboard, the civil war begins.


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The US has not gone to war to bring Democracy to anyone. Korea and Vietnam were attempts to counter the armed invasion by corrupt “Communist” northern powers of their Southern neighbors. The intervention of the Russians and Chinese turned what should have been brief police actions into horrendous proxy wars in which these two venal powers sent the locals to die by the hundreds of thousands to gain geopolitical advantage. These wars were not won by the US, because they required the sacrifice of thousands of Americans while the cowardly Russians and Chinese simply armed the locals and sent them to be butchered.

So, no spreading of democracy - rather the defense of freedom, putting its money where their mouth was. 

Now, lets talk about Kuwait. As I recall Saddam invaded. Ans we defended our ally. Rather than spread democracy up Saddam’s ass then as we should have but were constrained by all this “do the right thing” bullshit, we just handed Kuwait and its oil hundreds of billions back to the Kuwaitis, probably the single largest act of geopolitical generosity in history. Next, we went back to finish the job when word was Saddam was building WMDs — a pretty good hoax. And AGAIN, we spent hundreds of billions, TRILLIONS, only to hand it all back to the slovenly Iraqis.

So, all you pissant fuckwad anti-American ballsacks, if you and your ilk would stop invading countries, committing mass atrocities, and threatening the US, maybe we wouldn’t have to go out and spend and sacrifice so much to help people maintain their ugly freedom.

Look simply at Kuwait and Iraq compared to Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine. We go in, kill off the tyrant bloodsuckers, clean up the mess as best we can with OUR OWN MONEY, and hand it all back, when there is absolutely no one in a position to tell us what to do. We could have just claimed the oil fields, brought in US operators, and set up camp for good. Noooooooooooooooo. We had to give it all back to the feral swine that run those shitholes and watch them kill each other in a battle to grab all the money...I mean gain acceptance for their religious sect.  Russian policy is a bit different. It is now to regain territory they long had no claim on, regardless of the people’s desires which they simply create bogus “polls” and “votes” to justify. There is no question of who keeps whatever goodies are in play. Someone has to pay for Vlad’s suits, watches, clothes, planes, yachts, and dachas. Not to mention his daughter’s apartments, houses, schools, kids, trust funds, planes... you know.

How odd the STRONGMAN™ has no boys? Gonads gone limp? If he did there’d be a crown prince of Russia again!

So, yeah,the US is at war all over the globe, mostly in proxy battles with the two cynical global powers who seek to destroy the US. Vlad has been enabled by the pre-pack bankruptcy that almost blew up the financial system the first time in 1998. If there were Rothschilds in charge, they would have become debtors-in-possession, and the oligarchs would be Jews in London, not kleptogansters in Moscow. OOOPS there goes another conspiracy theory all shot to hell.

So, to my troll friends in the Russian think tanks, this campaign to make Americans feel bad about carrying the battle to protect people from tyrants and gangsters, I say piss off. Stop inciting and fucking with people. Like Syrians. You want a pipeline and oil prices up? Arm the Syrian monster Assad and let his people die for you, once again, and couch it in bullshit, as always. 

You see to be an imperialist, you have to actually be, well, imperial. The US has been trying to counter Soviet (because that’s what it is) aggression and adventurism, uhh... imperialism...and it often turns to bombs rather than boots. But that’s cool you chickenshit weasels. Hide behind your human shields. Give the Palestinians bomb vests to put on children to send out to challenge sentries, air cover to Syrians to use chemical weapons to terrorize the people then whine “false flag!” Because you are such pussies you can’t just admit what you do, like poisoning ex-spies.

Russians.... man what a bunch of sheep. All the potential in the world, oil wealth, education... all of it. And you piss it away on kleptocrat pocket despots and visions of the bogus White Magical Jesus Vlad the Christian savior. Ugh. A whole country with little man’s disease. It’s so unattractive.

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I dont pretend anything. My family has been here since the 1600's, I will fight communists to the last drop of blood in me, if you muff divers want war, so be it. Y'all talk a lot of shit, why not back your crap up? March, please do.

Hillary to this day blames everyone and everything for her loss, except her wretched self, go jump on a pike, fool.

BTW, why don't you go murder another 60 million defenseless babies in the womb, while you are at it, satan?

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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I will give my last drop of blood for the Constitution sir, all enemies foreign and domestic. It is not a laughing matter, we are being invaded from he south and you laugh? We have open communists taking seats in congress and you laugh? You must be one of them, if you do.


Know this, I will be part of the sword that strikes them down!

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I get it, but we got caught with our pants down in WWI and WWII, I say never again, we will agree to disagree. They can be reservists, but ready for call up. BTW, we are at war now, since 9/11, in case you forgot. The only reason we are, is we have handcuffed the army during 8 years of Ofaggot, thus extending the bloody conflicts. Iraq and Syria, we should never had gone there in the first place, so you can stand down there, we probably agree on that much.

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