Trump Taunts "FBI Lovebirds" From 30,000 Feet Over "Rigged Witch Hunt"

President Trump is on his way to Brussels to demand that America's NATO allies contribute more money to the international alliance. But in a tweet Tuesday morning, the president revealed that he'd heard a rumor that the "FBI lovers" - agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page - are getting "cold feet" over their decision to testify before Congress. Strzok is supposed to testify publicly before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, according to his lawyer Aitan Goelmnan. Meanwhile, Page was reportedly scheduled to appear Wednesday for a closed-door session on Capitol Hill - though her lawyer told Politico that nothing has been finalized.

"I am on Air Force One flying to NATO and hear reports that the FBI lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are getting cold feet on testifying about the Rigged Witch Hunt headed by 13 Angry Democrats and people that worked for Obama for 8 years. Total disgrace!"

Strzok and Page were famously exposed for exchanging text messages detailing their sharp distaste for President Trump. Their conversations included discussion of an"insurance policy" against Trump becoming president.


Furthermore, emails that were recently obtained by the Hill's John Solomon showed that Strzok and Page at one point discussed scrambling to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign. Given their involvement with the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign - an investigation that later morphed into the Mueller probe - Trump and his associates have repeatedly cited their communications as evidence of bias at the DOJ. 

We now wait for word from Strzok and Page (or their lawyers) about their plans to testify. Strzok has already met with lawmakers behind closed doors, but has previously delayed a public hearing. 



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TDS runs rampant...


ever wonder why?  i agree he's a buffoon...but he has accomplished more to expose the truth and corruption behind the veil of 'politics' for many of us who have been disillusioned with the current counterfeit two party system...


oh...and any logical person can follow the past 18 months of information and come to the conclusion that the dems are in a heap of shit...


but logic fails on many who are leftists...



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I sure hope this one pans out: 

After two long hard years of work, we have a witness who is prepared to identify the two killers of Seth Rich. One is reportedly a current DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent, the other is reportedly a current ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) agent”

The witness, who “fears for his life,” will provide details about how — and why — the two Obama-era government employees killed Seth Rich in a press conference slated for Tuesday. The witness is already under armed guard and will disguise his identity at the press conference, according to Burkman."

[edited to add the following mind-blower]

"As Gateway Pundit reported, Burkman was shot at and run over by the former U.S. Marine Kevin Doherty on March 13 who he hired to help him get to the bottom of the case. Doherty – who claims he worked as a special agent and criminal investigator in the intelligence community – was subsequently arrested by Arlington County police on charges of malicious wounding and use of a firearm in commission of a felony."

Press conference today, Tuesday at 1:00 PM Eastern.

MSM's gonna hurt itself avoiding this "conspiracy theory." 

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Amy G. Dala Bastiat Tue, 07/10/2018 - 12:49 Permalink

Seth had the means, Seth had the motive.

The murderers had the means, the murderers had the motive.

Check out his parents "spokesman."  DNC swamp lawyer, of the type that isn't in the phone book.  You don't find him, he finds you.

And what's with Donna Brazile suddenly fearing for her safety at home, over a "botched robbery"?

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opport.knocks Amy G. Dala Tue, 07/10/2018 - 16:09 Permalink

The DNC "leak" was a Mossad operation and Seth Rich was likely their means to access the DNC network. Bibi is Trump's biggest fan and Zionists Adelson and Mercer were his biggest funders.

His death was likely faked and he got safely out of the country and to Israel. Just look at the bizarre behaviour of his parents afterword. 

Recall that hospital staff said he was conscious and talking when he arrived for surgery. There was a shift change and they were told he had died. So before you hunt for his murderers, first prove he actually died.

Recall also that Mossad are masters of redirection, 9-11 comes to mind.

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Buffoon, no.  Above all else, Trump knows his audience, whether they are for or against.

He knows the best he can do for the lefties is to trigger them into a state of apparent insanity.  Anybody sitting on the fence about Trump (he comes off like a buffoon but I like what he does) will not fall to the left.

Dems will never again be able to hide behind the "no red state, no blue state, it's the united states" bullshit ever again.  They can't even pretend.

Corey Booker, Pocahontas, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden (Joe Biden!) . . .seriously?  It's so bad that the feckless governor of WA Jay Inslee is not ruling out a run.

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I would have more sympathy for your he's making America great again argument if he was consistent and sent out some savage tweets about the Trump organisation and Ivanka maunfacturing every single product they sell outside the good old US of A. He winds all his supporters up about globalism and the loonie left with one hand so they don't see his other hand stuffing bundles of cash into his pockets as a result of him taking advantage of all the things they hate

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Spaceman Trump

Intergalactic Ruler, Viscount of Pluto, mines the asteroid belt of hubris.

A frightened man, waiting for revelations of criminal wrongdoing and sexual deviation.

The Trump Recession 2018-2028, is knocking at the White House bathroom-tweet door.

Negative net worth Americans, the alienated hordes, are losing their tranquil-rational nature.

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TahoeBilly2012 Deep Snorkeler Tue, 07/10/2018 - 12:09 Permalink

Are were perma plagued with these former HuffPo libtards posting here non stop because they simply can't stand their own stink over there anymore?  "Trump is an idiot" yea well, sounds more like you have less to say than you ever did, which was never much to start with.

Billary is flying commercial cause their accts have been drained by Q, who is the "idiot"?

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