These Are The Costliest States To Be Caught Speeding

Until self-driving cars completely take over for humans, something that could still be decades away, police will probably continue to hand out speeding tickets, which are an important source of funding for many departments struggling with shrinking budgets. But surprisingly, the cost of receiving a speeding ticket can vary significantly from state to state.

According to a report from WalletHub that was shared with Bloomberg, Delaware and Colorado are the most expensive states to be caught speeding or driving recklessly.  And Arizona, New Mexico and California weren't far behind. But when it comes to the highest costs that drivers face, Oregon issues the heaviest fines for reckless driving, topping out at $6,250, the report found. On the cheaper end of the spectrum, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico and Ohio issue the lowest tickets for moving violations at $100. The average maximum ticket costs a driver $845, up 14% from 2015, WalletHub found.


That's helpful to know, because as the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently pointed out, traffic tickets and other fines aren't incorporated into CPI figures.

Unsurprisingly, Texas was the most permissive state when it comes to fining drivers for speeding.

While traffic tickets can represent significant financial burdens for millions of Americans - many of whom have less than $400 on hand to absorb unanticipated expense - the increased insurance costs that result from accruing points against your drivers license are often higher over time. Drivers in Alaska face the highest additional costs after one speeding ticket, with insurance rates climbing by 65%.

Across the US, charges of reckless driving often land drivers in jail for at least a day for their first offense and three days for their second. However, only half of US states have a specific speed threshold for reckless driving, allowing the accused to argue that their speed was, in fact, reasonable.


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Meh, I held the record in CT for three months 153 mph.  After that I beat 4 tickets in court at over 100 mph.  The 90's were fun (for me).


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Everything automotive related from the parts to the manufacturing to the financing to the insurance to the social aspects to the government bullshit is a:




Stick with a $500 craigslist beater and be merry...

Nobody really cares about what you drive anyways...

And besides, ur just gonna get rid of it in 5 years and it NEVER increases in value...

Stop feeding the monster...

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I remember getting a speeding ticket in Virginia for doing 3 mph over the limit, 58mph in a 55mph zone... $250 fine and a point on my license / insurance...

Similar circumstances in Ohio netted me another ticket, plus one for the radar detector in my car... $450... 

Another time I was driving from Clear Lake, Tx into Houston for a meeting at 5:30 in the morning... I was in a pack of cars on the beltway running around 90mph... In the dark, I saw headlights closing on me from behind and thought, is that a cop? Sure enough, it was a state trooper that must have been running 110mph... He closed on us, then passed all of us, never turned on the lights, never pulled anyone over... I wasn't born in Texas and didn't get there as fast as I could, but glad I did once I lived there awhile...  

EDIT: New record, 1 downvote before I even hit save on the post... To my secret admirer, get a life... 

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When I go into Texas, I can usually get away with 90+ mph no problem, until I'm in two or three counties deep. There's a LOT of dead birds collected from the sides of the roadways because the added speeds are too much for them to avoid if they make even a minor flying mistake. You don't see this in Oklahoma, not even on the 75mph turnpikes, unless the bird is just too stupid to live. I nailed one such critter near Yukon, heading home. CRACK! A big shower of feathers and guts, but the windshield somehow stayed together for me to get it replaced that weekend. 

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I got a ticket on Christmas Eve in California for doing 138 in a 55 zone in ~1991.  This was in the middle of the desert travelling from Vandenberg AFB to Las Vegas in a hotted-up fire engine red Trans Am.  ONLY reason I didn't got straight to jail was because the female cop didn't feel like doing the paperwork that night (Christmas Eve, please remember).  I smoked an entire cigarette in the time it took her to turn around and catch up to where I pulled over after seeing her lights come on WAY behind me.  

She left the fine amount on the ticket blank and said, simply, "call the Judge".

I did.  The Judge said I had to appear in traffic court.  I said "Sir, I live in PA.  That would be a heluva commute for me."  He thought about it for a few seconds and then pulled a number straight out of his ass.  "Pay $475, check made payable to XXXXXXX."  I sent the check.

What the Judge didn't know, and couldn't know, was that I killed it at the Blackjack tables in Vegas that weekend, netting just under $1000 in my pocket.

You don't win often in life, but every now and then you do.  One of the top 5 weekends of my life.


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One day I was out hauling ass around a local lake in my old hotrod Ranger. Was doing north of 75 in a 45. Police cruiser passed me goin the other way. Pulled over and waited, even though there was a turn I could have made before she came around the corner and saw me take it. Anyway, she was cool and only wrote me for doin 55 in a 45. Costed like $185, and ten over doesn't go on your record, so no insurance fraud gets perpetrated. 

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Little of the stupid shit that I did driving when I was younger resulted in tickets.  Flying off into ditches, spinning out thinking I was going to go into a cinderblock wall only to come to a stop back on the road, in the correct lane facing the right direction, blowing clutches up, etc... yeah.  Tickets?  Only when I was simply not paying attention driving through small shitholes that get their revenue from it.  Just not when doing the really stupid shit.

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chumbawamba El Vaquero Tue, 07/10/2018 - 23:11 Permalink

Yo ElV!

I factored out a way to challenge a traffic ticket in court without ever having to even appear (physically, at least).  The success of my method has varied, with 2 out of 3 being a deadblow win for yours truly, and the third not having been followed through with because I have been too busy otherwise to give a fuck.

Traffic tickets, like taxes, are a voluntary transaction.  A cop is really just a private party engaging in "commerce" on the highways.  A more apt description of their activities is highway robbery.  At any rate, with the right incantations on properly formatted court papers, tickets can be made to go away.  And yes, it is magic: legal magic.


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I didn't even bother responding to the last ticket I got, where my car was impounded.  All I cared about was that I got my car back at the least expense possible.  If I didn't care about the car (in this case I had to, it was someone else's) I would've just let them have it and bought another off Craigslist.

Damn, I love the black market.


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Couple of years ago I drove from Seattle to Las Vegas.

Kept the cruise control engaged all the way thru Washington state, Oregon, Idaho and Nevada always at about speed limit +1 or 2.

In Nevada on I93 I had to pass a tractor trailer which was going about 65 in a 70.

I probably got up to 85 while passing (it is an undivided highway with only 1 lane each way). Right after I passed him, I took my foot off the gas to go back down to the speed limit.

Going opposite direction was a Nevada state patrol who cleared the bend as I was slowing down. As he got was going past me he flipped his lights and siren on and I saw him in my rear view mirror turning around.

He pulled me over for doing 75 in a 70. It was the only time I actually exceeded the speed limit on that trip and that fuck pulled me over for 5 mph extra!!

I did not get a ticket because they actually were just looking for an excuse to try to search my car. 

Also were looking to score some cash. Asked me if I was carrying a large amount of cash. I asked him to define large. I told him I have about $800. He made a face like he just sucked on a lemon and said "no".


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To reiterate Shillaknilianibvlagalabnan's comment above, and especially for those who live under the communist oligarchy in Communifornia:

I buy decent, reliable low-priced cars on Craigslist (I'm partial to the Toyota 4runner).  If I'm careful, I can roll in it for years without worrying about insurance or registration, though it's best to in the very least keep it registered to more safely cruise under the radar.  Fines, tickets, whatever, I don't care, let them stack up.  Once I make it through to the end of the car's useful life, I ditch it for parts and buy a new one: rinse and repeat.

This is the best way to ride free at minimal cost while entirely fucking The Man and his stupid system.


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Carpe Tutti Bastardi chumbawamba Wed, 07/11/2018 - 12:15 Permalink

How, in Gods name, can you keep your plates/registration without proof of insurance?

I recently was commanded by the DMV in NY to turn in my plates as my new insurance company agent assured me that if I kept my car in my garage during the winter months (which I have done for years) his insurance Co. would define my coverage as 'suspended' for that period of time with a less expensive, but mandatory off road overages. Wrong move......the word 'suspended' set off alarms at the DMV and Insurance Industry and subsequently necessitated my plate recall as now according to the authorities I had no insurance. What havoc that created. 

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Probably cause a lot of birds are smart enough to leave Oklahoma this time of year. The damn heat is so much, don't mention the damn humidity, they probably have difficulty flying. The old Three H's of flying, High, Hot and Humid apply. 

Oklahoma, if you're at or under ten over, it doesn't go on your record. They also do warnings. And starting in November, the fine for 10 over or less is going to drop to something like $100. They did this in the hopes the Popo would give out more tickets since they're cheaper. TPTB think the police don't write a lot of tickets cause of all the Po Folk that live here. Really, I think they just don't pass out that many cause of the extra work involved. I've had more verbal warnings since I've lived here (2002), it's amazing. One ticket in 16 years, verbal warnings? More than I can recall. 

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I once got a cardinal stuck in the grill of my car that flew into it head on.  I tried to pull it out, and the head popped off, and fell down into the engine compartment.  A few weeks later, I told one of my boys that I had a St Louis Cardinals antenna ball that fell down in there, and the doofus not only fished it out for me, but stared at it for a good minute telling me how real it looked.

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It depends on what you drive, Mose. A couple of years back I got rid of my 2007 Hemi Charger R/T. It'd do 95mph like it was putting along going to church. Caught myself flying down through SW Kansas once at 105. I had no idea I was going that fast. Fortunately the only other thing out that way were cattle.

Man, that baby loved to run...

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You are pretty much safe at anything up to 10 mph over in Texas as the cops don't want to go to court for the paltry fines that are in place for sub-10 speeding. You also are safe in the rain as the cops know standing on the side of the road is dangerous when it's 75 and sunny let alone in rain with slick roads. We also have defensive driving if you don't get ticketed often and that keeps your insurance at the same rate.

All in all, once again it's Texas for the win.

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Not sure what this fella did but speeding tickets are not a charging document. Every state outlines how a person is to be charged if they are going to lose money/freedom and it is very specific. You can beat them if you know how to wind your way through the system. However, if a judge continues your case and a prosecutor decides to do his job, they can get you. 


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chumbawamba Laughing Sawfish Tue, 07/10/2018 - 23:19 Permalink

Heheh, yeah, there are many ways to play this game.

In California, traffic offenses are "infractions", and according to the Legislature, as well as the California Appellate court (and presumably the Cal. Supreme Court since the ruling has never been challenged when it was made in 1987) infractions are not crimes.  So when you are "prosecuted" for a traffic ticket, are you ever presented with a charging document?  If not, how can there be a criminal process when no initiating document has been submitted into the case to give the court proper jurisdiction?

It's more complex than this, but that's the gist of it: point out where the error was made and why the court has no jurisdiction and, if you know how to grapple in that particular style, you will get them to submit.  Jurisdiction is everything.  If they don't have it, they don't have you.  And it's on the charging/complaining party to prove jurisdiction exists.

Challenge it.


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The continuance itself is also a good tool to use.  Most of the time, the only case the prosecutor has is the testimony of the cop.  Make sure you remember the cop's face, and if you see him around, ask for a continuance.  The cops don't like wasting their time in traffic court, so often what happens is the first time you go, if you plead not guilty, the prosecutor will ask for a continuance so they can have the cop there next time.  Then you ask for one whenever he shows up.  If you can catch them without the cop there twice, the judge will usually just dismiss the case.

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Laws were different back them   Cops were obligated to break off pursuit if they lose sight of you.  It's actually ridiculously easy to lose cops when you're on a bike provided you're a decent rider and don't lose your cool and you know the roads.

In a residential area I used to routinely lose cops within the first two-three miles of a pursuit, know the roads, keep it under 80-90 (most riders go too fast and have a yard sale.).


  On the interstate (in CT), just go up one or two exits and hop off.  Not enough time for the cops to coordinate and block off exits.  Covering three-four exits in CT at 140+ can be done in most areas in under 90 seconds.  I'm not gonna spill any secrets here but it's not all that hard to ditch cops.  The first two minutes are critical.  Longer than that and your risk of getting pinched go up exponentially.


But it is game over once they have assets in the air above you.....on The ticket for 153, I was pinched by an airplane on I84 / Danbury airport..


Disclaimer:  I have not ridden like a complete asshole in well over 15 years....gettin' too old for that shit.

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I have over a million miles in a tractor trailer, and another half million in a four wheeler with no accidents and no tickets, EXCEPT for the asshole Ohio state trooper who gave me a ticket for 53 mph in a 50 zone.  That ticket has never appeared on my MVR, but it still pisses me off.

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