Ex-Sailor Pardoned By Trump, Sues Obama And Comey For Not Prosecuting Hillary

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

The former Navy sailor pardoned by President Donald Trump after serving a year in federal prison for taking photos of classified sections of his submarine filed a lawsuit on Monday against Obama administration officials. The ex-sailor is alleging that he was subject to unequal protection of the law and cites Comey and Obama’s willingness to not prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama and former FBI director James Comey let Hillary off the hook before the election, while Kristian Saucier served hard time.  Saucier says that that action was “unfair” and “unequal” compared to the corruption and criminal activity of Hillary Clinton.  Saucier told Fox News he was scapegoated by Obama officials who found themselves under fire for not aggressively responding to Clinton’s handling of classified information through her private email servers.

According to Fox News, Saucier’s federal lawsuit alleges that the United States government was “overzealous” in prosecuting him for “mishandling classified information” while going easy on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for more serious violations of the same law. Saucier’s lawsuit names as defendants former President Barack Obama, former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who led the inquiry into Clinton’s email account.

“I could have just taken the pardon by President Trump and gone on with my life,”Saucier said to Fox News, adding that he feels an obligation to get to the truth of what he sees as a double standard that let Clinton get off scot-free. “The U.S. Constitution clearly states that all citizens are born with inalienable rights to be free from persecution by the government,” Saucier said. “My conviction and subsequent sentence for a minor military infraction compared to the treatment of politically connected individuals is a glaring example of a violation of the rights of all Americans to have equal protection under the law.”

The former Navy sailor is acting as his own attorney after the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court New York barred his lawyer, Ronald Daigle, from practicing for one year. The court’s move came just as Daigle was helping Saucier prepare to file the lawsuit, prompting the navy sailor to accuse New York officials of trying to hinder his court fight against Obama, Comey, and others. –Fox News

Saucier said that he realizes he had erred in taking the photos of the submarine, which he said he wanted to show only to his family so that they could see where he worked. He has also lashed out at Obama officials, saying that his prosecution was politically motivated, prompted by sensitivity about classified information amid the scandal involving Clinton’s emails.


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ZH can certainly be reporting more.

My link shows the Clinton foundation and the top 3 always involved...back for 30 years. Dots connected. Yes, 2 hrs.

Corsi is a shilling whore imho, but yes, seth rich is a huge story and people need to keep up the pressure on his murder. Also Scalia. Also, WHERE IS THE VEGAS INVESTIGATION?


Keep on asking. Keep pressure on...do not let people forget.

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This smells of a diversion? What is the point of him suing Comey et al, they can all be charged with far more serious Federal criminal offenses, including Treason. The correct approach with Shitlery would be to open a new enquiry and charge her. In fact, why hasn't this happened already? The longer it doesn't happen, the less likely it is to happen. Hence this new diversion. And Clinton's lawyers could use an "ongoing investigation" as an excuse for not responding to requests for information and documents.

He is doing Trump no favors here, but perhaps that is the point?

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Yea, not so fast skippy, I know of a guy who committed a bank robbery with a toy gun, represented himself and got a not guilty verdict from the jury. BAM! Prosecution was fucking floored, kid did his own homework, (of course there was much more to this story but...) They had fucking video of him doing it too. A fox will chew his own leg off to get out of a victor # 2 leg trap and someone sitting in lock up will damn straight use his time to prepare if they have half a brain. Lawyering ain't that complicated and the Judge will give you lots of latitude. Go watch some Gerry Spence (Randy Weavers attorney who made ATF agents cry..no really!) video's for a good laugh at making a state witness look like a jack ass.


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As many crimes as the scumbag left commits,

Every runny nose basement lawyer in the country should be set loose on them.

On a contingency basis of course.

Fight fire with fire.

And with their own greedy kind!

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...and in other newz:

ATLANTA — The body of a third-party contractor has been found inside a beer cooler at SunTrust Park.

The body was found Tuesday by a worker from the same company. Cobb County police spokeswoman Sarah O'Hara tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution she could not say if foul play is suspected because the investigation is ongoing.


You read dat right. The police could not say if foul play is involved after finding this dead body in someone's cooler in the ball park!


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Lmao, probably got linked from a new aggregator like drudge, but hell, i read msm ones at work so i get an idea of the lies they're spewing that day before going home and reading/listening to/watching legitimate news. I do read zh on my smoke breaks though, lol. News junkie i guess.

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