Kunstler: "Constitutional 'Crisis' May Be Too Mild For What Comes Next..."

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

The golden Colossus of Trump looms over the national scene this summer like one of Jeff Koons’s giant, shiny, balloon-puppy sculptures — a monumental expression of semiotic vacancy. At the apogee of Trumpdom, everything’s coming up covfefe. The stock market is 5000 points ahead since 1/20/17. Little Rocket Man is America’s bitch. We’re showing those gibbering Asian hordes and European café layabouts a thing or two about fair trade. Electric cars are almost here to save the day. And soon, American youth will be time-warping around the solar system in the new US Space Corps!

Enjoy it while you can. Events are converging ominously this summer in the direction of unwinding expectations and serial train wrecks of finance and politics. Mr. Trump has made hubris simple by bragging on the supposed triumphs of “his” economy. When it blows up, he’ll own that, too, and the second half of 2018 liable to be a debris-field of shattered national economies, zombie corporations, and floundering institutions.

A new supreme court justice will be the very apex of Trump triumphalism, but whoever the pick is will goad the Democratic “progressives” to new depths of antagonism, so expect more street-fighting by the black-masked Antifa forces during the senate confirmation debate. Some sort of martial law will be invoked by a governor, or perhaps even the president himself. Initially that would amount to little more than curfews, but they’ll be ignored, and then the fun will really begin. Think: national guard troops and angry clashes.

The tone will be low, and sinking fast.

If Antifa acts up the way I anticipate, it will drag the Democratic Party closer to extinction. The party celebrated a week ago over the rise of Evita Peron wannabe, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her youth and glamour intersect with her socialism, a doctrine that caused more human deaths in the 20th century than all the religious wars of the previous centuries. What’s not to like about it?

The blowup of the bond and stock markets later this year will put to a gloomy rest the ludicrous notion that America has been enjoying a great economic boom. It’s actually been an engineered hallucination, thanks to the global monetary authorities applying the magic of limitless credit to a bad habit of credulous speculation. The central banks have launched a program of so-called “quantitative tightening (QT)” — an idiotic phrase meant to counterpoise the equally fatuous “quantitative easing (QE),” PhD economist-speak for grotesque interference in the bond markets — that will choke down the credit supply at exactly the moment that governments and giant corporations need new loans to pay the interest on old loans. The trajectory there is obvious.

The big question, of course — hardly ever asked in the public arena — is what that will do to currencies, i.e., money. It can really only go two ways: either make money very scarce, in which case a lot of people and enterprises go broke, or, if the monetary authorities respond to the predicament by enabling a return to bottomless credit issuance, the money will become worthless — they’ll be plenty of it, but it won’t buy much. Such a turn of events will make an already-unhinged nation fly apart.

Lurking in the background of all this are several other consequential movements, trends, and troubles.

One is the fate of the European Union. The quarrel over migrants from the Middle East and Africa will not be resolved happily. Germany and France will not succeed in bullying countries like Austria, Hungary, and Poland into absorbing more of these strangers. The more the EU pushes, the more they will feed nationalist sentiment in these places. And of course all the Big Dawgs of the EU are already stuck with millions of newcomers they foolishly invited the past several years, and all the problems they brought with them.

Another plot-line deep in this summer’s story is the movement of oil markets. Recently, the trend has been for rapidly rising oil prices. As they approach the “magic” $75-a-barrel mark, you can be sure they will squash economic activity — which is already being hammered by the uncertainty unleashed by trade-and-tariff shenanigans. If the oil price heads back over $100/barrel you can just forget about maintaining the business status quo — and even at that price the shale oil companies won’t make a red cent. Of course, they’ll also have a tough time getting new loans, which is the only thing that kept their operations going for the past ten years.

Oh, yes, there is also that Hieronymus Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights known as the Mueller Investigation, with its dreary outposts in the executive suite of the FBI, and all the tangled mysteries entailed there. Mr. Mueller will come up with someone to indict on something, even if it’s ninety-seven ham sandwiches. I suspect Mr. Trump will manage to dump Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. And then the pardons will fly, like so many winged demons flapping from the mouth of Hades. Constitutional crisis may be too mild a word for what ensues.


By holiday time in early winter, much will clarified about the actual direction of the country. By then, the “Walk Away” movement may even include the obdurate shills at CNN and The New York Times, and the Intellectual-Yet-Idiots on the college campuses. And the Golden Golem of Greatness will lie upended in the swamp that he just didn’t try hard enough to drain.


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Americans, Led by a Jar Jar Binks President

Prisoners of pop-culture frivolity. Mass distraction.

Ideologically vacant.  Dis-educated, semi-literate, sports-minded.

Easily exploited and scammed. TV commercial fodder.

They do not know what is real, or not.

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expect more street-fighting by the black-masked Antifa forces during the senate confirmation debate. Some sort of martial law will be invoked by a governor, or perhaps even the president himself. Initially that would amount to little more than curfews, but they’ll be ignored, and then the fun will really begin. Think: national guard troops and angry clashes.

Antifa will not go toe-to-toe with the NG.  Antifa won't go toe-to-toe with anyone who can fight back, and certainly not troops.

San Francisco is showing us the way, however.  Soon to be drowned in its own shit, figuratively and literally.  Let the lefties be the lefties.  Who needs the cities anyway?  WHAT DO THEY MAKE THAT WE NEED?  This is not merely a rhetorical question.


Financial Services?


"Higher" education?

someone help me out here...

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Kunstler: "Constitutional 'Crisis' May Be Too Mild For What Comes Next..."

You got that right. Both left and right self-destructing with no end, even to slow it down, in sight.  


Xu Guoqi, a professor at the University of Hong Kong, told me, the Chinese are enjoying a “golden field for their propaganda.” At the same time, Trump’s election, and the wave of political disorder it has unleashed within and beyond the United States, has provided ample fodder for China to attack democracy and extol the one-party state. “American power is based on two legs, the hard power and soft power,” Xu explained. “In terms of soft power, Trump really undermined it substantially.” Trump’s election gave the People’s Daily, the Communist Party mouthpiece, the occasion to run a series of commentaries arguing that the “crisis in capitalist societies” was “proof of the truth of Marxism and the superiority of the socialist system.”

Such messages continued to gain force during Trump’s first year in office, boosting not only Beijing’s standing internationally, but the Communist Party’s claim to legitimacy among the Chinese population. Xu describes Trump’s presidency as “a gift for the current regime in China. Because of Trump, Xi Jinping’s Chinese dream”—the resurgence of China’s dominance in world affairs—“could be achievable now.”

In other words, the “America first” president is in some respects not only amenable to the People’s Republic of China; one could go so far as to argue that he is the first American president with (to borrow a favorite Chinese Communist Party phrase) “Chinese characteristics.” Whether they consider him a global blunderer or a strong leader, a businessman or a family man, Chinese look at Donald Trump and see someone they recognize—and believe they can do business with.



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Can't have a "constitutional crisis" when the constitution has been a dead letter for over 150 years.

What we really have is a demographic crisis, and those never, ever, ever end well. The last time we had one of these, it was whites fighting whites about what was going to become of blacks. Back then, it was blue vs. gray. This time around, your uniform is going to be the color of your skin.

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SCOTUS is a very big deal. Justice Kennedy has ruled over this nation by his whims for over 20 yrs. Talk is he wanted to select his replacement so that his legacy as swing vote remains and only under those terms would the old goat let go. He wants to rule from the grave. We are a nation ruled by courts, which is not what the founders had in mind. He talked about those who clerked for him saying "its parental pride" and yep many on the short list did clerk for him. Think gay marriage decided by this court. We voted to ban it in CA and bam activist judges, SCOTUS over turned our votes.

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+10 to Kunstler for using the word "incredulous" correctly.  A rare occurrence. 

He is also correct that Trump may have dug his own political grave by ostentatiously owning the current markets, which are based on gargantuan amounts of leveraged fraud, phony employment numbers, and the Exchange Stabilization Fund secretly buying up all the dumped treasuries from around the world with funny money and hiding them in the sub-basement of the Treasury Building, in order to prop up the Dow and keep the 10 year yield under 3%.   A 3% handle on unemployment..............really.  And 2% price inflation, lol.  I think its gonna blow before this calendar year is over, revert to fair market value, and it will not reflect well on Trump.  As president he had to go along with the CONfidence Ponzi scheme, but he would have been wise to do it in a more subdued fashion.

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Trump turns on a dime and when it crashes, if it crashes, he will say "I told you so, "I said its a big ugly bubble."

The crisis comes when the contents of Anthony Weiners laptop come out. Child stuff on Hillary and Obama. The brainwashed left will freak out, everything they believed in smashed like a Starbucks window. Marxism is Neptune,  Light worker is Neptune, Glass Ceiling is Neptune, Projection is Neptune and most important of all Redemption  is Neptune. And when reality comes crashing down (Saturn/Pluto Capricorn harsh reality) rage ensues. Its when you kill your lover who failed to redeem you. Built in is generations of divorce, betrayal, substance abuse, incest, sexual abuse, fathers run off, latch key kids, child abuse.

How do I know? I am a product of all those things but because I do evolutionary astrology I know where it comes from and I know that I have to face it/fix it this life. I locked myself away and did nothing but work on myself and man was it painful. They escaped it with false Gods. That which is hidden looms large in the dark and explosion when the veil is torn  is violent and destructive. I warn people to stay away from these ticking time bombs, the time is at hand with Neptune home in Pisces.

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"Think gay marriage decided by this court. We voted to ban it in CA and bam activist judges, SCOTUS over turned our votes."


Which - is the difference between a democracy and a republic.


I think government should not even be involved in the marriage question - except maybe a law or two about not being able to marry a 3 year old. Between adults I don't care.


But I damn sure don't want 51% making all the rules -


Imagine the gun laws of California if we would make the law based on 51% of the vote.


The law would be NO GUNS unless you are the government.


Fuck that notion -  

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ah, a fellow conspiracist.

OK then, quick question. I'm a huge believer in 'the Official Story is bullshit', especially about 9/11 and JFK getting whacked. 

but the moon landings are tough. yes, the VA radiation belt is a frickin' nightmare, and yes, the Apollo radiation "shielding" does appear to be not much more than pretty gold aluminum foil. but IF it's all bullshit ... IF the "moon landings" were lies, and the boys never left low-earth orbit, then we got us a problem. 

that problem is the USSR. you remember: the other superpower at that time. the guys whose military - and whose radar - was closest in capability to ours; the guys who ran the most effective spy agency on Earth over the last 50 years. if the moon program was bullshit, *they would have known*. period, full stop. 

and if they'd known about it, they would have spilled the beans. period, full stop.  invited the world to see the radar tapes; shown the world all the docs their spies at cia/nsa/nasa got for them. I know spies are valuable assets, but I'm pretty sure they'd have burned a few deep-covers for something like 'humiliating the capitalist imperialist running dogs and making them the laughingstock of the entire world'. why would they sit quietly when their hated enemy was being hailed worldwide, thus making the rodina with glorious leninist/stalinist truthskis & lightskis & wayskis look real REAL bad? ("only the glories of capitalism could get Man to the moon! fuck them incompetent commies!!")

but that never happened. ergo - unless you can give us a plausible explanation for USSR silence, one that doesn't rely on 'the joooooz' or 'the rothschilds' - then the moon missions took place as advertised. 

then too, there's the small matter of the laser reflectors on the moon that were set up by various Apollo missions. although it's said "they're getting dusty and may not work so well now", there's about 40 years of successful experiments involving firing a 1GW laser *from Earth* off those reflectors *and seeing the bounceback*. 

ergo: moon landings happened


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I'm old; I watched those reams of film from the half-dozen (whatever) moon landings; watched them 'live!' as they (supposedly) happened!!! 
A strange occurrence happened several years ago. NASA said publicly that all of those films of the astronauts frolicking on the moon had been lost; 'erased' is the term I believe they used. How you can 'erase' a film is beyond me... maybe they taped over them?... ("like with a cloth?")... Anyways, they then were no longer seen on NASA's own website or anywhere else. Seems that people with brains were examining those films and finding all manner of implausible things, and posting/discussing them on the net. Well, those discussions are moot now, since the evidence of MANKIND'S CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT had disappeared. Think about that. How could they possibly let that happen? If you are doggedly vigilant, you can still occasionally see a hilarious 'out-take' from those films posted up on youtube, but you'd better be quick; they patrol those uploads closely and delete them ASAP. I only saved one. Too bad this site doesn't 'do' uploaded vids. Oh well...
Regarding the USSR, we only had three lockstep networks back then, and only 'controlled' national newspapers and 'licensed' radio stations; all telling the same story. When have you EVER seen or heard a foreign source broadcast or printed in the US media?... NEVER! Only once in a while will we see a short blurb video of a foreign entity, and it is 'translated' for us, then it quickly disappears. The USSR and China WERE saying that there was no trace of any signals coming from anywhere in the vicinity of our rockets-to-the-moon, but we were never permitted to hear, see or read those reports.
But that is all moot now; the evidence has been scoured from the net. Your fantasy of MANKIND'S CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT is safe in your sheeple mind, but won't ever be found for examination. What was it that CIA honcho Casey said at the end of his 'career'?

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now that's what I call passion. excellent! 

but howza 'bout this? although I just spouted off about the landings DID take place, I'm actually deeply skeptical about the "TV feed live from the moon" thing. for one thing, 1969 tech wasn't really up to that kind of a demand, I don't think. for another, presumably those TV cameras would have required a *hell* of a lot of very hard-to-come-by-on-the-moon power. Ever been in a TV studio? electrical cables everywhere. No outlets on the moon, no?

lastly, the internet tells me that moon dust is actually the dust from hell: very VERY fine, but sharp as all get-out, and just a fuckin nightmare to work around. I tend to believe any moon cams would have been covered in the stuff - and yet we got no dusty pic from la luna. 

so try this: our boys on the moon; the TV show shot in a big ol' top-secret TV studio somewhere NOT on the moon. I could see the big brains that ran the USG in the '60's running that up the flagpole to see who salutes it. ("it's how we did it on the Ford assembly line, so I'm sure it'll work in vietnam!")

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Hey mutt, your team lost to Belgium LOL. Communists like you are fucking idiots, the more you write the more fucked up you sound. You are a cross-eyed Amoeba - go find a second brain cell, so you can rub it together with the one you have to form a synapse. Dumb as a box of rocks! I've read your inane drivel and it hurts my eyes. Go play with a dildo, mkay.

I am glad you are no where near me, so I can't smell your foul stench.

And, this 'Cuntsler' guy sounds like that androgynous character from SNL years back Deiter, he doesn't know whether he is coming or going, what a rag piece of shit article.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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The US is the major recipient of $4 trillion a year from the emerging markets negative capital flows. Somehow the end of the world authors seem to miss that? Until that ceases, the only thing that is going to happen to the US is that its already over stuffed bankers are going to get fatter. Ha! Bet you thought you were going to get some it! Try playing the lottery; you'll have better luck!

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You keep saying that but what can't be paid won't be.If all EM renounce their USD debt at once,what are you going

to do ?

So much bullshit that people want to believe,need to believe,right now.That China has USTs,that Fort Knox isn't just

full of spiders.Oil grows on trees.Musk is a genius etc etc.

Maybe your assumptions are wrong.Aka cog.dis.


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All according to plan. China and the USA are working closely together behind the scenes, coordinating financial, central bank and political strategies. Damn right Chinese leaders need someone to blame and to demonize. They're sitting on a powder keg of discontent. America doesn't want China imploding or going full retard with social unrest.
Trump isn't playing just to the American audience, but to global audiences, and there is method to his madness. Almost everything we see and are exposed to in mass media and internet articles these days is in support of the propaganda themes that the powers that be have determined is best. China needs to remain intact, as times get hard which they will do then Chinese leaders NEED someone to blame. Trump's it. Good news is, this shit show has a short life expectancy. Reality will eventually assert itself, then we'll see how things go down.

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Fuck it, either stand for something or fall for anything. i have more respect for the fucking communist liberal left, and I HATE THEM, than the idiots who don't vote A BIG FUCK YOU dickhead. Throw your fucking rights away already, you have no rights cunt! As a matter for fact just go shoot yourself, you fucking whiny little bastard and do us all a favor.


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Well I worked on Wall Street and I can tell you that they make fabulous ponzi schemes, digital derivative financial scams, false narrative driven algos, financial siphoning monopolies, market rigging trading desks, excellent research that only works in an unrigged securities market, amazing analytics that allow investment managers to create beautiful (and meaningless) fund sheets and great financial conferences where everyone can brag about how much they scammed from the less criminal of their colleagues and the hoodwinked public in general.

But now that I am gone what I really miss is sweating in a suit on the subway platform in August and then boarding a subway car to find that there is no AC but the middle of the car is occupied by a homeless person who hasn't showered in 4 months eating a can of sardines.

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