Wisconsin Supreme Court Sides With Conservative Professor In Landmark Free-Speech Case

In a landmark decision that will help protect conservative groups and professors against liberal repression on college campuses, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that Marquette University shouldn't have fired conservative professor John McAdams for writing a blog post criticizing a student instructor's decision to shut down discussion about opposition to gay marriage, per the Associated Press.

John McAdams

The ruling contends that Marquette, a Catholic University, violated its contract with McAdams guaranteeing academic freedom. The court also declared that McAdams should be immediately reinstated. McAdams sued Marquette in 2016 alleging that he lost his job for exercising his freedom of speech. The case has been sent back to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court so that damages, including back pay, can be awarded to McAdams, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"The undisputed facts show that the University breached its contract with Dr. McAdams when it suspended him for engaging in activity protected by the contract's guarantee of academic freedom," said the opinion written by Justice Daniel Kelly.

The case could set a new precedent for academic freedom at a time when universities have been widely criticized for suppressing conservative thought and even going so far as to ban "controversial" conservative speakers from campus, for fear that leftist groups might instigate a riot.

McAdam's attorney praised the ruling as a victory for free speech. 

"The Wisconsin Supreme Court has struck a major blow in favor of free speech," said McAdams' attorney, Rick Esenberg, of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

"Make no mistake about it, this is a major day for freedom," Esenberg said. "It is our sincere hope that Marquette University appreciates and learns from this episode and takes care to guard free speech on campus."

Since the beginning, the only thing McAdams wanted to do was "teach students without having to compromise his principles," Esenberg said. "Yet Marquette refused to honor its promises of academic freedom and now, thanks to the Supreme Court, he will be able to teach again."

While McAdams argued that his contract allowed for "academic freedom and free expression", Marquette argued that McAdams wasn't fired for the content of the blog post, published in 2014, but because he named the instructor and linked to her personal website that had personal identifying information, leading to a flood of hateful messages to be sent to the professor.

As the AP points out, the ruling has been eagerly awaited by conservatives who see universities as liberal havens. Indeed, former Marquette student Zachary Petrizzo penned an open letter earlier this year explaining his decision to leave Marquette because of its "rampant political bias" and "growing separation from the Catholic Church."

After one year at the institution, however, I have discovered that Marquette is anything but a Jesuit and Catholic university. There is no acceptance of conservative thoughts, let alone “diversity of thought,” and opinions that I support are frequently shut down in the classrooms.

I remember vividly a Comparative Politics class during which I mentioned that I found merit to the idea of building a border wall, only to be verbally rebuked by the professor for my opinion.

At one point, several professors hung Planned Parenthood signs on their office doors, yet the same administrators who are always quick to warn students against “microaggressions” still have not even issued a statement affirming the school’s pro-life values.


The firing of Dr. John McAdams has also inspired a great amount of concern among conservative students and professors, as it has shown that speaking one’s mind, at least when it doesn’t involve pandering to leftist ideas, can lead not only to the typical accusations of racism and bigotry, but can even jeopardize one’s very livelihood.

McAdams discussed the circumstances that led to his firing, and the evolution of how leftists came to predominate on American college campuses, in an interview with Campus Reform.

We suspect more than a few students are going to need a hug and safe-space to cope with this decision...


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Hopefully the Supreme Court will step in and make a decision in some upcoming similar case and put an end to this awful liberal trend. 

The Republican-majority Congress is too frightened to do anything, and Trump appears powerless to stop it. 

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This is a HUGE win again.  Liberal/Dem ideas are collapsing daily.  I love it.  And they are so violent...the guy getting arrested for stealing the kids hat.  Antifa getting knocked out cold(After attacking with a metal pipe).  Maxine and Pelosi having shit fits.  It is time to ramp this shit up...and let Lib/Dems understand that YES....we conservatives will lash out and protect our freedoms.  It is escalating...and "They" will lose.  Another day of winning.


No Message...

No Candidates...

What a great platform. 

Trump....100% Winning...and even if NOTHING else happens..and the dems win back the house and senate (Which they won't).he has changed the course of the rest of MY life (In a great way) with this next SCOTUS pick.  Awesome.

MONDAY is going to be a great news day...got the popcorn ready.  

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Bingo. "Social justice" is a Jesuit invention, going back to Luigi Taparelli in the nineteenth century. It has changed a bit on the way, but today's "social justice" is Original Sin wrapped up in a thick blanket of collectivism. You need to feel guilty for advantages you did not choose, such as being born to decent parents in a productive country; you must feel no pride in accomplishing anything because of your original sin; because of your original sin you must surrender your possessions (not "earnings") to be redistributed to those who are less guilty by birth and thus "need" your possessions more; goods should be produced by each according to his ability and redistributed to each according to his claim of victimization. In the end, "social justice" is worship of imprudence, indolence, and inability. It can lead only to regression.

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They should be aware, the university will just pass this cost on to it's pupils.

They have a great dental school there that people with and without dental insurance can get treatment, problem is if you get a student that needs to do certain procedures before he can pass, guess who gets the unneeded treatment, just ask my wife !


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The agitated homosexual behaviorists ... why is it we bend over backwards to placate them at every turn? I used to feel sorry for them, but because of these sorts of stories, I wish they would all die. What good are they really? What is it they contribute to the well being of anybody? Nothing, nothing, nothing - pure 100% take away.

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"Free Speech"? Spare a thought for courageous Germans who reveal WWII historical truths - in occupied Germany, the most censored BIG BROTHER nation on earth.

As well as being flooded with young male illegals, doing a video to your deceased mother "Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust" gets Canadian violinist Monika Schaefer abducted in Germany, handcuffed and thrown in a German prison for 6 months BEFORE any trial.

Now on (kangaroo) trial with her brother Alfred Schaefer: http://newsletter.americanfreepress.net/iem_615/display.php?M=155987&C=9a2c43c4602a24fdf6fb8b894d5f77b0&S=1000&L=8&N=871

Just questioning the scientific IMpossibilities of the official holocaust narrative recently resulted in 89 year old Ursula Haverbeck being thrown in prison for 2 YEARS.

[Zyklon B permeates into the brickwork permanently staining them prussian blue - NO blue stains in Auschwitz 'ca$h chamber$'. LOTS of blue stain in small CLOTHES DELOUSING CHAMBERS that SAVED LIVES BY PREVENTING the dreaded TYPHUS. This effort collapsed near war's end due to massive allied bombing of German infrastructure].

The obvious question is: What kind of historical truth needs criminal sanctions to protect it? The Holocaust story would not need criminal sanctions to protect it if it was historically accurate. Look how ADL censored dewtube tries to turn us off watching:

"Sorry Mom. I Was Wrong About the Holocaust" by silly warnings plus placing it in an 'isolation chamber':


Shulamit Aloni, former israeli minister, admits that the “holocaust” and the “antisemite” accusation are used to manipulate into silence and self-censorship those who criticize Jews’ negative and criminal activities.

When asked, “Of course! Its a trick!” she says. For the U.S., she says,
they use ‘anti-semite’, for European nations they use ‘holocaust’.

If that doesn’t shut everyone up, another ‘trick’ they use in Europe is
imprisonment for questioning the ‘facts’ of the ‘holocaust’.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW3a1bw5XlE&t=0s (1min40secs)

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Don't fall for simplistic characterizations of the Jesuits. Lorenzo Richey brought Sun Tzu's Art of War to the West. He had it translated and distributed. He put it into practice, presiding over the dismantling of the Order and prepared the way for it's restoration. When a Jesuit bragged that if there were barricades in the streets, they would have agents on both sides, he came close to revealing their hand.

They have an agenda, Marquette is only one facet. Georgetown probably has more impact...they helped shape Bill Clinton, for example.

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Most of them just want free stuff for the womb-productive citizens & noncitizens, along with free college, but no academic freedom is un-free college, even though that is one of the things that distinguishes university instruction: a free interchange of ideas.

Administrators claimed the professor was fired due to linking to a colleague’s site, but it was not due to a personal critique. It was in the name of intellectual sparring over ideas. If you cannot handle intellectual back and forth, you need to skip college teaching, going into a trade where there is zero debate, albeit plumbers probably debate methods without trying to silence the opposition through firing.

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I think it's going to be an utter disaster for Democrats this fall and 2020. Only hang up if the economy implodes. Dems will lose 3 to 5 Senate seats. I was thinking Reps would lose 12 to 15 house seats but I think they could stay about the same and might even pick up a few Dem controlled district's. Reps will take several Governorships  held by Dems possibly even California. Than Ginsburg won't make it to 2020 the straw that destroys the Dems for a generation. The End their Brown Shirt tactics have failed. 

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This is a HUGE win again. 

Probably more than we realize. I was once told by an attorney that it is very difficult to win a suit like this against a Catholic institution, because church fincancial backing ensures very deep pockets for attorneys--and the church is willing to fight tooth and nail to maintain legal unassailability.

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