North Korea Slams "Extremely Troubling" US Attitude, Says "Resolve For Denuclearization" May Falter

In a worrying sign that Trump's progress to "normalize" relations with Kim Jong Un may be on the verge of collapse, North Korea lashed out at the US for its "extremely troubling" attitude just hours after it held the latest round of discussions with Mike Pompeo, warning that it its “firm, steadfast” resolve to give up its nuclear programs may falter. 

North Korea’s state-run KCNA news agency said the result of talks with the delegation headed by the US Secretary of State was "regrettable", as a result of the US insisting on complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation, which however should hardly come as a surprise at this stage in negotiations, after Kim explicitly agreed to just that four weeks ago.

In the statement released hours after Pompeo departed Tokyo after meeting with Kim Yong Chol, a senior aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman accused the US is trying to unilaterally pressure Pyongyang into abandoning its nuclear weapons by insisting on unilateral complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation (CVID), and said trust between countries is in a "dangerous stage", while adding that North Korea still trusts President Donald Trump.

The statement prompted an immediate response from the president's blue-checked twitter critics slamming Trump's summit with Kim.

Suggesting that something may have been lost in translation, and that a broad disagreement between the US and North Korea remains, as Pompeo departed Pyongyang he said he had made progress “on almost all of the central issues” in the talks, including on setting a timeline for its denuclearisation, though more work remained to be done.

According to Reuters, Pompeo said that U.S. negotiators and their North Korean counterparts discussed the idea of Pyongyang making a full declaration of its weapons of mass destruction stockpiles and setting a timeline for giving them up. Pompeo added that he spent “a good deal of time” discussing a denuclearisation timeline and the declaration of the North’s nuclear and missile facilities.

“These are complicated issues but we made progress on almost all of the central issues,’’ Pompeo told reporters on the airport tarmac before leaving Pyongyang, following his third visit to North Korea. “We had productive, good-faith negotiations." - BBG

Pompeo also said that North Korea, in the “many hours of talks’’ at a walled-off guesthouse outside downtown Pyongyang, reiterated its commitment to denuclearization. The North Korean delegation was led by Kim Yong Chol, a senior aide to the country’s leader. Kim ended Pompeo’s visit on a positive note, telling the top U.S. diplomat just before he boarded his plane, “We will produce an outcome, results.

North Korea did not see things this way.

“We had anticipated the U.S. side would come with a constructive idea, thinking we would take something in return,” the North Korean spokesperson said.

“But through the high-level talks, the trust between the DPRK and the United States is facing a dangerous situation where our resolve for denuclearisation, which has been firm and steadfast, may falter.”

He added that the “fastest way” to achieve a nuclear-free Korean peninsula was through a phased approach under which both sides took steps at the same time, a position which is largely a non-starter for the Trump administration.

As a result of the unexpected divergence in views, Pompeo, who did not meet with Kim on this trip, could point to no concrete achievement from the talks aside from an agreement for the two sides to meet around July 12 in Panmunjom, the border village between the two Koreas, to discuss returning the remains of U.S. soldiers from the 1950-1953 Korean War, Bloomberg added.

Renewed tensions over North Korea's nuclear program emerged following recent intelligence reports showed that North Korea is continuing work at a key rocket-engine facility. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that the U.S. has also stopped using the catchphrase of “complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization’’ of North Korea that it had insisted upon happening before North Korea gets any relief from a crippling sanctions regime.

That change raised suspicion that the U.S. was softening its demands for the country, an argument that State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert had insisted on Friday wasn’t true.

Meanwhile, disagreements have emerged not only in discussions between the US and North Korea, but within Trump's administration itself: last week, Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton said North Korea could be expected to carry out the “bulk’’ of denuclearization within a year. Yet Pompeo himself had earlier said he envisioned that occurring in about two and a half years, by the end of Trump’s term, and Nauert later said the U.S. wasn’t putting a timeline on the process.

Pompeo’s visit was the highest level meeting between U.S. and North Korean officials since Trump and Kim Jong Un held their historic summit in Singapore on June 12. Pompeo has been under pressure to deliver a more concrete disarmament plan after the two leaders signed a vague 1-1/2 page document that didn’t provide a timetable for dismantling North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

For now, any firm denuclearization plan will have to wait even as the risk that all progress achieved so far in bilateral negotiations collapses.

Why? Because recall that China was the real puppetmaster behind the Trump-Kim summit... and suddenly Beijing is not very happy with Trump (for obvious reasons), which means that China's response to Trump's trade war may emerge in the realm of diplomacy as Xi does everything he can to undo any/all progress achieved in talks between Trump and Kim, potentially sending relations between the US and North Korea back to square one.


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Only a total idiot can negotiate with Orange Orangutan charlatan something of any value. Just look at the Iranian nuclear deal. 

After all, Trump is just a puppet of Zio-Banking Mafia and nothing less.


As for promises, just ask people of Russia. In 1917, Jewish Bolsheviks promised "Bread to Workers and Land to the peasants".

  • Well, 100 million people were slaughtered and starved to death: Peasants became slaves on state farms (Kolhozu) were many millions  starved to death. They even did not have Passports and could not move outside of state farms they were assigned to.
  • As for workers, they too became slaves and good many were sent to concentration/extermination camps aka GULAG. Remember that NAZI built their concentration/extermination camps using Soviet models and experience.

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Keep your nukes Kim. The rest of the world isn't de-nuking any time soon. Keep looking for peace but hunker down and dig in. There are too many candy ass couch hawks over here who think it would be easy to push you over.

If America cannot accept that then Trumps next step is to draft 1 million young American men and woman into the armed forces in preparation for North Korean invasion and possible war with China. Also prepare civil defenses and response to being nuked. Then see how the American people feel. Peace vs. war?

Frankly, it would be more in America's national security interest to saturation bomb Fake News Enemy of the American People CNN headquarters and studios, than to attack Korea. Then carry on the bombing campaign to any Fake News outfit that complained, until only the American true free press remained and all declared in unison "Good Riddance"

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You have nothing but BS in your posts batty boy...why don't you take a shot at it?

Trump is the only one to even get the tin hat tyrants of NK to the table, as he stood up to them, calling their bluff.

Trump can't help if they are two faced liars, that is what communists do! So now there will be another Mexican standoff, we will see who blinks first.

Sic Semper Tryannis

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It was premature for Trump to declare victory before the talks concluded.  North Korea has always pulled this shit and always will until the Kim dynasty is dead.  And yes, China really doesn't want peace tween the US and NK because that would mean the NK might become self-reliant.  Better to keep NK desperately poor and totally leaning on China.

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Oh, go do some research and quit repeating the US propaganda. The US has never kept their end of the negotiated agreements with NK - not once!

Go read the list of 47 demands that had to be met before sanctions would be removed and tell me that it didn't sound remarkably like demands that were never expected to be fulfilled.

NK are sooo horrible, but Saudi Barbaria, UAE, Qatar, Israel, etc are "allies".

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Outpost ? ? ? God you are so fucking stupid ! North Korea invaded South Korea on June 24th 1950. Go read a history book if you can read. We wouldn't have had the problem with them or the Chinese today if  MacArthur had been allowed to deal with them then with the full might of our military. Same for the Soviets at the end of WWII. You obviously forgot that the Soviets fought with the Nazis at the beginning of WWII and invaded Poland, Finland and the Baltic states. Patton was removed before he could deal with them. 

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I do also.. joined at the teeth

Mao Zedong’s description of North Korea’s relationship with China is typically mischaracterised as being as close as “lips and teeth”.

His words are better translated as: “If the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold,” a reference to the strategic importance of the North as a geographical security buffer.…

The chicom cunts!

Commie Cocksuckers


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I think everybody else tried to just forget about the Kims and they were waving their arms furiously to get attention. That was only gonna work for so long.

Had to talk no matter what. Always worth a try. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

Yes, the China connection, while always known to be extremely important, is pretty much out in the open now.  Attack dog mode engaged again?


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