America First, Helsinki, And Trump's Existential Threat To The Empire

Authored by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog,

The major – perhaps only – redeeming virtue of the Donald’s ersatz campaign platform was his clear intent to seek a rapprochement with Russia, revamp America’s commitments to NATO and other cold war relics and to discard "Regime Change" as the core tenant of foreign policy. In essence, "America First" was to become the new route to domestic security and safety.

Those eminently sensible notions struck the Deep State’s raison d’etre to the quick during the campaign; and by hook or crook, the Donald’s rapid fire actions toward these objectives since April have induced a palpable shock in the Imperial City.

Clearly he means to withdraw America’s 29,000 military hostages now stationed in South Korea in return for some sort of peace treaty, economic normalization and denuclearization arrangement with Kim Jong-un.

Likewise, he has sensibly suggested that demonizing Russia and Putin has accomplished nothing, and that they should be invited back into the G-8. And as soon as Robert Mueller finishes his RussiaGate farce, Trump can get rid of the present asinine sanctions on various Russian officials and Putin cronies, too.

We also now know – owing to the sullen reporting of the Washington Post – that Trump has been hounding the national security bureaucracy about another utterly ridiculous artifact of the Empire. Namely, the fact that 73 years after Hitler descended into Hades from his bunker and 27 years after the Soviet Union slithered off the pages of history, there are still 35,000 US troops in Germany:

The Pentagon is analyzing the cost and impact of a large-scale withdrawal or transfer of American troops stationed in Germany, amid growing tensions between President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to people familiar with the work.

'The effort follows Trump’s expression of interest in removing the troops, made during a meeting earlier this year with White House and military aides,' U.S. officials said. Trump was said to have been taken aback by the size of the US presence, which includes about 35,000 active-duty troops, and complained that other countries were not contributing fairly to joint security or paying enough to NATO.

'Word of the assessment has alarmed European officials, who are scrambling …'


We doubt whether real Europeans are scrambling at all – the Post is surely just quoting from the NATO echo chamber.

Then again, the latter is absolutely the most useless, obsolete, wasteful and dangerous multilateral institution in the present world. But like the proverbial clothes-less emperor, NATO doesn’t dare risk having the purportedly "uninformed" amateur in the Oval Office pointing out its buck naked behind.

So the NATO subservient think tanks and establishment policy apparatchiks are harrumphing up a storm, but for crying out loud most of Europe’s elected politicians are in on the joke. They are fiscally swamped paying for their Welfare States and are not about to squeeze their budgets or taxpayers to fund military muscle against a nonexistent threat.

As Justin Raimondo aptly notes,

Finally an American president has woken up to the fact that World War II, not to mention the cold war, is over: there’s no need for US troops to occupy Germany.

Vladimir Putin isn’t going to march into Berlin in a reenactment of the Red Army taking the Fuehrer-bunker – but even if he were so inclined, why won’t Germany defend itself?

Exactly. If their history proves anything, Germans are not a nation of pacifists, meekly willing to bend-over in the face of real aggressors. Yet they spent the paltry sum of $43 billion on defense during 2017, or barely 1.1% of Germany’s $3.8 trillion GDP, which happens to be roughly three times bigger than Russia’s.

In short, the policy action of the German government tells you they don’t think Putin is about to invade the Rhineland or retake the Brandenburg Gate. And this live action testimonial also trumps, as it were, all of the risible alarms emanating from the beltway think tanks and the 4,000 NATO bureaucrats talking book in behalf of their own plush Brussels sinecures.

But now comes the piece de resistance. The Donald is going to Helsinki to make peace with Vlad Putin, and just in the nick of time.

Hopefully, in one-fell swoop they can reach an agreement to get the US military out of Syria; normalize the return of Crimea and Moscow’s historic naval base at Sevastopol to the Russian motherland; stop the civil war in Ukraine via a mutually agreed de facto partition; stand-down from the incipient military clashes from the Baltic to the Black Sea; and pave the way for lifting of the absurd sanctions on Russian businessmen and citizens.

Needless to say, time is of the essence. Every hour that the Donald wastes tweeting, bloviating about his beloved Mexican wall, sabotaging American exports and jobs and watching Fox & Friends reruns is just more opportunity for the vast apparatus of the Deep State (and most of his own top officials) to deep-six the Donald’s emerging and thoroughly welcome rendition of America First.

For instance, the same Washington Post article cited above is laced with off-the record quotes from officials determined to maintain the NATO status quo and therefore continuing, needless provocation of Russia.

'…..the Pentagon continuously evaluates US troop deployments,' the statement said, and such 'analysis exercises' are 'not out of the norm.'

Several officials suggested that Pentagon policymakers may have moved ahead with the assessment to prove the worth of the current basing arrangement anddissuade Trump from carrying the thought of withdrawal any further.

Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon dismissed any suggestion of a full or partial withdrawal from Germany and described such analysis as routine.

Overcoming the self-interested inertial forces of the Deep State and its vast syndicate of contractors, weapons suppliers, military pork barrels and think tank supplicants, of course, is its own monumental challenge. Yet the Donald’s pathway to America First is further obstructed by the fact that the Dems are way off-sides for purely partisan reasons.

That is to say, Democratic politicians – including most of the so-called liberals and progressives – have turned themselves into handmaids of the Warfare State owing to their inconsolable grief and anger over losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump. Consequently, they are virtually incapable of thinking rationally about Russia – or of even thinking at all.

Nevertheless, if the Donald is anything, he is a showman. And he very much needs to steal the show in Helsinki from the beltway saboteurs who will stop at nothing to keep the current utterly unnecessary and pointless cold war revival cranking at full steam.

After all, to paraphrase Randolph Bourne, the Russian ogre is the health of the military/industrial/intelligence/think tank complex. So even a rapprochement – to say nothing of peace – with Russia is an existential threat to the Deep State; it would necessarily pull the fiscal pins right out from under the hideous $800 billion per year defense, intelligence and foreign aid apparatus.

So we don’t know whether the Donald can pull off a second Singapore in Helsinki or not, but we are quite sure Flyover America would rally to his cause – just as it has done since his historic photo op with Kim Jong-un.

We are also quite sure that even his own government will be doing its best to sabotage the Helsinki summit because the very prosperity of the Imperial City depends upon demonizing Putin and Russia. As Justin Raimondo has further observed:

The Helsinki summit with Putin is the knockout punch. And the howls of painarising from our hateful warmongering media, the Democratic party politicians they’re in thrall to, and the phony 'human rights' scamsters, are getting louder by the minute. We should all revel in their misery.

Trump campaigned on making peace with Russia: he has a mandate to do so. That, however, matters little to the 'intelligence community' and their media camarilla, which is up in arms at the very prospect of a Russo-American partnership for peace. The national security bureaucracy and the laptop bombardiers who inhabit Think-tank World have a vested interest in maintaining a cold war status quo that should’ve ended when the Berlin Wall fell. They are horrified by Trump’s 'America First' foreign policy views, and they are out to stop him by any means necessary – because his victory meant the end of their worldview and their careers.

Meanwhile, the significance of Helsinki cannot be overstated. If it goes well, it will be proof positive that America faces no large state-based enemy.

That is to say, it will mightily illuminate the hidden fact that neither Russia nor China (for that matter) even remotely possess the intent or the means to threaten the American homeland.

Likewise, a potential US withdrawal from Syria and incipient agreement with Russia to de-escalate tensions in the middle east would remind America that Regime Change has been an utter failure.

Yet without an imperial foreign policy that is implicitly designed to either bully or remove recalcitrant lesser governments anywhere on the planet – whether or not they have the intent or capacity to harm the US homeland – there would be no case at all for 11 carrier battle groups, massive air and sealift capacity and Washington’s far flung string of bases and occupations spread among more than 100 countries around the planet.

So, much is riding in the balance at Helsinki – including the possibility that a strong success could open the door to a real, far more systematic and intellectually cogent America First Policy over the longer haul.

To that end, we therefore propose to dig deeper – to tease out the full possibilities of an America First foreign policy now that the Donald has somehow succeeded in getting his ample belly right up close to the bar.

In the first place it needs be observed that lurking not far below the surface of the Donald’s "America First" slogan is the ghost of Senator Robert Taft’s profoundly correct case for nonintervention.

Back in the 1950s, the great statesman from Ohio fully understood that free enterprise prosperity, minimal government and maximum personal liberty were incompatible with a permanent, fiscally debilitating Warfare State leviathan designed to function as the world’s boots-&-suits-on-the-ground hegemon.

Consequently, Taft strongly opposed a big peacetime navy, a large standing army with forward stationing and rapid global deployment capacities and the proliferation of foreign treaties and aid commitments.

To the contrary, he reasoned that in the nuclear age a US-based bomber and missile force of unquestioned striking capacity would more than adequately protect the homeland from foreign military aggression; and that it could do so at a fraction of the cost of what amounted to permanent imperial legions assigned to patrolling the better part of the planet.

Today Taft’s vision of a homeland defense would be more apt than ever. It would constitute an even cheaper and more efficacious guarantor of the safety and security of the American people than in his time. That’s because there are now no rival superpowers with even a fraction of the military and economic might of the former Soviet Union.

Moreover, missile technology has become so advanced that a relative handful of submarines and hardened domestic launch sites can deter any conceivable foreign threat, which is inherently a nuclear one, to America’s homeland security.

That is, in this day and age there is absolutely no conventional military threat to the safety and liberty of citizens in Omaha NE, Spokane WA or Springfield MA.

That’s because there is no nation on earth that could mount a giant naval and air armada sufficient to invade the American homeland. Or, if it were foolish enough to try, could it survive the guided missile blitz that would send its forces to Davy Jones’ locker long before they crossed the blue waters which surround the North American continent.

Stated differently, nuclear deterrence, the great ocean moats and a territorial military defense is all that it would take to keep America secure in today’s world.

There is no need for Pax Americana, even if it could succeed, which manifestly it has not; and even if it could be afforded, which clearly it can’t be.

To be sure, the Donald is too full of egotistical bluster and too infatuated with militarist trappings to go the full Taft-nonintervention route, but given a fair chance he might yet shimmy policy in that direction. Clearly a rapprochement with Russia would enable a de-escalation of Washington’s imperial presence in the middle east and avoid a dangerous buildup of military tensions and expense in eastern Europe.

In any event, as crude and bombastic as Trump’s articulation of the America First proposition sometimes sounds, it does amount to a frontal attack on the intellectual superstructure which keeps the Fifth Fleet in the Persian Gulf, 35,000 troops in Germany, 29,000 of America’s military personal in harm’s way on the Korean peninsula, 11 carrier battle groups on the oceans, a continued expeditionary force of 100,000 troops, dependents and support personnel in Japan and military operations and economic and military aid in more than 100 other nations around the planet.

Underneath this vast Empire, of course, lays the utterly bogus notion that America is the Indispensable Nation and that Washington Leadership is always and everywhere the sine quo non of stability, order and peace all around the planet.

By the very obnoxious nature of his personality and modus operandi, however, the Donald has done much to tarnish the idea of Washington Leadership; and that is a considerable step toward global peace in its own right.

That’s because the best way to stop more American wars is for no one to come next time Washington puts out the call, and for the so-called Coalition of the Willing to shrink to a quorum of none.

That prospect has surely terrified the foreign policy establishment. Even though to date the Donald has been throttled at nearly every turn by the War Party in his discombobulated and amateurish pursuit of America First, that has not stopped its leading spokesman and institutions from lambasting him for allegedly sullying Washington’s self-assigned "leadership" role in the world.

In that respect there are few grand poobahs of the War Party who better embody the arrogant pretensions of the American Imperium than the odious president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Hass.

According to the latter, the trouble with Trump is that after 16 months in office he still doesn’t get it; he’s turned his back on the core predicate that animates the Imperial City:

'Trump is the first post-WWII president to view the burdens of world leadership as outweighing the benefits. The United States has changed from the principal preserver of order to a principal disrupter.'

Exactly what hay wagon does he think we fell off from?

How did the war on Vietnam, the First Gulf War to save the Emir of Kuwait’s oil wealth, the futile 17-year occupation of Afghanistan, the destruction of Iraq, the double-cross of Khadafy after he gave up his nukes, the obliteration of much of civil society and economic life in Syria, the US-supplied Saudi genocide in Yemen and the Washington sponsored coup and civil war on Russia’s doorstep in Ukraine, to name just a few instances of Washington’s putative "world leadership", have anything to do with preserving "order" on the planet?

And exactly how did the "benefits" of these serial instigations of mayhem outweigh the "burdens" to America’s taxpayers – to say nothing of the terminal costs to the dead and maimed citizens in their millions who had the misfortune to be domiciled in these traumatized lands?

Likewise, have the refugees who have been flushed out of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east by Washington’s wars done anything for the peace and stability of Europe, where Washington’s victims have desperately fled in their millions?

Yet, there would have been no long-lasting civil war in Syria without the billions of cash and weapons supplied to the so-called rebels and the outright jihadis by Washington and its Persian Gulf vassals; nor would Yemen by sinking into famine and cholera plagues without the American bombs, missiles and drone dispatched by the Saudi pilots essentially functioning as hired Pentagon mercenaries.

Indeed, the smoldering ruins of Mosul, Aleppo, Fallujah, Benghazi and lesser places in their thousands hardly speak to a beneficent hegemony.

Yet had Washington never brought its fleets and occupying forces to the Middle East after 1970 and had the region not come under the heavy boot of the Central Command and Washington’s assorted proconsuls and plenipotentiaries, the plague of radical Sunni jidhadism would never have arisen. Nor is it likely that the ancient rift between the Sunni and Shiite confessions of Islam would have erupted into today’s lethal armed conflicts.

It is well to note that during peacetime before 1970, no American soldiers were killed in the middle east. After 1990. However, virtually all US serviceman who were killed or wounded in combat were stationed in the greater middle east.

It is also worth noting that the answer to high oil prices is high prices, not the Fifth Fleet. In fact, global oil production today has doubled since 1973 owing to price, technology and the worldwide quest for profits by state and private oil companies alike – even as constant dollar prices per barrel stand far below the peaks reached during that decade.

There never was any economic imperative whatsoever to bring the American armada into the region.

So when candidate Trump said the Iraq invasion was a stupid mistake, that Hillary’s war on Khadafy was misbegotten, that he would like to cooperate with Putin on pacifying Syria and that NATO was obsolete, he was actually calling into question the fundamental predicates of the American Imperium.

And that gets us to the Russian threat bogeyman, the War Party’s risible demonization of Vladimir Putin and the cocked-up narrative about the Kremlin’s meddling in the 2016 election – all of which the upcoming Helsinki summit could knock into a cocked hat.

When Trump captured the GOP nomination against all odds and expectations in the spring of 2016, the War Party went into hyper-drive. Each of these bogus themes were promoted to a fare-the-well through the MSM in order to derail his candidacy; and then, after the fact, to delegitimize and imperil his presidency.

Yet the gruel behind each of these memes is thin indeed. So it’s is fair to say that while the Donald has caused the Imperial City itself to become unhinged, it is also possible that a successful Helsinki photo op writ large could mightily help Flyover America to see the light.

In the case of the election meddling meme, there are few more hypocritical instances of the cat-calling-the-kettle-black than this one.

To wit, the total US intelligence community (IC) budget is upwards of $75 billion – 25% more than Russia’s entire military budget including ships, planes, tanks, ammo, fuel, rations, operations, maintenance and even spare boots – and a big part of that giant IC spend goes to, well, meddling, hacking and sabotage of foreign nations!

The Targeted Access Operations (TAO) unit inside NSA alone has a multi-billion budget which funds thousands of in-house and contractor personnel who spend day and night hacking the communications channels of virtually every government in the world, friend, foe and enemy alike.

It goes without saying, of course, that the very purpose of these intrusions is to interfere with the domestic politics and governance of most of the planet’s population, and in some cases to actually sabotage perfectly appropriate operations, such as the Natanz centrifuges in Iran which were destroyed by the Washington’s stuxnet virus.

Thus, if you are not caught up in the War party’s self-serving groupthink, it seems entirely plausible that in the face of these massive Washington cyber-assaults that targeted nations might indeed seek to counterattack, as apparently the Russian security services have done.

Yet that also opens up another show and tell possibility for Helsinki. There could be nothing that would shutdown the whole RussiaGate Farce (and leave the Dem handmaids high and dry) than a freeze-for-freeze proposal on meddling – something we are quite confident Cool Hand Vlad would jump at in a heartbeat.

After all, what the whole Russian meddling meme boils down to is an assertion that Kremlin operatives have been attacking America in plain sight. That is, they hacked the DNC’s gossip and intrigue-ridden computers and breached the content of Podesta’s password protected political skullduggery. But airing intra-party dirty laundry is neither a national security matter nor does its disclosure jeopardize American democracy in the slightest.

The very idea that these two alleged hacks amount to some grand assault on American democracy is just plain laughable; and it surely does not take a dozen congressional investigations and the rogue Mueller witch-hunt to preclude any future recurrence.

All it would really require is a handshake agreement in Helsinki because it is plainly obvious that Russia got nothing out of the St. Petersburg troll farm or any of the other related allegations of "meddling".

At the end of the day, we are supposed to believe that a country with a puny$1.3 trillion GDP, which is just 7% of the US’ $19.7 trillion GDP, and which consists largely of aged hydrocarbon provinces, endless wheat fields, modest industrial capacities and a stagnant Vodka-favoring workforce, is actually a threat to America’s security.

And we are also supposed to fear the military capacity of a country that has no blue water Navy to speak of and no conventional airlift and air-attack capacity which could remotely threaten the New Jersey shores, and that spends less in a full year than the Pentagon consumes every 35 days.

Oh, yes, and this midget military is run with an apparent iron-hand by the Cool Hand Luke of the modern world. Yet as will be readily apparent to the unwashed American masses from his demeanor at Helsinki, the last thing Putin is going to do is commit Russian national suicide by launching a nuclear attack on America.

Yet that’s all he’s got: To wit, a nonexistent military threat and a justifiable desire to protect the Russian-speaking populations on his doorstep in Crimea and the Donbas from the depredations of the Civil War that Washington itself instigated.

That too will become apparent at Helsinki.

So let the Empire’s existential crisis begin!

*  *  *

Reprinted via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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powow Sat, 07/07/2018 - 23:15 Permalink


"Trump's Existential Threat To The Empire"

What a joke! Then why did he bomb Syria twice and cancel the Iran Nuclear Deal?


For Israhell. He's an Israhell-firster. Not America-firster.

See, Israhell needs an Empire to wag to get its dirty deeds done. And Trump is in Satanyahoo's pocket.

Ergo, the Empire will keep getting wagged for Israhell.

Unless of course Trump gets rid of Israhell. Not likely, he has two Jewish children, and Kushner, the Fake Hebrew, is married to his little girl.

Plus, it is said that Trump himself secretly converted to Talmudic Pharisaism.

Why he delivered stolen Jerusalem as capital of Apartheid Israhell (aka Stolen Palestine) - an illegal act and a red line no TRUE America-First President ever dared cross.


Chris2 powow Sat, 07/07/2018 - 23:18 Permalink

I'm for dividing the world up. Give Eurasia and ME to Russia, Asia to China, Europe and Americas to USA.

No spreading of communism China. Leave Japan alone, they actually belong with us. I don't like Chinks at all never have but I do like the Japs, they are so different so elegant, so right with nationalism, so polite, so minimalist, so garden cool. My yard is Japanese..:) I live in a mid century modern house of course there are many Japs who also live here. They walk my by yard and say "nice, very very nice" its water wise, simple and Zen.

Make Israel a international religious zone no more settlements more land for Palestinians connect Gaza and West bank.

Stop the crazy.

Gonna happen anyway, no world war.

In reply to by powow

LetThemEatRand Chris2 Sat, 07/07/2018 - 23:32 Permalink

The best way to make war, is to attempt to impose peace by force.  What you are proposing would be to make the United States and perhaps a few other powers the "Deciders" about the fate every other country in the world.  We've had quite enough of that line of thinking.  Trump may have come up with the slogan as marketing material, but he was right.  Americans should worry about America First.  

In reply to by Chris2

Chris2 LetThemEatRand Sat, 07/07/2018 - 23:40 Permalink

Not really, what I am proposing is end the American Empire.

Let the countries be part of a group that is smaller.  Of course I am America first but if we withdraw totally there will be war.

If you think you can pull out of this empire overnight than you are insane. All these third world countries would be getting nukes and you would have North Korea time 100.

In reply to by LetThemEatRand

LetThemEatRand Chris2 Sat, 07/07/2018 - 23:57 Permalink

"Let the countries...."

Who is stopping them now?   The US, that's who.  Why do you assume the world would go to war if the US withdrew totally?  The major powers have nukes.  They are not going to fight each other.  The countries which have most invaded other countries in my lifetime are the US (winning the most-invasions contest by a mile), followed by Isreal, and Saudi Arabia.  Russia did try to topple Afghanistan, but the US beat Russia out on that one too.

The US has become an empire.  It is not trying to maintain peace, but rather to maintain its empire.

In reply to by Chris2

NidStyles LetThemEatRand Sun, 07/08/2018 - 00:15 Permalink

There is a lot of money in peace, but it not easy to get it all right away indebting the goyim that way. 


The peaceful way means you have to actually respect others and trust they will come through. No one does this though. Everything is fucked because there are a bunch of selfishness rodents running the show, fucking it up for everyone else.


When the ship goes down they will be the first to escape on private airplanes.

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Escrava Isaura NidStyles Sun, 07/08/2018 - 00:29 Permalink


Donald is a showman…very much needs to steal the show in Helsinki from the beltway…

You got that right but, for the wrong reasons.


Wait, it gets better:

Chris2: I'm for dividing the world up. Give Eurasia and ME to Russia,

Could you please, for a change, save your opinion and look at the facts.


Reason 1: Russians want to eliminate the Magnintsky Act. Lots of money will come to Trump business if that happens.

Steve Doll, works at Credit Suisse.

So, I’ve got a theory. The most dangerous thing the US has over Putin is the Magnintsky Act, which Obama passed in 2014 and Hillary reluctantly affirmed. I'm gonna massively oversimplify here - but, at the core, the Magnintsky Act allows the US to freeze the assets and visa for any of the people involved with the torture and killing of Sergei Magnintsky (read Red Notice, by Bill Browder for a great story about it)

The single highest priority for Russia is eliminating the Magnintsky Act. They spent millions to defeat it in 2014 and it was a topic of the recent summit at the G20.

Right now 27 people are sanctioned - all of them are either senior FSB officials, Soviet Army officers or Russian oligarchs.

According to the NYT, 20 of the people on this list are close to Putin. There is no question Putin was complicit in Magnintsky’s death. But, he’s not on the sanction list… yet. Putin is widely believed to be the worlds richest man. No one really knows, but likely multiples of Buffet. A lot of those assets are in the US.

If the US enforced the Magnintsky Act, Putin and his family would personally lose billions… it matters

NOW, let’s switch to DT…. Trump’s organization has an existential problem. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is a monster of a law. In the past, Trump has bragged about violating the Act in former Soviet countries. Unclear who goes to jail, but if he crossed the line here, it’s a problem.

So, why is the FBI digging around? Why did Trump say, he’d fire Mueller if he started to look at his finances? Why was Russia so interested in the election? Why did they bribe Flynn? Why did the loan Manifort so much money?

Russia is trying to get Magnintsky Act neutered. What if they have proof that Trump or Flynn or Manifort violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? It’s the most direct way to tie all of this together. It explains why he fired Comey. It explains why he called looking into finances the “bright line” Mueller couldn't cross. It explains why Russian adoptions were the topic of the meeting with Don Jr (in retaliation, Putin made US adoptions of Russian babies illegal after Magnintsky was passed). It explains why Flynn had to resign. It explains why Sally Yates said there were “"serious concerns” about Flynn. It explains why Trump dismissed her concerns.

I'm not a ‘conspiracy guy’. But, none of it made sense to me until I learned that we’re only one jump away from Putin on the Magnintsky Act sanctions.



Reason 2: Eurasia is where Trump’s Enterprises is growing.

The project includes Trump-branded hotels, residences and a golf course, as well as other hotel, shopping and residential developments. The park – expected to be backed with up to US$500 million in Chinese government loan. Two days after MCC said it would provide the loan to the Indonesian developers, Trump said in a tweet that he would try to help the Chinese telecom company ZTE, which was hit hard by US sanctions, “get back into business, fast”.

Ivanka Trump won China trademarks days before her father's reversal on ZTE.


Reason 3: Energy, physical wealth, and plenty of cheap labor. It doesn’t get better than that.

About 75 per cent of the world's people live in Eurasia, and most of the world's physical wealth is there as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for about three-fourths of the world's known energy resources."


In reply to by NidStyles

Scanderbeg Escrava Isaura Sun, 07/08/2018 - 00:57 Permalink

Nobody who really cares about this country wants war with Russia or gives a fuck about something like the Maginintsky act. People like you are simply shilling for the Neo-Libs and Globalists. Europe ought to pay for their own defense if they are afraid of Russia and if there is a real threat to U.S security it is the Chinese not Putin. Hence all this hyper focus on Russia which has a GDP comparable to Italy while all these big companies have deep investments in China. 

And arguing that Trump is compromised to China is laughable. The only reason we are even discussing issues like the trade deficit let alone acting on it is because he was elected. 

In reply to by Escrava Isaura

Manthong HippieHaulers Sun, 07/08/2018 - 01:29 Permalink

Since the EU brain-dead trust has no problems with more than a million mostly military aged Africans and Asian muslims invading the EU, why would they have any trepidation about a potential twenty or-so thousands of Russians invading?

They would better off with the Russians and would not need the expense of NATO or a EU defense force.

And the US could be rid of the expense of at least 50,000 troops.

Vlad offered to provide security, remember?

In reply to by HippieHaulers

Escrava Isaura HippieHaulers Sun, 07/08/2018 - 08:27 Permalink

HippieHaulers: "If their history proves anything, Germans are not a nation of pacifists,

Exactly. Christians, after the Roman Empire took over Christianity on the 4th century, became the religion of the oppressor. They even added The Book of Revelation, apocalyptic end of humanity, so that they can justify their criminality and lack of morals.

Give you another example of how it works:

Nine million children die every year before they reach the age of five. Picture an Asian tsunami of the sort we saw in 2004, that killed a quarter of a million people. One of those, every ten days, killing children only under five. That’s 24,000 children a day, a thousand an hour, 17 or so a minute. That means before I can get to the end of this sentence, some few children, very likely, will have died in terror and agony. Think of the parents of these children. Think of the fact that most of these men and women believe in God, and are praying at this moment for their children to be spared. And their prayers will not be answered. But according to Dr. Craig, this is all part of God’s plan. Any God who would allow children by the millions to suffer and die in this way, and their parents to grieve in this way, either can do nothing to help them, or doesn’t care to. He is therefore either impotent or evil.

And worse than that, on Dr. Craig’s view, most of these people—–many of these people, certainly—–will be going to Hell because they’re praying to the wrong God. Just think about that. Through no fault of their own, they were born into the wrong culture, where they got the wrong theology, and they missed the revelation. There are 1.2 billion people in India at this moment. Most of them are Hindus, most of them therefore are polytheists. In Dr. Craig’s universe, no matter how good these people are, they are doomed. If you are praying to the Monkey God Hanuman, you are doomed. You’ll be tortured in Hell for eternity. Now, is there the slightest evidence for this? No. It just says so in Mark 9, and Matthew 13, and Revelation 14.

So God created the cultural isolation of the Hindus. He engineered the circumstance of their deaths in ignorance of revelation, and then he created the penalty for this ignorance, which is an eternity of conscious torment in fire. On the other hand, on Dr. Craig’s account, your run-of-the-mill serial killer in America, who spent his life raping and torturing children, need only come to God, come to Jesus, on death row, and after a final meal of fried chicken, he’s going to spend an eternity in Heaven after death. One thing should be crystal clear to you: This vision of life has absolutely nothing to do with moral accountability.

Please notice the double standard that people like Dr. Craig use to exonerate God from all this evil. We’re told that God is loving, and kind, and just, and intrinsically good. But when someone like myself points out the rather obvious and compelling evidence that God is cruel and unjust, because he visits suffering on innocent people, of a scope and scale that would embarrass the most ambitious psychopath, we’re told that God is “mysterious”. “Who can understand God’s will?” And yet, this is precisely—this “merely human” understanding of God’s will— is precisely what believers use to establish his goodness in the first place. You know, something good happens to a Christian, he feels some bliss while praying, say, or he sees some positive change in his life, and we’re told that God is good. But when children by the tens of thousands are torn from their parents’ arms and drowned, we’re told that God is mysterious. This is how you play tennis without the net.


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Adolfsteinbergovitch Scanderbeg Sun, 07/08/2018 - 01:18 Permalink

The root of this issue being that military budget is so huge implies that de-escalating cold wars or external aggressions will trigger a violent reaction from the MIC on the inside. This could be lethal. Trump has to take a lot of precautions because deflating this bubble will take time and requires a lot of announcements so as to prepare everyone... this is nothing short of a total change of economic system for the country. 

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Scanderbeg Adolfsteinbergovitch Sun, 07/08/2018 - 01:50 Permalink

A recession is pretty much guaranteed at this point considering how late in the business cycle we are. We are still a ways off from the end of dollar reserve hegemony because there is simply no better alternative at the moment.

When it does come the Empire will end and then Americans can look forward to skyrocketing costs for good and services in our now almost entirely import-reliant economy.

I don't think there will ever be enough political will to restrain the MIC before it collapses for financial reasons. And of course the dollar reserve system is also being propped up by the petro dollar. So the end of the Mid-East meddling would necessarily doom the current system as well. 

China will eventually be spending a comparable amount or greater in total expenditures and percentage of GDP. So the U.S either escalates the arms race or cedes global hegemony to China.

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new game Adolfsteinbergovitch Sun, 07/08/2018 - 08:25 Permalink

to ween a 800B-1T budget from psychopaths one must be very careful to avoid death, some thing

these fuks are very good at-KILLING INNOCENTS FOR MONEY -simple shit maynard...

in simple terms, to end the madness the nation must go in serious demise. a wishful event with far reaching consequences.

merica has it's tit in a kill or be overthrowen wringer with no good options. 21 trillion and counting. keep killing or be killed by reprisal from the carnage of imperialism.

gonna suk to be special when this shit show turns deadly for the majority of clueless  patriotic mericans...

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Scanderbeg True Blue Sun, 07/08/2018 - 02:07 Permalink

Indeed, Bongo was attempting detente with Russia while the Clintons were slumming it with massive bribes in Moscow.

And now the left wants to convince us that Russia is the big bad wolf. Though I suppose you can't expect people that are retarded to remember things that happened six years ago. They just bark wherever the lugenpresse tells them to.

In reality a big part of the reason Trump was elected is most Americans don't want a beligerent posture with regards to Russia or more involvement in Syria. 

The "press" and Democrats want war with Russia because they are controlled by Zionists who are in turn threatened by the Syrian Governments victory with Russian backing and the looming Iranian presence close to Israels borders. It is also a useful boogeyman/distraction for idiot leftists since these mega corporations and technocrats are the ones benefiting from the import heavy trade regime with China.

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not dead yet Scanderbeg Sun, 07/08/2018 - 03:13 Permalink

The only things the Europeans fear about Russia is the business they lose when they obey US sanctions. The Europeans like doing business with the Russian's as their word and contracts are good unlike the US that will shit on any agreement that gets in it's way. Europe wants US troops and bases because of the millions of dollars that they bring to the local economies. NATO spent billions to put up a new headquarters in Belgium. It was complete bullshit PR that Poland is going to PAY the US to put troops on their soil. Argentina is a fiscal basket case and they recently admitted that they are allowing the US to put 2 bases on their land because they need the money.

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Escrava Isaura Scanderbeg Sun, 07/08/2018 - 08:12 Permalink


Nobody who really cares about something like the Magnintsky act.

Correct, But Trump does because he gets most of his finances from Russians Oligarchs.

“Russians make up a pretty DISPROPORTIONATE cross-section of a lot of our assets we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” Donald Trump Junior


Russia which has a GDP comparable to Italy……….

Meaning Russia is not going to invade anyone (Europe). Also, Russia doesn't have the population size to invade anyone. The contrary is true. NATO is a US product, for the most part.


The only reason we are even discussing issues like the trade deficit…..

Trade deficit (exchange paper for commodities and goods) is not the problem. Energy deficit is. Energy deficits matters. Right now US has to IMPORT 10 million barrels of crude oil EVERY DAY. Now imagine how much more oil the US will need to produce here? Other parts of the world will have to go with less oil. Not gonna happen.

Trade deficit is just to acquire votes. Emotional talk. If Trump follows true with eliminating trade deficits, US depression, shortages, and high-inflation of the 70’s will look a walk in the park. Trade-war is a huge mistake for the US, and a costly mistake for the American population. You can hold me to this statement.  


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not dead yet Escrava Isaura Sun, 07/08/2018 - 03:02 Permalink

As soon as you mentioned Bill Browder your arguments and conclusions are toast. One of the chief propaganda tools of the west to stain people they don't like is to claim they got filthy rich off the backs of their people. Qaddafi was supposed to be the worlds richest man worth in the trillions yet nothing has been found other than the funds that were in the Libyan Development Fund that was not Qaddafi's piggy bank. Or the current Chavez's kids living in Florida with billions stolen from Venezuela but no proof other than take our word for it. Same with Putin's billions. No proof offered.

Hopefully your feeling better after being in a coma for the last few years. If you had been awake you would know the sore losers are going after Trump to throw him out of office. No lie, which you have spouted many, is too big if it brings Trump down. The FBI has never been an independent organization as it has always been beholden either to the machinations of it's power hungry director or the politicians.

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Escrava Isaura not dead yet Sun, 07/08/2018 - 08:42 Permalink

not dead yet:

So, let's try these:

Straw man Definition: An intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument. A person regarded as having little or no substance or integrity.

Straw man Example: Exaggerating by mixing Qaddafi, Chavez, and Putin.

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geno-econ not dead yet Sun, 07/08/2018 - 08:59 Permalink

Bill Borwder was kicked out of Russia because he found a way to amass a fortune in newly issued non-voting equities in Russian start-ups.  Just imagine if China or Russia were allowed to do the same in the U.S.   There would be mass objections from Congress and American population.  Even though we are in a Global economy, National interests inevitably become important over-riding free trade, religions and stock market manipulators.  Considering America has reached a financial deficit printing dead-end, along with income disparity, means we too will see the rise of Nationalism and rejection of greedy capitalism.  

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Escrava Isaura keep the basta… Sun, 07/08/2018 - 09:09 Permalink

Because no one has more experience and expertise than The House of Congress in understanding that expertise or relevant experience matters in Presidential and Political Advisors, it is nepotism.

The House of Congress can see the coming train wreck, that’s why many are quitting. Trump needs to win big in November to delay his ‘political & personal’ wrecking.


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Let it Go Juggernaut x2 Sun, 07/08/2018 - 07:21 Permalink

The one thing both Syria and Ukraine both have in common, and that is Putin. Trump likes to negotiate so here is his chance to end a lot of bloodshed. We are now in the unique situation to resolve two major conflicts at once if the desire to do so outweighs the egos of the players as well as their petty differences and the lust for making money from producing weapons of war.

If we supported a free election that allowed eastern Ukraine to become a sovereign nation it would go a long way in getting Putin to put Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's feet to the fire and move him towards agreeing to surrender a small part of his country. The article below gives the rational for this move.

 http://Putin Hols Key To Peace In Both Syria And Ukraine.html

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silver140 LetThemEatRand Sun, 07/08/2018 - 02:29 Permalink

As I remember it, without doing research-which has become less reliable than my memory since the spooks change/delete the factual but fragile existing written history to suit the current world view pushed by the parasitoid corporate fascists-Russia and Afghanistan had been allies before the US spooks, with the help of Congress, armed and trained the Osama bin Laden and his embryonic Al Queda (I think it was called operation cyclone) to overthrow the secular, non-misogynistic, democratic and non-Islamic government. This was a time when women in Afghanistan were treated with respect, didn't wear veils and went to schools. The country relatively stable and prosperous, welcoming and having great hospitality to travelers of any religion or gender; but to its tragedy, coveted for its strategic location and resources, and its friendly relations with the boogeyman Russia, which was helping to stop the spread of terrorist islamic jihadism. (Sound familiar?) This was the beginning of the CIA created terror, Saudi personnel backed wahabi islamic jihadists used then as now to overthrow targeted countries or as an excuse to do regime change. This was done with the blessing of the great philanthropist, "Christian" president Jimmy Carter, another Democrat covert resource war monger terrorist, the white version of Barack Obomber, currently the most successful camouflaged vector corporate fascist parasitoid, MIC puppet and mass murderer.

A parasitoid is an organism that lives in close association with its host and at the host's expense, and which sooner or later kills it. Parasitoidism is one of six major evolutionary strategies within parasitism.

In epidemiology, a disease vector is any agent that carries and transmits an infectious pathogen into another living organism;[1][2]



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not dead yet LetThemEatRand Sun, 07/08/2018 - 02:38 Permalink

It is the propaganda of the west that claims the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Not so. The Soviets were invited in by the then socialist Afghan government. The Soviets were more than willing to help as they feared the festivities could spread to the Muslim republics in the the Soviet Union which it eventually did with help from the CIA. Many of the troublemakers from those republics went to fight and die in the current "civil war" that isn't in Syria.

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Winston Churchill LetThemEatRand Sun, 07/08/2018 - 09:29 Permalink

The US pretty much lured the USSR into Afghanistan.There were so many CIA agents on the ground, and

so obviously CIA agents with their Brooks bros. suits and dark shades, that Kabul then looked like a

suburb of Langley.Trying to assassinate the left leaning president, by CIA backed military elements  is never

mentioned in the US history books, but it was a big factor, along with the Shah deploying troops to the western border.

Was he about to invade on US orders ?

We will never know now.

History is a set of lies agreed to.

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keep the basta… Chris2 Sun, 07/08/2018 - 04:23 Permalink

Not really, what I am proposing is end the American Empire.

No you are not. You are proposing 'giving' ME to Russia, Europe to USA and Japan too because they the subhumans are nice toy-like peoples to be given to you.

This is fkn outrageous idea especially from  one who seemed a sane american. 

You and the usa are at end of empire.

Russia china iran pakistan india brazil and others are working co operatively and will have the New Silk Road going. They already have an alternative to the IMF but not a corrupt predator. 

Europe will work itself out, like split into small countries again.

The english filth way past their end of empire have no one to prey on this time when the food runs out and armament markets stop.. Theresa May and  husband, Blair, Lord Thatcher, Porton Down (products found in East Ghouta), the assorted spy intelligence agencies...


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keep the basta… Chris2 Sun, 07/08/2018 - 04:33 Permalink

but if we withdraw totally there will be war.

what? who with and by?  there is war. Heartbreaking war. Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Mexico, Korea, Vietnam, Ukraine, chile... all the coups.

USA is the war on planet earth. USA spends more on mlitary and stuff than the total of the next 6 countries spent on what the usa instigates or from threats from USA that they must buy USA armaments. e.g. NATO.

Re Yemeni the combined efforts of Saudis US UK Israel and whomever have  not defeated them just reduced them to terrible suffering, epidemics of vile disease, starvation but they wont give up. USA out and  it would end. Big war would end.

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Shillinlikeavillan LetThemEatRand Sat, 07/07/2018 - 23:41 Permalink

Obvious leftard anti-american article...


"$800 billion for defense" not really, more like $600 billion thus far...


OK but whatever...


What about the money that is totally burned thrown away with medicare/medicaid/social security, which eats a combined $2 TRILLION dollars?


Wait, what do ya mean totally burned? Well... take social security for example... me and my fellow 30 somethings will never see a dime of that... much less the 20 somethings...


Or how untold billions of medicare gets wasted on medical malpractice insurance for doctors(which consumes upwards of 45% of the doctors' expenditures)...


Its getting so bad with medicare that they are having to reject many of the patients nowadays with minor/smaller issues(like making people reuse/clean their catheters), that eventually, the medical industry is gonna collapse on its own, no economic collapse needed...

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LetThemEatRand Shillinlikeavillan Sun, 07/08/2018 - 00:06 Permalink

I love it when mindless sheeple say the military budget isn't the problem, it's entitlements, a.k.a., programs we were all forced to buy into which are only entitlements in the sense that we paid into them and expect to get our money back or hold someone responsible if we don't.  But guys like you want to just give the politicians who sold us down the river a pass.  They thank you.  

As for the doctors, cry me a river.  They'll build a house on it and park their Ferrari out front while telling me on the golf course they are being killed by insurance premiums.  It's the rest of us that are being killed by insurance premiums (to pay for the Ferraris).

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new game LetThemEatRand Sun, 07/08/2018 - 08:46 Permalink

i think you just defined fascism by a prime example of how is exactly works for the parties on the receiving end.

and they whine and then dine. I saw one in a porche the other day leaving the fairview parking ramp. spiffy new porche

heading off to indian hills, edina, mn. it pisses me off too. i can not afford health insurance. plain and simple. i just can not afford the premium.

some say you can't afford to not be w/o health insurance. really, then i should go buy a 50,000 car i can't afford too?

some mericans work for what they have and have budgets that have limits. since i am not wealthy and refuse to a ward of the programs, i must forgo some things in life based on cost. health care would be the biggest expense in my budget.

as a side note of the healthcare crises: went to the beach with the grandkids and WOW,  the fuking fat obesity was astounding. fuking sad ass sugar laden whales, lily white and ugly stuff. 

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