For Peace With Putin, End America's Pointless Wars

Authored by George O'Neill Jr., via The American Conservative,

Ignore the establishment: Trump has a huge opportunity at his upcoming summit...

The upcoming summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is an overdue opportunity for the American president’s next bold peace initiative. It is time for the U.S. to stop its wasteful wars, and Russia can be a constructive partner to this end.

The mainstream press on both sides of the Atlantic will howl against any agreement between Trump and Putin—no matter what’s in it. So why not take steps that the American public will instinctively understand and that will provide the support for Trump to end America’s failed interventions? Besides what are his opponents going to do? Vilify him for seeking peace and starting the process of healing the many wounds of the wars? The American people are not fooled by false claims that Trump is soft on terrorism; they are aware that U.S. military interventions oftentimes can—and do—fuel terrorism.

President Trump should propose a drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan in exchange for a drawdown of Russian troops in Syria (along with a pledge that America has no interest in reengaging in the Syrian Civil War). This would be consistent with Trump’s oft-stated observation that America’s wars (declared and undeclared) in the Middle East have been a waste.

Trump need not “recognize” the Russian annexation of Crimea but he should assert that a resolution to the situation on the ground in Ukraine is a European matter - to be settled by bilateral negotiations between Russia and Europe.

Understanding of this magnitude would obviate the main pretext for the senseless escalation of pecuniary diplomatic sanctions - the defenestration of embassy and consulate staff - on the parts of both Russia and the United States. The return of the possibility of civilian travel between the two nations would do wonders to lower tensions. (Remember, even at the height of the Cold War, President Eisenhower argued that populations denied contact with each other would tend to be suspicious of each other—and prone to minor conflicts that could escalate into larger wars.)

The American public is not interested in diplomatic and media theater. They know two things to be true: the failing “Trump-Russia collusion” hysteria is proving baseless (and distracting from concerns over economic growth and jobs); and whatever America’s international security interests are in the Middle East, we are all better protected with allies that face similar threats.

Russia has more reason to be concerned over Islamic terrorism than America. Their southern border touches on several Islamic countries: Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan. The instability created by America’s misguided military adventures has, for years, been unsettling to Russia. According to a friend who has long studied Russia, America’s post-Cold War military aggression, starting in the Balkans, began the ascension to power of Russian military hardliners who were skeptical of America’s intentions for peace.

Russia has a significantly better understanding of and influence over most of those countries, including Iran. America’s relationship with Iran has long been hostile due to years of interference and mistreatment. The relationship was seriously complicated in 1953 when our CIA and British intelligence overthrew their democratically elected prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, and placed the brutal Shah in power. The Washington keyboard warriors never mention this sad chapter in our history. Imagine how we would feel towards a country that interfered with us to that extent.

How much smarter would it be for Russia to work with its neighbor Iran to limit the civil war in Yemen, than for America to continue to provide military support to Saudi Arabia to perpetuate a colossal human tragedy?

The naysayers ridiculed Trump’s peace initiative with North Korea, and yet his denuclearization and pacification of the Korean Peninsula advances (in contrast to the efforts of four previous American presidential administrations). Given that Trump and Kim could sit together, what stands in the way of progress with Putin?

The past year and a half of Russophobia have been driven by the “bitter clingers” of Hillary’s failed national political ambitions, the military-industrial complex, corporate interests, corporate media, the Washington/New York/Hollywood commentariat, and foreign lobbyists. Too many of them profit from an endless state of war—throughout the world and, in particular, with Russia.

Washington and its clients are terrified that the war gravy train will be slowed or stopped. Our NATO clients are afraid of carrying their own national defense burdens. Washington neocons are perfectly willing to continue to waste the lives of our devoted military to protect both their funding and a world order that the West’s victory in the Cold War has rendered moot.

Again, the American people share no such delusions and are overwhelmingly tired of the wars they cannot explain or even locate on a globe. These wars have damaged and destroyed American families. War proponents’ repeated incantations about “supporting the troops” instead of keeping them home to protect their families and our country has worn thin.

We hear stories about parents being separated from their children at our borders, but not a peep about the American children being separated from their soldier parents and parents being separated from their soldier sons and daughters abroad.

The July 16 Trump-Putin summit is an opportunity for the president to act boldly in the face of near-total establishment opposition and work to bring peace to a war-weary world. If he works to reduce America’s involvement in its wars, the Russo-American disagreements will fade.


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President Trump should propose a drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan in exchange for a drawdown of Russian troops in Syria (along with a pledge that America has no interest in reengaging in the Syrian Civil War).

fk. what civil war? 

This is just american entitlement.

Where is the reciprocity in that, thats not a bargaining point. USA is going broke and the economy can't keep funding the MIC for the wars. The occupations are not very profitable, sure poppies in afghanistan...

How about USA stops funding Israel? stops maintaining the occupation of Golan Heights? and stop sanctions on Russia, Iran. stops murdering. stop funding the white helmets, stop them cutting limbs  off those with minor injuries.

 just trying keep you bastards honest

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Trump has no interest in ending wars because he is being controlled by the military-industrial complex. Why else is he supporting Israel and running his Anti-Iran policy? Industrials want a new war and Trump gives it to them.

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Drumpf isn't meeting Putin to make a peace or decrease nuclear standoffs.

If that was the case he would have set up a meeting immediately after the selection and defuse the cloud of unwanted tensions his predecessor began and strengthen relationships.




  • Orange went to Saudistan, another tribesKingodom of the kikes, kiss MBS ass then to went to Israhell for the Bibis cock @Knesset bending, then to the ultimate kingmakers, Jesuit popish evil blessings.
  • Then 59 tomahawks fired to Syria over FF, to ease his own MIC/Pentagon/Zionist warmonger.
  • Then takes the credit of defeating ISIS etc of Syria/Russia/Iran
  • Then We all know the things his regime done to NK
  • Then we all know what he and his jooish daughter in law of Bibi  private proxies of  666 street billionaires done to Iran and JCPOA, still doing the bidding of I$I$rahell to get 'em eliminated 
  • Then we know all his evil promise to gave what it's not in his power to give aka Jerusalem act and what he did to Palestinians
  • Then we all know what his regime in collaboration with the UK, arming Saudisatn and assisting in the daily bombardment of Yemenis
  • His regime continued sabotaging and cornering of Russia, increase sanctions, close diplomatic fronts, fire diplomates even over the UK Skripal bold FF cases
  • Still, the fire over ME continued, the making of death and destructions, make nations into rubble


Not to mention the internal matters out there.

I can go on and on.


Now you wanted to tell me the last place Orange would go is Russia, the bogeymen, for peace?


I tell you the agenda is always MIGA, what do you think Bibi went yesterday to Moscow ahead of Trump-Putin SUMMIT?


All of Mericans foreign policy actions come from the Israhell, copy that.


So please, America is sick, her sicknesses are within.


After all of these the gift that went on giving,

I would be surprised if they didn't prize him with the Oscar shit they are aiming him to nominate.




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It's a complicated business.

Surely you can understand the difficulty in meeting Putin prior to now with the interference created by those players mentioned above, no? 

I wouldn't claim that you KNOW exactly his intentions and you might want to question why he wants to meet with him at all based on your view of matters.

His actions have been contradicting but I think that's more due to the barriers than true intent.  He's still following through on his announced intentions from 2015-16.  He has spoken with NK, he has decried NATO, he has openly claimed that getting along with Putin is better than the alternative. 

He is gaining strength with the Mueller case lacking any teeth and popular opinion rising with the economy, jobs, border debate wins, SC picks, best CO2 emission output in 67 years, tariffs...the guy has been busy and he's been under attack from everyone imaginable. 

Let's see how this develops over the next several years.

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OT: Trump pardoned the Hammonds.  I don't presume to know what Trump thinks of them or if he cares but he is damn near as good as Churchill on the propaganda level at this point.  Good decision, though I wish he would have described why more.  What an opportunity lost... or maybe not.

Ms No Lost in translation Thu, 07/12/2018 - 03:07 Permalink

True. I don't know how somebody could approach that case and not lay down a 30 page dissertation written as if it was the only thing they would ever accomplish, especially being one of the only people on earth with the audience and power to do so, and being that the media wont.  I guess it must not have been that important, to them.  The federal .gov was going to be in a world of hurt if old man Bundy died in jail. Well played...    

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This guy is smoking some powerful dope. The vast majority of Americans are NOT awake and continue to fall for the propaganda that Putin's out to get them and the rest of the world. Except for the "fake media" the real fake media of the NY Times, Wapo, the Atlantic, Time, and the rest along with other media across the country spout the Russia is the big bad wolf that needs to be put down to bring peace to the world bullshit. The fake media outlets listed above have a readership of mostly "educated" people who fall hook line and sinker for the bullshit printed on those pages. Says a lot, not in a good way, about the colleges claiming they teach people how to think with their bullshit liberal arts laden curriculum.

Lately in word and deed Trump has shit all over Russia and Putin and the American public, especially the propagandized "educated" masses", the neocons, and the Demorats and many Repubs are expecting Trump to crush Putin. If that doesn't happen Trump is in deep shit.

Aussiestirrer Thu, 07/12/2018 - 02:32 Permalink

So "two faced trump" noe seeks to end wars? What a load of crock. Stop all US wars and there will be a massive outcry from rich generals and politicians who are lining their pockets with war and other people's blood. Trump is just playing to the gullible electoral masses should anyone actually be naive enough to vote for the lying hypocrite. Election over - bsck to war....nay pump up the volume and start a few more wars just to boost the coffers. He nor any of his rich decadent cronies care about the normal people who are dying to make him and others like him rich.

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Initial financial discussions determined that the Australian economy would be at risk if citizens were allowed to immediately access and withdraw Superannuation, further confirming the belief that mandatory Superannuation may not be a viable long term fiscal management tool. And its gone cartoon speaks more truth than we wish to admit. As an American I have twenty percent in a Vanguard life cycle fund.

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With the upcoming meeting between President Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, it should be noted that peace could be in the offing. When elected the less war oriented Trump was seen at the time by many voters as someone who might be able to throttle back the carnage in Syria and Ukraine. The article below was written back then and outlines how Putin holds the key to ending hostilities in both Syria and Ukraine.

 http://Putin Holds Key To Peace In Both Syria And Ukraine.html

koan Thu, 07/12/2018 - 08:04 Permalink

They are not wars, they are corporate police actions.
If you want to get all bothered about something, get bothered by the fact that corporations are using the US military/mercs to facilitate acquisition.

GPW Thu, 07/12/2018 - 08:22 Permalink

This all makes too much sense.  Therefore, it will never happen.

Anyway, how will the MIC make the big $ if they can't drop bombs on someone?

Trump has big balls.  The question is does he have big enough balls to challenge the MIC?



koan Thu, 07/12/2018 - 09:13 Permalink

I think it would be great if the US and Russia finally became true allies, that's probably the only bloc that could defeat China in a war.

BrownCoat koan Thu, 07/12/2018 - 14:03 Permalink

"Defeat China in a war" 

IMO China relies too heavily on intimidation and force. China, however, is not stupid. China will not intentionally engage in a hot war with the US. China might accidentally start a war through miscalculation, but I doubt it. 

The US does not want war with China. The US MIC and/or the globalist may like wars. Even they will balk at a war between superpowers because large scale conflicts are too unpredictable.  It looks like Trump is appeasing the MIC by "rebuilding" US military strength.

The aerospace industry fully supports the Space Force. Their stock prices doubled during Bush Junior's reign. And all the aerospace industry had to do was pretend to build anti-ballistic missile weapons (that still do not work).

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