As Elon Musk Vows To Fix Flint's Water System Next, One Investor Has Had Enough

After Elon Musk's efforts to demonstrate his engineering genius in Thailand failed to be appreciated by the world resulting in an odd public spat with the leader of the local rescue team, the Tesla CEO, who suddenly appears eager to find any distractions from focusing on the one thing that matters to Tesla investors, producing cars, has found a new calling: he will take on the contaminated water system in Flint, Michigan.

Responding to a twitter dare that "there's NO WAY you could help get clean water to Flint, Michigan. Said you wouldn't be capable idk", Musk immediately responded:

Please consider this a commitment that I will fund fixing the water in any house in Flint that has water contamination above FDA levels. No kidding.

He then asked people on twitter to "reply to my tweet with ppm & ppb test results & will send someone to install a water filter. Creating email, but I’m in China so that won’t be working until tomorrow."

While the statement provoked the usual snarky comments from Twitter...

... Musk's latest hobby, however, could be frowned upon by one of Tesla’s biggest investors, who earlier on Wednesday called for Tesla to "keep its head down and focus on performance", or as Bloomberg put it, pipe down and execute.

Speaking in a Bloomberg TV interview, James Anderson, a partner and portfolio manager at Baillie Gifford & Co., Tesla’s fourth- largest shareholder, said that “we are very supportive, but we would like peace and execution at this stage", adding that “it would be good to just concentrate on the core task.”

While Anderson didn’t comment on Musk specifically or elaborate on Tesla’s issues while speaking from Allen & Co.’s Sun Valley conference, Anderson appears to be addressing Musk's increasingly erratic behavior of late: Musk has made headlines by attacking journalists and Wall Street analysts in recent months as the company has struggled to ramp up production of its Model 3 sedan and stem losses.

According to Bloomberg data, Baillie Gifford owned 12.8 million shares as of the end of March, a stake that’s worth more than $4 billion at current prices. Only Musk, T. Rowe Price and Fidelity owner FMR LLC have a bigger position.

It remains to be seen if the public chiding will lead to any substantial behavioral changes for Musk, who instead of producing cars appears to have spent the bulk of his past two months on twitter. 


HockeyFool Wed, 07/11/2018 - 17:24 Permalink

The solution is easy. Its the money it will take to do it that is the problem.

By the way, Flint does not have the highest lead levels in Michigan. 71 places in Michigan have higher lead than Flint.

Many of the high lead areas are in predominately white communities.

But sadly there is no way to virtue signal by fixing the water supply in a white area.



helloimjohnnycat SamAdams Wed, 07/11/2018 - 19:34 Permalink

Because El Lolita has sucked government money which derives from OUR efforts, and suddenly he's the Big Chief saving the world from ourselves with OUR money.

He's a piece of propped-up fuck-wash.  He needs to OFF himself before things get worse.

Grind him up, dry his grist in the noon day sun, and sprinkle the desert with his remains.

Whatever happens, please don't waste another joule rocketing the shaker filled with his cracked-ass into space.

No, I won't be buying a Tesla.



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NVTRIC beemasters Wed, 07/11/2018 - 19:35 Permalink

ZH is Pro Trump, Pro Russia, Pro Jew.

If it is on the internet, it is here to manipulate you into virtue signaling so you can be sorted, weighed and found lacking to be worthy of drawing breath.  The great AI in the sky has a plan for all of us.  And, you get a choice.  The choices are ZERO and ONE.


Ain't free will grand?

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Truth_Hoits beemasters Wed, 07/11/2018 - 23:00 Permalink

Where is the attack, Tesla stuck owner...errr, I mean Tesla stock owner?


Tesla doesn't have a viable company, but his antics are pure gold. The guy is losing it.

Many geniuses do very well under pressure... But when they can't rinse because there is no break in the pressure, they crack... Musk is desperately trying to distract himself so he can rinse.


He's VERY desperate. you're not seeing this?

This means that we are going to get a Martin Shkreli event... Theranos...  Madoff.. Enron... Or just a regular run of the mill Ponzi scheme revelations soon.

Mark it. It's not a matter of if... Just a matter of when. 




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Ajax-1 Mr. Schmilkies Wed, 07/11/2018 - 18:01 Permalink

I think so. Hey Elon, first things first. You owe it to your stockholders to build a car that doesn't explode into flames upon impact. Once you have fixed your design flaws, try to make a profit for your stock holders. In the interim, just say no to cars in outer space, miniature submarines and water problems in Flint. 

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