Energy Is The Key To Everything

Authored by Tom Chatham via Project Chesapeake,

When people are sitting around making lists and deciding what they need to survive or just get by in the future there is one thing they need to give great thought to. Energy is the basis of everything. Energy takes many forms such as food, electricity, liquid fuels, mechanical, nuclear, solid fuels, solar and wind to name a few. Without it your body will not function, you will have no light, no heat, no transportation or communication. Energy is the foundation of everything humans do in this world. Without energy in its many forms we cannot live.

If you can produce enough energy you can do just about anything. You can live deep underground, live on the moon or even in space. You can heat your home, produce light to see, grow food, power vehicles and radios, produce goods from raw materials and power equipment to keep you alive.

Most people do not think about this very often because they can simply walk outside and feel the warm sun on their skin, do numerous tasks and even feed themselves as a result of this energy from the sun. They can do many things without modern technology because the sun provides the energy to do it. Knowing how to generate and utilize the various types of energy allows you to survive in many different environments.

Here is one example to think about to show you what I mean...

In the movie The Road, the earth is consumed by an environmental disaster that leaves the world in a cloudy haze, leaving it cold and dead. The survivors wonder around looking for any type of sustenance they can find including each other.

Even under the circumstances given, these people still have the ability to produce energy. Energy means life. Nuclear power would still work under these circumstances especially in navel vessels. Even though all of the trees seem to be dead, they can still be burned for fuel. As long as water falls from the sky hydroelectric power will still work. Where you have power generation you have the means to provide heat and light to grow food. You only need the knowledge and skills to do it.

In a survival situation, especially an extreme one, having an energy source that allows you to live is very important. That is one reason why knowledge and skills are so important to many preppers. Knowledge and skills allow you to construct a new living environment following an event and energy plays a major role in that. It is idiotic to walk around like the survivors in The Walking Dead, with no food, water, equipment or transportation when there are resources scattered all around you that can be utilized.

Simply burning wood can provide you with energy to run a vehicle, produce power for lighting and communications and produce heat for cooking. With sufficient energy you can grow food, produce clothing, distill water, even provide fresh air and refrigeration. Energy is the key to living and the more knowledge you have in producing and controlling it the more likely you are to survive long term. The types of energy produced and the ways you utilize them are entirely up to you when your survival is in your hands. The more energy you can produce, the better your living standard is likely to be.

When an abnormal event occurs that can bring civilization to a screeching halt, the energy you have available to you will determine if you survive or not. Energy in all of it’s forms is something most people never think about until it is too late. It does not matter if it is the sun, wind, hydro, wood, oil, bio fuels, coal or thermoelectric. You need to be ready to utilize what you have available when the time comes. Your ability to create and utilize the energy available to you is your ability to live.


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1000 gal propane tank buried/hidden and efficiently used will go a long, long time. Much nicer to light a small cook stove, space heater or converted and quiet 1000 watt gen set as the need arises with no tell tale chimney smoke and large IR signature. 

It's all about the running shoes and the bear. Make sure you are two steps ahead of the bear's next meal. 

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Liquid Salt Fluroide Reactors (Thorium Reactors) produce gram for gram 200 times the energy of a standard nuclear power plant and cannot melt down or be used for nefarious purposes... 15 years ago we already had drop in sea cans that can make a megawatt of power in any remote location for years without a refuelling.. With India's 8 million ton reserve of Thorium we can power the entire planet for 10,000 years having world food production underground in Antartica if we wanted to.

Oil is unlimited and it has been proven its is abiotic and produced in the earths deep core down up to 70 km in a pressure chemcial process. So is our natural gas. Once a well is depleted over time the reserves will replenish themselves. Depletion occurs when oil is pumped out faster than it is created.

Greenhouses have the technology to produce a million pounds of food on 3 acres. Its 900 lbs of food per acre per day. Growing power demonstrated this, If you used their technology starving Venuezela could feed the entire planet on .3 percent of its land mass. 

The greatest problem in the world today is abundance making scarcity very hard to maintain. Without scarcity you cannot maintain a market or profit. Without  scarcity you loose the ability to control a resource. The rarest element is scarcity itself!

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If it was that simple, everyone would be doing it already.


There are no LFTRs yet, or MSRs at all even. Maybe 5-10 years there will be pilots.

Solar requires semiconductors, semiconductor plants and vast amounts of energy.

Wind requires generators and is site specific. Even if you go mechanical, you still need a good site.

Greenhouses require glass, which requires a glass factory and vast amounts of energy.

Oil (abiotic? FFS), requires a source of carbon and a refinery.

All of them require engineers, chemists who actually understand how shit works, and they are maybe 1% of the population. And subsequently large amounts of plant and all the civilizational infrastructure required to build that plant and to make it work.


So yeah, energy is scarce and pretty much always will be.


You disagree? Well then fuck off, produce your cheap abundant energy put all the others out of business then come back and show me just how wrong I am.

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sad, your post looked ok until you come up with the fake news that 'oil is unlimited and it has been proven it is abiotic'...NO it hasn't. Not once.

They've had incidence of old oil wells then able to pump more oil, but that is simply seepage through the geology, nothing to do with abiotic theory, a theory debunked years ago.

Whats funny is if you look at the sites quote Vladimir Kutcherov's Stockholm research will see loads....but if you go to the institution concerned its a different matter!

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Energy IS Spirit.

Entropy is Satan.

Contemplation of the series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts achieved by the prodigious progress of mathematical physics, which was then applied to enable about exponentially advancing technologies, ought to inspire and guide similar transformations in political science, including drive the development of radically different ideologies and religions.

Of course, almost nobody does that, while few who somewhat think about that still tend to only superficially do so. Instead, old-fashioned religions and ideologies, which are thousands or hundreds of years old, almost completely dominate contemporary political processes.

A couple of points should stand out from the special theory of relativity, which enabled the development of atomic bombs to go boom. First, almost everyone thinks about time and space, and therefore, also thinks about the concept of entropy (as the distribution of energy in time and space) in absurdly backward ways (as independent absolutes, rather than as relative to the conservation of energy.) Second, since matter is an extremely concentrated form of energy, the material world is an extremely powerful manifestation of the spiritual world, since Energy IS Spirit.

As I have repeated in previous posts on Zero Hedge, as well as have been stating in other contexts for several decades, human beings live as nested toroidal vortices engaged in the entropic pumping of environmental energy flows. While the article above was certainly correct regarding the central importance of energy to everything, in my view, that article does not appear to more fully appreciate what it means that We ARE Energy,  as well as that our bodies are made of matter which is concentrated energy.

Despite that the world has an overwhelming abundance of weapons of mass destruction, by and large the dominate political processes have managed to do so while still maintaining the old-fashioned ideologies and religions, which were developed long ago, and therefore, which were based on taking for granted misunderstanding energy and entropy, in ways that rely upon the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals.

Since human beings are manifestations of general energy systems, and it is the same energy which flows through everything, human beings should be attempting to understand themselves better as manifestations of general energy systems, which requires using UNITARY MECHANISMS, rather than the old-fashioned DUALITIES.

However, despite the prodigious progress in physical sciences, whose main themes were to develop UNITARY MECHANISMS,  enabling technologies to advance at about exponential rates, the entrenched sociopolitical systems continue to adamantly refuse to go through the kinds of radical changes which would follow from better understanding those systems as manifestations of general energy systems.

In particular, the political economy has become almost totally based on public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, which can create "money" out of nothing as debts, through bookkeeping tricks, or kinds of magical mathematics, which deliberately ignore the principle of the conservation of energy, as well as misunderstand the concept of entropy in the most absurdly backward ways.

Since those enforced frauds achieve symbolic robberies, and profits from frauds can reinvested through the vicious feedback spirals of the funding of the political processes, the economic systems have become almost totally based upon being able to continue to enforce frauds, despite that about exponentially advancing technologies have enabled that economic system to become about exponentially more fraudulent.

While the article above was certainly correct to assert that "Energy Is The Key To Everything,"  in typical ways which articles on Zero Hedge usually do, that article grossly understates the point that "Energy means life."

Post-modernizing science is re-converging with ancient mysticism. However, most of those who begin to wonder about that "Unity," or "Oneness," nevertheless then usually collapse back to relying upon false fundamental dichotomies and impossible ideals when they turn from analysis of political problems to proposing and promoting "Solutions."

For political science to become more consistent with physical science looks practically impossible at the present time, and for the foreseeable future, since doing so must radically transform the perception of time and space, and therefore of entropy. Similarly, it would have to elevate the principle of the conservation of energy towards asymptotically approaching theology.

Despite that almost everything which is currently understood in science has become based on the principle of the conservation of energy, the dominate philosophies of science continue to suffer from their historical compromises with the biggest bullies' views of the world. What was most especially relevant was that war was what actually made and maintained Globalized Neolithic Civilization to become what it is today. Although warfare always was an expression of groups of human beings manifesting as general energy systems, the history of successful warfare based on deceits and treacheries has resulted in Civilization becoming as dishonest about itself as humanly possible.

Indeed, those great paradoxes are growing and GROWING, as about exponentially advancing technologies continue to be channeled through entrenched sociopolitical systems which are based on being able to enforce frauds, in ways which require most people deliberately ignoring and misunderstanding the laws of nature.

Collectively, "we" are living more inside the fantasy worlds, exemplified by Hollywood movies, rather than living in relatively more objectively understood worlds that are consistent with the laws of nature. Collectively, "we" are living inside a society that indulges in delusions, which were driven by the long history of successful warfare based on maliciousness maximization, morphing to become successful finance based on being able to enforce frauds.

"We" are living in a society where there are growing and GROWING Grand Canyon Chasms between progress in physical science, without progress in political science. While some people are better and better understanding various energy systems, such as atomic and electric energy, etc., the dominate sociopolitical systems depend upon most people not understanding themselves as manifestations of general energy systems, but rather, continuing to feel like they do not want to understand.

While I agreed with the article above, it barely scratched the surface of the ways "we" are more and more living inside Wonderland Matrix Bizarro Worlds, where it is barely possible to exaggerate that: "Energy in all of it’s forms is something most people never think about until it is too late."

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This entropy you speak of, that kills everything, is not what you think.  Energy is impossible to destroy, it can be transformed, but never destroyed! Nothing in existence can destroy energy, nothing! Depletion of energy by any system, is accretion of energy by others, entropy, is man observing only what he can see in part.

Entropy is for "scientists", you need to go beyond the bounds of material science, into the realm of spiritual science, to obtain a glimpse of how energy really works. Energy is unified separateness if I may apply that oxymoron. Entropy is limited observation of the unified energy system, which is not subject to, or revealed by mathematical equations, you need something beyond math, you need imagination, simply because it's hard to describe with math, which seeks certainty, while the system in effect, is highly uncertain.

It's the reason why love cannot be explained, it can only be experienced!...

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Exactly. We teeter on the verge of an energy crisis, and the public discourse is handicapped by elite-scripted “Global Warming” brainwashing. The sheeple celebrate every defeated pipeline project, when they should be cheerleading any/every attempt to preserve our cheap-energy-dependent way of life. Our descendants will look back on this generation as a bunch of gullible, misguided schmucks.

Go, Trans Mountain!  On, Nord Stream 2!  On, Turkstream! On, Power of Siberia!  Drill, baby, drill...!

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Nuclear Winter: Wrong, Tylers. Climate Change is everything for the agenda science of the Far Left.

Wrong, Nuclear. You forgot to finish your sentence.

MAGA and Trump’s Military Space Force are everything for the agenda of the Far right.


Then, you said: For the rest of the humanity it's energy.

Wrong again. Humanity have no clue about energy. Humanity cares about having a job and/or food.


Pernicious Gol… Energy! I thought you said Entropy!

Stick with energy. Don’t complicate the small mind.


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First, you do not produce or create energy. All we do is we extract, exploit, and consume energy and resources.

Space is a potentially resource rich frontier, so it makes sense to secure as much as possible for our faction.

For those that don't understand MAGA, we are rapidly transitioning to a two super power world, with China as the rising contender. Having China produce most of the rare earths, steel and electronics is a terrible idea for anyone that does not want to be fully dependent on them. Trump may actually be more on the ball than most people give him credit for. Take, for example, his questions regarding options for Venezuela. 

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1)Peter Navarro! used to get his newsletter. so yeah, nice pick.

2)seems as though there may be another contender with a lot of resources(R).

china shamina. 1.3 billion hungry mouths. hmmm. but one hellof an army.

debt, but forgivable. oh, did everybody get paid when the world stopped trading?

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And the false promises, at least for now:

EV cars in mass quantities

Efficient plentiful wind and solar production

The shale oil miracle- will last forever


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I think most energy spent the first couple months will be just fending off bandits...after that it would be long term thinking ...

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The more energy you can produce, the better your living standard is likely to be."

This concept applies on a macro-scale to nations, as well. And it is precisely the underlying reason for the global-warming hoax (now they're calling it climate-change). The intent of the hoax was always to de-throne America's hegemony over the world so that the nefarious globalists could most easily gain the control that they wanted, with themselves in charge. By taking away America's energy to produce, America would become less and less of a world-player and America's stature would greatly lessen. Why were China and India both exempted from having to adhere to the Paris Climate Treaty protocols ? The treaty's architects were solely targeting America. Yes, they hate America's dominance because it thwarts their global leadership. They so-wanted Hillary. She was going to be their ideal dog to roll-over. They will never, ever get over the loss. Trump's election threw a giant turd into the globalist's punch bowl. Let's throw another one in their punch bowl in 2020... re-elect President Trump to a second term.

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"It is idiotic to walk around like the survivors in The Walking Dead, with no food, water, equipment or transportation when there are resources scattered all around you that can be utilized."

It is alright with me if most people walk around like idiots. And besides, zombie movies are psychological operations against the population to make people think twice about trying to be self sufficient. I know this because I can comprehend without getting told to comprehend.

So then, I don't care if they walk around like idiots, because most people are already idiots long long before things fall apart. Most people walk around all day in the "Echo chambers", so, they are already preexisting idiots.

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"Even though all of the trees seem to be dead, they can still be burned for fuel."

memo, always kill tree before burning - oh the horror of seeing a tree running round in circles with leafs on fire

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"Your ability to create and utilize the energy available to you"

nit picking here, but "your ability to transform and utilize the energy available to you" would be a better way to put it as you cannot create energy - and why should you if its available to you

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We can't survive without the Sun, ever.

And I think the most likely natural disaster event would be if Earth was hit by a massive solar storm like the one in 1859. This would basically be too much energy, which will cause our entire electric grid to melt down, putting it permanently off-line.

At least until we replace it with a new one, which is going to take all the longer because we usually use electricity to run the factories needed to recreate the all these things.

We would really be fucked then, but a few decades later, these who survived the initial chaos should have been able to rebuild.

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Excessively abundant clean and efficient energy has been invented and reinvented many times. However, rather than use the methods, they are suppressed so that elitists can keep energy in short supply, control the population and have excuses for wars.

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Extrapolate - look at who 'owns' the energy and how much control they wield by that fact.  Government is about control and they'd never allow everyone to have control over their own energy as this is the route to total and complete freedom - quite the opposite of what .gov wants.

So when you think about how shitty and expensive your life is you know who to blame.  You can add the environmentalists/greens to your list of 'who to fuck over when the time comes' as contributors to your low quality of life too.

Off topic(ish) - WTF is a 'navel vessel (sic)' - is it a belly piercing?