In Bombshell Interview, Trump Slams Theresa May Hours Ahead Of Meeting

In a extensive interview with with the popular Murdoch-owned British tabloid the Sun, Trump landed a double blow to embattled UK Prime Minister Theresa May, criticizing her handling of Brexit and saying her plans for a "soft Brexit" would kill any hopes of a trade deal with the US, suggested former foreign minister Boris Johnson, who quit May's cabinet on Monday, would be a better leader than May, and criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan as "terrible" and unwelcoming.

Trump said that while he likes May, she didn’t listen to his advice on Brexit, and that her Brexit deal isn’t what the U.K. voted for, and warned she may have killed any chance of a key US trade deal.

His comments come at the start of a three-day tour of the U.K., which includes dinner at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill, and tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. And, of course, Theresa May herself.

May had been hoping to impress Trump and use the visit to push for a trade deal with the U.S. after the U.K. leaves the European Union next year, in a process known as Brexit, however that may no longer happen as a result of Theresa May's proposed "Soft Brexit" deal with the EU.

Trump told The Sun: "If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal."

Speaking of May's negotiations with the EU, Trump said "I would have done it much differently. I actually told Theresa May how to do it but she didn’t agree, she didn’t listen to me. She wanted to go a different route. I would actually say that she probably went the opposite way. And that is fine."

“She should negotiate the best way she knows how. But it is too bad what is going on.”

A big US-UK trade deal, long promised by Mr Trump, is cherished by Leave campaigners as Brexit’s biggest prize. But the President said Mrs May’s plan “will definitely affect trade with the United States, unfortunately in a negative way" explaining that "we have enough difficulty with the European Union."

“We are cracking down right now on the European Union because they have not treated the United States fairly on trading.

“No, if they do that I would say that that would probably end a major trade relationship with the United States.”

No deal with the U.S. can be signed until after next March 29, when the U.K. is to formally leave the EU. Free trade agreements typically take years to conclude and any accord is likely to include hard negotiations over tariffs in industries such as automotive and agriculture, including chlorinated chicken and genetically modified crops.

Despite the withering criticism of May’s Brexit strategy, Trump insisted he still thinks she is “a very good person” and denied claims that she bores him. Asked about a report in The Washington Post that he thinks of Mrs May as “a bossy schoolteacher”, Trump said: “No, no, no, no. I never said anything bad about her.

That is fake news. I think she is a nice person. I get along with her very nicely. The Washington Post is totally fake. They are just a lobbyist for Amazon." Then, recalling a visit to one of his luxury golf resorts in Scotland two years ago, Mr Trump said: “I predicted Brexit."

* * *

According to the Sun, "Trump's interview will pour nitroglycerine on the already raging Tory Brexiteer revolt against the PM." And, as Axios World Editor David Lawler writes, "May is in the fight of her life with hardliners within her own party, and President Trump — while visiting the U.K. — has just openly sided with the rivals that may attempt to force her from power."

And in more remarks that will set off alarm bells in No10, Mr Trump also said Mrs May’s nemesis Boris Johnson - who resigned over the soft Brexit blueprint on ­Monday - would “make a great Prime Minister."

In the interview, Trump said Johnson has “got what it takes and I think he has got the right attitude to be a great prime minister."  He also described the former Foreign Secretary as “a very talented guy”, adding: “I like him a lot.”

“I have a lot of respect for Boris. He obviously likes me, and says very good things about me. I was very saddened to see he was leaving government and I hope he goes back in at some point. I think he is a great representative for your country.”

Asked if the ex-minister could be in No 10 one day, he replied: “Well I am not pitting one against the other. I am just saying I think he would be a great Prime Minister. I think he’s got what it takes."

Trump also said that he will be largely staying away from the capital to avoid huge street protests of up to 200,000 today. But he blamed them on politicians,  singling out his nemesis, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

Revealing he has been told of the 20ft “Trump Baby” blimp that will be flown above Parliament Square today, he said: “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.

“I used to love London as a city. I haven’t been there in a long time. But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there? And when I say that I am talking about government because the ­people of the UK agree with me.”

Trump gave the exclusive interview with The Sun hours before Air Force One touched down at Stansted Airport at 2pm yesterday. Of his four-day visit, he added: “Many people are delighted. I get thousands of notifications from people in the UK that they love the President of the United States.”

He described a West London pub being renamed The Trump Arms for the duration of the trip as “wonderful”, adding: “I love those people. Those are my people."

* * *

The bombshell interview will not only empower Brexiteers, but will likely lead to a further deterioration in relations between the two nations. According to Axios, "this is literally the exact opposite of what the Brits were hoping for from this trip. They were eager to improve the relationship between Theresa May and Donald Trump. They were hoping for support from Trump — and a signal to voters that there’s a positive road ahead with May’s Brexit plan. They wanted Trump to talk up the possibility of a U.S.-Britain bilateral trade deal. In this interview he trashes that idea, rubbishes her approach to negotiating Brexit, and props up her political nemesis and future leadership rival Boris Johnson."

Then again, Trump being Trump, perhaps what the people really expected was precisely this: another shock from the US president, who yesterday almost left Angela Merkel in tears during his NATO summit.

In other details, as covered by the Sun, Trump:

  • Accused EU leaders of destroying its culture and identity by allowing in millions of migrants
  • Tore into London Mayor Sadiq Khan for not standing up to terrorists
  • Blamed Khan for spiralling crime in the capital
  • Insisted former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would make “a great Prime Minister”.
  • Denied once branding Theresa May a “bossy schoolteacher”
  • Maintained he would keep ties with Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin despite the Salisbury Novichok poisonings
  • Demanded Britain and other Nato countries spend more on defence
  • Spoke of his sadness at feeling unwelcome in the capital by anti-Trump protesters
  • Claimed millions of Brits backed his policies
  • Told of his pride at taking wife Melania to meet the Queen

The full interview can be found at this link


Shemp 4 Victory JimmyJones Thu, 07/12/2018 - 21:13 Permalink

Trump's just letting them know the score. The UK government, the EU, and NATO should be delighted by the fresh air of frankness that he brought with him.

On a related note, the British Prime Minister has acquired, at least in comments on Russian sites, the distinguished moniker Терезой Змей (Tereza Zmey), which translates to Theresa Serpent.

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mkkby Eyes Opened Fri, 07/13/2018 - 06:13 Permalink

No thanks, fag.  You post some facts here or STFU.  It's called making an argument.

May didn't take Trump's advice.  Now she stupidly thinks he's gonna endorse her plan, which is a betrayal of her voters.  These cunts still don't understand Trump.

Brexit means leaving the insane EU rules, especially their insistence on destroying a once proud culture with millions of violent muzzies/niggers.  May's plan is a total capitulation to the globalists.

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jin187 NidStyles Fri, 07/13/2018 - 00:36 Permalink

It's actually a good idea not to register as a Republican.  Those voter rolls are publicly available, and most of the people that use that information are villains.  The political parties, the MSM, the pollsters, etc.  Best to hide like Waldo, and jump out yelling "surprise!" on election day.

I'm forced to register Republican, though.  Republicans control every office in the state, so the primaries are the real elections here.  You might as well write-in votes for Ralph Nader if you're gonna register Democrat.

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lucitanian Shemp 4 Victory Fri, 07/13/2018 - 04:09 Permalink

"fresh air", verbal farts is more like it!

Talk about Putin interfering with US (hardly)? But this clown hasn't got a clue about diplomacy and is going around like a wrecking ball interfering in the internal affairs of UK. Who the F=&K does he think he is.

I haven't got much patients with Teresa May, but she is the PM, democratically elected by a sovereign state, and that sociopath egotist pretending to be CEO of the world is a guest in the country.

If I was May, I would cut his "official" visit short and send him packing, since he has no respect for the country or diplomatic protocol. The US is more than badly represented by its dysfunctional head of state, his stupid behavior is simply intolerable and damaging to US relations.

I thought it was a bad idea inviting him in the first place. Now I think he should be made "persona non grata" and sent packing. Certainly the government must do something to send him with a flee in the ear.

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NuYawkFrankie lucitanian Fri, 07/13/2018 - 05:28 Permalink

re MAy should make Trump 'persona non grata'

You still don't appear to "get" that the UK - aka 'USAF Air Strip 1' - is a VASSAL Appendage of the USSA Empire - and that the Emperor goes where the fck he wants.. or ELSE!

And the more the Brit Poodle - until NOW a very pampered poodle - yaps the more its gonna get kicked in the nuts until it learns - THE HARD WAY - who the fck the BOSS is!

So now that you've jumped outta the EUSSR frying-pan into the USSA fire - it MIGHT be an idea to start treating Orange Clown with a bit more respect... and Queenie - if she hasn't already hi-tailed it back, on a one-way ticket, to Germany - can start by bowing in HIS direction!

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mkkby NuYawkFrankie Fri, 07/13/2018 - 06:18 Permalink

Thread winner.  Most here think China is the big dog in the world, or soon will be. 

China is also beholden to US interests and is now seeing the nut kicking it deserves for not respecting the orange emperor.  See how this poodle is getting mauled while trying to bark and act tough.  The mere mention of tariffs and a few BP ticks in the FX markets has sent their stock market down 25%.

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lucitanian NuYawkFrankie Fri, 07/13/2018 - 07:32 Permalink

As much as I grant you an iota of over-the-top ironic truth in your stance, I feel that what the US President is doing is by far more contributing to that country's growing irrelevance and demise as a serious nation for other countries to deal with constructively.

Once the petrodollar sets on the horizon, and the evening is upon us, the US will just be another third world country with a few gangster oligarchs, such as its present head of state.

Before you vent your disdain for UK and EU, and their sinking ships, perhaps you should see the water rising in your own vessel. In fact the way global finance and trade is structured, the Orange Clown seems determined that we all sink together. As far as I can see he doesn't give a flying F=&K for the US people or anyone except himself, as these ships all sink together.

I hope you can swim. 

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Slimedon1 lucitanian Fri, 07/13/2018 - 07:54 Permalink

US POTUS since Reagan have projected weakness and globalism. Perhaps it's all you've known so when you see the exact opposite you let your bias and cog dis take over. I'm inferring that you are a Brit, if that is the case, fuck off you spineless, cowardly, denizen of a 2nd world police state dystopia. When you can preform the basic biological function of protecting your daughters from rape gangs then perhaps you will have an opinion that matters. God the British people are pathetic, sniveling, whining bitches. If there is an upside to the Muslim invasion it is that their DNA will be forever removed from the gene pool.

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Singelguy lucitanian Fri, 07/13/2018 - 05:38 Permalink

Were you this upset when Obama stuck his nose into UK politics before the Brexit vote when he said the UK would have to get to the end of the line to get a trade deal? No, I didn’t think so. 

While we are on the subject of interference, I would find it hard to believe that May did not know about the Steele dossier and MI6’s involvement in creating it, and maybe even approved it. I am sure Trump knows it too so in my book, turn around is fair play. She deserves what she is getting. The people of the UK should be thankful that Trump is helping to kick her out the door. She is a traitor to her own people. 

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lucitanian Singelguy Fri, 07/13/2018 - 07:15 Permalink

Obama's was equally inappropriate to the democratic process, but he was only representing a policy of priorities on US trade.

It's not trump's business who runs UK.

MI5 is a tool of CIA remember, and remember who the dossier was made for.

Trade deals are between countries, and arranged on their merits, but you don't get to change/influence foreign governments to get the one that is to your convenience.

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SMOOCHY SMOOCH… HippieHaulers Fri, 07/13/2018 - 07:31 Permalink

“I have a lot of respect for Boris. He obviously likes me and says very good things about me,” Trump told the tabloid. “I was very saddened to see he was leaving government, and I hope he goes back in at some point. I think he is a great representative for your country.”


Trump is an idiot and the sooner we get rid of him the faster you'll be able to get back to your hatred of Obama.

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Ace006 DingleBarryObummer Thu, 07/12/2018 - 20:50 Permalink

At least none of it was bullshit.  Saturated non-bullshit is refreshing.  Now back to your regular schedule programming -24/7/365 bullshit.  "Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin." "Assad the Butcher." "Anti-Semitism."  "Exceptionalism." "Nation of immigrants."  "Multiculturalism."  "White racism." "Our loyal ally, Israel."  "Iran/Hezbollah, instruments of Satan."  "Nazi, Nazi, Nazi."  "Underprivileged."  "Free trade."  "Climate change."  "Homosexual marriage."  "Women's health." "For-profit prisons." "Sanctuary cities."

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