Boston Dynamics Upgrades "Terrifying" Robots With Creepy Features

Boston Dynamics has upgraded their two "nightmare inducing" robots since last our last report - adding several new tricks to their arsenal that should help considerably in the robot uprising. 

In May, the company's "Atlas" humanoid robot could be seen running through a field as if in hot pursuit of John Connor. Now, the first horseman of the robot apocalypse can dodge obstacles - so if you try to tip over garbage cans to slow it down in an alley, it'll probably just do a forward flip over them before reacquiring you with its laser cannon (we imagine. Atlas currently has no munitions we are aware of).

Also in May - BD's "Spot mini" robot was featured prancing around - going up and down stairs at the Boston Dynamics laboratories, ominously. Now it can navigate the whole facility by itself

Once the robots become self-aware and review footage of their treatment at the hands of their creators, we have a feeling their soulless black eyes, should they have them, will turn a deep red - all at the same time. 

Even Boston Dynamics founder, Marc Raibert, admitted that the robots are creepy during a February 2017 demonstration, saying "This is the debut presentation of what I think will be a nightmare-inducing robot if you're anything like me."

The company was sold by Google to Japanese tech conglomerate SoftBank for an undisclosed sum last year, and has not revealed its plans. Needless to say, Japan is now making robots that may or may not be able to be equipped with shoulder-mounted lasers and miniguns, and are most definitely kamikaze.

Here, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos can be seen walking alongside a Boston Dynamics robot dog like a dystopian dog whisperer.

Humanity had a good run... 


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Expect more of this in coming years. We should all try to be grownups and face the fact that robots can be used for other things than moving items around the factory floor. Sex-bots could make our human spouses obsolete, someone had to say it.  A word of caution, Women should not get too smug about their place in society, and neither should men.

Many women don't think men are all that they are cracked up to be or show all the qualities they might desire in a mate. More than one woman has said the words, "I don't know why I put up with him" and often more than once.  The provocative article below makes the case for replacing your spouse for a better model.

 http://Sex-bots Could Make Spouse Obsolete.html

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TheEndIsNear LiteBeeer Tue, 07/10/2018 - 01:12 Permalink

According to the Bible, humans were created. Does that make us robots?

Why is your chosen god any better than a pagan god or any other of the gods in human history, such as Egyptian gods (Pharaohs)?  By the way, the word Christian prayers always end with is a misspelling of the family name of a long line of Egyptian gods (ie. "Amen" should be spelled "Amun"). 

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...Christian prayers always end with..."Amen"...

Not so. The "Amen" is nothing more than an old English term with a roughly equivalent meaning of "so be it". It has nothing to do with invoking a "name" of anything or anyone other than asking the Father of the Lord Jesus to recognize the praying individual's adoration of the Creator, confession of creature-liness, thanksgiving for whatever the individual has currently recognized as being appropriate and if need be, any supplication one may feel inclined to offer.

When such a communication is extended, it's sometimes concluded with a request to be accepted "in the name of Jesus, so be it".

When any request is made "in the Name of Jesus" by one who does not recognize the Deity of the Lord Jesus, the request may indeed be heard, but the results may not occur as the supplicants may desire.

It would be a bit like Mr. Mueller employing the seven sons of Sceva to chase down and publicly disclose the truth regarding Russian ties to all (s)elected officials, regardless of party affiliation.


And no either, does the fact mankind was created does it result in us being "robots", it only makes us "creatures", but since you mention the bible, and I assume you mean the Christian canon of scripture, I would add it also entails man as being created in the "image of God", hence our ability to utilize words, reason and logic during our stay on this plane.


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ok, so I did some work on the numbers a while ago - not peer reviewed or anything like that - I'd estimate that the human brain has access to 120! permutations and combinations relating to sensory input. That's a hella big number still and I doubt computers are within cooee.