Large-Scale Riots Continue In France For 4th Night

Riots continue in France after a 22-year-old Aboubakar Fofana lost his life in police control on Tuesday. The Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS) official responsible for the has been indicted but remains free under judicial supervision. This decision has rekindled tensions in Orvault, Rezé, and the neighborhoods of Nantes, Breil, and Bellevue.

Ouest-France reports that the security forces wiped Molotov cocktails at Breil and Bellevue and responded with tear gas grenades.

As GEFIRA reports, for four nights straight, there have been riots between African migrants and the French police in the city of Nantes. The riots began after the police stopped and shot an alleged criminal, named Abubakar.

On Wednesday the police declared that they shot the African young man in self-defense after he tried to overrun a police-officer.

The scale of the current riots is more extensive than we see now on a regular basis in the French suburbs. The rioters torched numerous cars, a petrol station, a community library, a school and several shops.

There is even a report that a bullet from a rifle damaged a police officer helmet.  

Friday afternoon the police admitted that the killing of Abubakar was not self-defence but an accident.

The  GEFIRA team expect riots in France to become more and more violent and eventually lethal. Like most Western European societies and the US, the demographic change and the gradual replacement will come with a hefty price.

There are signs that white French bourgeoisie youth will join the violent protests, like Black bloc and Antifa.

Minutes after the deadly shooting incident in Nantes on Tuesday 3 July 2018

Face to face between FN and anti-fascists in . Front National came to support the CRS (police).

Nantes lives fourth night of riots with at least 35 cars set ablaze

The multiple burned cars in Rezé

Thousands of books in the library went up in smoke at Malakoff

The Chienlit pays homage to their deceased brother by destroying. It is a history of making a neighbourhood a ghetto and continue to play the victims. And the left supports these people.

Guys are so smart they burned even a gas station.

St. Mark’s Square Rouen last night: a banner rolled up and a smoke bombs “in support of Aboubaker”

Individuals set fire to the Leonardo da Vinci High School in Nantes. They burned the lodge and the vehicle of the reception officer. I salute the action of firefighters and law enforcement. The perpetrators of these criminal acts must be identified, arrested and convicted with the firmness + WDM

Some damage east of Nantes

In Nantes, in the Dervallieres district, there is nothing left except the bank and an Aldi. African outlaws burned all the rest of the shops during the night.

Escavator burns in the neighbourhood Bottiere also in Nantes.


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Amen. No sympathy for the thoroughly brainwashed cowardly frogs who have allowed their nation to be overtaken by non-assimilating 3rd world trash.

This 'racist's' prediction of exactly what the tidal wave of violent low-IQ freeloading African invaders would do to Europe is happening now, and it will continue.

The EU/UN globalists' NWO mission to destroy (white) European nations (and the U.S.) by using dark, dumb, and dangerous 3rd world 'immigrants' to do their dirty work will soon become mission accomplished

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philipat Whoa Dammit Sun, 07/08/2018 - 11:42 Permalink

The plan is working beautifully. These people will never integrate into Western society, which was entirely the point. The biggest resistance to Globalization is via National borders, boundaries, languages and cultures. Hence the usual divide and conquer approach within a broader strategy to overrun Western cultures, including also the US incidentally.

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toady philipat Sun, 07/08/2018 - 12:03 Permalink

Once again, get out of the cities.

Then again. There isn't a lot of countryside that can't be reached from a city in France.

People tend to get worked up about "civil war 2" in the U.S., but the E.U.'s immigration policies are virtually guaranteeing a continent-wide war in Europe again. Muslims v nationalities this time around.


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I tend to agree. I do not know how it will play out - when or if the euros will grow a pair and if the US will have to step in yet again because of a radical ideology on the continent. Unfortunately, we have a very similar situation here. Difference being is there are a hell of a lot more Americans willing to fight for their freedom. The old joke - Used French rifle for sale; never shot, dropped once

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IvannaHumpalot GreatCaesar'sGhost Sun, 07/08/2018 - 20:10 Permalink

it's tempting but you forget - the ultraorthodox are waiting in the wings, reproducing at a greater comparitive rate to the secular, liberal, scientific, cosmopolitan jews we know and love. One day in the far future, it's not going to be the Seinfelds in control of Israel but the gender-segregating, supremacist, backwardated religitarded ultraorthodox who have 15 kids each, and who resemble the Islamist theocrats.

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Liberals were stupid to let in Islamic invaders thinking they will assimilate, but conservative and ziocon aholes were the ones to screw up the home countries in part in the first place, deposing secular rulers who wouldn't eat Israel's balls.

It's a mutual stupidity society. I hope some day, some of these stupid white western girls take a hard look at what their rightts are going to be in an islamic african hellhole of a society. Women are really showing their inability to think deeply the last few years.

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