A New World Order: Brought To You By The Global-Industrial Deep State

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“There are no nations. There are no peoples ... There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T, and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today. The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable by-laws of business.”—Network (1976)

There are those who will tell you that any mention of a New World Order government - a power elite conspiring to rule the world - is the stuff of conspiracy theories.

I am not one of those skeptics.

What’s more, I wholeheartedly believe that one should always mistrust those in power, take alarm at the first encroachment on one’s liberties, and establish powerful constitutional checks against government mischief and abuse.

I can also attest to the fact that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I have studied enough of this country’s history—and world history—to know that governments (the U.S. government being no exception) are at times indistinguishable from the evil they claim to be fighting, whether that evil takes the form of terrorism, torture, drug traffickingsex trafficking, murder, violence, theft, pornography, scientific experimentations or some other diabolical means of inflicting pain, suffering and servitude on humanity.

And I have lived long enough to see many so-called conspiracy theories turn into cold, hard fact.

Remember, people used to scoff at the notion of a Deep State (a.k.a. Shadow Government), doubt that fascism could ever take hold in America, and sneer at any suggestion that the United States was starting to resemble Nazi Germany in the years leading up to Hitler’s rise to power.

We’re beginning to know better, aren’t we?

The Deep State (“a national-security apparatus that holds sway even over the elected leaders notionally in charge of it”) is real.

We are already experiencing fascism, American-style.

Not with jackboots and salutes, as Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institution notes, “but with a television huckster, a phony billionaire, a textbook egomaniac ‘tapping into’ popular resentments and insecurities, and with an entire national political party — out of ambition or blind party loyalty, or simply out of fear — falling into line behind him.”

And the United States is increasingly following in Nazi Germany’s footsteps, at least in the years leading up to Hitler’s rise to power.

Given all that we know about the U.S. government—that it treats its citizens like faceless statistics and economic units to be bought, sold, bartered, traded, and tracked; that it repeatedly lies, cheats, steals, spies, kills, maims, enslaves, breaks the laws, overreaches its authority, and abuses its power at almost every turn; and that it wages wars for profit, jails its own people for profit, and has no qualms about spreading its reign of terror abroad—it is not a stretch to suggest that the government has been overtaken by global industrialists, a new world order, that do not have our best interests at heart.

Indeed, to anyone who’s been paying attention to the goings-on in the world, it is increasingly obvious that we’re already under a new world order, and it is being brought to you by the Global-Industrial Deep State, a powerful cabal made up of international government agencies and corporations.

It is as yet unclear whether the American Police State answers to the Global-Industrial Deep State, or whether the Global-Industrial Deep State merely empowers the American Police State. However, there is no denying the extent to which they are intricately and symbiotically enmeshed and interlocked.

This marriage of governmental and corporate interests is the very definition of fascism.

Where we go wrong is in underestimating the threat of fascism: it is no longer a national threat but has instead become a global menace.

Consider the extent to which our lives and liberties are impacted by this international convergence of governmental and profit-driven interests in the surveillance state, the military industrial complex, the private prison industry, the intelligence sector, the technology sector, the telecommunications sector, the transportation sector, and the pharmaceutical industry.

All of these sectors are dominated by mega-corporations operating on a global scale and working through government channels to increase their profit margins: Walmart, Alphabet (formerly Google), AT&T, Toyota, Apple, Exxon Mobil, Facebook, Lockheed Martin, Berkshire Hathaway, UnitedHealth Group, Samsung, Amazon, Verizon, Nissan, Boeing, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Citigroup… these are just a few of the global corporate giants whose profit-driven policies influence everything from legislative policies to economics to environmental issues to medical care.

The U.S. government’s deep-seated and, in many cases, top secret alliances with foreign nations and global corporations are redrawing the boundaries of our world (and our freedoms) and altering the playing field faster than we can keep up.

Global Surveillance

Spearheaded by the National Security Agency (NSA), which has shown itself to care little for constitutional limits or privacy, the surveillance state has come to dominate our government and our lives. 

Yet the government does not operate alone.

It cannot.

It requires an accomplice.

Thus, the increasingly complex security needs of our massive federal government, especially in the areas of defense, surveillance and data management, have been met within the corporate sector, which has shown itself to be a powerful ally that both depends on and feeds the growth of governmental bureaucracy.

Take AT&T, for instance. Through its vast telecommunications network that crisscrosses the globe, AT&T provides the U.S. government with the complex infrastructure it needs for its mass surveillance programs. According to The Intercept, “The NSA considers AT&T to be one of its most trusted partners and has lauded the company’s ‘extreme willingness to help.’It is a collaboration that dates back decades. Little known, however, is that its scope is not restricted to AT&T’s customers. According to the NSA’s documents, it values AT&T not only because it ‘has access to information that transits the nation,’ but also because it maintains unique relationships with other phone and internet providers. The NSA exploits these relationships for surveillance purposes, commandeering AT&T’s massive infrastructure and using it as a platform to covertly tap into communications processed by other companies.”

Now magnify what the U.S. government is doing through AT&T on a global scale, and you have the “14 Eyes Program,” also referred to as the “SIGINT Seniors.” This global spy agency is made up of members from around the world (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India and all British Overseas Territories).

Surveillance is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these global alliances, however.

Global War Profiteering

War has become a huge money-making venture, and America, with its vast military empire and its incestuous relationship with a host of international defense contractors, is one of its best buyers and sellers. In fact, as Reuters reports, “[President] Trump has gone further than any of his predecessors to act as a salesman for the U.S. defense industry.”

The American military-industrial complex has erected an empire unsurpassed in history in its breadth and scope, one dedicated to conducting perpetual warfare throughout the earth. For example, while erecting a security surveillance state in the U.S., the military-industrial complex has perpetuated a worldwide military empire with American troops stationed in 177 countries (over 70% of the countries worldwide).

Although the federal government obscures so much about its defense spending that accurate figures are difficult to procure, we do know that since 2001, the U.S. government has spent more than $1.8 trillion in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (that’s $8.3 million per hour). That doesn’t include wars and military exercises waged around the globe, which are expected to push the total bill upwards of $12 trillion by 2053.

The illicit merger of the global armaments industry and the Pentagon that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us against more than 50 years ago has come to represent perhaps the greatest threat to the nation’s fragile infrastructure today. America’s expanding military empire is bleeding the country dry at a rate of more than $15 billion a month (or $20 million an hour)—and that’s just what the government spends on foreign wars. That does not include the cost of maintaining and staffing the 1000-plus U.S. military bases spread around the globe.

Incredibly, although the U.S. constitutes only 5% of the world's population, America boasts almost 50% of the world's total military expenditure,  spending more on the military than the next 19 biggest spending nations combined. In fact, the Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety. There’s a good reason why “bloated,” “corrupt” and “inefficient” are among the words most commonly applied to the government, especially the Department of Defense and its contractors. Price gouging has become an accepted form of corruption within the American military empire.

It’s not just the American economy that is being gouged, unfortunately.

Driven by a greedy defense sector, the American homeland has been transformed into a battlefield with militarized police and weapons better suited to a war zone. Trump, no different from his predecessors, has continued to expand America’s military empire abroad and domestically, calling on Congress to approve billions more to hire cops, build more prisons and wage more profit-driven war-on-drugs/war-on-terrorism/war-on-crime programs that pander to the powerful money interests (military, corporate and security) that run the Deep State and hold the government in its clutches.

Global Policing

Glance at pictures of international police forces and you will have a hard time distinguishing between American police and those belonging to other nations. There’s a reason they all look alike, garbed in the militarized, weaponized uniform of a standing army.

There’s a reason why they act alike, too, and speak a common language of force.

For example, Israel—one of America’s closest international allies and one of the primary yearly recipients of more than $3 billion in U.S. foreign military aid—has been at the forefront of a little-publicized exchange program aimed at training American police to act as occupying forces in their communities. As The Intercept sums it up, American police are “essentially taking lessons from agencies that enforce military rule rather than civil law.”

Then you have the Strong Cities Network programFunded by the State Department, the U.S. government has partnered with the United Nations to fight violent extremism “in all of its forms and manifestations” in cities and communities across the world. Working with the UN, the federal government rolled out programs to train local police agencies across America in how to identify, fight and prevent extremism, as well as address intolerance within their communities, using all of the resources at their disposal. The cities included in the global network include New York City, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, Paris, London, Montreal, Beirut and Oslo.

What this program is really all about, however, is community policing on a global scale.

Community policing, which relies on a “broken windows” theory of policing, calls for police to engage with the community in order to prevent local crime by interrupting or preventing minor offenses before they could snowball into bigger, more serious and perhaps violent crime. 

It sounds like a good idea on paper, but the problem with the broken windows approach is that it has led to zero tolerance policing and stop-and-frisk practices among other harsh police tactics.

When applied to the Strong Cities Network program, the objective is ostensibly to prevent violent extremism by targeting its source: racism, bigotry, hatred, intolerance, etc. In other words, police—acting ostensibly as extensions of the United Nations—will identify, monitor and deter individuals who exhibit, express or engage in anything that could be construed as extremist.

Of course, the concern with the government’s anti-extremism program is that it will, in many cases, be utilized to render otherwise lawful, nonviolent activities as potentially extremist. Keep in mind that the government agencies involved in ferreting out American “extremists” will carry out their objectives—to identify and deter potential extremists—in concert withfusion centers (of which there are 78 nationwide, with partners in the private sector and globally), data collection agencies, behavioral scientists, corporations, social media, and community organizers and by relying on cutting-edge technology for surveillance, facial recognition, predictive policing, biometrics, and behavioral epigenetics (in which life experiences alter one’s genetic makeup).

This is pre-crime on an ideological scale and it’s been a long time coming.

Are you starting to get the picture now?

We’re the sitting ducks in the government’s crosshairs.

On almost every front, whether it’s the war on drugs, or the sale of weapons, or regulating immigration, or establishing prisons, or advancing technology, if there is a profit to be made and power to be amassed, you can bet that the government and its global partners have already struck a deal that puts the American people on the losing end of the bargain.

Unless we can put the brakes on this dramatic expansion, globalization and merger of governmental and corporate powers, we’re not going to recognize this country 20 years from now.

It’s taken less than a generation for our freedoms to be eroded and the police state structure to be erected, expanded and entrenched.

Rest assured that the U.S. government will not save us from the chains of the global police state.

The current or future occupant of the White House will not save us.

For that matter, anarchy, violence and incivility will not save us.

Unfortunately, the government’s divide and conquer tactics are working like a charm.

Despite the laundry list of grievances that should unite “we the people” in common cause against the government, the nation is more divided than ever by politics, by socio-economics, by race, by religion, and by every other distinction that serves to highlight our differences.

The real and manufactured events of recent years—the invasive surveillance, the extremism reports, the civil unrest, the protests, the shootings, the bombings, the military exercises and active shooter drills, the color-coded alerts and threat assessments, the fusion centers, the transformation of local police into extensions of the military, the distribution of military equipment and weapons to local police forces, the government databases containing the names of dissidents and potential troublemakers—have all conjoined to create an environment in which “we the people” are more divided, more distrustful, and fearful of each other.

What we have failed to realize is that in the eyes of the government, we’re all the same.

In other words, when it’s time for the government to crack down—and that time is coming—it won’t matter whether we voted Republican or Democrat, whether we marched on Washington or stayed home, or whether we spoke out against government misconduct and injustice or remained silent.

When the government and its Global-Industrial Deep State partners in the New World Order crack down, we’ll all suffer.

If there is to be any hope of freeing ourselves, it rests—as it always has—at the local level, with you and your fellow citizens taking part in grassroots activism, which takes a trickle-up approach to governmental reform by implementing change at the local level.

One of the most important contributions an individual citizen can make is to become actively involved in local community affairs, politics and legal battles. As the adage goes, “Think globally, act locally.” 

America was meant to be primarily a system of local governments, which is a far cry from the colossal federal bureaucracy we have today. Yet if our freedoms are to be restored, understanding what is transpiring practically in your own backyard—in one’s home, neighborhood, school district, town council—and taking action at that local level must be the starting point.

Responding to unmet local needs and reacting to injustices is what grassroots activism is all about. Attend local city council meetings, speak up at town hall meetings, organize protests and letter-writing campaigns, employ “militant nonviolent resistance” and civil disobedience, which Martin Luther King Jr. used to great effect through the use of sit-ins, boycotts and marches.

And then, as I make clear in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, if there is any means left to us for thwarting the government in its relentless march towards outright dictatorship, it may rest with the power of communities and local governments to invalidate governmental laws, tactics and policies that are illegitimate, egregious or blatantly unconstitutional.

Nullification works.

Nullify the court cases. Nullify the laws. Nullify everything the government does that flies in the face of the principles on which this nation was founded.

We could transform this nation if only Americans would work together to harness the power of their discontent.


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Tyler's have had their balls completely removed. 

Posting stories that are in line with the typical Hedgers view, so the author can sell his book....Fucking Really!!

Spineless, 4th wave feminist twats!!

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Dear John Whitehead...

........You can't be serious... In your article above about the terrors of the US Led New World Order ??

You Inject A Poisonous Quote From Robert Kagan... To Bolster Your Argument ??

""Not with jackboots and salutes, as Robert Kagan of the Brookings Institution notes,"" etc. etc. etc. etc.

A man dripping with actual blood of millions of innocent souls... As a primary architect of the American impetus to illegally invade Iraq in 2003... and follow up with other similar war crimes and illegal invasions and destruction of other middle eastern countries: Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iran... etc...

Note*** -- Robert Kagan is one of the principle authors of the PNAC (Project For New American Century) Paper... A document DRENCHED in blood and filled with hypocrisy and lies of purpose and intent... 

John Whitehead... You sir suffer from intense Cranial Anal Inversion... 

You have my deepest condolences for the lie that is your life... !

Sincerely... Edgey... 


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Dr. Acula Sir Edge Wed, 07/11/2018 - 02:10 Permalink

How is it a "new" world order?

The 9/11 attack by Jews on USA was planned in 1967 and even earlier


"The first design meeting [of One World Trade Center] was in April of 2000" - https://youtu.be/tIKtA0Odo2o?t=210

"Ow... don't go to work on the 23rd day of Elul [9/11]" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HJyilBYAJQ&feature=youtu.be&t=42

Did you forget about urban MOving SyStems incorporAteD and the dancing Israelis?


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Dindu Nuffins Rapunzal Wed, 07/11/2018 - 02:41 Permalink

This coming New World Order was pledged to the chosen people in 1940, in exchange for their banking shekels to fight WW2. Just as they planned it all in advance.

"New World Order pledged to Jews" -- article headline in New York Times, October 6th 1940.


Arthur Greenwood of British War Cabinet Sends Message of Assurance Here

English Rabbi Delivers to Dr. S. S. Wise New Statement on Question After War

In the first public declaration on the Jewish question since the outbreak of the war, Arthur Greenwood, member without portfolio in the British War Cabinet, assured the Jews of the United States that when victory was achieved an effort would be made to found a new world order based on the ideals of “justice and peace.”

Mr. Greenwood, who is Deputy Leader of the British Labor Party, declared that in the new world the “conscience of civilized humanity would demand that the wrongs suffered by the Jewish people in so many countries should be righted.” He added that after the war an opportunity would be given to Jews everywhere to make a “distinctive and constructive contribution” in the rebuilding of the world.

The message was delivered last week to Dr. Stephen S. Wise, chairman of the executive committee of the World Jewish Congress, by Rabbi Maurice L. Perizweig, chairman of the British section of the congress. Rabbi Perizweig arrived from England Monday evening...

New World Order Forecast

“When we have achieved victory, as we assuredly shall, the nations will have the opportunity of establishing a new world order based on the ideals of justice and peace. In such a world it is our confident hope that the conscience of civilized humanity would demand that the wrongs suffered by the Jewish people in so many countries should be righted.

“In the rebuilding of civilized society after the war, there should and will be a real opportunity for Jews everywhere to make a distinctive and constructive contribution; and all men of good-will must assuredly hope that in new Europe the Jewish people, in whatever country they may live, will have freedom and full equality before the law with every other citizen.”

In an interview at the Hotel Astor, Rabbi Perizweig declared he was certain Mr. Greenwood “speaks for England.” There is a clear realization, he added, that freedom and emancipation for the Jewish people are tied up with emancipation and freedom for people everywhere. The message, Rabbi Perizweig remarked, was the subject of earnest consideration by the British Government.



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Dindu Nuffins Four chan Wed, 07/11/2018 - 03:28 Permalink

I know. It's breath-taking how pernicious they are. I wish it were less certain, but it's all well-documented.

Whether you're talking uncontrolled immigration, senseless wars in the Middle East, anti-white messaging in the media, pornography, transgenderism, gay rights, litigating Christianity out of public life, unsound money, increasing censorship and legal tyranny, communism, individualism, feminism, promotion of childlessness, SJWism...

... it does all tend to point that way, with a laundry list of Jewish people behind each social ill. 

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Stopped reading after the Trump heading us towards fascism meme... we have been heading towards fascism since... 1945? 1913? 1860? Pick your date... It has only been the past few years, as folks have started to become uncomfortable, that the little man has truly come out from behind the curtain.

We have no political solution here my friends. We have already headed off the cliff and are only waiting for the hard landing to follow.

What is to become of human society. No seeing past a singularity, and the imbeciles in charge are in no better position to predict than anyone else. My guess is one of the following:

1) Great reset...

2) Return of Christ, if you are into that sort of thing (personally, I am... not meaning the great reset won't take place as man may have a bit more time left to this drama).

3) The annihilation of the human race, and more than likely, everything else too... shame really, was a really pretty planet.

Of the three, given my personal perspective, I see the last as least likely... but if it takes place, then it never really mattered anyway, and we are just one more blip in the universe that went supernova (metaphorically speaking for the many recent additions to this site who apparently do not understand metaphor or sarcasm... allowing for the fact that some of our recent additions actually have a functional mind).

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HopefulCynical Lordflin Wed, 07/11/2018 - 09:30 Permalink

Stopped reading after the Trump heading us towards fascism meme...

Same. Robert Kagan?! GTFOH.

Not sure why we're getting all this leftist bullshit reposted by the Tylers this morning. Hey Tylers, if you think we don't see through this nonsense, you've misjudged us. Unless you're hoping that normies who agree with this dreck will scroll down to the comments and get redpilled?

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When one boils all of this down to a thick goo - the globalists want slaves. Pure and simple. It's about mind, body and spirit. I am one now anyway, we all are, try not paying your taxes? The vice is slowly being tightened.

It is all written anyway. I will fight to the death against global communism.

If I die defending Liberty, so be it, my worldly troubles will be over. The shit storm approaches.

I'd rather die standing free, than as a slave on one knee!

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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You have to be pure evil to vote down "Free This" comment.  It is pure truth and as I type this there were 4 down votes.  That tells me this forum has been invaded by communist demons who hate liberty and individual rights and freedoms.  Damn you rotten communist creatures to hell. 

Extremely well said, Free This!

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bobsmith5 Dindu Nuffins Wed, 07/11/2018 - 13:26 Permalink

The Rothschilds claim to be Jews and are at the center of the New World Order along with the royalty of Europe, the Rockerfellers, and the Pope.  None of them are Christian nor Jews.  They all hide behind those religions and are in fact the center of Satanic power on earth.  When you blame everything on Jews you help them hide the real cause of the evil on earth, and the real cause of misery.  It's not about any race or religion.  It's about the ideas and institutions which drive the lust for a one world government of total control and ownership of every human life on this planet.  It is about evil having the ultimate power and control over everything. 

The Rothschilds are not religious Jews and they are not racial Jews.  They have used their fake connection with Judaism as a way to create division, fool a huge number of people into becoming racist, and to completely hide their real race and religion.  The bloodlines of the Rothschilds' is ultimately composed of the Turks and Huns which for centuries dominated the geographical area known as Khazaria.  They represent the purest form of Satanism.

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bobsmith5 Sir Edge Wed, 07/11/2018 - 13:03 Permalink

Every single major war in the last two hundred years was orchestrated by the Rothschild's global central banking system.  They financed both sides.  They are the most powerful corporation on earth with the BIS and FED sitting at the top of the global core of the corporate fascist "New World Order".  They are at the center of a world entirely free of hard currency.  They are at the core of a world drenched in debt.  It is a system where every nations governments is either owned and controlled by a corporation, or where the government has become a corporation in and of itself, tightly integrated in a pyramid top down corporate structure.  The merger of the corporation and the state is fascism- Mussolini.

You cannot even start to talk about a "New World Order" without first beginning with these facts.  America is not at the center of this global cabal.  It like every other nation with a central bank is being used to bring it about in a more complete way with every passing year.  America has been used as the military power to enforce global fascism and global central banking system.  The Rothschild global international central banking system is the root cause, the ultimate power center, and the long term strategic implementation of ever increasing control of every nation on earth.  Every other treatise, theory, or concept of the "New World Order" is deeply flawed absent the inclusion and mention of these facts.

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  •  Love your Woman
  • Never ever entrust a Woman with  your life

Women are like Monkeys, and will swing to the next strongest branch.

 Not all Women, but most.




Number 9 Yen Cross Wed, 07/11/2018 - 02:15 Permalink

you fvkd up, you must convince them right off that to leave you is out of the question..

it goes something like this

"bitch, you can go ahead and leave me but you can bet your bottom dollar no matter where you run and who you are with I will hunt you down and kill you stone cold dead"

been with my ole lady 43 years so dont tell me it dont work


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IvannaHumpalot Yen Cross Wed, 07/11/2018 - 02:35 Permalink

the reverse is true. Women will not - they will choose a man and love him and will rarely deviate. It is men who view women as replaceable. Lose one just replace with another. It is not women but men who will replace a woman from their own culture with a younger one from the 3rd world - they don't care about reproducing the culture or building the social group, they just want to stick it in someone young.

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Did poor Grunkle think fake commitment would be enough to get one of his dick wetters to breed for him? The women don’t/can’t lead, they can only suck up the time lost and move on. When a woman realizes that a man’s love and protection were but a mirage, the unearned respect she felt for him evaporates.

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IvannaHumpalot Wed, 07/11/2018 - 02:33 Permalink

So how come the global pre-emptive policing never seems to do diddly shit about the migrant crime? Are they exempt? I see Muslims rioting in Nantes France night, after night. I see Islamic sex gangs raping non-Muslim girls in the UK for 30 years largely unpunished. Taharush on NYE in Berlin and elsewhere. Rapes in Sweden and before then in Australia,1999. 

Why are the nasty intolerant commies still free to roam around on our tax dollars demanding the destruction of society and rioting in the streets with masks on their faces?


SergeA.Storms Wed, 07/11/2018 - 03:05 Permalink

This writer gives entirely too much credence to the ‘police state’.  Yes, equipment has been improved, thanks to the Hollywood Shootout, the need for AR-15’s was recognized because crooks were getting high powered weapons for big take downs.  Your ‘police state’ on average runs between .6 and 1.0 FTE officers per 10,000 citizens.  The recommendation for community oriented policing (which is completely mischaracterized in this article) is 2.0 FTE officers per 10,000 citizens.  The whole approach to community oriented policing is to spend more time with citizens and working together to solve problems.  Let’s do some simple math (first anyone who has read my comments know I’m retired LE and fifth generation, so I have street cred).  A medium sized American Police Department in a city of 100,000 people will run between 96-120 sworn officers from street level to the Chief.  Any given shift, including specialty units puts at peak times 8-14 officers plus 1-4 supervisors (depending on shift, hours, etc).  Between grants and allocated funds an officer will work between 160-200 hours per month.  A department of this size will handle approximately 100,000 calls for service per year.  365 news days per year, so the worst things make the news, if it bleeds it leads.  I will be the first to condemn corruption, unlawful use of force, and behavior that sullies the career of being an officer.  Think in business terms one unsatisfied customer requires how many satisfied customers to make up for the damage to a business?  The damage caused by a corrupt officer causes the good ones to suffer and fight to regain public support.  Being corrupt at the local level in medium to small town America does not pay in the police world.  Large cities such as LA, New York, etc. I don’t have experience with, but have met many who’ve worked in those departments, the concerns are always the same and in the business of policing the general practice and concerns transcend.  Are there assholes, yes, is there high burnout rates, yes, but for most I’ve known, they join up to serve and help the community.  Longevity on the job takes it’s toll on anyone and cities don’t necessarily want to invest in the total health of an officer, which then effects the public and perception.  The gung-ho SWAT guy and the fat donut eating cop deal with the stress of the job differently, both are extreme and unhealthy.  You want better policing, invest in your officers like cities invest in their firemen (that’s not jealousy, firemen and the firehouse set up is a much healthier model overall for emergency services), but for some reason it’s never taken hold in cities.  FWIW, Sheriff departments run even thinner because of county funding structures.  If you as a citizen want better policing you must learn what it really means.  Cops tv show is nothing close to the real job, yet people generally think it is.  I met folks from the show Cops and have friends that ended up in some episodes.  They film 60-80 hours of police work for one episode and then edit it down to the exciting stuff.  The truth is two minutes of fun or sheer terror followed by four hours of paperwork.  No excuses, there are bad eggs out there, but the vast majority of officers are good eggs and that my friends on ZH will never make the news.  If you’ve read this far, thanks, and don’t give up hope, America will recover from the abuse and reestablish itself as the shining light on the hill.  Have faith and make your world better locally and be a skeptic on everything else.  And it’s true, if you find yourself at the wrong end of the long arm of the law, exercise your rights and keep your mouth shut.  Most people can’t.  Hedge accordingly.

VWAndy Wed, 07/11/2018 - 03:44 Permalink

 Strange he did not mention banks roll in all of it.

  How was all this stupid funded?

  Just saying. Corruption at this scale wouldnt fly for long without the ?

stampman Wed, 07/11/2018 - 03:51 Permalink

The mentally challenged John Whitehead works for the criminal side of the Deep State as a lying propagandist by claiming that all of our national security resources are in the hands of highly competent, evil, out-and-out criminals.

If John Whitehead weren't so ignorant, so arrogant, and so living in a false protective bubble, he would realize that he is surrounded by incompetent lying idiots who are every bit as stupid and delusional as he is.

John Whitehead thinks Trump is a fascist.  That is patently delusional.

John Whitehead has clinical TDS.

HushHushSweet Wed, 07/11/2018 - 03:59 Permalink

Reading this article is like looking through the wrong end of a telescope.

Trump as Hitler? Really?

The only thing "Hitleresque" about America today is the rabid left's similarity to the brownshirts.

And any mention of the global deep state without also mentioning the key role played by international financiers, most of whom identify as Jewish, is just a misdirect.

A half-truth, Tylers, is really just a lie.