'We've Got The Tapes' - Trump Slams CNN, Sun Interview As "Fake News"

In one of the livelier presidential press conferences in recent memory, President Trump slammed the media after reporters refused to stop asking questions about his interview with the Sun (in which the president repeatedly criticized Prime Minister May's "soft" approach to Brexit, warning it would kill the much anticipated US-UK bilateral trade deal).

In one particularly memorable moment, Trump refused to take a question from a CNN reporter and instead declared that "CNN is fake news. I don't take questions from CNN". After arguing with the reporter for a minute, Trump said he'd turn to "a real network" and called on John Roberts, the White House reporter with Fox News.

And in response to a particularly tough question from an NBC News reporter - whom he slammed as "dishonest" after she asked the president whether his actions had left him at a disadvantage ahead of his meeting with President Putin - Trump threatened to have Sarah Huckabee Sanders get the tapes from the Sun interview and play them back to prove that Trump didn't say what the Sun - a Murdoch tabloid - reported.

Here's the quote, courtesy of the Daily Caller.

"I didn’t criticize the prime minister. I have a lot of respect for the prime minister and, unfortunately, there was a story that was done which was generally fine, but it didn’t put in what I said about the prime minister and I said tremendous things," Trump declared, adding,

"Fortunately, we tend to record stories now so we have it for your enjoyment if you like it. We report when we deal with reporters. It is called fake news."

Later, Trump said that when he apologized to May about the Sun interview, she replied: "Don't worry, it's only the press" - which Trump declared to be "very professional."

All in all, it appears Trump managed to salvage his relationship with May, despite the rampant speculation in the media that his interview with the Sun would effectively spoil the president's whole UK trip. But as Trump would say, that was apparently another piece of "fake news."


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"Trump refused to take a question from a CNN reporter and instead declared that "CNN is fake news. I don't take questions from CNN"

He could do that every damned day and I'd never get tired of it.


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Lol Trump says he didn’t say the things he said ... Shocker


literally walked all over May in the interview a day before meeting May ... but because he yelled fake news his base will lap  it up ... don’t the read the transcript btw your thoughts on his IQ will be damaged for life 


Look at the thousands in the streets of London protesting Trump ... not America ... Trump ... think he’s an embarrassment yet?

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Reports says May is very impressed with America now for electing a heterosexual Christian, red-blooded, meat-eating, Man for a change.

Belnheim's head chef is happy too; didn't have to order a tofu salad with organic skimmed camel milk this time like he had to for Obozo.

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Trump didn't get much if anything from NATO just like he didn't get anything from North Korea, but it seems that some of the left wing/liberal mainstream media are stealthily switching to a new tactic.

I get the impression that the MSM is slowly switching from the old 'smear only' tactics (usually reserved for politicians) and used during the Trump campaign, to a tactic used on Hollywood celebrities: respect and glorification, only to pull the rug from underneath them at a later stage. In order for the smear/rug pulling tactic to work better and more effective, you first need to elevate the target so that the subsequent fall will be further and harder.

So far, Trump has been more or less immune to the MSM smear tactics, because 1) his supporters don't take left wing media serious anyway and 2) because they only report negatively about him. Basically, Trump couldn't fall any lower in the eyes of the MSM. By luring the Trump voters back to the MSM by pretending to be more balanced and fair about Trump, the MSM is elevating Trump for the big fall.

Negative reporting can be easily dismissed by Trump and his supporters as "fake news," but what to do if that reporting is becoming more balanced, only to be followed by the Coup de Grace?

Will Trump take the bait? I think so, because of his enormous ego, narcissism and vanity.

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When one considers the epic fraud those of the (((luciferian cult))) perpetrated on the world for the sake of the zionist scam, this 'powow' guy is more than likely a (((LC))) troll. Given the sentiment of educated people with respect to the 'jew' fraud, especially here at ZH, powow comes along spamming ZH in a very annoying sort of way, where the effect of it is not to promote his/her alleged ideas of 'anti-zionism' and 'apartheid israhell' (technically, good causes, and for very good reasons), but to discredit them. Classic (((luciferian cult))) dissembling for the tribe.

Setting aside powow's annoying and pathetic posts, I want to remind the reader that 1) zionism purely a 'jewish' agenda, 2) the term 'jew' is objectively fraudulent because a. it has no precise meaning and b. it's modern usage purports to link to ancient mythology that in and of itself cannot be objectively and validly corroborated by any reliable third party.

And we should expect the fruit of a fraud to be nothing short of total hell on earth. What does that look like? How about 100,000,000 slain as a result of 2 massive and horrible wars for starters?

You might ask "what does that have to do with zionism?"

That is a very good question.

First, the original zionists were small in number, hailing from the slums of Russia, all cloistered up in their isolated communities, living in their own echo chambers, believing things about their alleged identity only because it was told to them by their mother, yet none of them ever held any factual basis to rest those beliefs upon. And with no facts, as far as I am concerned, you got nothing.

Anyway, these 'leaders' in this weird community, the name they give themselves being 'rabbis', got it into their head 1) they were descendants of 'Abraham' (a central character in the ancient myth referred to above), and, 2) after reading certain text of the myth (somewhere in the 'torah') they decided 4000 years later the land referenced 4000 years earlier in a book of myths belonged to them.

Beholden of their self-deception concerning who they were, which gave them something to live for, they decided to set in motion every and all efforts to make a land claim on this region (which today's israhell is only part, not the whole of it btw).

From the very start, the claim was entirely bogus, because you can't by fiat declare land is yours - no matter who you are - just because some relative a long time ago might have owned it; and in this case, the zionist claim on the land is doubly wrong because they cannot even establish as a matter of fact they have any relationship whatsoever to this ancient and distant relative, let alone making a land claim when the land in question had changed hands countless times and was presently held by others by some then current lawful construct. Further, since the myth the claimant relies upon has no factual basis as to what is substantively reported within (I am not saying the existence of the text is in doubt, or that it was not written at a time it is said to have been written), that means a land claim totally fails because there isn't even any possible way to legally define the land claimed in the first place! By every modern legal means, and that includes the civil laws all the way back circa 1870 et seq, this zionist land claim was completely illegitimate, had no legal basis, and the claimant would not in any way shape of form have had standing in any court anywhere to make the claim.

Now, an ordinary person, morally constructed, when confronted with the facts of a false claim and a lack of standing would stand down and no longer pursue the matter, because the law was against them.

But these 'zionists' did not do that. Confronted with the truth of their illegitimacy and bogus claim, they played the race/religion card, and went full throttle with manipulating and lying to get their way. And given the 'jew' were few, and failing a lawful means to raise a land claim, the only other way to get what they wanted was by force. But since the 'jew' had no armies, no weapons, and no country, this raised the question of exactly whose force would be used to accomplish the goal.

At the time, these zionist weasels figured out in a hurry who had the might to make it happen - England, so they concentrated their manipulations, frauds, blackmails and extortions on English leaders, who, for the sake of it, incomprehensibly sold out their own country for the psychotic Russian freaks and their myths. While it is possible that English leaders like George and Balfour may not have capitulated to these devils on their own, but once the 'jew' money aligned themselves with the cause, that is when the blackmail had it's effect. Most assuredly there was nothing in it for England to capitulate to this bizarre agenda, so the only reasonable explanation as to why George and Balfour (and so many others eventually) caved in was either bribes, threats, extortions and/or blackmail.

Thus, given the fact of the utter and total impossibility of these zionist freaks to get the land they were after, the only path to it was the fog of war. This is how evil and despicable these people are, because they took no thought for the immeasurable human suffering required to force their will on the world, as long as they got what they wanted. Sick, sick, sick, sick sick. And Never Forget! this is totally, 100% 'jew' all the way.

The evidence that these jews knew all to well the only way they could get what they wanted was via war, can be found by a well circulated quote of someone named Max Nordau (real name Suedfeld)

"Litman Rosenthal, American Jewish News, September 19, 1919. Rosenthal, writing in reminiscence of his attendance at the 1903 conference, blatantly lays bare the eager Jewish anticipation of a world war, eleven years before the fact. Nordau's speech continues "... let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward: Herzl, the Zionistic Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future world war, the peace conference where with the help of England a free and Jewish Palestine will be created."


As far as sourcing that quote, it was first published in 1919, in a 'jewish' periodical called "American Jewish News". The particular reference cited by third parties in the same year as its publication, which tends to corroborate the existence of the text, and others prior to ~1950, is this: American Jewish News, New York, Vol. 4, No. 2, September 19, 1919, p. 464.

Citing sources:

The Twentieth Century: (1930), Volume 107, p 598
The Nineteenth Century and After, Volume 89, p 617 (e.g. https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=inu.30000093228512;view=1up;seq=…)
Zionism and Palestine Before the Mandate: A Phase of Western Imperialism; an Essay with a Selection of Readings, p 132

These contemporaneous references validate the existence of the quote, but to date, I have not as yet found page 464 of the cited text. American Jewish News did exist (Vol. 4, No. 2).

Proof of its existence here: http://www.nysl.nysed.gov/nysnp/all/431.htm:

American Jewish news.
Published 1918-1919 : Weekly. OCLC 07472894
Continues: American weekly Jewish news.
  • Jewish Theological Seminary of America
    P <1918:12:20-1919:10:31>
  • New York Public Library
    F <1918:12:20-1919:10:3> <1919:10:24> <1919:10:10-31>

In other words, these jew con artists were engaged in a vast conspiracy to incite war. The reason they knew it was coming is because they were the ones who would be the driving force to bring it into existence, a wholly unnecessary war, a pure contrivance, brought about only for the purpose of maneuvering the military hardware into the region, and gaining the political and financial support of western governments - namely England and eventually the uSa. And keep in mind, in 1903, there was not the faintest indication whatsoever that there was any sort of political rift going on between England and Germany that was of such a type as that anyone could possibly have imagined it would lead to a bloody war.

But these crooked jews knew, because it was their war to start, promoted by those 'leaders' they compromised

As an aside, the only reason why there was a 'rematch' between England and Germany is because the net result of the first war Nordau spoke of did not have the desired effect. So another war was contrived, and for so many reasons apparently did the trick, where in a bidding war for jew money for the 1948 elections on both sides, the American politicians sold out their nation and the American people into the indefinite future just to advance their political careers, all resulting in the UN resolution to (illegally!) partition Palestine and by fiat 'declare' the 'jewish' state, misnamed as 'israel' (but that is a separate story, just another layer of the pathetic fraud). Disgusting. They are all dead now - azhlz; may they rot eternally in hell for tall the trouble they caused!

So, yeah, powow is a dick, and is a (((luciferian))) troll in all likelihood. However, I am posting just one dimension related to this 'jewish' issue to make sure all who read it are clear on what an absolute scam on the planet this 'jew' bulls- really is. The LAST thing we should be doing, especially as Americans, is PAYING for it! Let alone taking the advice of 'jews', which only result in either the bankrupting of the nation by means of counterfeit money systems, or more wars and mayhems to advance the satanic zionist agenda.

Call congress today and tell them if they continue to support the (((luciferian cult))) with your tax dollars they will not have your vote in the next election. It is the LEAST you can do to shut down the (((luciferian))) juggernaut.


(202) 224-3121


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So the Bible is a myth to you, nice one. Hence, Greek, Roman, Assyrian, Babylonian and Egyptian, etc history is all a myth as well? And upon who's authority do you write? Where are your Divine inspirations emanating from? Where are your footnotes and bibliography?

Mine is in the Bible, ancient texts and in stone.

You also deny the existence of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Go read Halley's Bible Dictionary, it may do you some good, or not, really don't care.

I am not jewish, so you can dispense with that attack, but I am a Christian...you have successfully wasted your time writing your screed of bull shit. And I could give a rip about pow wow or any other poster here, or anywhere else as a matter of fact. Everybody has an opinion, just like they got an asshole. You put your pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.

BTW, I take no issue with you on the bolshevik context on Europe in the 1800's, that much may very well be true. The ancient myth is where you go off the deep end, unless I am misunderstanding you? I won't wait too long for a response, as I never get one.

But do carry on, I find you quite amusing, little man/woman, I really can't tell which.

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Everything he wrote is true. The fact that you got butthurt about your favorite mythology being regarded like every other mythology in his writing is irrelevant. Today's 'Jew' is a complete contrivance and fraud; even if every word in the Christian Bible were true, this central fact would not change.

And if you ARE a Christian - as opposed to yet another Hasbara/JIDF troll sent to ZH to disrupt the conversation - then you should know that the modern 'Jew' is actually a PHARISEE. Rabbanical Judaism is Phariseeism. Once this is understood, the statement of "Jesus was a Jew" is seen for the Zionist sophistry it is. Sadly, modern Christianity, flowing from clergy almost exclusively educated in Zionist seminaries, is little more than overt Jew-worship.

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DingleBarryObummer Klassenfeind Fri, 07/13/2018 - 10:49 Permalink

I get the impression that the MSM is slowly switching from the old 'smear only' tactics (usually reserved for politicians) and used during the Trump campaign, to a tactic used on Hollywood celebrities: respect and glorification

+1 that is interesting,

but maybe it's merely coming into the fold as a survival mechanism - "if you can't beat em join em"

One thing remains: I will continue to question everything and trust no one being projected at me from a telescreen.

The saying "if it's too good to be true it probably is" stuck because it's true...

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Oh look, TRUMP MUST BE WINNING AGAIN!! Look at all the Trump haters out today. Naw, you guys aren’t conspicuous at ALL! We ALL truly believe you come here to Zero Hedge because you agree with so many of the articles and admire so many of the comments by its readers. Yeah, you’re not here because you have a job to do, vilify Trump. Too bad you suck at that as much as you suck at everything else. 


Yeah, right, the press has been SO balanced. Sure, it has and you’re not biased at all. I think I’ll go and ride my Unicorn now . . .

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You say those things like they were bad. I love silk panties. your fear of Homosexuality is a manifestation of your latent homosexuality. You hate homosexuals yet you crave Cock. That must be an awful predicament for you to be in. Normal people don't worry about anybody's sexuality except their own. Unless of course your interested that person, which is the hammer hitting the nail on the head in your case. 

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I don't think you said homosexual enough. I think they are confused little children, who were raised to be gay. They are an abomination to me, just like they are to God. Keep defending them, it will be to your peril.

Personally, I could give a rip about them, it's their CHOICE in life, I do feel somewhat sorry for them. What is natural about it? Nothing, they cannot reproduce and if they had their way, would make mankind extinct. It seems you are the craven one, since you love them so much, have at it. I will continue to steer clear of the queers, thanks.

I love the sinner, not the sin.

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Perhaps it is that you give head everyday for a living and your confused as sucking cock for a living fucks with your head. Not the same as being in anybody's head. I am just having fun, this is entertainment for me, good clean fun. I am glad you didn't get shot with your own gun that is a good thing, not violent at all. I worry about retarded men playing with their guns. Mostly I am glad you have not killed any innocents yet, which in your particular case is just around the corner.

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