"No Gold Ever Leaves China ... They Are Hoarding It and Russia Is Buying It"

- U.S. China trade war escalates as Russia stockpiles gold on the Keiser Report
- Trump's erratic and risky trade policies pose a risk to dollar as reserve currency
- China, Russia "getting cosier" with Silk Road and increasing economic cooperation
- China and Russia "want to do business outside of the dollar"  and "dollar will finally reach its comeuppance"

- "No gold ever leaves China ... they are hoarding it and Russia is buying it"
- Makes sense to be "accumulating lots of gold"

In this final episode of the Keiser Report from Paris, France, Max and Stacy discuss if a genuine trade war has erupted between China and the U.S. and look at nations, including Russia, stockpiling gold and also cover our recent market update (June 21): Russia Buys 600,000 oz Of Gold In May After Dumping Half Of US Treasuries In April

In the second half, Max continues his interview with French journalist, Pierre Jovanovic, of Quotidien.com about the economic situation and France and political crisis in Europe.

The entire show is well worth a watch and commentary regarding the recent developments with Russia, China, US Treasuries, the dollar and gold can be watched from the start until 13.11 minute.

Full interview on Keiser Report here


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