Strange "Sonic Attacks" Against US Diplomats Reach Epic Proportions

Authored by Mac Slavo via,

The bizarre “sonic attacks” against diplomats began in Cuba, but have now spread to other countries with over 200 illnesses reported. It all started in the fall of 2016 when diplomats at the United States Embassy in Cuba reported some hearing loss and mild brain damage after hearing unusual and puzzling sounds.

SHTFPlan originally detailed the symptoms experienced by US diplomats in Cuba back in September of 2017.

Several of the affected diplomats were recent arrivals at the embassy, which reopened in 2015 as part of Barack Obama’s reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba. The Daily Mail reported that one diplomat described being jolted awake in a Havana hotel room by a grinding, blaring cacophony. When he moved a few feet across the room, the noise stopped. When he got back into bed, the agonizing sound hit him again; as if, he told doctors, he had walked through some invisible wall cutting straight down the middle of his room.SHTFPlan

But now, the sonic attacks have progressed beyond Cuba. Other embassies have now reported the debilitating conditions of diplomats.  The U.S. State Department has remained all but silent on the issue as well, other than to characterize their suspicion as unknown “sonic attacks” targeted U.S. diplomats, according to WND.

Diplomats in at least seven cities in four different countries have sought testing for strange symptoms. The victims’ symptoms include “hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, balance problems, visual difficulties, headaches, fatigue, cognitive issues and sleeping problems.”

The latest incident occurred in conjunction with President Trump’s recent visit with Kim Jong-Un. As Trump was heading to Singapore for the historic summit with North Korea’s leader, a State Department diplomatic security agent who was part of the advanced team reported hearing an unusual sound he believed was similar to what was experienced by U.S. diplomats in Cuba and China who later became ill.

The government employee experienced the symptoms from late 2017 until April of 2018, according to the U.S. State Department.  “The employee was sent to the United States for further evaluation. On May 18, 2018, the Embassy learned that the clinical findings of this evaluation matched mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI),” Jinnie Lee, U.S. Embassy spokesperson in Beijing, told Gizmodo by email. “The Chinese government has assured us they are also investigating and taking appropriate measures,” Lee continued. –SHTFPlan

And now, some of the strange sounds have been now been recorded and released to the public. The U.S. government has issued an alert warning Americans traveling to China to seek medical attention if they experience “auditory or sensory phenomena” similar to what was reported in Havana. Additionally, the State Department recommended anyone traveling to Cuba should “reconsider” their plans.



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Infra-sound below 10 hertz is old technology. A magazine called 'Popular Science' even described how to build two types. Omnidirectional is biasically just an 8 foot or larger police whistle, and a directional infra-sound emitter that looked like an array of long church organ tubes of the same length. I still have the magazine from back in the 1960's. Infra-sound goes through anything and is quite bad for health as the amplitude increases. The above Magazine article said that one model was able to shake leaves off of a tree at over a mile with the directional model.

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What if 'their diplomats' are actually Americans.  There's a soft-civil war happening in "the intel community" since Trump.  NSA and CIA are competitors when it comes to funding $$$.  CIA overtook the NSA as the largest and costliest political 'intelligence' agency under Barak O and started filling-up democrat-funded supporters, edged on with money and/or black-mailed into submission.  NSA was against supporting a special council investigation on Russia.  The CIA invented the 'chemical weapons' actors and filmers using Al Nusra (a.k.a. al Qaida) affiliated partner agency that trains actors.  I suspected at the time that the Skripal case was meant as a 'primer' for the zombie general population (a.k.a. democrats and neo-cons) to quickly blame Russia, then Russia and Syria would be blamed for committing a 2nd war crime.  This was the justification for the USA, Paris and the UK to take part in a 1-billion dollar missile strike that risked WWIII.  But inside the CIA, the rot, I'm sure is beginning to smell among the lower ranks.  Highest suicide rate now of any intelligence agency?  Suicide, or suicided?  Easy for the CIA to operate this way and with British Intelligence MI-6 and MI-5 as their puppets.  Trump is up against this, and is trying to dismantle the left-wing of the CIA created under Obamar.  But you certainly don't need to transfer this status back to the NSA either because we're already in the surveillance state as it is.  Just a thought.  

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You've obviously never been married to a woman trained as a singer. They use their entire lung capacity to scream at least as loudly as 120 dB. It damaged my hearing so much that I almost had to buy a hearing aid to hear normal speech. Finally I started wearing the hearing protectors I use at the shooting range around the house. After I finally divorced her, my hearing returned to almost normal.

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Best that these other nations quarantine the U.S. Embassies, and send the workers and diplomats home.  You don't want that strange illness infecting the natives of your own countries.  Besides, if the illness is affecting U.S. Embassies, its probably affecting U.S. military personnel at the military bases in those countries too.  Just send them all home!   Who needs Americans there anyway, in this day and age of electronic communications..

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Moreover, for all their supposed concern about "saving the planet" and "stopping global warming," it's strange how many big conferences (case in point, the G20) continue to ignore the tremendous cost-saving and emission-saving opportunities made possible by simple videoconferencing technology. Delegates could join a webinar using a cheap smartphone or even an old-fashioned conference call with land lines, and who would know the difference?  It's a mystery why valiant crusaders like Al Gore and David Suzuki don't spearhead a movement to boycott all those lavish international events.

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"Suzuki himself laments that in traveling constantly to spread his message of climate responsibility, he has ended up "over his [carbon] limit by hundreds of tonnes." He has stopped vacationing overseas and taken to "clustering" his speaking engagements together to reduce his carbon footprint. He would prefer, he says, to appear solely by video conference"

when you make an omelette and all that

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