China Prepares To Dominate South Pacific With Week Of Electronic Warfare Drills

While the Trump administration unveiling another round of tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion - for which China's Commerce Ministry is planning "countermeasures," Beijing quietly began conducting military drills at five bases for electronic warfare, cybersecurity, reconnaissance and tactical strikes at five training bases, reports the South China Morning Post.

Over 50 combat units consisting of around 2,100 officers are taking part in the war games, which includes airborne troops, special forces and electronic warfare experts from the Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central command theatres, according to official accounts over social media.

The war games began simultaneously at the Zhurihe Combined Tactics Training Base near Inner Mongolia, as well as four military institutes in Chongqing, Hebei and hefei provinces, as well as the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, according to the ground force.

The drill was meant to replicate combat conditions so the troops would stay in camps rather than barracks or dormitories, the ground force said via social media on Monday.

Military inspectors from the PLA’s anti-corruption watchdog, the military’s disciplinary commission, were sent to monitor the war games, with live pictures and video footage being sent to relevant troops, it said.

The combat units were made up almost entirely of new graduates and military officers from the surveillance troops, information security force, cyberwarriors, special fighting troops and a strike team from the army’s aviation unit, the ground force said on its WeChat account. -SCMP

China's ground force said that the five new units were organized with the goal of "transforming their tradition combat role into a "modern army to right with the navy and air force," along with the newly established strategic support unit and the rocket force.

The five theatre commands were established directly by President Xi Jinping - who replaced the army's seven military commands in February, 2016 to become chairman of the Central Military Commission. He has since shed 300,000 members of the PLA - cutting the army's size down to 2 million troopsFor reference, the entire US military has around 1.3 million troops. 

Xi laid out an ambitious plan in October for the PLA to modernize by 2035, on its way to becoming "one of the strongest forces by 2050," reports The Morning Post, emphasizing technology and modern warfare strategies. 

“The scale of new combat forces has been expanded and becomes more important in combat effectiveness after many traditional troops and outmoded weapons were dissolved amid the military overhaul,” said a PLA commentary published on June 15.

That said, some ground force leaders fell short of Xi's new requirements, according to The PLA Daily - the public face of the Army.

“However, some commanders failed to understand and study the real role of new combat forces, with some turning the new units into superficial troops or even ‘master of none’ … and some even immersing in traditional combat drills, letting the new combat units become an isolated fighting force.”

On Friday, CNBC reported that China was quietly conducting electronic warfare tests on tech-jamming technology in the South China Sea - weeks after delivering military equipment to the disputed Spratley Islands

The move allows Beijing to further project its power in the hotly disputed waters. The placement of electronic warfare assets, which are designed to confuse or disable communications and radar systems, comes on the heels of China's installation of anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems on three outposts in the hotly contested waters of the South China Sea. -CNBC

The Spratleys lie two-thirds of the way east from Southern Vietnam to the southern Philippines - while just north like the Parcel islands, where Beijing has 10 outposts, including Woody Island - their administrative and military headquarters in the South China Sea. 

[insert: 105181437-skitchSCSmap.530x298.  , 105096240-Woody_1_25_18_R1C1_wm.530x298.jpg ] 

China will be looking to compete with the United States' GPS system with their Beidou program - also known as Compass. The system is expected to be completed by 2020, and will significantly improve China's electronic warfare capabilities. 

The Beidou system will definitely ‘add wings’ to the PLA, but only when all service troops are able to operate the new combat skills smoothly," said Hong Kong-based military expert Song Zhongping, who added "Electronic warfare – like cyberwarriors and army aviation air strike operations – are strategically important in modern combat, as many new weapons also need the support of electronic facilities." 

Professor He Qisong, a defence policy specialist at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, said the drills this week indicated that the PLA was exploring a new training model to prepare commanders and soldiers for modern warfare.

“All the electronic warfare operations need a comprehensive and safe cybersecurity network. That’s why the strategic support force was established [in late 2015], and it has played a key supporting role in different service troops,” he said. -SCMP

“As a traditional ground force without real combat experience since the late 1970s, it really takes time for the army to break in modern warfare operations with so many newly established units.”


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I have YoY experience teaching remedial composition to mainland Chinese at the university level.

They are far from the intellectual heavyweights you believe them to be.

Take away the steep tuition currently charged for international students (to wit, their raison d'être), and none of them would qualify for admission, by any metric.



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You are correct. My daughter is on the 100 percentile - intelligence tested above 140. She was in a class for gifted students, mostly Chinese. She told me 'trust me dad, theyre not that smart - they just put in lots of hours'. Working hard is great but they fall short in the smarts department. A little baffling because most world iq charts show the Chinese on top

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“A little baffling because most world iq charts show the Chinese on top.”

We see similar data every quarter.  Meanwhile, remedial courses are packed to overflowing with mainland Chinese, and university expulsions for mainland Chinese caught cheating on exams and engaging in plagiarism remain sky-high.  My favorite explanation sitting on a due process panel: “I did not cheat - I was clever!”  Lulz...

Then again, would anyone in academia ever tell us how well whites perform, especially white males?  No, of course not.

”Figures don’t lie but liars, figure.”

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They have a culture that respects learning and strives for it. Australia has a culture of laziness and hating intellectuals. Australia respects dumb people who can throw and catch a ball.

This is why the Chinese dominate the schools and universities here. Can't speak for other countries - but you are right. It's not extra natural talent, it's just lots of hard work.

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The Hague Tribunal’s South China Sea Ruling:

"The panel found that China’s claims of historic rights within the nine-dash line, which Beijing uses to demarcate its claims in the South China Sea, were without legal foundation. The panel also concluded that Beijing’s activities within the Philippines’ two-hundred-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ), such as illegal fishing and environmentally ruinous artificial island construction, infringed on Manila’s sovereign rights."


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"China Prepares To Dominate South Pacific..."
Inappropriate headline.
They are the dominant power, and it's their back-yard.
Oh, the insolence!

" five training bases."
Training, at training bases? How dare they?

Give it a rest, USA.
Nobody is sympathetic to your plight.

Give it a rest, Marla.
Nobody is sympathetic to your revenue-generating clickbait and fear-mongering... except the left, but have you forgotten where you are?

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Yeah, my bet is the losers in the digital blue on white cammo.

All I see are some Chinese people in drag wasting time huddling in a group photo like high school football yearbook.

The one thing that China cannnot show us is anything real. Stock footage of conscripted psyched out young bloods doesn't make me worry a shit.

Can anyone educate me on when China military ever did any fucking thing in any country since ww2? I am completely ignorant on this and just don't have the first idea of what China has ever done that wasn't gang related. I'm asking for information.

My army air corps grandpa trained a chinese bomber squadron in ww2. Since then, what? What the fuck has China done? Nothing. China military is a front. China built the Great Wall. China, if it wasn't beating on any other east Asian Island culture would shit it's pants in a live fight. China is an ant colony, a hive mind. China is a tracer of technology and an innovator in cheap formulated exports. China can suck a fuck.

China can build all the fake islands protected by all the fake military it wants for a fake cause for a fake history for a fake government for fake money for fake valor. China pumps out plastic shit and murdered it's life blood at home behind closed doors.

1 billion mouths to feed with brains full of shit. Safety in numbers.

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  An air-frame is only as good as it's propulsion system.

  I laugh when parallels are drawn with a capsule orbiting Earth and an advanced fighter jet.

  Get back to me me when a propulsion system combines the best of those two attributes.

 Sorry for wandering. Chinese planes are basically under-powered.

  The irony of this exorcise, is that the Chinese will just build more of the same shit, over and over, because of the worthless Yuan.

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The Chinese Communists are as dumb as dumb gets. They are provoking the Japanese who are now building Fleet Carriers and have reformed the Imperial Marines. Without any doubt Japan probably has 400 plus nukes that they can easily deliver.


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More NWO LIES and Anti-China "Fear Porn"...Please Don't fall for this!



Notice the emphasis on Chinese "Electronic Warfare" in this neocon Fake News propaganda!

That emphasis is put out by the Globalist, so when the FBI/FEMA hit the "Kill Switch" on our power grid and internet and Try and blame it Falsely on China, the American people in theory at least, having  already brainwashed ahead of time by stories like these, will more willingly go along with 1. Martial Law/Curfew

                                               2. Food/Firearm Confiscation

                                               3. Mandatory military/national service

                                               4. Mandatory microchipping/vaccination


                                               5. Our Enslavement/Genocide