The Power Of Delusion


Way back in the olden thymes, I was going back and forth with a liberal acquaintance about a topic related to his cult’s recent fixation on diversity. I no longer recall the details of the conversation, but at some point he said, “The reason we moved to Arlington was so our child could experience diversity.” He was speaking of Arlington Massachusetts, one of the whitest places on earth. He had moved to honkeyville, but he had somehow convinced himself that it was a rainbow community of racial and ethnic diversity.

Being a polite person, I laughed in his face. There are limits to civility. I doubt he has ever forgiven me for not only laughing at the ridiculous claim, but then proceeding to point out the demographic reality of his new home. Arlington is roughly 85% white and 10% Asian and those Asians will be college professors and professionals. The tiny black and Hispanic population is clustered in one area of town. You can drive around the place all day and never see a brown face that is not riding a lawnmower or leaf blower.

Now, I have no doubt that my former acquaintance and his Progressive hive-mates glorified one another on a regular basis for their embrace of diversity. You can bet they swapped stories about how their kid had a black friend at school or about their supposed friendship with the Muslim coworkers. He actually tried that one on me once. Because it was nothing but virtue signalling, they never faced any push-back. In fact, they got nothing but confirmation from their hive mates, so their delusions were always reinforced.

When people outside the hive wonder how people in the hive can believe the nonsense about diversity and the blank slate, it is important to keep in mind the power of magical thinking. They want this stuff to be true, so they tend to gravitate toward others who have the same fantasies. It is exactly how cults work. The doubt or concern of one member becomes a reason for the rest to double up on their belief. Progressives are people in search of purpose and identity, so they tend to clump together for support.

Whether you call it self-delusion, magical thinking, wishful thinking or whatever, this is powerful juju. My old Progressive acquaintance was not phased by my mockery or the facts I later sent him. In fact, he has only grown more deluded over the years. He’s now one of those old guys who still wears an “I’m With Her” t-shirt and tells people he is a moderate libertarian. It’s not that he is a liar or crazy, it’s that he so desperately wants this image he has of himself to be true, that he has convinced himself it is fact.

It is not just lefty cult members who are prone to self-delusion. Magical thinking is just the grease that makes the gears of life turn smoothly for people. All of us engage in some degree of it. In fact, it may be a requirement of leadership. Read the biographies of great leaders and you almost always find that they had an extreme over-confidence in their abilities. Often, they believed it was their destiny to achieve greatness. It was what pushed them to conquer the world or accomplish some great contribution to humanity.

At the same time, over-the-top belief in some cause is the driving force behind the great evils of history. Stalin was not mindlessly evil. He believed he was on the side of the righteous, just as the Nazis, Chinese communists and other murderous movements of the last century believed they were on the side of good. The Allies in World War II incinerated cities full of women and children, in order to break the will of the other side, because they thought they were fighting a just cause. The self-righteous make the best killers.

The power of self-delusion is not just the belief in some cause, but belief in the face of available evidence. It’s the conflict between the delusion and reality that is the chemical reaction, releasing energy the believers harness. The American Left refers to themselves as the “resistance” even though they are in complete control. It seems that the greater the gap between observable reality and the delusion, the more fanatical the believer. That conflict between reality and the delusion releases energy in relation to its contrast.

This is a useful thing to keep in mind when dealing with lefty relations. Your well-intended efforts to break the spell, only serve to make it stronger. It is counter intuitive, but the best thing you can do for a deluded friend or relative is to act disinterested. If you argue with them, they see that as proof they are speaking truth to power. If you agree with them, even on a small point, they see that as confirmation. Indifference throws water on that chemical reaction and robs them of the energy to carry on in the face of reality.

This is why the Left forces everyone to pick a side. For example, you cannot be indifferent to the various crotch fads. You are either enlightened or a homophobe, open minded or a gender-normative bigot. There can be no middle ground, because the delusion that fuels these causes depends upon the conflict. The indifferent are the black swans of the delusional. It’s not simply hive-mindedness. It is a need for the conflict between their beliefs about themselves and the reality of the world in which those beliefs conflict.


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That’s the reason why TPTB are ruling with impunity. Further the fact that the well educated middle class cannot admit they have been fooled their entire life’s. It’s the arrogance of the sheeple to deem it impossible we are living in a lie. TPTB playing a very easy chess game. With the sheeple/cattle sound asleep. All those false flag/hoaxes are poorly executed and the money trail left in crisis and wars is too obvious. As long the sheeple, especially the well educated, don’t get beyond there own arrogance, TPTB will always win. Easily and I bet I’ll meet you all at the next trip to the slaughterhouse when the first great culling of the 21st Century commences.

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 Cognitive dissonance is a powerful force on the human mind and avoiding it through all sorts of twists of 'logic' is what drives pretty well everyone's attitudes and beliefs. Right/left/centre and everything in between. In a world where 'facts' don't matter and the media creates the 'news', we are indeed rationalizing animals, not rational; often choosing the evidence that fits our narrative.

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EXCELLENT ARTICLE!  A rough black pill for sure...

I have a vain belief that I'll somehow get through to these simpletons.  I've just finally arrived at the point that only eugenics will get us out of this mess.


But whenever I talk to people, I remind them that the average person, this includes them, doesn't respect the truth enough to kill their own beliefs.  & depending on how the person responds, only then do I bother to go on.



But since everyone here is from Zerohedge, and is already somewhere along the path toward the truth...

I'll leave you gents with these gems.



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Good points made but the writer needs a dictionary:


the best thing you can do for a deluded friend or relative is to act disinterested. If you argue with them, they see that as proof they are speaking truth to power. If you agree with them, even on a small point, they see that as confirmation. Indifference throws water on that chemical reaction and robs them of the energy to carry on in the face of reality.


"Disinterested" is when you don't have a "horse in the race" (or "skin in the game"). You don't have an agenda to push. You're impartial, like a good referee.

I think the correct term would have been "uninterested", "unconcerned" or "bored".


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I am only replying to you to get a good place in line.

I take issue with the argument presented.  The proposal is that we not engage with the "deluded" as it only makes them worse.

This is a cop out, and at worst, a shill's argument to keep us quiet.

I am dealing right now with a university professor who's main argument, on receiving certain evidences, is that if the result of considering the evidence is absurd (ie contradicts some presupposition in his worldview) then the evidence must be false.  I have been going back and forth with him for some time and yet, I am detecting cracks in the resolve.  He may very well be coming around.

So do not cop out.  Do not shut up.  Present clear and compelling evidence for your argument.  Do not get upset. 

Preserve relationships before going too far in a discussion.



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Hey, itdoesn't, loved your post!  Although word of advice, it would help when you are excoriating people you hate for being insufferably stupid, if you actually could form a coherent idea about anything other than the usual mindless ad hominem mush.

Also, just a suggestion, since you seem so certain about your implied transcendent wisdom, perhaps, as the writer suggests, you step outside your cuddled orbit among the bourgeois herd, and speak to someone not from this country, perhaps, like me, from the old Soviet Bloc, with someone who lived under actual oppression, who experienced life inside an Orwellian dream of utopian perfection.  Maybe you should do that before you rant about fucking racist fucktards, too stupid to understand how fucking immoral Americans who oppose the bourgeois elitist Weltanschauung really are.  


You disgusting piece of dog shit.  

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just love fucktards who go off on a rant about ad hominem mush then use the same tactic themselves...fuck you people are fucking stupid.  My entire argument is that you stupid fucks are led by fucking narcissists who, with twisted logic, convince you that a fucking moron president is doing more than any other presidents ever...that a fucking moron in chief meeting with dictators is a good thing while the mention of a democrat meeting with dictators is a dumb thing...the double standard in fucking morons is is amazing to me that some americans are so easily led by obfuscation and outright lies when it supports their own racist and world views....fuck you people are fucking disgustingly stupid and easily led... 

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The MSM is paid $$$$$$$$$ to distort the news. Libtard candidates now seek big funds to beat a conservative. The money they raise buys local newspapers who sell out to the highest bidder. Soros has been flooding the campiagns with his money to buy TV slots and newspapers to smear any conservative opposition. Look how they smear this new guy Kavanaugh. Here's another example of a far leftie raising money to fight a conservative:

Hollywood Carpetbagging: Ted Cruz Challenger Beto O’Rourke Heads to LA to Raise Campaign Cash…

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I have no narrative

That's a narrative.  Even more so, this is an overarching metanarrative,  one that guides your other subordinate narratives that are nested within.

Additionally,  "I have no narrative" is therefore a self-negating statement,  a negative self-reflective grand statement that, necessarily, disproves iteself deductively, internally, without need to appeal to external evidence or arguments. 

At best it is a vacuous, unsound and solipsistic assertion.

Based on this, i will rephrase your statement to be inductively plausible:

"I have no self-awareness. I overestimate my grasp of logical thought".

De nada.


Generally a very good article,  though defeatist and unhelpful for victory. But the observation that the larger the gap between reality and their delusional projections the greater the strength they draw from them is superb. All but identical to narcissistic fuel too. We have a plague of infantile narcissism, victimhood mentality and feminised self-objectified minds in the West. And it ain't gonna end well.

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"Often choosing the evidence that fits our narrative"...Often? Try 99% of the time. Im guilty of it too. Someday, if humanity ever advances the point of true self awareness, they will find that the subconscious makes all the decisions in life. The conscious, rational side of the human only creates the narrative that justifies our beliefs and behaviors.

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I WISH that I did not have to agree with the comment by Rapunzal.  However, there are no good grounds to doubt that overall analysis, and therefore, no solid reasons to disagree with those probable predictions of the tragic trajectory that "we" are on, due to having collectively accepted deals that we could not refuse, since the collective runaway "delusions"  were due to excessively successful applications of the methods of organized crime through all aspects of the political processes (including via the schools and mainstream media.)

TPTB  became so due to becoming the best organized gangsters, who have persistently applied the methods of organized crime through the political processes for millennia. In recent Centuries the prodigious progress in physical science has enabled about exponentially advancing technologies to be applied through slavery systems.

The American people, in particular, have been the victims of the most scientific brainwashing that money could buy for generation after generation. Moreover, since TPTB  captured control of the public "money" supplies in the USA more than a Century ago, with the most important milestones being the Federal Reserve Board and Income Tax, the government of the USA has been enforcing frauds by private banks more and more since then.

Not only can politicians be bribed or intimidated to become puppets, but more importantly, those who could not otherwise be bribed or intimidated could be assassinated, or in some other ways discredited or destroyed. The essential situation that underlies the runaway "delusions"  were that believing in bullshit was rewarded, while not believing in bullshit was punished. The basic behavioral techniques of carrots and sticks have been working all too well, for way too long.

The root causes were that successful warfare was based on deceits and treacheries, while governments evolved through civilization driven by that history, which morphed from the War Kings to become the Fraud Kings, since TPTB  are now primarily the international bankers, who have effectively captured control over the political economy of countries.

To the degree that money controls "We the People," those who control the issuance of the public money supplies control "We the People." It is politically impossible to have any relatively rational public debates regarding political issues, in proportion to how important that issues are. Socially successful people are selected by becoming the best available professional hypocrites, who adapt to living inside systems based on enforced frauds. Since those systems are becoming about exponentially more fraudulent, the degree to which so many people are "delusional"  is becoming much more noticeable. Indeed, it painfully obvious to anyone who is able to think critically that:

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.”

― H.L. Mencken

The great paradoxes which are inherent in politics are that there must be some death control systems, while the existing systems have been driven by natural selection pressures to become as dishonest as humanly possible, which includes that those innate trends are endeavouring to become about exponentially more dishonest.

Money is measurement backed by murder. Those combined money/murder systems not only necessarily operate according to the principles and methods of organized crime, but also that necessarily includes the corollaries that the most socially successful murder systems became the most deceitful, upon which basis the most successful money systems become the most fraudulent.

TPTB  have been dominating the development of Globalized Neolithic Civilization for thousands of years, while getting better at doing so by applying scientific methods. Indeed, the oldest and best developed forms of social science and engineering were warfare, whose successfulness maximized maliciousness. The majority of people have been brainwashed to believe in the biggest bullies' bullshit for a long time, which has primarily become the banksters' bullshit. The overall results are that "we" are living inside Wonderland Matrix Bizarro Worlds, where everything is publicly presented in absurdly backward ways.

The article above grossly understates "The Power Of Delusion"  due to its superficially correct analysis of some of the symptoms of the situations which have generally been made and maintained by legalized lies backed by legalized violence. The most important ways that manifests are the powers of governments enforce frauds by private banks, and the big corporations that grew up around those big banks being able to create the public money supplies out of nothing as debts:

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

Everyone making money is participating inside fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, which are not only becoming more fraudulent at about exponential rates, but also, must necessarily continue to do so, otherwise those systems would collapse into chaos. Collectively, "we" are drowning in deepening "delusions."

Since the debt control systems are backed by the death control systems, and since the debt slavery system has driven its numbers to become runaway debt insanities, the overall situation is set up in ways which will probably provoke eruptions of runaway death insanities. That is especially the case because of the degree to which the existing death control systems are so extremely deceitful, and have been for such a long time, that the underlying issues that there must be some death control systems are politically impossible to engage in any relatively rational public debates about.

Human beings live as reproducing gangs of robbers. However, since the biggest and best organized gangsters made and maintained Globalized Neolithic Civilization, those increasingly integrated and sophisticated slavery systems have been perfecting their awesome abilities to spout delusional bullshit.

It is barely possible to exaggerate that:

"Magical thinking is just the grease that makes the gears of life turn smoothly for people. All of us engage in some degree of it. In fact, it may be a requirement of leadership."

The most influential forms of "magical thinking"  are the bookkeeping tricks that create money out of nothing as debts. That kind of magical mathematics almost totally dominates political economy. It is indeed "a requirement of leadership"  for anyone operating inside those fundamentally fraudulent financial account systems to not publicly admit and address the ways in which those systems are becoming about exponentially more fraudulent.

At least, successful leadership will not do so in ways which avoid collapsing back to the background bullshit of false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals regarding "what money should be."  Whether inside the central core of bankster dominated governments, or in the surrounding layers of controlled "opposition," what all of those people tend to have in common in that they are successful by being professional hypocrites, which spout the kinds of bullshit which their respective audiences approve of being repeated.

Great paradoxes are growing and GROWING, that Civilization both necessarily operates according to the methods of organized crime, because the murder systems must dominate other systems, as well as that those systems necessarily maximized maliciousness, upon which basis Civilization became more deeply "delusional"  than is possible to completely comprehend or fully imagine anymore, since prodigious progress in physical science has enabled politics to become collective social psychoses amplified to astronomical sizes.

At the present time, and for the foreseeable finite future, Civilization will continue to become more and more criminally insane at about exponentially increasing rates:

"I bet I’ll meet you all at the next trip to the slaughterhouse when the first great culling of the 21st Century commences."

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Speaking of liberal cultists:

Reuters reports that Uber’s Chief People Officer, Liane Hornsey, has resigned from the company in an email sent to staff. Hornsey’s departure from the company comes shortly after an investigation into her handling of racial discrimination allegations at the company. Hornsey was accused of systematically dismissing internal complaints related to racial discrimination.

Hornsey acted as the head of the company’s human resources department and had previously been one of the ride-sharing company’s top spokespeople in cases of diversity and discrimination, an issue that Uber has had to deal with on multiple occasions. In 2017, the company fired approximately 20 employees following a sexual harassment investigation.

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another fucking moron writer using reverse you delusional fuck, you fucks are wrong as fuck...the republicans, tea party fucktards, and trumptards are the ones acting like they're in a cult...believing or at least trying to defend a complete incompetent moron as president...a fucking administration that seems to be proud that it's lying and bullying are isolating America...America is stepping back from being a beacon of freedom, a leader in democracy and fucking dumbasses like this writer and you stupid fucks here are proud...fuck you people are stupid and liars...

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"fuck you people are full of yourself delusions that white makes right...pigs"

(1) You automatically think I'm white? Why?

(2) So you are an anti-white racist? Why?

(3) Your sentence has grammar problems that would embarrass a high-schooler (these days, a fifth grader some years back). You don't understand the regular rules of English grammar? Why?

That's enough demonstration of your inadequate thought processes, moral character and education for one day. Try and improve on your deficiencies before you post again.

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England winning world cup.. delusional.. lost to Croatia


perfect karma for insulting a nation's president with a balloon after 100's of thousands died in their wars for freedom


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its not that your advice of being indifferent is wrong on an individual basis, its just that it is disastrous, even suicidaly so, on a society wide basis

soviets, nazis, and chicoms could have been taken care of if dealt with decisively in the beginning. instead, a hundred million people were killed while 2 out of 3 were being taken care of long term.

you have been generally indifferent to your friend for some time now? has he changed one iota? no, instead he insulates himself with a self reinforcing group. he will go to his grave demanding and voting for ever wilder and crazier leftist fantasies. how much irreversible damage is being done on a daily basis in the meantime?

while facing charlie manson and his axe wielding cult followers, general indifference is not going to save you.