It's The Wrong Park! How The Ducks Raise Some Serious Questions In The Salisbury Poisonings

Authored by Rob Slane via,

According to the Metropolitan Police investigation into the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, here is a timeline of events on 4th March:

13:40: Sergei and Yulia arrived at the Sainsbury’s upper level car park in The Maltings. The pair go to The Mill pub.

Approximately 14.20: They eat at Zizzi restaurant on Castle Street

15:35: They leave the restaurant

16:15: Emergency services are called by a member of the public to the bench where Sergei and Yulia are slumped on a bench

So: car park, pub, restaurant, bench. Simples? Not so, as we shall see.

On 28th March, an article appeared in the Sun, which talked about a 12-year-old boy from Salisbury, Aiden Cooper, who was apparently in a park with his parents, when he saw the Skripals and went over to them to feed the ducks:

“A schoolboy told yesterday how he was caught up in the poison spy drama after assassination target Sergei Skripal gave him bread to feed ducks. Aiden Cooper, 12, was playing in a park with pals when they saw Skripal and daughter Yulia beside a stream. They were handed bread and are among the last people to have had contact with the retired ­Russian military intellig­ence colonel, now fighting for his life.

Of course, I would always want to have a large bucket of salt on standby when reading anything in The Sun, but in this case I see no reason why they, or the people quoted in the article, would make this up. In any case, the story was repeated in a number of other outlets (The MirrorThe Mail and Metro for instance), and it mentions that the parents only found out about the identity of the breadman when they were contacted by police.

Now, the interesting thing about The Mirror, The Mail and Metro pieces is that they are all either very wrong or very vague about a quite crucial detail. The Mirror and The Mail both tell us that the incident took place “near the Avon Playground”. And Metro tells us that the incident took place at “Riverside Park”.

For those of you not familiar with Salisbury, let me shed some light. The Avon Playground mentioned by The Mirror and The Mail is next to the Avon River, and it is also about 50 yards or so from the bench where the Skripals were found (as an aside, this is not the same Avon as in Stratford-upon-Avon. Avon is a Celtic word meaning river). As for Riverside Park mentioned by Metro, this may be a figment of their imagination, as no such named park exists in Salisbury. But the important point is that from the details given in these articles, nobody would think anything other than that the duck-feeding incident took place in the same park as the bench on which the Skripals were found.

Yet all three of these media outlets are wrong, and in a way that may well be very significant. Turning back to the report in The Sun, we find that it is by far the most detailed of all the reports on the duck incident. In fact, it appeared three days after the others appeared, with The Sun sending a reporter to interview the boy and his parents. Here is a snippet:

“Aiden and his pals are thought to be the youngest of 130 exposed to the nerve agent Novichok, said to have been unleashed in Salisbury by President Vladimir Putin

Aiden’s family were alerted after cops traced him from CCTV pics.

Aiden’s civil engineer dad Luke, 33, said: ‘Obviously we had seen the incident on the news but didn’t think we were involved at all. Aiden was playing in the park with his friends when they spotted the Russian gentleman and his daughter. Kids being kids they went over and he gave them some bread and they fed the ducks. We didn’t think anything of it until two weeks later when then the police knocked on our door.’

It was terrifying. We took Aiden to hospital for a load of tests and then the police told us they had to burn everything Aiden was wearing that day.'”

So presumably, Aiden and his friends were seen on camera, as was Sergei Skripal and possibly Yulia, and this was on 4th March. We aren’t told when in the day this was, but given that the police traced the family, and Aiden then had to go to hospital, it clearly must have been after the police claim Mr Skripal came into contact with nerve agent on his door handle.

But here’s the significant fact (I am indebted to a lady who contacted me to point it out, and I must say I kicked myself for not having realised it before). Unlike the media outlets mentioned above, The Sun doesn’t mention the name of the park, but the piece is accompanied by four photographs of Aiden with his parents in the park where they saw the Skripals, and indeed one of them has the caption “Aiden with his parents by the pond where he spoke to Skripal”. Here is one of the pictures:

But do you know something? This isn’t the Avon Playground. It isn’t even the non-existent Riverside Park. Do you want to know where it is? It happens to be Queen Elizabeth Gardens.

Why is this important? As you are probably aware, Queen Elizabeth Gardens is now a focal point of Skripal 2.0, as it is alleged to be the place where Dawn Sturgess, who has now sadly passed away, picked up a syringe or a container with the toxic substance in. And whilst I’m not entirely sure whether the location of the duck incident being in Queen Elizabeth Gardens, rather than the Avon Playground, has any bearing in terms of the cases themselves, it does raise three huge questions:

Firstly, according to the Metropolitan Police timeline at the top of this piece, there is no mention of Mr Skripal and Yulia going to Queen Elizabeth Gardens. Why is this, since according to the parents of Aiden Cooper, the police knew that they had been there, having seen footage of them feeding the ducks with their son and his friends?

Secondly, if the police knew that Mr Skripal and Yulia had been in Queen Elizabeth Gardens, and that this was after they were poisoned (as they claim), why was Queen Elizabeth Gardens not closed off immediately and subject to a clean-up operation, as were other places in the City where the Skripals were known to have visited?

Thirdly, assuming the latest official narrative, did the failure to close off and clean up Queen Elizabeth Gardens back in March, when it was known the Skripals had been there, make it more or less likely that someone would come into contact with the alleged nerve agent container at some point?

These are serious questions. I think you’ll agree that they deserve serious answers.


One or two comments suggest that a map would be helpful. Again, I am indebted to the lady who pointed the Queen Elizabeth Gardens connection out to me, who has helpfully created a map with the main areas of interest (see below).

Can I just caution about one thing though. The point of my post was not to try and work out whether Queen Elizabeth Gardens is important as regards the original case. I think we could go down endless rabbit holes trying to work out where the Skripals went, when they went there, and what this might mean. Unfortunately, we simply do not know this, as there is too much information that we are not party to.

What I am trying to do at the moment is exploit holes in the official story (of which there are more than a few). The police have not included QEG in their timeline, and yet they apparently know that the Skripals were there that day. Why have they not included it? Why did they not close the Gardens down? And had they done so, could this have prevented others from coming into contact with the substance?

I am not saying that I necessarily think there was a substance there. There may or may not have been. However, the point is that the authorities are saying this and yet those same authorities apparently know that the Skripals were there on 4th March, but have hushed this up. Therefore, we need to turn up the volume on it and they need to explain themselves.


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EuroPox GassedUpOldMan Thu, 07/12/2018 - 04:26 Permalink

The kids were with the Skripals feeding ducks and then failed to recognise them in any of the pictures that flooded TV/newspapers etc... for 2 weeks?   What's wrong with these kids?

The whole Skripal saga is lies - "of a type developed by liars".  Nothing TPTB tell us about it is true.  Somewhere, there is an equal opportunities hire that thought this would be a good way to keep the story going and demonize Russia for poisoning kids!  They were wrong - it's BS!

If the police farce wants to prove me wrong, all they have to do is release the CCTV and then we can all see the Skripals feeding the ducks.

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Whoa Dammit Ace006 Thu, 07/12/2018 - 08:54 Permalink

Why would a kid have to go to the hospital and why would the clothes he was wearing have to be burned two weeks after the fact? If he was exposed to the nerve agent he would have been dead or very sick way before two weeks had passed. The entire novichok story is so full of holes and lacking in any logic that it is not even funny.

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EuroPox Yog Soggoth Thu, 07/12/2018 - 07:49 Permalink

No, actually, British governement scientists have determined that if you put Novichock on bread (preferably white) and then feed it to ducks, Novichok is entirely harmless.

We are learning more and more about the miraculous properties of Novihoax - every time the official story needs a new 'fact', well there it is!  Novihoax has a long/short shelf life.  It does/doesn't kill in minutes.  It is/isn't affected by rain.  Whatever you need Novihoax to do... it just does it.

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bkboy Reality_checkers Thu, 07/12/2018 - 10:36 Permalink

No, we just follow the rules of logic.  Here is your logic:

Russia has poisoned people.  True.

The Skripols were poisoned.  Let's assume that is true.

Russian poisoned the Skripols.  WTF?

You say that questioning this conclusion means we are ignoring 100 years of history, but nobody here is challenging or ignoring your first premise.  We just prefer logic over speculation and bias when it comes to starting World War III.   

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SoDamnMad Thu, 07/12/2018 - 03:38 Permalink

The green lawn near the words "Town Path Bridge" was where the stealth Russian helicopter landed to pick up the poisoners who swam in that creek to wash off the deadly nerve agent so the pilot wouldn't be overcome.  Tom Clancy told me this.

GassedUpOldMan Thu, 07/12/2018 - 04:00 Permalink

I would assume one pond is closer than the other so they just took the picture there to save time. News orgs are shit, stop using inconsistencies that can be attributed to the fact journalists are stupid as "proof" of coverups.

MPJones Thu, 07/12/2018 - 04:08 Permalink

After a long career in publishing and journalism I can offer a far simpler and more likely explanation: the photographer sent to take the photos for the article did not bother to go to the original site but just took some by the nearest decorative pond, "if possible one with ducks"...

Obamanism666 Thu, 07/12/2018 - 04:13 Permalink

Curious case of the Ducks that Quacked: "Well Sherlock what do you make of it?" Said Watson. "Watson, it is quiet Clear that we are being led on a wild Goose chase or wild duck chase" Said Sherlock. " Watson note If the Poison is on the door handle and was touched by the right Hand. Note the bread was handed to the boy with the right hand and the boy fed the ducks. Both the Boy and the Ducks are ok so therefore there is no poison on the door handle."

"My Goodness Watson". Then it must have be a cover up

moon_unit Thu, 07/12/2018 - 04:34 Permalink

They are super-ducks immune to the most deadly of poisons. And so are all the other birds and animals in town, mice, foxes, sparrows, pigeons, blackbirds, crows. As were his pets but sadly they weren't immune to thirst, hunger, needles or fire.

-Abpritzen Sie die Katze! Große Nadel, das Loch hoch! Ist es beschweren?

-Ja, Frau Präsidentin!

-Exzellent, Sklave! Es ist abgeschlossen? Feuer, Feuer, ich will großes Feuer!

krage_man Thu, 07/12/2018 - 05:42 Permalink

Most likely they were threatened by some special services from US/UK about release of some info about covert work done against Trump. They wanted to sell it or something and some substance ( not novichok) was given to them to prevent hand over of docs to the third party. They were temporary incapacitated by CIA alike. It was then used by May to distract public from Brexit. The holes in the story have started emerging, but UK mass media has been banned to report on it.

Tess Ting Thu, 07/12/2018 - 06:23 Permalink

"The Riverside" is a car park and area just off Mill Stream Approach not far from Castle Street by the banks of the river. The picture of the family might just have been for a photo with ducks (though why they were allowed in QE Gardens for the photo is a different matter).

Fahq Yuhaad Thu, 07/12/2018 - 06:35 Permalink

The 2nd photo down doesn't look real. The degree of Bokeh (background unsharp, subjects sharp) seems too extreme for a normal lens. Figures were probably copied and pasted over the background. Photoshop job.