The Globalist Elite Fears Peace, Wants War

Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The announced meeting between Trump and Putin has already produced a good result by revealing the hypocrisy of the media and politicians. The meeting has been branded as the greatest danger to humanity, according to the Western globalist elite, because of the danger that "peace could break out between Russia and the United States".

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. The following so stretches credulity that sources will have to be cited and an exact quotations given to be believed.

A case in point is the following title

"Fears growing over the prospect of Trump 'peace deal' with Putin". 

The Times does not here fear a military escalation in Ukraine, an armed clash in Syria, a false-flag poisoning in England, or a new Cold War. The Times does not fear a nuclear apocalypse, the end of humanity, the suffering of hundreds of millions of people.

No, one of the most authoritative and respected broadsheets in the world is fearful of the prospect of peace! The Times is afraid that the heads of two nuclear-armed superpowers are able to talk to each other. The Times fears that Putin and Trump will be able to come to some kind of agreement that can help avert the danger of a global catastrophe. These are the times in which we live. And this is the type of media we deal with. The problem with The Times is that it forms public opinion in the worst possible way, confusing, deceiving, and disorienting its readers. It is not by accident the world in which we live is increasingly divorced from logic and rationality.

Even if the outcome of this meeting does not see any substantial progress, the most important thing to be achieved will be the dialogue between the two leaders and the opening of negotiation channels for both sides.

In The Times article, it is assumed that Trump and Putin want to reach an agreement regarding Europe. The insinuation is that Putin is manipulating Trump in order to destabilize Europe. For years now we have been inundated with such fabrications by the media on behalf of their editors and shareholders, all part of the deep state conglomerate. Facts have in fact proven that Putin has always desired a strong and united Europe, looking to integrate Europe into the Eurasian dream. Putin and Xi Jinping would like to see a European Union more resistant to American pressure and able to gain greater independence. The combination of mass migration and sanctions against Russia and Iran, which end up hurting Europeans, opens the way for alternative parties that are not necessarily willing to Washington’s marching orders.

Trump's focus for the meeting will be to convince Putin to put even more pressure on Europe and Iran, perhaps in exchange for the recognition of Crimea and the ending of sanctions. For Putin and for Russia it is a strategic issue. While sanctions are bad, the top priority for Moscow remains the alliance with Iran, the need to further strengthen relations with European countries, and to defeat terrorism in Syria. Perhaps only a revision of the ABM treaty and the withdrawal of these weapons from Europe would be an interesting offer for Putin. However, reality shows us that the ABM treaty is a pillar of Washington’s military-industrial complex, and that it is also Eastern European countries that want such offensive and defensive systems in their own countries, seeing them as a deterrents against Russia. Are they victims of their own propaganda, or are billions of dollars pouring into their pockets? Either way, it does not really matter. The most important point for Moscow will be the withdrawal of the Aegis Ashore ABM systems as well as military ships with the same Aegis system. But this is not something that Trump will be able to negotiate with his military leaders. For the military-industrial complex, the ABM system, thanks to maintenance, innovation and direct or indirect commissions, is a gravy train that too many interests intend to keep riding.

From the Kremlin's point of view, the removal of sanctions remains necessary for the restoration of normal relations with the West. But this would be difficult to achieve, given that Moscow would have little to offer Washington in exchange. The strategists at the Pentagon demand a withdrawal from Syria, an end to support for Donbass, and a cessation of relations with Iran. There is simply too much divergence to reach a common position. Moreover, Europe’s sanctions against Russia benefit Washington, as they hurt the Europeans and thereby undermine what is a major trading competitor to the US. The US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) can be looked at in the same light, blocking US allies from doing business with Iran.

Putin will keep faith with his commitments to Syria and with his allies, unwilling to betray his word even for the recognition of Crimea. On the other hand, as already mentioned, the priority remains the removal of the ABM; and while Crimea is already under the control of the Russian Federation, Syria remains an unstable territory that risks propelling Islamist terrorism to Russia’s soft underbelly in the Caucasus. For Moscow, involvement in Syria has always been a matter of national security, and this certainly remains the same now, even with Donald Trump's unrealistic offers.

It should be kept in mind that Putin is aiming for a medium- to long-term strategy in the Middle East, where Iran, Syria and the entire Shiite arc serves to counter Saudi and Israeli aggression and hegemony. This strange alliance has emerged as the only way to deter war and dial down the heat in the region, because the crazy actions from Netanyahu or Mohammad bin Salman are deterred by a strong Iranian military. Preventing a confrontation between Iran and Saudis/Israelis also means not making Tehran appear weak or isolated. Such considerations seem beyond the strategists in Washington, let alone in Tel Aviv or Riyadh.

While it is difficult to achieve a positive outcome from the meeting between Trump and Putin, it is important that there is a meeting in the first place, contrary to what The Times thinks. The media and the conglomerate of power that revolves around the US deep state fear diplomacy in particular. The same narrative that was proclaimed weeks before and after the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un is being repeated with regard to Trump’s meeting with Putin.

Washington bases its power on force, both economic and military. But this power also rests on the posture assumed and image projected. The United States and its deep state considers negotiating with opponents to be wrong and counterproductive. They consider dialogue to be synonymous with weakness, and any concession is interpreted as surrender. This is the result of 70 years of American exceptionalism and 30 years of Unipolarity, has allowed the US the ability to decide unilaterally the fate of others.

Today, in a multipolar world, the dynamics are different and therefore more complex. You cannot always employ a zero-sum mentality, as The Times does. The rest of the world recognizes that a dialogue between Putin and Trump is something positive, but we must not forget that, as in Korea, if diplomacy does not bring significant progress, then the hawks surrounding Trump will again be in the ascendant. The tasks for Rouhani, Putin and Kim Jong-un are complex and quite different from each other, but they share in common the belief that dialogue is the only way to avoid a catastrophic war. But apparently, peace is not the best possible result for everyone.


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Latest Elijah Magnier article (1 of 2):

"A top decision maker in Syria has said “the US has sent a message to the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad that expresses the US establishment’s wishes. Under these wishes there is an Israeli goal compatible with Donald Trump’s objective to pull out its own forces from Syria with as little damage as possible. Trump would like to avoid the same fate that hit the US forces during Georges Bush’s era where thousands of US soldiers were killed in action”.

According to the source involved in overseeing the entire military operation for the last years of war in Syria, “President Assad was very clear in his answer to the US establishment. Syria – said Assad – is determined to liberate the entire Syrian territory regardless of the consequences. There is of course a price to be paid to obtain the liberation of north Syria which is occupied by both the US and Turkey, neither of whom were invited by the Syrian government: this price is worth it”.

The American message is clear:”The US will leave al-Tanf crossing and abandon north-east Syria in al-Hasaka and Deirezzour as soon as possible. The only condition is for Russia and Syria to guarantee a total withdrawal of all Iranian forces from the Levant. The US is ready to leave the Kurds and let these continue their negotiation with Damascus. The US establishment will recognise[sic] Assad’s authority over Syria but Iran must leave”.

Assad responded: “Iranian forces and their allies came to Syria under an official request by the central government and will leave when this government asks the allied forces to leave, and only when all terrorists have been eradicated from the Levant”.

“You – said Assad – came to Syria without any permission and occupied our territory. It is therefore our duty to push you out by all means. You shall not obtain by negotiation and peace what you failed to obtain after seven years of war”."…

Article (2 of 2):

"The Syrian army and the allies of Hezbollah and Iran are preparing to finish off the last pockets of militants and jihadists in the city of Daraa (the western part of it), as well as the Quneitra governorate, where the “Islamic State -Welayat Houran” (ISIS in Quneitra) militants are in control of 18 km along the 1974-line separating Syria from the occupied Golan. The presence of these terrorist groups has been tolerated and even supported by Israel in the last years of the Syrian war.

The next battle will be decisive in ending all pockets outside the authority of the Damascus government. Despite this fact Israel is still trying to intervene in the Syrian south, resisting any acceptance of the status quo: the years of war are over on its borders, and Syria is regaining the control of its territory. Actually, it is also the Israeli officials who are breathing their last in the Syrian war, which is nearing its end. What will remain to be liberated is the US &Turkish occupied North of Syria.

But the failure of the regime change is not hitting only Israel but the entire assembly of pundits in Arab and western countries."…

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It’s like any good mafia movie, once you control the business (in this case the federal government MIC) you use its good credit rating to rack up the bill. Bombs gotta be used. Troops deployed.  Bases everywhere. Even my 19 year old son whose a Marine gets it. The American Republican and Liberal politician are pretty much all the same, they are just in deep with different Capos.

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"(((The Globalist Elite )))" Yip de jews, and their elf enabler !!

"Trump is headed to the White House. Did we just elect our first Jewish president?

Speaking of best friends, many of Donald’s friends, business partners, executives at the Trump organization, country club members at Mar-a-Lago and trusted lawyers and advisers are Jewish. No U.S. president has ever in history been surrounded by so many Jewish friends and advisers.

Trust me, by almost every possible measurement, we've just elected our first Jewish president."…

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The Jews are only a faction. It’s the homos and rainbow people (not the Masonic one, at least not as far as I have noticed) doing all of it. The Antifa are in league with them. Some of these people are Masons, but it’s not Masonic overall. My oath is to my lodge. I haven’t broken it once. I am doing exactly what I was tasked to do.

The Bohemians aren’t homosexuals. A little weird, but not homosexuals.

My mother was a Bohemian. They are the “owls” that protect people from the degenerates. There’s the Guardian groups and the Lions as well. 


Can’t believe I am saying this, but the hippies are still the most trustworthy people out of the New Age groups. They are the Bohemians.

Iron March was the last decent Facist organization. The Jews being the people they are targeted them for years before they finally took the Iron crowd out of the picture.  


You’re right friend can’t be soldier and spy both. So, I will be neither. 

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Make war, not peace? Sounds about right, after doing much reading and watching, I have come to the conclusion, ban humans!

All jokes aside, I am appalled at the level of discontent these days, the slit your throat mentality, and for what? Nothing.

Here we have some BT-1000's doing their thang:…

Just more evidence that we have an intelligence and morality problem, not just in America, but the world.

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Be careful what you wish for. What does peace between US and Russia really mean?

Does it mean that the US jews have found a way to control Russia too? That is definitely not what the world wants. The US can't be saved and we need a way to isolate the (((cancer))) to just the US. I feel it's better for all of us for there to be no peace between the two, until Russia triumphs.

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Breaking News! OT, but Mrs Boattrash sent me the names of the 12 Russians indicted by Mueller...

  1. Hillarina Klintonskaya 

  2: Barak Obamavich 

  3. Sallyezhda Yatesina

  4. Ivan Brennanovsky

  5. Valeriya Zharretovna

  6. Yakov Comeyevski

  7. Pyotr Strzokov

  8. Loretmila Lynchkova

  9. Ivan McCainovonovich 

10. Sosana Ricenkovna

11. Yakov Klappereyevich

12. Ivan Podestinky


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The global homosexual mafia is more likely. 

They are annoying and most belong in a grave. We aren’t talking about bubble bath people here. There are dudes that have actual dungeons and they kidnap people. Sick fucks. The intelligence agencies know all about these people. They keep tabs on them and for some reason keep them around. I know the cartels and police both fuck with these people endlessly as well. Which i assume is to get them to behave even more extreme to see if they lash out.


Pretty sure I know why, but I am not talking about it.

bad enough that now I brought this knowledge into the light someone from these groups will try to harass me. In fact the fucker waiting for me to fall asleep just took off. Another goon steps in, assuming it’s a homosexual because chaos is the name of their game.


The whole plan is to target someone that’s a threat to their control until they lash out, which they can use to push an agenda. This is the cause of these school shootings.

You goons can’t hold me to an oath if you’re not even aware of what my oath is. We are playing to the laws of the Shaolin remember? You should read up on them.

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The greatest threat to the global slavery cabal is an alliance between those proud mother f'ers in Mother Russia and the old school patriots in the United States. We've been 3d chess enemies for so long there's a mutual respect that is unspoken, and peace naturally breaks out when these two parties spend any amount of time together.  I've worked with Russians in exchange programs and there would be no greater alliance in the world than these two countries actually working together in a unified way. Unstoppable.  Particularly when it comes to China, ground zero for the NWO surveillance communist experiment.  You really think when the shit hits the fan Russia and China are going to be allies? Nigga please.


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The global elite includes a ton of enterprising Christians, seizing every opportunity to capitalize on cheap, racially homogenous, global labor markets.

That is why, over the last 3 decades, the USA lost 5 million breadwinner jobs and potential SS contributions to Asia and Latin America via offshoring.

It is why, over the last 4 decades, the jobs left in the USA have offered stagnant and falling wages, as we absorb 1.5 million new legal immigrants each year and umpteen-million illegal ones.

Many in both groups of immigrants collect monthly welfare for US born instant-citizen kids that covers their major household bills—rent and groceries—in addition to monthly cash assistance and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits, making it easy for them to undercut massively underemployed US citizens in the labor market, when they work part time in single-breadwinner households, carefully staying under the income limits for womb-productivity-based welfare programs in [traceable] earnings.

It is very calculating; put a baby bow on it. It is all done for babies.

Our global elites, too, are very strategic in finding ways to make money off of the US government————in a so-called republic, where elected leaders are supposed to represent their own citizens ’ interests————-as it uses debt-based financing to expand the profits of American elites, capitalizing on cheap, global labor markets.

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I have always found Jewish women beautiful. I married a Jew... my first wife, dead now over thirty years... one of the gentlest, and most generous people I have ever known, and an absolutely devoted wife (I am now married to an English woman... very different experience, but an equally lovely person). I guess I missed this whole Jewish cabal thing, must not have been paying attention...

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Trump didn’t allow anything. Congress voted in 1995 to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but no president since then had the balls to carry it out. Trump said he was just following the law, so what is your problem?

Since Trump bombed Syria, it has been proven that there was gas attack. It was all a false flag by the White Helmets. Quit watching that garbage on CNN, NBC, and MSNBC and do your own research. What a bunch of parrots you people are!

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