Defeated Dem Leader Crowley Might Be Mounting A 3rd Party Run, Ocasio-Cortez Warns

Democratic socialist wunderkind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is worried that her former opponent, Rep. Joe Crowley, the chairman of the House Democratic caucus, isn't going to simply stand back and allow her to unseat him in November.


In a tweet sent Thursday, Ocasio-Cortez warned her followers that Crowley is mounting "a third party challenge against me and the Democratic Party - and against the will of @NYWFP".

She then asked her supporters to donate so she can combat the flood of "dark money" that she (rightly) suspects might follow.

That's the New York Working Families Party, an independent party that is influential in New York State politics, where the party has become associated with progressive issues on what was, until Ocasio-Cortez's stunning primary victory, believed to be the far left flank of the Democratic Party (that was before leftists associated with the Democratic Socialists of America started openly endorsing communism).

The issue, as is explained in the New York Times article tweeted by Ocasio, is that Crowley won the WFP primary, so his name is expected to appear under their ballot line. Crowley could choose to have his name removed from the WFP line, as is customary in the state when the WFP candidate doesn't match the Democratic candidate. Yet, Crowley has repeatedly declined to remove his name from the ballot line.

He has also, according to Ocasio-Cortez, stood her up for three planned concession calls. This could mean one of two things: Either Crowley has yet to decide whether it'd be worth it to run as an independent against the Democratic Party candidate (just like former Democratic Sen. and VP candidate Joe Lieberman did back in 2006), or he's already mounting a whisper campaign, choosing to sit back and hope that the voters in his district are repulsed enough by Ocasio-Cortez's socialist principles to vote him instead.

To anybody who was paying attention to the 2016 primary race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, this shouldn't come has a surprise. Crowley has publicly said he'd back Ocasio-Cortez after she defeated the 10-term incumbent for the Democratic nomination to run for his seat representing New York's 14th Congressional district. Crowley's spokesman has told the Times that he's not running. But there's still enough time left before election day for that to change.

Because if you thought the Democratic establishment would obey the will of its voters and embrace a 28-year-old socialist Latina over a 20-year veteran and former contender for the leadership, then you thought wrong.

And as a reminder, here is the socialist platform on which she ran.


Killtruck FullHedge1 Thu, 07/12/2018 - 14:33 Permalink

With bullets - same as it has always been for communists and socialists. 


btw..are these Democratic Socialists the same as "National Socialists"? Seems like I've heard that phrase before...must've been in a book...something about a black uniform...


"We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened."

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JimmyJones Haus-Targaryen Thu, 07/12/2018 - 14:40 Permalink

This is a bargaining chip, he stays on the ticket under WFP and he can give it to the Republicans, or she can barter with him to leave. My guess is that he wants his staffers to keep their jobs.  That is usually what it boils down to.  This woman is from money, grew up privileged and is pretending to be just a poor kid with a dream.  She is running on BS, she will probably do well in the Dems but she better quickly learn who calls the shots in the NY Dem machine and kiss the ring.  Most of the Girls that I know that went into bar tending were "party" chicks that wanted to get paid to party.  My guess is there is a lot of dirt waiting to be dug up on her.

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macholatte Gen. Ripper Thu, 07/12/2018 - 14:53 Permalink


It's always fun to watch a political party go deep into identity hate propaganda.   This shit should make it easy for the Republican to win,  unless he is a mere stalking horse as so many are.



A Jumbo Popcorn please.



There are 214,750 active registered Democratic voters in the district. Only 27,744 voted, and Ocasio-Cortez won by more than 4,000 votes.

Most voters stayed home for stunning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win…

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FireBrander macholatte Thu, 07/12/2018 - 14:56 Permalink

 I agree with her on 3 items...but I don't trust her...

1. Non "free market Capitalist" health system..plenty of examples around the world that work very well.

2. "Justice" system reform.

3. Getting corporate money out of politics.


I sort of agree with her on:

1. Infrastructure (energy) overhaul - we're too stuck in our ways...and the lust for imported oil has always been deadly and expensive.



Edit. 5 down votes and growing...figured that. "Free Market" health care works textbooks...but can someone point me to one place in the world where a Capitalistic, Free Market, Health System is currently running and providing good care to a population of at least 10 million people?

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waspwench El Vaquero Fri, 07/13/2018 - 01:08 Permalink

She clearly thinks Crowley has no right to interfere with her "inevitability."

I wish The Donald would put a stop to the beaner incursion.   Does he not understand that their sheer numbers are going to bring the democrats and commies to power.   The dems are bringing them in as fast as they can, and once their numbers are sufficient the Republicans will find that they will never win another election.

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El Vaquero FireBrander Thu, 07/12/2018 - 16:06 Permalink

Our free market medical system used to work great when we had one.  Given the army of administrators and lawyers that it takes to keep up with the excessive amount of laws and regulations that have been mounting for 20+ years, it should be no surprise that we have expensive medical care, because we aren't even close to a free market here.

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waspwench FireBrander Fri, 07/13/2018 - 01:14 Permalink

People are incredibly stupid.

We had a system which was far from perfect but which could have been improved.

Obamacare has destroyed what we had and replaced it with something far worse.

We did not turn away from our medical system.   It was taken away from us.   People believed the lies and misinformation.   The Supreme Court decision was rigged by somehow making Roberts change his vote;  very probably blackmail or threats against his family.

The free sh*t army is doing better under Obamacare but everyone else is doing worse.

What to do?

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monkeyshine FireBrander Thu, 07/12/2018 - 16:13 Permalink

The rest of the world gets a free ride on the American health care system. We pay 2x-3x more for drugs and devices than most other countries with national systems and generally the advancements are paid for by American and Western capitalist investment, with a lot of risk. Big Pharma don't spend much on R&D anymore, innovation happens in small shops that raise private funds and grant money, and if they hit on something then they get swallowed by a big fish. It is win win for big pharma as they can redirect R&D money to shareholders which raises their stock prices and hoard cash for future acquisitions. And then when they buy a promising new drug or device company they get rewarded for the future cash flows that purchase will bring. Do you think if the NHS had to pay the same price Americans and American insurers pay that the UK or Canada would still provide anywhere near the level of services they do now, even if you think they are successful? Try to get a Xanax from the NHS.

And to just make the point, health insurance is not the same thing as health care. You can have all the insurance in the world it means dick if doctors won't take it. Most doctors do take most insurance, but they charge you (via the insurer) for the hassle involved.

I am all for justice reform. We have a 3 tier justice system; one for the political elite, one for the rich, and one for everyone else. Nearly every person who is charged is over-charged by prosecutors in the hopes of negotiating a plea. Even the prosecutors don't want to go to trial and it has nothing to do with justice when prosecutors drop the books on people just to get a confession and a "win" on their record. If everyone who took a plea instead said no deal and went to trial the justice system would grind to a halt.

Infrastructure spending is comically myopic. Nobody can predict the future exactly, but I'd say the advent of autonomous driving will result in a big drop on the number of cars on the roads in about 20 years. Meanwhile California can't build a train on time let alone one that runs on time, Boston's big dig still leaks, last I checked they still forced every car on the bridges into NYC to stop and wait for that ridiculous parking-lot arm to raise.

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icedoc FireBrander Thu, 07/12/2018 - 18:12 Permalink

Your last question is a false choice. Health care occurs one person at a time, not 10 million or 300 million. The moment we gave up the decision making to a third party was the moment it began to collapse. Government is not in the health-care business but the bigger bureaucracy business; it's the only thing they are good at and they do it very well. Insurance is not in the health-care business but the financial profit business, which they do very well. If you want good health care, find a good physician and establish a good relationship with him; and pay cash. The best and cheapest system possible.

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Son of Loki macholatte Thu, 07/12/2018 - 14:57 Permalink

Cortez better be ready to slap some of those voters with those tiny Puerto Rican tits 'cause she ain't got no message to the people except empty promises (like Soweeto bin Bama did). Because if this guy has ANY sensible platform (jobs, better economy, better housing, etc), he'll win.

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FireBrander Son of Loki Thu, 07/12/2018 - 15:14 Permalink

Have you stopped for a second to ponder why her "ideas" are winners to increasing numbers of voters?

Why are people TURNING to, VOTING FOR, this type politics?

"They're stupid Libtards!"...yeah, figured that's all you've got.


Tell me this, in order for people to "turn to" something, they've got to "turn away" from something else...what has FAILED THEM HORRIBLY?

Hint: it's not what they're turning to for relief...socialism/ what is it?



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Mineshaft Gap FireBrander Thu, 07/12/2018 - 16:35 Permalink

You're confusing symptoms with causes. Just because a group of fabulists wants free things doesn't validate its claim about "the man" and "the system" failing them. The rest of us are under no obligation to do anything for disappointed leftwing Media Studies grads or maids who have ten kids, much as we might wish them to make better life choices.

Ocasio-Cortez is mainly proof that with a little advantage and a little talent (not to mention a pretty smile) it's remarkably easy to play simpler, more feckless people for suckers. A very old game, traditionally played in our society by aged white guys harrumphing away about God and free trade. Now it's the turn of Latina hotties who, in an age of video games and Ritalin, have boiled the message down to "¡free!”

Find another pied piper; this one won’t get you any further than her predecessors did.

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SergeA.Storms FireBrander Thu, 07/12/2018 - 16:41 Permalink

I believe you are on to a point the Dems want to hang their hat on, repackaged and rebranded socialism/communism.  The voters (not many from the pool of voters 16,000ish, I think the count was) see a 10 term Rep as not functional because life around them is perceived as declining and not improving.  Demographics may play a part, but more the push for Utopia (which we know from history her platform is not it).  I’m sure this is a push by Crowley in the dem fight of Bernie’s Vs Hillary’s factions.  A test run for other Dem races as Octogenarians fade.  More popcorn.

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Blankone JimmyJones Thu, 07/12/2018 - 15:14 Permalink

Perhaps, this time. The Dem party will evolve to No Party for Old White Men. At least not as elected politicians. But this is how the Dem party will evolve to be the dominate party. Immigrants (latins,arabs,africans, etc), refugees, blacks, feminists, the growing socialist wave, the growing identity politics of victim hood (trans, homo, etc.) and Women. Women make up 50% of voters.

Once that coalition takes over Tejas, it's party over. And in 2020 legal latins will be 50% of Tejas. Open borders and another amnesty here we come.

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