Two Sides To Every Coin: When "Security Measures" Become Imprisonment

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

The most recent article I covered was a piece last week on the illegal alien situation and the president’s handling of it. This is a problem that has plagued the U.S. for decades, and as I wrote before, I agree completely with the way the president has been handling it. Let’s put the president “aside” in this article, however, because no matter how well-intentioned he is, there are forces at work in the U.S. that hold more power than he does.

Subtleties are present that are usually either overlooked or intentionally downplayed so as not to “jar” the consciousness of those who see them. Yes, we need increased border security on the Mexican border, and we need to stem the tide (the “tsunami” is more appropriate) flooding this country with illegal aliens.

Just as with cattle, however, the fence around their pasture keeps things out…and simultaneously keeps the cattle in: the fence works in both directions.

A piece just surfaced from The Hill entitled Thousands of Americans Stand to be Denied Passports Due to Unpaid Taxes,” written by John Bowden on 7/6/18.  While this may come as no surprise to most, it parallels other restrictions such as not permitting those with child support in arrears or bankruptcy proceedings to not be able to depart the country. The law the article refers to was made in 2015 requiring the IRS and State Department to deny U.S. citizens a passport if they owe more than $51,000 in tax debt. The article pointed out that approximately 362,000 Americans fall into that category.

It does not stop there. Our rights as enumerated under the U.S. Constitution are being eroded on a daily basis. The Jennings v. Rodriguez is a Supreme Court decision that affects illegal aliens as well as U.S. citizens. The decision upholds the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) provisions for indefinite detention both for American citizens and/or illegal aliens. The decision also leaves the president with the right to order such a detention... of anyone, for whatever reason... at his discretion.

Major metropolitan airports such as in Atlanta and Chicago are taking biometric information... requiring it of all airline passengers... to pass “under the yoke” of facial recognition software and stored for (yes, you guessed it) “security reasons.”

The government and their “partners” in the form of multinational corporations are not undertaking these actions for no reason.

The bad (and sadly ironic) part is that we the taxpayers are the source of funding for these unconstitutional measures: our taxes pay for the cages being constructed around us and before our very eyes. The masses are unaware and/or they do not care. A shift is being fostered: a “need” for more security [translation: more surveillance] and more accountability [translation: more control] are forced upon us.

The public is being shaped and manipulated: having lost conscience, its consciousness is now being molded and made to feel as if there is a need for security, safety, and being led. By appealing to the hierarchy of needs, the powers that be are fostering a climate of fear and creating a need for increased government intervention and control in the interests of security.

With 9-11, the opponents were “created” out of the Arab world and a policy of “we’re all in it together and under the gun…besieged America” was pursued with the following objectives:

  1. Re-prime the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) with fresh wars, new “threats” (Iraq, and bin Laden) and taxpayer-funded government contracts to build up the war machine,

  2. “Justification” for military expansion to further force projection and encroach in other spheres of influence,

  3. The “crafting” of a war-footing…continuous, with the “battlefield” redefined under the NDAA and the Patriot Act as being not only worldwide, but also within the United States, and

  4. The beginning of the creation of a complete surveillance state via TIA (Total Information Awareness) as revealed to the American public by Edward Snowden a few years ago.

Now the threat has not been “abandoned,” just changed in form and expanded.

The “foreign threats” of attack have not abated, but their focal points are changed from the Arab enemy to the Russians and Chinese. The largest changes have taken place domestically, that is to say within the continental United States.

The shootings at schools and public places, and the bombings (such as in Austin, TX) have been used to structure more police presence, more surveillance, and an increased “feeling” by citizens of being unsafe. The CCTV cameras keep sprouting up, the technology increases to monitor, record, photograph, eavesdrop, and control the lives and movements of the average citizen.

The branches of government craft laws (Congress) and selectively interpret the laws (Supreme Court) that abrogate our rights while exempting themselves from the provisions they inflict upon us. A president can go either direction, and whichever way is chosen, the tide of movement is not halted. The paradigm shift toward totalitarianism continues either incrementally, in leaps and bounds, or at full force/unrelenting (as in the Obama years).

The walled fortress in the name of security becomes the fully enclosed prison. Only the direction of the top tier of barbed wire…inward or outwardly pointing…reveals the nature. We the taxpayers pay for the cage, a prison that expands by the day. There will no longer be a need to keep everything outside of the pasture. The cattle will be kept in, and the wolves are already inside as well.


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    Shit happens,

 Not under Yens watch/

  So I'm having this conversation the other day?

 I see where the Tyler's are going with this conundrum.

   The outcome is so obvious?

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Shhhh!! Don't let the word out that the Tyler's have been sent to the re-education camps for ABC media in LA, it's a super secrete. 

Word has it, that some of them now have an affection for Soy Lattes, and Gay porn.


Regarding the article, as long as I have my 30-378, access to a lathe, and my reloading equipment, nothing scares me. 

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Let’s put the president “aside” in this article, however, because no matter how well-intentioned he is, there are forces at work in the U.S. that hold more power than he does.


Zappala: I won't prosecute abortion seekers, providers if Roe v. Wade is overturned


With the future of Roe v. Wade in doubt as President Trump looks to fill the Supreme Court vacancy with a conservative voice, Stephen Zappala made it clear how he feels on Tuesday.

“I am pro-choice and do not feel that it is appropriate for government to legislate the choices that women make regarding their own bodies,” the Allegheny County district attorney said in a statement. “Therefore, if Roe v. Wade is overturned, I will not prosecute any women, medical professionals or providers for the administration of safe, abortion services.”  

“I am honored to continue that work on behalf of our mothers and daughters in service to the communities of Allegheny County,” Zappala said.…


My email to the DA:


I simply can't imagine how a county DA would consider his opinion to be more important than that of the Supreme Court of the United States. If Roe is overturned and Pennsylvania legislators restrict abortion you must prosecute those who disobey the law.

People like you are the reason why I resigned from both the Democrat Party and my local Democrat committee and helped President Trump win the state of Pennsylvania. Your statement, “I am honored to continue that work on behalf of our mothers and daughters in service to the communities of Allegheny County," rings false when considering  your disdain for the half million plus girls and boys murdered by abortionists every year in this country.

Please reconsider your decision to become a lawless public official who dishonors our country and our Constitution.

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Pay your dam taxes... mine pays irs salaries....state patrol.....sec.... unfortunately the compromised FBI......and dam it ...EDIT "I WANT THEM TO DO THEIR DAM JOB. I want my money's worth..  

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Who doesn't enjoy getting molested by the TSA ? It's cheaper than a hooker. (sarc) Security is whether you have your finger on the trigger or not.

. . . _ _ _ . . . Wed, 07/11/2018 - 00:58 Permalink

We'd be safer in cages, like the animals in a zoo.
But that's conflating safety with security.
And is safety really what we want?

I would say that there can be no fun without some element of risk.
We splash each other with water at the risk of getting wet.
We bet some money on a card, or on a stock, at the risk of losing it.
We jump out of planes at the risk of being flattened.
The greater the risk, the greater the fun - the reward.

I'm ready to have a boatload of fun with anyone who wants me never to have any again.

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You got it Brother, you hit the nail right on the head!

More Social Engineering on the part of the 'U.S. Dept. of Justice'!

(The name itself is even a joke, considering the whole Russia Gate fabrication, & their unwillingness to submit to congressional subpoenas...Along w/ the rest of their lying bullshit, going back to the time of GaY J.Edgar Hoover, the cross dressing Queer.)

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I'm really tired of Edward Snowden being dragged out every time the need to waken the American people arises.  Even he said - correctly - that his revelations were barely the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  Good lord,  things are so far beyond what he has said. This Government has taken intrusive surveillance most people haven't imagined - not only via satellite, but imagery and even implants - and threaded targeted persons' most intimate behaviours and even projected behaviour into major films. One more time here, folks - in August 2016, Senator Dianne Feinstein openly stated that the entire film industry is in direct collusion with America's intelligence agencies.  She was NOT disparaging this, only addressing how transparent it had become.  I am writing from Arizona, where surreptitious residential break-ins by "law enforcement"  are nearly as frequent as are the protected CPS-kidnapped children from Utah appearing in the bushland around Tuscon to be ravaged & dismembered.  I can get more graphic with these accounts.  The cops increasingly are boyos back from Iraq or Afghnaistan, or Israeli-trained wannabes, either way we are the enemy.  Funny thing is, they are making some us real enemies.

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Robbie parker's father in law was murdered in the months leading up to sandy hoax. I did a 3 part youtube series on this. jootube shut me down as part of the recent purge. Mr. Cottle was 'accidented' during a bike race. They covered their tracks (smokescreened)  by faking another guy's death during the same race.

He was a veteran and very likely the only one who would have spoken out, as per their pre crimes unit.



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I`ll take my fishing pole to the riverbank, and forget about the nanny state control freaks.....

At least until the game warden comes to check my fishing license......LMAO!.....


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The Patriot Act kicked it all off.  Just think, 342 pages that dramatically altered EVERYTHING.  And it was done in 30 days after 9/11.  Now ask yourself....what can the government accomplish in 30 days.

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Seems like Mueller ought to get some time in solitude---"National Defense Authorization Act) provisions for indefinite detention both for American citizens and/or illegal aliens. The decision also leaves the president with the right to order such a detention... of anyone, for whatever reason... at his discretion."