Syria: "Rebels Played Russian Roulette, And Lost"

Middle East analysts are appropriately noting, "Rebels played Russian roulette, and lost" after Syrian Army ground forces accompanied by overwhelming Russian airstrikes in Syria's contested southwest region have collapsed anti-government lines with rapid speed. 

Early Friday a major strategic victory was announced as government forces took the Nassib border crossing after recapturing a string of over 8 border outposts in Daraa province.

The Nassib crossing is among Syria's most important and busiest international border crossings, and sits along the Damascus-Amman international highway. Prior to the war it was a main artery for Syrian exports to GCC countries. 

Opposition leaders have confirmed the crossing will now be controlled by Syrian government and Jordanian authorities for the first time after the FSA flag long flew over the outpost since anti-Assad militants captured it in 2015. 

The ongoing major offensive to take back Daraa and Al-Quneitra provinces from long entrenched FSA, al-Qaeda, and ISIS groups began last month, and though predicted by many to be a long and grinding affair that held the potential for external state military intervention, the unexpectedly rapid advance of pro-government forces has stunned observers. 

Al Masdar reports that three quarters of the region that witnessed the start of armed conflict in 2011 is now back under the control of Damascus:

As a result of these advances, the Syrian Army finds themselves in control of approximately 72 percent of southwest Syria. The remaining 28 percent is under the control of the Free Syrian Army, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaysh Khaled bin Walid (ISIS affiliate).

Meanwhile Reuters reports that hundreds of troops in a large military convoy with Russian and Syrian flags have been seen heading to the newly liberated Nassib border crossing as anti-government fighters are laying down their weapons in droves.

According to Reuters:

Syrian rebels reached a deal with Russian officers on a phased handover of their weapons and the deployment of Russian military police near the Jordanian border, a rebel spokesman said.

Ibrahim Jabawi said the agreement was reached during ongoing talks in a town in southern Syria that also includes a cessation of hostilities by both sides.

The past week especially has witnessed mass handovers as well as abandonment of weaponry on the part of anti-government insurgents, resulting in some interesting photographs. 

Since the Syrian Army offensive in the southwest, many thousands of weapons have been recovered, including advanced anti-tank and shoulder fired rockets — a significant bulk of them originally supplied via the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and other western allies:

Anti-tank "TOW" missiles supplied as part of a CIA program have been recovered recently:

And in some cases Israeli supplied items have been recovered in Syria's southwest, near the contested Golan border:

Even this far into the Syrian conflict and after many other such weapons seizures throughout the country, analysts and journalists have commented that the sheer numbers of advanced weapons — in most cases obviously externally supplied — are "staggering".

Meanwhile, all of this begs the question: where will all the surviving jihadists currently fleeing the Syrian battlefield go? (assuming Syria-Russia will hit the last major expansive jihadist bastion of Idlib next).

Days ago Middle East based journalist Elijah Magnier translated a command issued and circulated by senior al-Qaeda operatives in northern Syria.

The al-Qaeda terror leaders urged followers to take action outside Syria now that the government and Russia are emerging victorious: "put your explosive belt on, take your family to a safe place, don't think of coming to Idlib for there only humiliation & rely on guerrilla/ insurgency."

Communiqué by AQ in Syria (Hurras al-Deen) to foreign fighters & Syrian fighting among Mujahedeen: "put your explosive belt on, take your family to a safe place, don't think of coming to Idlib for there only humiliation & rely on guerrilla/ insurgency"

As we've never been shy to point out over the years, the West and its gulf allies armed al-Qaeda to the teeth in Syria — something so well documented that international arms monitoring groups can pinpoint weapons serial numbers down to identifying particular European transit points through which weapons flowed as part of CIA covert shipments. 

Surely, just as many or more quantities of weapons as have already been recovered will remain in the hands of jihadists seeking to exit Syria... but where will they go? 

Very unfortunately, we have an idea of where they might end up... as we predicted years ago in the following: They Sow the Cyclone - We Reap the Blowback


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It's bc dumbfuck gooberments refuse to sign a peace deal with Israel

What beef has Syria with Israel?

Only the Golan heights but an agreement can be reached i.e de-militarization/permanent UN troops

Look at Jordan/ is bothering them.

The lesson fuck with Israel die or your country is ruined

In politics you have to be a pragmatist.

Fire away.



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It is certain that the vast majority of those weapons smuggled into Syria were done so by jewish arms smugglers, likely Mossad connected.  The weapons were likely created in Jewish owned munitions factories and production funded by Jewish banks.  They said that there was israeli medications in the arsenal, and who knows what else like anti-toxins.  Isis in Golan has been slipping back and forth into Israel for medical treatment.

When Smedley Butler said "War is a racket", he left out the most important part:  "War is a jewish racket".

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The real powers want people to think it's "the Jews."

Israel is such a minor player.  The only reason why it appears to have power is because the real power behind the throne wants public appearances to be that way.

An example.  People remark about how the Jewish lobby somehow manages to continually get Congress to increase aid and weapon sales to Israel.  They, borderline anti-semites, view this as proof.  However, they either cannot see or will not see that Congress requires Israel to spend the majority of such money within the USA.  Israel lobbyists are simply going along with the current; next to bankers they have the easiest jobs in the world that even a dead cat could perform.  Congressmen will always vote for more money for the districts, particularly when economic interests will bribe^H^H^H^H^H lobby them, because, ultimately, the 1% gets the money, not Israel.  And Congressmen simply position themselves as best in between.

Congress is only "pro-Israel" because it's the easiest racket to keep the money to themselves flowing, albeit indirectly.

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Hefalonicle crazzziecanuck Sat, 07/07/2018 - 09:01 Permalink

"Congress requires Israel to spend the majority of such money within the USA." quote from Crazzziecanuck


The Friends of the Israel Deference Force is a fundraising unit in the USA with the sole purpose of funding the IDF. All American donations are tax deductible.

IE, you can make a donation to a foreign military and it is encouraged by our government through tax breaks? How is that not treason?

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Not likely.  It hasn't even matched it's first incarnation when the actual myth was born which is misused by the fake state today. That time it was 76 years only before the Romans restored historical Palestine's name and kicked out the Pharisees. The Hebes stayed and most became Christian and Muslim over time as is known. Not Ashkenazi actual real original Hebrew followers of Torah lived in Palestine before modern "Israel" was a gleam in Herzl's eye.

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You fools do not understand religion at all, with your God nonsense.

It's about the gods. Always has been. Always will be.

The God you're praising is a mass murdering asshole.


Created in their image, their likeness. We became them. Able to eat from the tree of life and live forever. For life eternal exists in the ALL. Death is merely an obstacle on our path. It will come, yet will not remain. We are beings of energy, beings of light. Light will ALWAYS conquer the dark. We are creators. We are the gods. The bigger picture is so friggin obvious. Eyes that don't see. Ears that don't hear.


I am a student, in some cases a messenger, but far from a teacher. Let the light guide you.

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"Israel" is not a real boy and never will be. As an ongoing military adventure outside the laws and morals of man and based on a stolen and twisted mythology and violent intimidation peace cannot be made with it. "Israel" must first become a real state, which entails allowing Palestine to exist else no legal recourse remains except exterminating Palestinians...good luck with that you low sperm count falling population of inbreds...

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> Israel is the only sane regime in the ME

Ultra-Orthodox Sex Abuse Whistleblower Describes "Child-Rape Assembly Line"

Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader…

Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent…

Remembering USS Liberty: When Israel attacked America…

Evidence for the proposition that the Israeli state was the prime mover behind the events of 9-11


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This is mealiness, if these morons want to live in a caliphate, they can simply hop over the border into Turkey. Or stroll on down to Iran or several other countries in the region. It was simply a Western created kill box for Iran to spend money and send its own morons to die. Sunnis and Shiites alike have no issue committing it idiotic followers to the slaughter. This has always been about allowing Islam to weaken itself with its 1400 year war over who can be considered a prophet....its fricken hilarious.

Morons can blame it on the Jews if the want or the CIA, but its just letting Islam be Islam. Instead of the West helping to negotiate a peace between them they were turned loose.

That's right boys follow your Founders teachings go join the Jihad and be a Martyr. It's the pinnacle of your existence of your cult. Enjoy.

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Islam isn't the problem, the problem is Islam is sitting on top of oil and a land that religious whackjobs think should be turned over to them.

Leaving Islam alone to resolve the infinite issues that arise from having over 80 sects and a tribalist mindset is the right thing morally. There will be a continuation of fighting amongst themselves, which is their business not anyone elses.

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