"There Is No End In Sight" Army Major Warns Of "Perpetual War" On Terror

Cutting through the haze of humanitarian bullshit and liberation,  West Point graduate and author Major Danny Sjursen told 'Watching The Hawks' that the War on Terror is a “battle for basic hegemony in the Middle East”, warning that it may go on indefinitely.

In the brief but eye-opening interview, Sjursen calls the US’ now 17-year War on Terror “unprecedented in American history," noting that soon kids who were born after 9/11 will be joining the military.

Sjursen called the War on Terror a misnomer. “How do you fight a war against a tactic. Terrorism is a tactic,” he asked.

“What it really has been, in my opinion, is a war for basic hegemony in the Middle East,” Sjursen said.

He believes that even though some of it may be backed by humanitarian impulses, “I don’t suspect that the government necessarily fights just for oil or whatever the different conspiracies [are].”

“The War on Terror, as far as I see it, is potentially perpetual. There is no end in sight,” he added.

Calling for a teaching of the mistakes from the “messy history” of the US misadventure in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sjursen warned that the US is “apt to repeat” these mistakes “whether it’s in Iran, whether it’s in West Africa.”

American soldiers are dying countries Americans can’t pronounce, they can’t find on the map, and part of the problem and part of the reason for that they aren’t really educated on this.”

Sjursen called for the War on Terror to be taught in schools and for honest and critical conversations to be had publicly in order to educate the average American on it.


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"You having a war on terror? 'Yeah, that’s right!' What does war create?, 'Terror?' Exactly! So you’re having a war on the consequence of the actions you’re involved in. 'Yeah, but, you know, ours is good terror. It’s good, peace, freedom loving terror. Kinda like terror-lite, sort of like diet terror. Sort of like: 'I Can’t Believe It’s Not Terror.' "

— Steve Hughes

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US Army Major revealed the US patents and secrets were giving to the Russians during and after the war. Including the nuclear bomb. It was clear the Soviet Union has to be a threat for the US the American people would believe. The Cold War was a kabuki theater to extract money from the people. Control with fear.


listen to the you tube video, all history is a lie.



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This is a thirteen century old war, and calling it a "war on terror" won't change the name the enemy uses, "jihad" .    They only have the one immutable book to believe in, and that's the word it uses to describe the perpetual war it calls for, against any shred of mankind not yet submitted to their imaginary Satan-like god. 

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Thanks to Trump, “making the military great again.”


Obviously, having a HUGE military with aircraft carriers, B2 bombers, F35 Stealth Fighters and M1 Abrams tanks isn’t enough, so Trump increased the ‘defense’ budget to an even more absurd level....

The Deep State and the MIC must be very pleased with a president like Trump, so forget all the theatre on Twitter. That’s just a sideshow in order to mislead all the redneck idiots that voted for this Orange Clown.

Trump is the MIC’s and Deep State’s best friend. 

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Dick Cheney and his ilk knew this when in 1994 he said it was a missed opportunity to take over Iraq.

They got what they wanted in 2003, when Cheney talked about "Forever War" that would last generations.

That's a great money making machine for the MIC, deep state and Defense contractors, right there.

And the oil boys are clapping their greasy paws in glee.

Nothing ever changes. The presidents come and go, the real players and The Game stays the same.


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Tony Blair might say, "Tough on war, tough on the causes of war", whilst ignoring the consequences of perpetual war: https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2018/07/year-battle-mosul-city-lies-…

Mosul has been liberated by the US Airforce, which is lucky, because they still don't know how many thousands of bodies of civilians are buried in the rubble, twelve months on. I have been quoting Wayne's World over the last few days:" It costs a lot to live this free". You don't get much more free than being buried under an apartment building for a year.

I wonder what the net profit for Raytheon and friends was on that little escapade?

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It's not a tactical situation.  It's a strategic situation. 

World peace is breaking out and it's COMPLETELY SECRET.  Forbidden to discuss.

There's a collapse in global conflict fatalities.  Once Syria winds down, the only hot wars left on Earth will be in Afghanistan and Yemen.  Neither is very large scale.

The Mexican drug war is in the top four on Wikipedia's list of ongoing armed conflicts.

Tonight, there are no major wars anywhere in Latin America.

Peace in Asia ex-Afghanistan.

Peace in Africa (!?!?!?!?)

Entire continents are at peace right now.  Sure some riots or a bit of terrorist garbage.  But no organized heavy weapons units laying waste to towns, neighborhoods etc.

Guess what?  Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen all have newly viable peace options being actively worked on.

If they work there will be NO HOT WARS ON EARTH.  Let that sink in.

And NO ONE wants to admit it.  To see it.

Well you fucking read it here first.

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Well I got four downvotes for noticing world peace.

I win!

By the way, I only use primary sources and data.....for example, consider this chart from Wikipedia, which they refuse to update with 2017 fatalities.  I added them up, about 130,000.


Now imagine 2018 as Syria winds down, and Afghanistan and Yemen become the two largest remaining wars.

We're witnessing (despite ferocious denial) a 70-80% drop in war casualties compared to the post-WWII average.

Go ahead, vote against peace and for war....or, open your eyes.  'They' don't want you to see this.

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I'm confused. You think body count somehow equates to peace?!

The body count for European terrorism is low compared to a hot war. Nevertheless, civilizations and cultures are being destroyed.

It is "peaceful" in the slave quarters. Every so often, the elites have useful idiot Muslims kill and rape a few tax cows to reinforce the Stockholm Syndrome. 
Am I supposed to like the boot stomping on my face forever?

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*I* have this weird idea that an active-duty "army major" should shut his fuckin mouth, quit publicly second-guessing his chain of command, and go do his job. 

if he wants to badmouth his bosses, he should do exactly what he'd recommend to any junior officer badmouthing HIM: resign your commission, dipwad. 

then you're back to being joe schmoe, and you can run your mouth off all you please. major danny is a hypocrite - does ANYone really think he'd tolerate a subordinate second-guessing *him* in print? - and a disgrace to the uniform. 


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Jihad is eternal, it does not go away for any logical reason, no matter how much we wish it to be. So that is what the West is up against, a never ending war. Some still refuse to understand this, or do but choose to bury their heads in the proverbial sand and pretend all we have to do is cut military spending and peace will be the result. Dream on.  

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Captain Nemo d… Yogizuna Thu, 07/12/2018 - 07:00 Permalink

It is scientifically-oriented societies who have had overwhelming power for three centuries. Old rigidities were breaking down as people looked to the west for inspiration, in terms of human rights and freedoms and a rational society because they realized that that provided them better lives. So what did the west do, in return, to the rest of the world?

If you keep organizing multiple armies for Captain Nemo and then keep providing them money and stuff to keep fighting, my most extreme ideologies would be eternal as well. To Erehwon!

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PiratePiggy jin187 Thu, 07/12/2018 - 01:10 Permalink

> " It'll be over two weeks after we win the war on drugs. "


And three weeks after we win the war on poverty...  poverty being defined as the bottom 10% and the war on crime.


Funny thing with the wars on poverty and crime, everytime we start winning, someone opens the border again and floods the country with poverty and crime again.


Remember the Cuban chants in Havana in 1980 during when Castro opened his prisons and boatlifted his violent criminals to Miami?  I remember it from the rhyme -

"Hey Carter, you bum!

You get all the Cuban scum!"


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There is an end - Russia has already turned ISIS into fertilizer !! 

If the Zio/US keeps putting them up - Russia will kill them !! 

Eventually there will be no FUCKING proxy ‘terrorists’ to recruit !!! 

Especially when they know their FATE !! 

The ‘War on Terror’ was created to give the Zio/US and their ‘allies’ an excuse to invade Sovereign Countries under the ‘guise’ of ‘We are looking for Terrorists’ ! 

They are nothing but murderous - barbaric FUCKING assholes !!! 

Governments of the world need to be lynched by the ‘people’ for the atrocious crimes against humanity !! 

Starting with ISRAEL !!! 

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VladLenin pot_and_kettle Thu, 07/12/2018 - 08:24 Permalink

But they need a better enemy. To keep your population really engaged, the war needs to be in there face every day. There needs to be a war effort. Posters. Media support... Bond drives... classic WW2 stuff. Also, there needs to be some risk of losing.

ISIS, Al Qaeda and the lot just can't get the job done in the long term. They launch an attack or two, the US delivers a beat down and everyone laughs at the attack helicopter vs. goat herder videos on You Tube. 

A new boogeyman is needed. I nominate Russia and China, but we need a good name for branding. Something like the Eastern Alliance... Donald should know this shit.

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This war and the seven countries we were to invade is and always has been about oil.  The blow back it has generated has been a gift to the bureaucracies in the west by unleashing perpetual war.  In war time, the bureaucracies are unfettered in their dictatorial powers.  They can declare constitutional free zones, they can issue their patriot acts and they can swell their ranks with Home Land Security.  The resulting bureaucratic bloat will contribute significantly to the collapse of the system.

I wonder what happened to the Stasi guards that ran the torture chambers.  Did they disappear into the mist or were they strangled in their sleep?

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