The Foundation of the West is Rocked as Tribalism Becomes Normality

The Foundation of the West is Rocked as Tribalism Becomes Normality

Written by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money News

In our modern digital age, news comes at you fast. Never before has the spread of information traveled so quickly or social media been so influential. And never before have problems been exacerbated so rapidly.

The West is in turmoil, as chaos seeps into the very fibers of the institutions built up by global elites over the last century—institutions now finding themselves under assault.

Anyone paying attention, or reading my series of articles, knows there is a massive shift occurring in the zeitgeist of the West. It’s a shift that only occurs once in a lifetime, if at all.

We truly do live in interesting times, but they are dangerous too. The risk of structural collapse in many of our political systems is at all-time highs, with citizens all across the West demanding change from their leaders.

People are rapidly descending into "tribes", consumed with self-reassuring, confirmation bias-assuaging articles written by their fellow "tribe" members.

Whether this comes from the "radical left" or the "alt right" doesn't matter. What does is the damage it is doing to our systems and the risk they now pose to the dwindling minority of sane centralists.

We see this change unfolding in front of our eyes, as scarcely a day goes by without reading about another "crisis” that threatens the very fabric of our society.

Within the past week alone, depending on which "tribe" you belong to, there have been numerous victories or catastrophes develop in rapid succession.

Last night, President Trump scored another major victory in the name of conservatives within the United States when he announced the nomination of his second Supreme Court pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This came after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement a few weeks ago.

Displaying true tribalism, far left groups planned to protest Trump’s nominee well in advance, despite not knowing who the pick would be or what their track record was. Essentially causing them to create a series of talking points they could pick from and fill in the blanks.

Proof of their willingness to protest whoever Trump picked was displayed via photos taken at last night’s event. Multiple signs displaying various names were printed:

(Source, Jack Posobiecus, via Twitter)

Obviously, this is an irrational way of pushing your ideology, and it severely discredits your movement. Regardless, the protests continued. The MSM closely covered the event and, of course, refused to point out key facts, something they have become increasingly efficient at as they descend into tabloid status.

As much as this news is making waves on this side of the "pond", on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, things are even more dire.

Theresa May finds herself on the receiving end of a full blown mutiny within her party, as she continues to lose the support of her peers and the public at large.

This has been a rapid descent, as many within the British public are openly criticizing her for her role within the BREXIT negotiations.

She has taken a very soft approach that has left the UK at the mercy of the European Union, as she continues to relent to their ever-increasing demands.

This, however, will not continue. A massive shift is occurring, as numerous key members of her party have signed their resignation letters. This includes Boris Johnson, whom many would like to see as the next Prime Minister.

I predict that, ultimately, this will result in Theresa May stepping down herself, even as she continues to plead for unity within her party.

These two stories alone would be massive news, but the fact that they are occurring within a week of each other just goes to show how quickly the times are accelerating and how unstable the current systems within the West are.

Madness is seemingly all around us, much of which is made that much worse by a MSM that blows every small detail out of proportion, recklessly and selectively reporting only the facts that help push their narratives.

Truly, this is one of the most unstable time periods within modern history, one that could see a cascading chain of events unfold at a moment’s notice.

Be prepared, be alert, be a part of the solution. Spread the truth.

The Foundation of the West is Rocked as Tribalism Becomes Normality

Written by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money News

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jin187 Anonymous_Bene… Tue, 07/10/2018 - 23:37 Permalink

Liberals can't even fathom their cognitive dissonance.

Now you read the story in that link, and you'd assume it was some Nazis that did this but...

Then you look at the perps.  Care to take a guess at who they voted for?  They're probably sitting at "Da Spot" right now, drinking McCormick, and passing the blunt, having some drunken political argument about how Trump is a raysiss.

In reply to by Anonymous_Bene…

Kayman Anonymous_Bene… Wed, 07/11/2018 - 09:57 Permalink


The answer is no. But down at Rat Central where the memes are created and the Unified Slogans and Messages are never a cogent, thought-out response, only hair-on fire claptrap, then you stand alone.

The fools that bet heavily on Hillary and more heavily against Trump, are determined to "teach a lesson" to the UnterMensch. But in their teaching they are going to learn a lesson themselves.

So, put some meat on the bones. Give us a reasoned, alternate response to Trump kicking over the can of Political Correctness that glued power to the corrupt background boys.

In reply to by Anonymous_Bene…

platyops Tue, 07/10/2018 - 20:17 Permalink

It is now very obvious that if Hillary Clinton had been put in power as the president, America would already be in a "HOT" civil war.

This lady besides being an abject liar is also a psychopath that would have sped up the failure of America. It is scary that we as a nation came within an inch of implosion.

Keep stacking as it is not over with yet. Maybe just maybe Trump can pull us out of going down in flames. 

Bubba Rum Das Anonymous_Bene… Wed, 07/11/2018 - 01:41 Permalink

Oh, Uranium one, Uranium one! Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein ALL involved in that one w/ Hillary!

John & Tony Podesta, Barack Obama ( $50,000 for white house 'Hot Dog's' @ one party)!

Hillary Approved Satanic Child Molesters!

-And their buddy, 'Artist' Marina Abromavic, who specializes in 'Cooking The Dead' for Hillary, the Podestas, Madonna, Brian Stelter & other 'left wing celebs'!

Yay, Mr. 'Anonymous' is in with the in crowd!

(You miserable fucking excuse for a human being). Go cook the dead, MotherFucker.

In reply to by Anonymous_Bene…

Thugocracy Tue, 07/10/2018 - 20:33 Permalink

When public mood is positive, markets soar and people pledge allegiance to larger ideas.  When the mood is negative, people get tribal. Same as it ever was.  The Progressive Workers'Paradise may have to wait a few decades. 

snblitz Wed, 07/11/2018 - 00:51 Permalink

The end of the world is approaching more quickly because

  • Trump picked someone to fill a supreme court vacancy
  • Teresa May has spent 2 years not implementing brexit


"The Foundations of the West is Rocked as Tribalism ..."

Well ... "no Mr. McDonald".

Mr. McDonald is clearly trying to ride the fence to maximize his subscribers.

The Foundations of the West are being Rocked as some people have chosen to abandon them.  "Who" is left up to the reader so I can maximize my subscriber base too.

(did you see the subliminal hint....?)


Bubba Rum Das snblitz Wed, 07/11/2018 - 01:46 Permalink

Sure, you can 'rationalize it' like that; but there is a lot more going on here that you apparently 'choose' not to mention....

No, it's not 'The End of The World', it's just another chapter in the beginning of 'The End Of The World'...

I know, you can't help being developmentally disordered, you were just born that way, RIGHT?

In reply to by snblitz

Ace006 Wed, 07/11/2018 - 01:11 Permalink

Sane centralists? 

Jeebus,  man.  They've been the traitors,  grifters, and sellouts who created our current catastrophe.  They cling to their power and wealth forcing left and right minorities to dislodge them.

Who voted for the welfare state,  black legal privilege, massive deficits,  and endless foreign war? Who does nothing about media monopoly, social media censorship,    electoral corruption,  vote fraud,  open borders, replacement illegal immigration,  Muslim sedition,  and Antifa street thuggery? The centralists! 


root superuser Wed, 07/11/2018 - 02:37 Permalink

I am what you call radical right. I advocate for ethnic cleansing in all western world. I have more respect for leftists in particular radical leftists than I do for regular conservatists aka. centrists aka. statists. The reason why you guys are fast disappearing is that you tolerate policies that are consuming you and your base. If you wanna die that's fine, I think most people will come our side, but the rest of you may die if you don't care to survive. Conservatism as it was for last 7 decades is going to die regardless what you do. You guys have ceeded ground to the left on every strategic issue of society. Conservatists from century ago and all time in history before that would consider you rabid leftists.

Apeon Wed, 07/11/2018 - 03:10 Permalink

"People are rapidly descending into, tribes"


NOt really---they have for the last few years learned how to get information through the WWW-----a lot of it blarney----but different than the blarney from MSM, Progressives, and the Elitist Rulers.

We have ALWAYS belonged to tribes, but now we can express what our 'tribe' stands for, and people like N. McDonald can nor longer control it.

It will get messier before it gets better.

webmatex Wed, 07/11/2018 - 03:56 Permalink

The only tribalism i can see is between the failed policies of Government, Fed, Wall St., IMF, World Bank, Central Banks, E.U., NATO and sick Media with the full support of Nazi Drug companies, creepy FANGS and the three ruling Global Multi National vampires and their chosen, payed for and controlled "elected" legislators backed by increasingly brutal police, increasing censorship and a false and failed currency.

Fail, fail, fail.

Want some more suckers?

Azannoth Wed, 07/11/2018 - 04:04 Permalink

Tribalism has been the norm for the past 10,000 years was still the norm in Europe till a few hundred years ago and is still the norm in most places around the World - it's "Liberal Democracy"  that is the cancer

Chief Joesph Wed, 07/11/2018 - 05:20 Permalink

Tribalism = Provincialism = 50 states of the U.S., which are only held together by a paper constitution, a common currency, a common language, and a common European ancestry.   Otherwise, they have nothing else in common and fight among themselves, just like their European ancestry did.

ToSoft4Truth Wed, 07/11/2018 - 07:33 Permalink

Tribilasim?  Sarah Palin was banging black dudes living as a "Conservative" contender.  And her little trollops didn't fall far from the watermelon patch.  That's not tribalism, fellas. 

tangent Wed, 07/11/2018 - 07:43 Permalink

Tribalism is what we've always needed to escape tyranny. Let the tax lover tribe rot in their squalor while the rest of us thrive in low-tax tribe. This is a good thing.