Zuesse: America Bombs, Europe Gets The Refugees. That's Evil

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The US Government (with France and a few other US allies) bombs Libya, Syria, etc.; and the US regime refuses to accept any of the resulting refugees — the burdens from which are now breaking the EU, and the EU is sinking in economic competition against America’s international corporations. America’s corporations remain blithely unscathed by not only the refugees that are breaking up the EU, but also by the EU’s economic sanctions against Russia, Iran, and other allies of governments that the US regime is trying to overthrow in its constant invasions and coups.

The US Government makes proclamations such as “Assad must go!” — but by what right is the US Government involved, at all, in determining whom the leaders in Syria will be? Syria never invaded the US In fact, Syria never invaded anywhere (except, maybe, Israel, in order to respond against Israel’s invasions). Furthermore, all polling, even by Western pollsters, shows that Bashar al-Assad would easily win any free and fair election in Syria. The US Government claims to support democracy, but it does the exact opposite whenever they want to get rid of a Government that is determined to protect that nation’s sovereignty over its own national territory, instead of to yield it to the US regime, or to any other foreigners. The US regime has virtually destroyed the United Nations.

The US regime even refuses to provide restitution to Syria for its bombings, and for its arming and training of the jihadists — the fundamentalist Sunni mercenaries recruited from around the world — who are the US regime's "boots on the ground" trying to overthrow Syria’s Government. Al Qaeda has led the dozens of jihadist groups that have served as the US regime’s “boots on the ground” to overthrow Assad, but Al Qaeda is good enough to serve the purpose, in the US regime’s view of things. The US regime says that there will be no restitution to Syria unless Syria accepts being ruled by ‘rebels’ whose leadership is actually being chosen by the US regime’s chief ally, the fundamentalist-Sunni Saud family, who already own Saudi Arabia, and who (along with the CIA) have been unsuccessfully trying, ever since 1949, to take over the committedly secular, non-sectarian, nation of Syria. In fact, the CIA perpetrated two of the three Syrian coups that were carried out in 1949. 

The US regime, and its allies, have used the Muslim Brotherhood, in order to recruit into Syria the 100,000+ jihadists from around the world to fight to overthrow Syria’s secular Government. Even the BBC’s 13 December 2013 detailed report, “Guide to the Syrian rebels”, made clear that the “Syrian Rebels” were, in fact, overwhelmingly jihadist and largely recruited from abroad. These were hardly democrats. Even a Tony-Blair-founded anti-Assad NGO’s study concluded that “Sixty per cent of major Syrian rebel groups are Islamist extremists (not just “Islamists” but “Islamist extremists”) and yet the Blair outfit still supported the overthrow of the committed secularist Assad (just as Blair had earlier participated himself in the US regime’s destruction of Iraq). 

The fundamentalist-Sunni royal Thani family own Qatar and have been the top international funders of the Muslim Brotherhood, just as the fundamentalist-Sunni royal Saud family, who own Saudi Arabia, have been the top funders of Al Qaeda. The main difference between the Sauds and the Thanis has been that whereas the Sauds hate Shia (and that means especially Iran), the Thanis don’t. Thus, for the Sauds, this is a war against the Shia center, Iran, and not only against Syria. This war against Syria was a coordinated US-Saud-Thani operation, in which the fundamentalist-Sunni group, Al Qaeda, provided the leadership but the (pan-Islamic) fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood provided the largest recruiting website. This entire hyper-aggressive operation was internationally coordinated. The Obama Administration started planning this operation, under Hillary Clinton, in 2010. As even the neoconservative (i.e., US-empire advocating) Washington Post reported, on 17 April 2011, from Wikileaks, "It is unclear whether the State Department is still funding Syrian opposition groups, but the cables indicate money was set aside [by the Obama Administration] at least through September 2010." That article mentioned only “former members of the Muslim Brotherhood,” not the Muslim Brotherhood itself; and no mention was made in it to Al Qaeda, in any form. 

Then, in 2013, the neoconservative Foreign Policy magazine headlined “How the Muslim Brotherhood Hijacked Syria’s Revolution” and was oblivious regarding the neoconservative Obama Administration’s having planned that “hijacking,” starting in 2010 (but going back even as far as Obama’s inauguration; this operation was a key part of his secret anti-Russia agenda, which preceded even his coming into office). But if Obama wasn’t neocon-enough to suit that magazine’s editors, then Trump certainly should be, because Trump continues Obama’s foreign policies but with an even more hostile thrust against the Sauds’ chief target, which is Iran. Above all, the US alliance’s goal has been for the Saud family’s selected (rabidly anti-Shiite) people to take over and run the Syrian Government. As Global Security has phrased this matter, “The High Negotiations Committee [which is the group who are negotiating against Assad’s government at the US-sponsored ‘peace’ talks] is a Saudi-backed coalition of Syrian opposition groups. The High Negotiations Committee (HNC) was created in Saudi Arabia in December 2015.” 

So, this war in Syria has actually been the Sauds’ war to take over Syria. And it actually started in 1949, but the US-backed Muslim-Brotherhood-led “Arab Spring” in 2011 gave the US and its allies the opportunity to culminate it, finally. 

And Europe receives the fall-out from it. This fall-out has been hurting European corporations, in international competition against US corporations. It’s not only political.

The US regime has continued this thrust, under Obama’s successor. US President Donald Trump demands European corporations to end their business with Shiite Iran (which the Saud family is determined to take over), and to end their business with Russia, which America’s own billionaires themselves are determined to take over, just like the Sauds are determined to take over both Syria and Iran.

And Europe receives refugees not only from places where the US and some of its NATO allies have recently been bombing, but even from Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places where NATO has bombed in the past, and even from Ukraine, where the US regime perpetrated a bloody coup in February 2014, followed there by an ethnic-cleansing campaign to kill the residents in areas which had voted the heaviest for the overthrown President.

America is no actual ally of Europe. The Marshall Plan is long-since finished, and America has been taken over by psychopaths who are Europe’s main enemies, not Europe’s friends, at all. (They’re friends of some European aristocracies, but not of any European public, not of even merely one public.)

Iran and Russia should be Europe’s allies — they didn’t cause any of Europe’s problems. America did. America’s intelligence agencies tapped (and probably still tap) the phones of Germany’s Chancellor and practically everybody else, and yet the US regime has the gall to blame Russia for interfering in the political affairs of European countries. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle ‘black’, then what is? If anything, the EU’s sanctions should be against doing business with American firms — not against doing business with Russian firms, or with Iranian firms. European politicians who support the US support Europe’s top enemy.

Russia is, itself, a European country, which additionally traverses much of Asia, but America is no European country, at all, and yet now is so brazen as to demand that Europe must do America’s bidding — not only against Russia, but also against the Sauds’ main target, which is Iran (the same main target as Israel’s).

Why are Europeans not asking themselves: Who is Europe’s enemy in all of this — what causes this refugee-crisis? The refugees certainly didn’t.

It’s not Russia, and it’s not Iran, and it’s not China; it is America — which is the true enemy of them all, and of us all — including even of the American people ourselves, because the US Government no longer actually represents the American people. These invasions, and military occupations, and coups, do not serve America’s public; they serve America’s aristocracy. The US is no longer (if it ever was) a democracy. The US Government now is the US aristocracy — not the US public. It’s a dictatorship. And, it has the type of ‘news’media that any dictatorship has.

On June 30th, the US aristocracy’s New York Times headlined “Bavaria: Affluent, Picturesque — and Angry”, and reported “the new angry center of Europe, the latest battleground for populists eager to bring down both Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and the idea of a liberal Europe itself.” Their elitist (pro-US-aristocracy) ‘reporter’ (actually propagandist) interviewed ‘experts’ who condemn Europe’s politicians that are trying to assuage their own public’s anger against the EU’s open-door policy regarding this flood of refugees from what is actually, for the most part, the US regime’s (and its allies’) bombings — air-support of the boots-on-the-ground jihadist mercenaries. The combination of this air-support, and of the jihadists, has been the backbone of the US-Saudi-Israeli effort to overthrow and replace Syria’s Government.

Libya was a similar case, but was only friendly toward Russia, not allied with Russia, as both Syria and Iran are.

The US aristocracy funds an enormous international PR campaign for all this. These are ‘humanitarian’ bombings in order to replace a ‘barbaric’ Government — but replace it with what? With one that would be chosen by the Sauds. And this propaganda-campaign is also funded by the US-allied aristocracies. All of the major ‘news’media, in US and allies, receive their ‘expert’ ‘information’ from these privately-funded and government-funded propagandists, who are treated by 'journalists' as being objective and experts (which they're not).

The NYT article says — and I add here key explanatory links:

“This is not about economics,” said Gerald Knaus, the director of the European Stability Initiative, [and though unmentioned by the Times“The Open Society Institute was a major core funder” of the ESI, which is] a Berlin-based think tank. “It is about identity and a very successful populist P.R. machine that is rewriting recent history.”

So: the Times was secretly (and they didn’t include any links to help online readers know who was actually funding their ‘experts’, at all) pumping NATO propaganda, as if it were authentic and neutral news-reporting, instead of craven service to the US aristocracy that controls the US Government and its NATO military alliance. This is the New York Times, itself, that is “rewriting recent history.” That’s how they do it — constantly (as ‘news’).

And here is some of that “recent history” the Times is “rewriting” (by simply omitting to so much as even just suggest, but which is essential background in order to understand the real history behind this important matter):


House of Commons, Research Paper 01/50, 2 May 2001

“European Security and Defence Policy: Nice and Beyond"

pp. 47-48:

On 7 February 2001 the Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, emphasised the ESDP’s [European Security and Defence Policy’s] tie to NATO during a press interview, following his meeting in Washington with US National Security Adviser, Condoleeza Rice. He said:

I have stressed that the European Security Initiative will strengthen the capacity of Europe to contribute to crisis management and therefore is welcome to a Washington that is interested in fairer burden sharing, and that Washington can be confident that Britain will insist that the European Security Initiative is firmly anchored on NATO. We are both determined to see that happen, we are both determined to make sure that the European Security Initiative carries out its promise to strengthen the North Atlantic Alliance.119

Though the Sauds, and also Israel’s aristocracy, are mainly anti-Iran, the US aristocracy are obsessed with their goal of conquering Russia. Since Iran, and Syria, are both allied with Russia, the US regime is trying to overthrow those Russia-allied Governments, before going in for the kill, against Russia itself. That’s what all of these economic sanctions, and the bombings and the backing of Al Qaeda for overthrowing Syria’s Government, are really all about. 

Is this what today’s Europeans want their Governments to be doing — and doing it for that reason, the US aristocracy’s reason? Despite the huge harms it is certainly causing to Europeans?

Here, then, is a debate between, on the one hand a retired CIA official who thinks "Our relationship with Israel causes us war with Muslims,” versus Representatives in the US Congress who are actually representatives of Israel’s Government and definitely notrepresentatives of the American people. Both sides in that debate are acceptable to the aristocrats who control the US Government, because neither side argues that the apartheid theocratic Government of Israel is an enemy of the American people (as is documented actually to be the case, here and here), nor that the entire problem of Islamic terrorism is fundamentalist-Sunni, and that only Israel gets hit by terrorism that’s from both Sunnis and Shiites — that Shiites (the US alliance's targets) are no terrorist threat, at all, to Europeans (nor to Americans) — the “Islamist” threat is actually only from fundamentalist Sunnis, which are the very same groups that are secretly allied with America’s aristocracy and the Sauds. Neither side of the ‘debate’ acknowledges that both the Sauds and Israel (and Israel’s lobbyists represent internationally also the Sauds’ interests) are enemies both of the American people, and of the peoples of Europe. 

As the world’s greatest blogger, the former UK Ambassador (but too honest to stay in that business) Craig Murray, recently said under the headline, "No Trump, No Clinton, No NATO”: “The destruction of Libya’s government and infrastructure directly caused the Mediterranean boat migrant crisis, which has poisoned the politics of much of the European Union.” But, of course, the US regime and its allies have also destroyed other countries than that — and thus caused refugees to Europe from many nations. And, finally, even the US Government (though as quietly as possible) acknowledges that it has destroyed Afghanistan. Ironically, that’s the very nation where America and the Sauds, in 1979, had started their war against all Governments that won’t buckle to them.

Furthermore, the US regime intends to keep it up. In case a reader might happen to think that, surely, the US regime and its allies are going to quit this rousing of hornets’ nests; Sharmine Narwani, who is one of the very few non-“embedded” journalists who reports in The West about — and (which the mainstream ones don’t) from — the war in Syria, headlined, on June 25th, “Are al-Qaeda Affiliates Fighting Alongside US Rebels in Syria’s South?” and she found that the answer to this question is a resounding yes:

Despite its US and UN designation as a terrorist organization, Nusra [Al Qaeda’s main name in Syria] has been openly fighting alongside the “Southern Front,” a group of 54 opposition militias funded and commanded by a US-led war room based in Amman, Jordan called the Military Operations Center (MOC). …

Sources inside Syria — both opposition fighters and Syrian military brass (past and present) — suggest the command center consists of the US, UK, France, Jordan, Israel, and some Persian Gulf states. … In practice, the US doesn’t appear to mind the Nusra affiliation — regardless of the fact that the group is a terror organization — as long as the job gets done.

These wars, which pour Middle Eastern (and also Ukrainian) refugees into the EU, are inter-aristocratic conflicts reflecting inter-aristocratic competitions; and the publics everywhere suffer enormously from them. The gainers from it are very few but very rich (and they hire very powerful agents in Europe and elsewhere). Those billionaire gainers, and their agents, should be Europe’s targets — not Russia and Iran. NATO must end now. Europe needs to be freed, at last, from America’s permanent-war-for permanent-‘peace’ grip. For Europeans, who are the indirect victims, to be blaming the refugees, who are the direct victims, won’t solve anything, but will simply please the victimizers, as is the public’s ancient habit (to please the powerful). A break must be made, away from that ugly past. European publics must lead the way, or no one will.

PS: Since this article asserts such a large number of things that contradict what the US Government and its agents assert, I have sought out and here linked to the highest-quality, least-contested and most highly authenticated, sources and also to sources that link to such sources; all of which, taken together, constitute a book-length proof of the title-case here, that “America Bombs, Europe Gets the Refugees. That’s Evil.” Furthermore, this online virtual “book” is tracking back to the most unimpeachable documents, all of them available merely by means of clicking, and thus without the reader’s needing to visit a huge scholarly library (which might be quite distant); so, the reader can here easily branch out to this entire, and otherwise largely hidden, world of reliable sources, which the US regime wants the public not to know, and certainly not to understand. It’s no longer necessary to be an intelligence-professional in order to come to understand what the regime wants the public not to understand.


teutonicate wildbad Tue, 07/10/2018 - 06:38 Permalink

You know what is really evil?

Zuesse shilling for the cabal under the auspices of a fake solution to a humanitarian crisis.

Also makes you wonder what the organization known as “The Strategic Culture Foundation”, that appears to have sponsored this article, is all about.

"Zuesse: America Bombs, Europe Gets The Refugees. That's Evil" is a number of false premises packaged in the form of an article title:

1) The implication that this is "America's policy" is a false premise.  This is Israeli policy packaged as American policy, bought and paid for by jewish lobbies in Washington.  The American people don't want this policy.  American bombing does nothing more than promote Israel's dirty wars in the Middle East paid for with American lives and tax dollars.

2) The notion that these people are "refugees" is a false premise.  Virtually all of the "refugees" are young men that are quite capable of surviving a genuine crisis in their own countries.  They are virtually all economic migrants that enter Europe to feed on welfare benefits and become part of the cabalist plan to wipe out European culture through mass non-white immigration.

Please see: https://youtu.be/UYKyp1e_jYc

The fact that Europe allows this is Europe's problem.

3) The notion that Europe "gets all the refugees" is a false premise.  Thousands of Somali men (for example) have entered the US on the same false "refugee" premise as those entering Europe.  The fact that America allows this is America's problem.

ZH, I think you let your journalistic standards down on this one.


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FBaggins PrayingMantis Tue, 07/10/2018 - 12:23 Permalink

Zuesse is a complete Zionist shill. This article is disinformation at it worst. Read the article and you will find there is no reference to the culpability of Israel which has been doing everything in its power to escalate the Syrian war, not only by continuing to arm and pay ISIS and other insurgent groups, but because of its long history since the war began in bombing Syrian government installations, helping to reduce their neighbor to rubble. Just like 9/11 THE ZIONISTS ARE GUILTY, GULITY, GUILTY!

9/11: Eric Zuesse exonerates Israel


In reply to by PrayingMantis

Posa teutonicate Tue, 07/10/2018 - 10:23 Permalink

You're a fool Teuton... the US has led one genocidal assault on whole regions almost non-stop since WWII ... of course the US created refugees throughout the ME... whole nations (Iraq-Libya- Yemen- Afghanistan- Syria) are little more than a steaming pile of rubble, often presided over by crazed jihadis the US installed.

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teutonicate Posa Wed, 07/11/2018 - 06:23 Permalink

Before you label people fools just because they disagree with your position, I suggest you do your homework on the actual voting record of US politicians on issues that effect Israel and the economic pressure they are under to do so by jewish lobbies.  Each member of congress is solicited by these groups upon their election to sign a pledge that they will support Israel.  Those that don't sign it can look forward to a short and disrupted career in Washington.

There is very little that the American voter can do to overcome this at present, because of the choke hold on funding, candidate selection and media coverage that jews have in America right now.

Until this choke hold is broken (which is beginning to happen as we speak, but we have a LONG way to go, Trump is only a small step in the right direction - and he has his faults as well), there is not much hope for true Americans to regain control of America's policies.

I should also note that not all jews support this situation, but unfortunately enough do, and all jews indirectly benefit because they all have a second home in Israel if things go badly for the US.

If you want further evidence, check out the number of jewish members of congress and other jewish elected officials in the US that have dual American-Israeli citizenship.  Some, like Rahm Emanuel (current mayor of Chicago), have ONLY served in the Israeli military.


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Posa DJ Happy Ending Tue, 07/10/2018 - 10:20 Permalink

"Why are Europeans not asking themselves: Who is Europe’s enemy in all of this — what causes this refugee-crisis? The refugees certainly didn’t.'


Yes.Yes. But the European governments were complicit in US genocidal aggression in the ME... Hell, France led the destruction of the Libyan state with Hillary and the rest of NATO in tow. The refugee crisis is poetic justice---punishment for such treachery...

Meanwhile, I have yet to hear a single EU politician blame the US for the refugee crisis... and that includes the alt-Right.


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giovanni_f Rapunzal Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:28 Permalink

"That's evil". US, a 3rd world country, cannot stand that Europe has thousands of beautiful cities. A couple million refugees will help.

Same way Israel had to destroy Beirut, the most beautiful city in Near east because the contrast to the shit hole Tel Aviv was too striking.

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Blue Vervain giovanni_f Tue, 07/10/2018 - 04:31 Permalink

I take issue with the article's use of the term "refugee". They are overwhelmingly migrants lured to Europe's shores by promises of endless welfare. The proof of this is:

* they pass several safe countries to reach their destination of choice.

* a large proportion are from countries that are not at war, e.g. from sub-Saharan Africa.

* most are young men; genuine refugee migrations are predominately comprised of family groups that include women, children, grandparents etc. There would be fewer men of fighting age for obvious reasons.

* these men often pose as children.

* those fleeing countries genuinely at war (e.g. Syria) are from the aggressor population (i.e. Sunnis from Syria), rather than the victim population, and left the country while their side was prevailing. A genuine refugee would be from the victim population, not the attacker.


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chubbar Rapunzal Tue, 07/10/2018 - 08:37 Permalink

The lie is that all these refugees are leaving war torn areas that the US bombed. Yes, there are many that are and we shouldn't be in any country that isn't a DIRECT threat to the US. That being said, we are seeing many thousands from North African countries that we are not bombing (as hard as that is to believe, given our propensity to bomb every nation that can't defend itself). To me this appears to be a well orchestrated effort by the Soros types to flood sovereign nations with people that will allow the cabal to more easily control those countries. Why can't everyone see what is going on? Why are the citizens of these countries allowing this to happen? I guess just like the US, the evil is so embedded in the political infrastructure that the will of the people is easily thwarted.

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Fantome TGF Texas Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:27 Permalink

Europe has tried this little trick of demonizing what they are not comfortable with, lost every single time.

Russia Today debunked the myth of new year's eve sexual assault in Cologne by the white guys and pinned on people who lost their everything, had to leave their homes, loved ones died because they were not free and democratic enough.

BTW for the sake of argument, what does it matter, ain't sex a good, valuable commodity ?

Freedom and democarcy, Sex and Money. my friend.


Edit: German soldier posing as a Syrian refugee arrested for planning 'false flag' terror attack



People who are protesting against Markel's immigration policy don't protest enough all the shit we throw on muslims. Illegal expansion of Israel and all the Zionists wars etc etc.

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Scanderbeg TGF Texas Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:42 Permalink

Fair enough but the British have been taking marching orders from ZOG for 100 years and were the main partner in Iraq along with many other European nations.

France was also heavily involved in overthrowing Qaddafi. 

As for the "refugee" issue  countries like Sweden were not involved and thus don't have any responsibility to take them in.

Moreover the author assumes that all of them are legitimately fleeing war which is simply not true. The majority are able bodied young men and are primarily economic migrants.

Hence they are trying to get to countries with better benefits like Germany as opposed to obtaining temporary asylum in Italy or Greece.

The U.S has the primary responsibilty in all this chaos but let's not be niave and assume it's the only factor. Given the opportunity the entire third world would move into Western countries at the first opportunity.


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Ms No Scanderbeg Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:58 Permalink

Also the terrorist groups that justified these bombings were funded and created by all of these states along with Israel and SA.  Judging by the boundaries of debate in Europe they are the last to figure this out.  Same with Canada.  They hide under some blinders that come with imagined righteousness, which is typical of Marxist thought.  They have the west fighting over who takes the invasion army that they created.  Things couldn't possibly be more ludicrous.  Refugees are not nearly all fighting age men with a sprinkling of comfort children, not that it has ever been sane to bomb countries and then take them in regardless.

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commoncourtesy Scanderbeg Tue, 07/10/2018 - 04:51 Permalink

All true, but let us take things a little further.

The US, UK, FRANCE, CANADA, etc... are just useful fronts. Governments are, in the main all listed as religious CORPORATIONS.

Who is behind these governments? Who controls/benefits from these global corporations?





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halcyon TGF Texas Tue, 07/10/2018 - 06:20 Permalink

This is it. Playing all of us against each other.

In the end, the global elite bow to no boundaries, no nations, no politicians, no sovereigns.

They will fuck up USA, Europe and anything else, for profits, wars, slavement and culling the herd.

And the more conflict, more wars, more failed nations, more money printing they get, the better it works.


In reply to by TGF Texas

commoncourtesy halcyon Tue, 07/10/2018 - 09:55 Permalink

Your words make much sense. These vile families have hidden behind the theatre of conflict they purposely create to divide us for centuries. All the world is their global stage. They have been printing their own false his-stories for generations.

UNITED KINGDOM is a corporation. There is no longer any such thing as money. Have a look at any denomination of a Bank of England pound note, a printed piece of paper which people assume is 'money'. All say the same thing "I PROMISE TO PAY THE BEARER ON DEMAND THE SUM OF ".

Lawfully, we can not use these notes to pay a debt. They are worthless. All we can do is legally discharge a debt.

The words lawful and legal have two entirely different meanings.     

In reply to by halcyon

divingengineer Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:03 Permalink

Man up, stop crying and drop a few bombs of your own.

You might like the way it feels in your pants, you needle dicks.

Fucking EuroPeon cucks.


Damn, Trollin be hard work!

BushDid911420 Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:07 Permalink

Ah yes, it is the fault of the USA that the EU opened their borders for anyone to come in, not just from war torn countries, but also from any other country where the people know they can come take advantage of the EU's generous, and very stupid social systems. 


Cry me a river eurocucks. The tears are delicious.

oliviaemma705 BushDid911420 Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:19 Permalink


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Dr. Bonzo Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:13 Permalink

Good article. Follow European talk shows regularly and have been waiting for this to come up even once. Never. Not since this whole thing got out of hand.

Even in Holland where the country has been swamped by 1 million Moroccans there is very little discussion why 1 million Moroccans have chosen to live in Holland but make little effort at integrating (free Dutch taxpayer money.... shocking but true)....

These debates just don't exist.

Mustahattu Hyjinx Tue, 07/10/2018 - 10:46 Permalink

It doesn't matter who they bomb. All sand niggers head to Europe just because they can, or they claim to be from Syria where they can buy a Syrian passport for $500. These fuckers are coming as far as Pakistan and Bangladesh claiming to be from a war-torn country fleeing for their lives. When the actual niggers start to move they will be swimming across to Spain in their millions. Like a fucking wildebeest migration.

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I am Groot Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:16 Permalink

Fuck you Eric Zuesse. You little tranny gutterslut. We didn't start the fucking war in Syria. Europe welcomed all of those violent muslim rapists. That's on their leaders. Grown some balls if that's even capable Europe. You're fucking pathetic.

Hyjinx Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:26 Permalink

The Rapefugees are coming for Euro welfare, not because they were bombed.  Another dumbshit article on ZH.  Endless train lately.

Ms No Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:33 Permalink

Typical slave behavior when the slaves blame other slaves and never look up.  Its too scary too look closer.  I saw an account of lessons learned under the last big wave of Marxist bullshit, before Europe took that prize.  One thing stood out the most as obvious truth:

"I discovered that the world should be divided not into good and bad people but into cowards and non-cowards. Ninety-five percent of cowards are capable of the vilest things, lethal things, at the mildest threat."

Keep living in your EU slave state La La Land blaming your subjugation and cowardice on American citizens.  You were the hornets nest of the banks first and they likely will take you to a third world war.  Give them your guns and spread your ass cheeks.


Scaliger Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:44 Permalink

It isn't the same people...

Those who arrive aren't refugees, but rather black "replacement" with IQ 70.

The bombed Arabs with IQ80 aren't brough over, because they know how NATO - France included, is involved.

Manipuflation Tue, 07/10/2018 - 02:48 Permalink

I once proposed an idea to the Ron Paul campaign leaders that we should have a convention of our own and we ended up doing that and it was called the Rally for the Republic.  Dare I suggest this idea again?  It really not might be a bad idea.  The Rally for the Republic started with me and that is why it was held in Minnesota at the Target Center.

Ideas do have consequences.  Kick your ideas around.  I'm just the offensive right tackle running through the rush after a block and now looking for a linebacker to absolutely level.