"We Have A Rogue Radio" - Hitler Speech Blasted Over Chicago Cops' Airwaves

For about four minutes on Wednesday evening this week, Chicago cops' radios were dominated by an unauthorized transmission of a partial rebroadcast of an Adolf Hitler speech from a 1935 Nazi propaganda film.

As The Chicago Tribune reports, based on numerous key words in the fragmented transmission, the audio seems to be from a Hitler speech in Leni Riefenstahl’s film, “Triumph of the Will,” said Imke Meyer, a professor of Germanic studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“Numerous key words were audible, among them ‘Deutschland’ (Germany), ‘Partei’ (party), ‘Volk’ (the people – the German people would be referenced in this context), ‘Jahrtausende’ (millennia – a reference to the idea that the Third Reich would endure for thousands of years to come), ‘Reich’ and ‘Fuhrung’ (leadership),” Meyer, who is also director of the School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics at UIC, said in an email.

Meyer reportedly said the movie is a “pseudo-documentay of the German National Socialist Party’s 1934 convention in Nuremberg.” The audio transmission that interrupted police frequencies seems to be from “the part of the film that presents Hitler’s closing speech at the convention.

While not confirming the content of the unauthorized broadcast, Melissa Stratton, spokeswoman for the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, has said the city is investigating.

She said it was a “rogue radio transmission,” a general term for unauthorized transmissions, and not a city user accidentally broadcasting his or her own audio.

The Tribune notes that at one point during the rogue transmission, a radio dispatcher told police units to switch to a different channel if they had any emergencies.

“We have a rogue radio,” the dispatcher said.

As the interruption continued, the same dispatcher later said, “A little bit of an officer safety hazard on the zone at the moment, so anybody with any emergency please switch over to a citywide.”

We are counting down the minutes until the left jump on this and draw parallels between hitler and the police. Just one thing...

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Hitler lost the WAR that was HIS to win.

At Dunkirk.(England would have  been KO'd), and all of Europe would be his.Whatever reason for allowing over 300k British soldiers passage home is what CHANGED the tide.

Also the ungrateful SOB's still hate us(England) after Americans sent personal weapons to their troops to fight with for FREE,plus lend lease.(now they just have Muzzies and criminal knifing the Hades out of the subjects.)Just goes to show you all you need to commit murder is a #2 pencil.

Promptly AFTER the wars(WWI &2) ALL weapons were turned in/seized under penalty of LAW.Not once, but Twice!!.

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lincolnsteffens DosZap Sat, 07/07/2018 - 20:20 Permalink

The Brits (Churchill) deceived the French into thinking the Brits would evacuate the French along with their own. While the Brits. were evacuating, the French were encouraged to fight on when only small numbers of French were evacuated. In the end all the Brits and few thousand of the French escaped.

Churchill also ordered a French battle ship sunk in North Africa even after the trustworthy commander of the French ship assured Churchill it would not be used against the Brits. Over 2000 Frenchmen were sent to the bottom when the commander refused to evacuate the ship and let the British take over.

Hitler really did not want to fight the British. He wanted to become a powerful white colonial power along with the Brits.

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Expendable Container DosZap Sat, 07/07/2018 - 22:15 Permalink

Doesn't anyone see through this perpetual War Against Hitler?? WWII propaganda against the Germans should have been left alone in 1945 at war's end just like it was after WWI, but the holohoax is the Glue that Cements the self-chosenites in a perpetual sense of victimhood to hide their guilt of their Jewish bolshevik commissars' murder of 66 Million Christian Russians/Ukranians under communism.


"What has changed since 1945? In 2016 top German reporter Dr. Ulfkotte went on public television stating that he was forced to publish the works of intelligence agents under his own name, also adding that noncompliance with these orders would result in him losing his job. (So? Why not get an honest job?). 

In 1945 Friedrich Grimm, a renowned German authority on international law, was shown samples of new leaflets printed soon after the war in German to be distributed by the Allies throughout Germany. Describing German war crimes, the leaflets were the first step in the reeducation program designed for Germany. Grimm suggested to an Allied officer that since the war was over, it was time to stop the libel. The Allied officer replied:

“Why no, we’re just getting started. We’ll continue this atrocity campaign, we’ll increase it till no one will want to hear a good word about the Germans anymore, till whatever sympathy there is for you in other countries is completely destroyed, and until the Germans themselves become so mixed up they won’t know what they’re doing!”


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Hitler (Hiller) was an actor for the hidden hand.

Eichmann, Himmler, Hitler, and Eva Braun, were all Eurasian Jews.

The first two names were the primary public faces of "The Final Solution" project aka "The Holocaust".

A majority of the Third Reich's Officer Corps were Eurasian Jews.

Hitler was surrounded by a lot of Jews for an anti-Jewish racist.

Speaking of which, Henry Ford did a lot of business with the Jewish Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union. Putting aside his anti-Jewish stance for profit. A Ford factory in Siberia produced Soviet military trucks that ended up humping war materiel along the Ho Chi Minh trail into South Vietnam. How many young American lives were casualties of that war materiel?

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TeethVillage88s any_mouse Sat, 07/07/2018 - 18:16 Permalink

Jim Marrs would agree with you today although he is dead now.  But not about the Jews.  He would agree that Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin ended up serving manipulators at the banking and finance level.  I might be wrong or misquoting Jim Marrs after all I am putting words in his mouth.  Check him out and think about moderating your tone as Jews are on all sides/all over the map, they are activists and capitalist/bankers.

- I've been wrong before so likely will be again, we can't really generalize and blame a language, ethnicity, people of a country... but we can damn sure blame the leaders of monopolies and govts

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It wasn't by intent it was by refusing to believe Germany was stretched to capacity and under estimating the Soviets ability and will to fight. The Soviets had nearly 4 times the population of Germany and a huge territory. Hitler attacked Russia without provocation. What the German military knew and what Hitler imagined were two different matters.

He ignored the lessons of Napoleon.

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Expendable Container lincolnsteffens Sat, 07/07/2018 - 22:38 Permalink

"Hitler attacked Russia without provocation"

Not so. Hitler's intelligence was well aware that Stalin had been amassing huge quantities of military hardware for an OFFENSIVE (not defensive) attack - via Germany - to take the whole Western Europe for Communism:

1) "Soviet Tanks were to be the Spearhead in Stalin's Plan to Attack and Conquer Europe: He Built and Mass Produced the Best Tanks in the World":


2) "Stalin's Preparations for an OFFENSIVE War (not DEfensive) in the Summer of 1941 to Make EUROPE A SOVIET COMMUNIST CONTINENT":


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The Grim Teacher lincolnsteffens Sun, 07/08/2018 - 03:05 Permalink


"Hitler attacked Russia without provocation"

Have a search for Igor Bunich and Operation Groza or Operation Thunderstorm. This was a plan by the Soviets to invade Europe and the documents pre date those of Barbarossa. Bunich is a Russian historian (dead now) and wrote three volumes on this subject. Sadly only available in Russian and never been translated into any other languages. His source material is the Soviet military archives.

Also a book by Viktor Suvorov called Icebreaker, discusses the same subject.

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Hitler was a loner and a psychopath with the gift of gab. What ever he dreamed up for the glory of himself he got exactly the opposite. He wanted all of Europe except England for his German empire and Russia for Germany's Colonial Possession. He wanted all Europe free of mental defectives, invalids, communists, gypsies, Jews and anyone else not considered "white". He wanted it all under his command with no established line of succession.

What Hitler got was the exact opposite of what he wanted. He brought about the total destruction of Germany under occupation and divided. He brought shame, humiliation, starvation and poverty upon Germans. The Russians seized part of Germany and because of the war rose from a third rate power into second place colonizing eastern Europe.

He ordered high level military strategy with only a modest understanding of it. He had a pre-established time table for each major part of his plan developed in the 1930's. He wanted the destruction of the Jews and got an established Jewish State.

Once the counter attack on the stalled German army by the Russians began, Hitler knew he was in big trouble in the East. Six days later he declared war on the USA, thus bringing a populous and industrialized nation to aid a floundering Great Britain that was slowly catching up to war production.

On top of it all, when he knew there was no hope of winning the war by 1942 he took needed troops and trains from the war and used them for his second main plan, the extermination of the Jews. You can add Poles and Russians to the Jews. He also eliminated public education above the 4th grade for all non Germans and the roundup and killing of the intelligentsia and high officials throughout Eastern Europe. 


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MoreFreedom sarcrilege Sun, 07/08/2018 - 00:04 Permalink

We and OUR, not (((theirs))), government should be so lucky to have a dear and pro-people and pro-country leader like Germany had in Hitler.


Are you serious?

Considering how Hitler initiated force against not only the political establishment, but the citizens of Germany and other countries, he was one of the worst leaders in history.   It would have been entirely different if he only used force against those who harmed others, but was the opposite of what he did.  Hitler used government for his own personal gain.

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Frito Sat, 07/07/2018 - 16:12 Permalink

High chance this will turn out to be just like a swastika painted on a synagogue. ... we'll find out when the (((culprit))) is identified. 

RagnarRedux Frito Sat, 07/07/2018 - 16:31 Permalink


Fake Hate Crimes


(2012) NYC: Jewish Man Caught Posting Swastikas On Apartment Doors And Making "Anti-Semitic" Phone Calls 


(2007) Washington DC: Jewish Girl Caught Drawing Swastikas On Her Own Dormatory Door



(2017) NYC: Initially Reported "Anti-Semitic" Vandalism Of 40+ Jewish Grave Stones Was Due To Cemetery Neglect And Wind



(2017) New York: Jewish Man Arrested For Spray Painting Swastikas On His Own Home And Falsely Reporting It As "Racist" Vandalism



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lincolnsteffens RagnarRedux Sat, 07/07/2018 - 20:51 Permalink

This is an ancient method of false flag ops. to gain adherents to your cause. Its older than the pyramids and used by all nefarious actors who think they must do something horrible to cause the desired larger reaction.

To get rid of the French Monarchy all that needed to be done was for agents to buy up all the wheat and start rumors of how the Monarchy was so debauched that it cared nothing for the starvation of the masses. The terror after the fall of the Monarchy in France was similar to the fall of the Russian Monarchy.

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Hitler from the aether is heard saying, "hey Chicago it's time for right to carry, tell Weimar Rahm you demand your constitutional right to arm yourself."

Hitler & The NS's Loosened Gun Laws 

"The Nazis adopted a new gun law in 1938. According to an analysis by Bernard Harcourt, a professor at Columbia University School of Law, it loosened gun ownership rules in several ways.

It deregulated the buying and selling of rifles, shotguns and ammunition. It made handguns easier to own by allowing anyone with a hunting license to buy, sell or carry one at any time. (You didn’t need to be hunting.) It also extended the permit period from one year to three and gave local officials more discretion in letting people under 18 get a gun."




any_mouse RagnarRedux Sat, 07/07/2018 - 18:04 Permalink

Hitler was an actor. Anything the phony Third Reich did was part of a production by the "Producers".

Both Germany and Russia (and GB and USA)  were infested by the same parasites in the 1930s.

Who had the most casualties in WW2?

Germany and Russia on the Eastern Front.

Did Germany really need to invade Russia? When Winter was coming and without Winter gear?

The ethnic cleansing of WW2 was not of Eurasian Jews.

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Expendable Container any_mouse Sat, 07/07/2018 - 23:18 Permalink

Did Germany need to invade Russia? Germany's intelligence revealed without doubt that Stalin was building up massive military hardware for OFFENSIVE not defensive purposes. The intention was to invade Germany and then move straight on and finish off the rest of Western Europe to bring it into Stalin's communist fold.

Pre-emptive strike - if you know what's coming, get in first and take the enemy by surprise. This is a common strategy, especially when you cannot measure up to the enemy's war assets, and even the Boers used it when they knew for sure that Rothschilds' Britain intended to invade (for the Boer States' diamonds and gold discoveries), the Boer War.



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lincolnsteffens RagnarRedux Sat, 07/07/2018 - 20:57 Permalink

From what I understand it was the opposite in Austria. Through the press there were increasing news stories about gun murder and crime. Then came a requirement that all gun owners had to report to the police with the serial #s of their guns so the criminals could be caught. Still the stories kept rising of crimes with guns. Then people were ordered to turn in their guns or face execution.

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Green2Delta Sat, 07/07/2018 - 16:16 Permalink

I hate Illinois Nazis. 

Today the Illinois State Police are allowing protesters to shut down the north bound lanes of the Dan Ryan. They're marching against gun violence and for free shit. My understanding is that they're begging them to at least one lane open for traffic.