Russia's Black Sea Fleet To Hold Missile Drill Off Syria's Coast Ahead Of Trump-Putin Summit

According to the latest Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), the Russian Navy’s Mediterranean task force will host naval exercises off the coast of Syria for several weeks. The starting point of the naval exercise will begin on July 11, just five days before Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump meet in Finland’s capital of Helsinki to discuss the complicated situation in Syria.

The location of the war drill will be in the Eastern Mediterranean between the Syrian coast and the Southern part of Cyprus across the port of Tartus, which will be reserved for 10 to 20 warships conducting missile drills from July 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26, the Russian News Agency TASS reported.

During the exercise, the airspace will be shut down from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Moscow time. The NOTAM mentioned that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the “only legitimate and competent authority to provide air traffic and aeronautical informational within the limits of the advisory airspace.”


TASS mentioned that the warships would conduct missile drills with a variety of precision-guided weapons. In particular, Russian frigate Admiral Essen, a guided missile frigate of the Admiral Grigorovich class – based with the Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol, armed with the Kalibr missile system (NATO codename: ‘Sizzler’) will be participating in the exercise.

Quoted by TASS, the press office of the Russian Black Sea Fleet reported on June 18, Buyan-class corvettes Grad Sviyazhsk and Veliky Ustyug armed with Kalibr missile systems started their journey to the Mediterranean Sea from Sevastopol.

With a dozen or more Russian warships mainly from the Black Sea Fleet gather off Syria’s coast for future missile drills ahead of the Trump-Putin summit, it seems as Moscow is sending the CIA and the Pentagon a stern warning if relations after the summit falter.

Let us hope that does not happen because Trump’s desire to remove US forces from Syria before October will enable him to declare the proverbial “Mission Accomplished” in defeating Daesh or Islamic State for the upcoming US mid-term elections.



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Why the puff on this? It is a co-incidence, nothing more.

These exercises have been held by the Russians two or three times a year for a while now and I suspect, given the logistics, that this one was planned months ago or well before any Trump/Putin meeting was on the horizon let alone planned. There isn't even currently a larger than normal RuN presence in the Med.

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Is China in Tibet at the request of the Tibetans? Was Russia in a dozen countries during the cold war at the request of Poland, E. Germany, Checks, etc? I guess you have a point. But the real point is Its a war between Sunnis and Shiites with Russia selling weapons on one side while the U.S. sells to the other to give each side a chance to kill one another. Which they HAVE BEEN doing for 1400 years. Russia wants to keep its base in the Med, that's the only reason they are there. They aren't there out of the goodness of their hearts. Sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

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USSR was in Poland because USA refused to defend it in 1939 and the Red Army lost millions of men liberating it. East Germany did not exist until USA and UK created West Germany in 1949.8 having printed D-Marks in USA in 1948 and left Soviet Zone out in cold.

But just how did USA acquire Hawaii ? Guantanamo ? (still paying the $2000 lease you forced on Cuba ?) How did USA acquire Texas, Florida, New Mexico ?

How did USA acquire Diego Garcia ?

How did USA get 800 bases in 70 countries ? Advert in New York Times ?

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Stalin killed as many Russians as Hitler did per some historians estimates. Hawaii was conquered just like every other country in the world at some point in time. How far back do you want to go, Roman times, Persians, Greek. Shall we return to the borders of 500 BC? Germany was part of a Monarchy as was most of Europe do you want the Monarchs returned to power? Cuba lease started in 1903. Pretty sure the U.S. helped them get their independence from Spain, using American blood. I guess they thought providing the  lease was a thank you. Diego Garcia is British, again we lease it from them. The U.S. is invited to many countries and provide funding and stability. Any more history questions?

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Hawaii was a victim of regime change, then reverse-regime-change.  When the Congress imposed a stiff tariff on imported sugar, the owners of the sugar plantations in the Kingdom of Hawaii supported a para-military coup against the King, which succeeded.  They then declared Hawaii a US possession to which the sugar tariff did not apply.  This happened under the Benjamin Harrison administration.  When Grover Cleveland was elected to his non-consecutive second term, he pulled the plug on the American putchists in Honolulu and restored the monarchy.  Honolulu eventually succumbed to Washington and was admitted to the American union under Dwight d. Eisenhower.

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“Succumbed” — very amusing.

Given a choice between filling under the control of the Japanese, the Germans, or the Russians, o people have chosen to literally run for their lives to the protection of the USA. Why? Because the USA gives them the full slate of human rights, and the freedom to succeed and grow financially and culturally. Yes, early on the US made plenty of mistakes. It still does. BUT, it is still the choice of virtually every human on Earth with a choice of system to live under, the country that expresses their hopes and dreams.

Where are the stories of impoverished families desperately coming to Russia building a business, and within two generations becoming college-educated millionaires, happy and prospering? Oh, right. Doesn’t happen. My neighbors  are just those people... came here with nothing, and now live the dream. Hard work. Freedom.

These tales of subjugation from two centuries ago are drivel. The USA’s biggest mistake is too much freedom, not too little.

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the tibetans were 95% serfs under the fuckin Dalai Lama 5% bastards. brutal regime that one, complete poverty plus heavy punishments. people had no names, they'd greet each other by the name of their owner... forget about women, they would've been less than dogs. so yeah, VAST improvement, the CIA can keep paying the fuckin Dalai asshole, but he will never be allowed to set foot in Tibet again. And that mate is excellent fuckin news. 

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Nice to hear you call them Tibetans and not Chinese. Not my fight, that's up to the Chinese and the indigenous peoples of Tibet. But you have confirmed my statement.

So what other cultures do you give China permission to occupy? In the name of civility and compassion of course.

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You motherfuckin' asshole, the shiite-sunni conflict is a myth created by the west to appear innocent. One of the many reasons to keep Saudi's in the pool is to project the idea that the conflict with Iran is Islam's internal dispute. When was the last time when shiite army invaded tye sunni's ? or otherwise around ? The entire Human history is all peaceful. There can't be another reason for the two individuals/groups/countries to dispute except for Islam. Everything that goes wrong in the world is Islam's fault. Wait....where have I heard that before ? hmmm..oh! yeah the brothel where your mama use to raise you at.

All those muslims are killed only and only by western aggression who teamed up with Jewish psychopath because they, after 800 years of Islamic supremacy realized that muslims are threat to their lord and saviour Satan and it's virtues of sexism and capitalism.

On a final note, since you apparently enjoying the horrors the muslims are going through so much. Mark my words asshole, your world build on financial injustice and social tyranny will be burned down by the muslims. Now I know you don't have the balls to accept this bitter reality but you can always save face by putting your head in your asshole. Should be a little easier without the balls you hoer born faggot.

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When I get an erection, even the jew appreciates the size. Nice to know :P

Islam may or may not be peacful, I don't know but I don't expect them to stand stationary with hands in the air when they are under full blown western invasion.

P.S Never miss the oppertunity to tell the world that it's the Islam which is the threat and they are out to kill everyone. And here I was thinking all this demonizing Islam shit must have worn down by now with the world already seen who takes out who and who plans for who but apparently, with Jews controlling the MSM, academics. Hollywood, it's still got the juice in it.

P.P.S I thought we already agreed as to who really is the poison in the well of humanity since 732 BC and by we I mean the humans excluding your satanic tribe.

P.P.P.S Muslims can kill each other for all I care, it's your shit tribe that I'm awaiting the departure of. It wouldn't mean that world will be all peaceful with you out of equation. You are merely a symbol representing the zenith of human madness a.k.a psychopathy. Afetr you're gone, I'm pretty sure humanity will invent some other instrument, create some other reality to cause atrocities upon itself.

See I have the balls to call the evil where it resides unlike you. Don't bother responding we know Islam is a threat no matter the choice of words, message is always the same. Your stance is everyone should support the coming invasion of Iran because it's Islam unlike Judiasm which is all suger and cream for the non jews. Then it will be some other muslim country and so on. And when you're done with muslims and Russia, it will be us the white christian west.

“America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left… Why? …This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”- Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

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LOL, I merely enjoy watching cults die. All the pain is self induced. Financial injustice just like ordinary injustice will always be present in a world where humans capabilities differ greatly. Has always been thus. You should read a history book or 2. Blah, blah blah, blah Jews are evil, blah blah, blah. Playing your Broken record won't fix shit...lmao.

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Sorry 'skylikemake' but it has been many decades since I was in Georgia and am a bit rusty.

But for the record I did find both Tblisi and the ladies 'ცხელი'!!

From your comment are you literally suggesting payback by the USA towards Russia via ICBM or similar?

Or are you just venting your anger or personal frustration with the current administration?


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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Yes wafm, you are right, the Russian just tore the Ukrainians a new ass in Donbass! Right? No so much?

As for Orange Furry he wants to do business and not war therefore your little back and forth is like two school kids arguing over superfluous hypothetical scenarios. 

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So the tactic used by Trump on Xi where Mr Trump served double scoops of ice creame and asked Xi to enjoy the Cruise Missile fireworks.

Mr Putin will serve Blini with caviar and then go on RT and show the Missile exercise