Germany: 'Decapitating' Freedom Of The Press?

Authored by Stefan Frank via The Gatestone Institute,

In an apparent attempt to sweep under the rug a recent double homicide in Hamburg, Germany, authorities there censored the story. They also raided the apartments of a witness who filmed a video describing the murder, and a blogger who posted the video on YouTube.

The murder, which made headlines worldwide, occurred on the morning of April 12. The assailant, Mourtala Madou, a 33-year-old illegal immigrant from Niger, stabbed his German ex-girlfriend, identified as Sandra P., and their one-year-old daughter, Miriam, at a Hamburg subway station. The child died at the scene; her mother died later, at the hospital. The woman's three-year-old son witnessed the murders.

According to the prosecutor's office, Madou -- who initially fled the scene, but then called the police and was arrested shortly thereafter -- acted "out of anger and revenge," because the day before the incident, the court had denied him joint custody of his daughter.

It later emerged that for months Madou had been threatening to harm Sandra P. and the baby. A senior public prosecutor told reporters that the police investigated the woman's charges, but had concluded that the "threats were not meant seriously" and did not pursue the case.

Furthermore, half a year earlier, in October 2017, a judge revoked a restraining order that Sandra P. had obtained against Madou two months earlier, on the grounds that he saw "no evidence" that Madou had threatened her. That was when Madou's threats increased and he explicitly announced: "I'm going to kill our daughter, and then I kill you!"

A detail of the murders that has never officially been revealed, is that Madou apparently attempted to decapitate the baby. This detail was mentioned by a commuter -- Ghanaese citizen Daniel J., a gospel singer at an evangelical church in Hamburg -- who happened to arrive at the subway station moments after the attack and filmed the scene on his phone.

In the video, police officers can be seen questioning witnesses, and paramedics are surrounding what appears to be the baby girl. Daniel J. says, in English, "Oh my God. It's unbelievable. Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, oh Jesus. They cut off the head of the baby. Oh my God. Oh Jesus."

Police question witnesses to the double-murder in Jungfernstieg subway station in Hamburg, Germany. (Image source: Daniel J./Heinrich Kordewiner video screenshot)


Heinrich Kordewiner, a blogger from Hamburg who discovered the video on Daniel J.'s Facebook page, uploaded it to YouTube.

A few days later, a team of state prosecutors and officers of the cybercrime unit of the Hamburg police arrived at Kordewiner's apartment with a search warrant, and confiscated his computer, mobile phone and other electronics, allegedly to find "evidence" of the "crime". He was -- and still is -- accused of: uploading the video.

Kordewiner and his flatmate told Gatestone about the raid, which took place at 6.45 a.m. They recounted that when they first refused to open the door, police forced it open -- and even searched the flatmate's room, although it was apparently not covered by the search warrant.

"The police officer said that he could also search for SD (secure digital) cards," the flatmate told Gatestone. "While he fumbled through the books on my shelf, he suggested that he could turn my whole apartment upside down. He told me to relax."

According to the search warrant, Kordewiner is accused of having "invaded the private sphere" of the murder victim, in breach of §201a of Germany's Criminal Code. This so-called "paparazzi paragraph" -- the legislation of which was launched by Heiko Maas (currently Germany's Foreign Minister), who as Minister of Justice was responsible for Germany's internet censorship law -- is a barely known and rarely applied law, passed in 2015. Among other things, it makes it illegal to take pictures that "display someone in a helpless situation." Supposedly aimed at protecting victims of traffic accidents from being filmed by curious onlookers, the law was already highly controversial when it was debated in 2014, and journalist associations criticized it for jeopardizing freedom of the press.

When the German parliament debated the law, one of the 10 experts invited to give their opinions on the matter was Ulf Bornemann, head of the "Hate and Incitement" department of Hamburg's public prosecution office. A former MP and member of the East German civil rights movement, Vera Lengsfeld, wrote at the time that Bornemann was the only one to embrace the law without reservations: "Why," she reported he had said, "should the data of a supposed inciter be protected?"

In a written statement, Bornemann praised the censorship law for sending "a clear political message that the administration is willing to act against hate crime in social networks." Bornemann was also part of the team that raided Kordewiner's apartment.

The stated reason for the raid -- a breach of privacy rights -- is flimsy. Only the victim's feet can be seen in the video, and even those for only a brief moment. As the daily newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt pointed out, the footage "is blurred, taken from a distance and doesn't allow the identification of any person."

Meanwhile, the German publication Welt online posted a video that shows close-up footage of the victim -- something that did not spur state prosecutors into action. The main difference between the two videos seems to be the verbal comment on the beheading in Daniel J's video. The alleged breach of "privacy rights," then, would appear to be a pretext.

The "Beheading"

"We don't comment on this rumor," state prosecutor Nana Frombach said to Gatestone when asked about the beheading. All she was willing to acknowledge was that the child had suffered "severe neck injuries." When Gatestone said that §201a could not be applied to the video in question because it did not show anybody's face, she replied that this had "yet to be decided," and that the raid was based on an "initial suspicion." Gatestone then mentioned that Kordewiner, instead of uploading the video anonymously (which would have been easy for him to do), had uploaded it to his YouTube channel, along with his full name and address, rendering the raid's stated goal of "finding evidence" not merely disproportionate but entirely unnecessary. Frombach said that she was not allowed to "comment on details of an ongoing investigation," but that she could "guarantee" that the search warrant had been "approved by a judge."

How can any journalist, under such censorship, report the news? Would it be illegal to film the scene of a terrorist attack? Frombach said that she could "not tell" whether this would still be legal in today's Germany. "I can only judge specific cases, not ones that lie in the future," she said.

The libertarian website Achse des Guten (Axis of the Good) was the first media outlet to report the raid. Two days later, the daily Hamburger Abendblatt wrote:

"Hamburg's state prosecutor rabidly prosecutes a blogger who has published pictures of the tragedy at Jungfernstieg... The raid was based on paragraph 201a, a law that the council of the press and journalist associations view as being problematic with regard to free reporting."

The Abendblatt criticized the "nebulous phrasing" of the law and the "even more nebulous interpretation by the state prosecutor," stating, "The law stipulates that no pictures of helpless persons may be taken. However, the cell phone footage does not show such persons."

According to the Abendblatt, sources "from within the security apparatus" had been "surprised" by the raids of the homes of the blogger and Daniel J. The state prosecutor who ordered the raids had been "very hot on this case," these sources said, and was "shooting out of cannons into sparrows... it is surprising how quickly the search warrant was issued, given the high obstacles we face every day, even when dealing with serious crime."

In an accompanying commentAbendblatt editor Matthias Iken called the raid "foolish," because "it supports the conspiracy theories of right-wingers." Where, he asked, "do the prohibitions start? And where do they stop?"

In the meantime, the incriminated video has been deleted from all German websites and YouTube channels (although it can still be found on websites that are out of reach of the German authorities).

Censorship Backfired

If it was indeed the authorities' plan to censor the news and keep the information of the beheading under wraps, then it backfired. Due to the reports about the raid, thousands of people have seen the video, and hundreds of thousands have heard about the botched censorship attempt. Even worse for the would-be censors, they unwittingly revealed the very detail that they wanted to keep from the public. This is because the search warrant -- a copy of which was handed to Kordewiner -- happens to provide a detailed account of the murders. It elaborates that Madou had "wanted to punish the mother of the child" and "enforce his claim to power and ownership." With an "intent to kill," Madou "suddenly" took a "knife from the backpack he was carrying, stabbed the child in the belly and then almost completely cut through the neck."

The office of the state prosecutor is under the authority of Hamburg's state government, a coalition of Social Democrats and the Green Party. The state's Minister of Justice, Till Steffen, is a member of the Green Party and has for years been accused of being behind many scandals in his ministry. Among these are that alleged murderers repeatedly have had to be released from pre-trial detentionbecause their trials have taken too long. In 2016, Steffen prevented police from sharing pictures of the Berlin truck terrorist, Anis Amri when he was still at large, out of fear that sharing images of jihadist terror suspects could incite racial hatred.

Censorship in Parliament

Hamburg's government is still trying to conceal the beheading. This became clear when, in May, MPs of the anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) made a parliamentary enquiry about the police raid and details of the murder case. Among other things, they wanted to know whether the child had been beheaded. The administration -- in breach of its constitutional duty -- refused to answer. It also censored the questions by blacking out whole sentences. The newspaper Die Welt noted: "That the text of an enquiry and the questions are blackened out without consultation" is something "that almost never happens."

When Gatestone contacted Alexander Wolf, one of the MPs who made the enquiry, to find out what exactly was censored, he sent the original enquiry (the first two pages from the left) as well as the senate's answer (pages 3, 4 and 5) in which parts of the questions were censored. Every hint of a beheading that might have taken place was blacked out, as was the link to the article that first broke the news about the beheading and the subsequent police raid. Wolf told Gatestone:

"In the session of the interior committee, the Senator of the Interior and the responsible state prosecutor both replied very evasively to the repeated questions of our speaker, Dirk Nockemann, and imputed a lack of respect [for the murder victim]. In my opinion, this was designed to cause indignation against the enquirer on the part of the other MPs. Apparently, the Senator wants to sweep the issue under the rug."

The speakers of the other opposition parties were also contacted by Gatestone: Dennis Gladiator of the Christian-Democrats (CDU) and Anna von Treuenfels-Frowein of the centrist Free Democrat Party (FDP). Treuenfeld-Frowein replied:

"Of course, the public has a right to information. But for us as a party committed to the rule of law, personal rights do not end with death. We therefore consider the decision to black out parts of the enquiry to be appropriate. Right now, there is no need to make details of the crime public."

Gladiator did not respond to Gatestone's repeated requests for comment.

Why the beheading should be kept a secret is anyone's guess. What has become clear is how easily authorities in Germany can censor the news and punish bloggers who spread undesired information. They have a vast toolbox of laws at their disposal. It does not seem to bother them that the law invoked in this case stipulates explicitly that it shall not be applied to the "reporting of contemporary events." The state prosecutor, however, argues that this murder case – which was reported, among others, in FranceIndiaPakistanSouth Africa and the United States – does not constitute such a "contemporary event."

"For Hamburg's ministry of justice," the Abendblatt wrote, "the double murder is a crime of passion that must not be of any interest to the public."



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How much does anyone want to bet that the intllectually stunted killer will be tried and kept in a German jail, fed and cared for by his German keepers.

There will be an outcry to send him back to his dump of origin but marxified Germans will come to his aid.

How do German women even go near these creeps let alone produce children with them.

Europeans are addicted to importing morons.


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If you were before the Lord of Heaven and God asked this question "why should I allow you into my Kingdom?"; what would be your honest answer in His court - which all will end up?

I can boil all religion down to just two; true and false. 

Where did Palestinians come from?  Is there such a people and if other Arab nations that border the area called Palestine really cared; they would collectively give up a piece of their SOVEREIGN nation in order to allow for a SOVEREIGN Palestine...the solution is quite simple, but no one cares about a solution on either side.

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Don't anyone forget to embark in the carefully preplanned hatred rampage, and to thank your Zionist overlords (of whom this kikestone institute are most loyal zealots) for the destruction of migrant's native countries, families and livelihood, with the intent of depopulating said (kikestani neighboring) countries and dumping those population on clueless patsy urop, for the sole purpose of causing hostility towards arabs/muslims, for the benefit of said Zionist overlords' goals of taking total control over the whole of fertile crescent's coveted natural resources, at the expense of US taxpayers' dollars, europeon populace's lifestyle, and world's peace and prosperity, in general

But would you give a fuck about the rights and life of anyone who (even unwittingly) did the same to you? I know I wouldn't...

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How do German women even go near these creeps let alone produce children with them.


First you brainwash the Europeans that their forefathers were sinners and this generation must pay for their sins.

Then open the borders and let the country be flooded with useless riffraff of Africa and the middle east.

Then encourage the European women to be kind to these "poor" "immigrants".

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IMO, this goes a lot further that "illegal immigrants".

Libya was taken ot by paid proxies (ISIS). The was in Syria is based on mercenaries trained, paid,  equipped, and supported by Western nations. The "illegal immigrants" are being given political cover for terrorism by the EU and some governments.

This looks like a war by proxy, by the government against its own people. Possibly Agenda 21/2030, but whatever the reason the use of proxy forces to deflect alarm from the government's actions is deliberate and ongoing.

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"We don't comment on this rumor," state prosecutor Nana Frombach said to Gatestone when asked about the beheading. All she was willing to acknowledge was that the child had suffered "severe neck injuries."

[It would appear that the state prosecutor has suffered "severe head injuries" - her brain has gone missing...]

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"Among other things, it makes it illegal to display someone in a helpless situation."

So *that* is the reason its against the law in Germany to publicly question the Jewish Holohoax - pointing out the inconsistencies and the fact that they are not allowed to be aired shows how helpless the German people and government are in the deathgrip of the Zionists.

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Better get used to it because it's only just begun. If any of you have the vaguest idea about reproductive genes, the feminisation of the western male is definitely not conducive to survival of the fittest. As in this case, the German mother chose the father wisely. Western men have been transformed by gender laws into pussies and women only choose the strongest genes for their offspring. Unfortunately, Soros knew what he was doing. Trump is trying to build the wall for exactly the same reason.

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If, upon reading this story you thought to yourself;

"If beating were allowed she would be alive?" or...

"That bitch has kids by multiple men and all women are like that" or...

"A minority of feminists have cunningly contrived and implemented their plan to turn the laws upside-down and inside out, and now women are incentivized to replace the Man in the relationship with the State. Beta-males are more successful by joining the feminists and their program than by competing against Alphas, and now the world is doomed. This particular story does an excellent job completely ignoring basic human nature."

then you are an Alpha, or you studied Biology.


Pussified betas will respond to this story by calling the Alpha-male "an animal", or "uncivilized", or in a truly confused and beta-like manner, they will deflect and call him an "illegal immigrant". Consider that a beta-male would've been cheated on repeatedly, would be making dinner for that bitch every night, and would be caring for up to 5 other mens children by the time all is said and done. If he attempted to leave the relationship, he's still on the hook financially, by law, 99.99999% of the time.


It's the Betas and the Feminists that are misandrist and are destroying the world. I don't care if you're racist. But I do care if you let it blind you to your man-hating beta-ness.  Pussy Bitchez.

" Executive Summary : The Western World has quietly become a civilization that has tainted the interaction between men and women, where the state forcibly transfers resources from men to women creating various perverse incentives for otherwise good women to inflict great harm onto their own families, and where male nature is vilified but female nature is celebrated.  This is unfair to both genders, and is a recipe for a rapid civilizational decline and displacement, the costs of which will ultimately be borne by a subsequent generation of innocent women, rather than men, as soon as 2020.

Now, the basic premise of this article is that men and women are equally valuable, but have different strengths and weaknesses, and different priorities.  A society is strongest when men and women have roles that are complementary to each other, rather than of an adverserial nature.  Furthermore, when one gender (either one) is mistreated, the other ends up becoming disenfranchised as well.  If you disagree with this premise, you may not wish to read further. 

The Cultural Thesis

The Myth of Female Oppression : When you tell someone that they are oppressed, against all statistical and logical evidence, you harm them by generating discouragement and resentment.  This pernicious effect is the basis of many forms of needlessly inflicted female unhappiness, as well as the basis for unjustified retaliation against men.  "


Riddle me this, bitchez;

Why was Sandra P with this man to begin with instead of a nice German guy?


Why did he murder his own sex-partner and decapitate his own daughter, but leave another mans son un-harmed?

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" Why was Sandra P with this illegal immigrant to begin with? What did she see in him??"

Read my post again. It's called survival of the fittest. Western men have been pussy whipped to submission by legislation and dare I say, hard core feminists.

You think I'm happy about it? Guess again. I don't even talk to women in bars anymore because I don't know if I will be prosecuted for it or not.

Western women have been brainwashed into perceiving they are superior to western men and many western men (me included) have given up because it's just too bloody hard.

Now bring in the masculine by necessity Middle Eastern male who takes shit from no one or they don't survive. Women's hormones are powerful things and when it comes to reproduction, well, if you don't understand my previous post by now you never will.

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