Former CIA Officer: Clinton "Involved In Biggest Treason In History"

Via Greg Hunter’s,

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says what Hillary Clinton did with her charity and Uranium One while she was Secretary of State was a crime for the history books. 

Shipp explains, “Hillary Clinton used this to launder money in foreign banks so it wasn’t subject to U.S. laws, congressional subpoenas or FOIA demands for the evidence.  This was done to launder this money globally into the Clinton Foundation so the U.S. government could not examine it at all.” 

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI while the Uranium One deal was being done by Clinton and the Russians.  One fifth of U.S. uranium production was bought by the Russians in a deal Clinton pushed and approved.  The Clinton Foundation received more than $140 million from some of the same Russian players who were involved with Uranium One.  Why didn’t Mueller stop the deal?  Shipp says,

Mueller is either a complete moron, which he is not, or he overlooked the biggest counterterrorism cases in U.S. history.  It involved Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One and, of course, the destruction of all the emails and evidence and her secret server, and on and on and on it goes, and he (Mueller) ignored it all.” 

How did she get away with obvious crime?  Shipp says,

The most bizarre thing is the people who protected her from clear felonious activity and violations of the Espionage Act.  James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, was protecting her and leaking things to the media and lying.  You had John Brennan, Director of the CIA, protecting her by starting a false investigation (on Trump) and stirring things up with this (false/unverified) dossier.  You had James Comey, Director of the FBI, protecting her...

Then, you’ve got Peter Strzok protecting her, and now it appears the United Kingdom GCHQ was using NSA information to target Donald Trump and protect Hillary Clinton.  You have to ask yourself what kind of power or connections does this woman have to get all of these members of the Deep State, Shadow Government to risk their own criminal penalties to protect her and try to get her elected?  That is the Shadow Government.  That is the Deep State.  That is what is so chilling about this whole thing...

This is deep.  This is dark.  This is as dark as it gets, and this is the biggest espionage case involving government officials in the history of this country.” 

Shipp also points out that, this time, it will not be business as usual for the “Deep State and Shadow Government.”  They are going to be brought to justice because Shipp says, “indictments are coming because of Donald Trump coming into the White House from the outside.  Trump cannot be bribed.”    

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp 

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There is free information on Kevin Shipp’s website  You can also order his book there on the homepage, and help him get his message out by sending him a donation.


A Sentinel Delving Eye Sun, 07/15/2018 - 17:44 Permalink

I’m starting to think that “trust the plan” makes sense. More of what Q says happens a few days later. It’s interesting at least and it fits.

[edit: notice that the author says “involved in” ... not “mastermind of”.  That too, smacks of the “cabal” idea.

edit2: for those new to it, this seems a decent compilation:]

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OverTheHedge FireBrander Sun, 07/15/2018 - 17:33 Permalink

It was due in March, then April, then May, then June....not sure about July, but soon, very soon, all of these sealed indictments will be released, and then.....nothing will happen. Again.

I don't know what the conspiracy theory equivalent of blue balls is, but I seem to have it. Still straining for the happy ending. "Where do you have to go around here for a rub and tug?"

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lew1024 Rufus Temblor Sun, 07/15/2018 - 21:46 Permalink

He was on the Senate committees that  approved Uranium One. He is a recipient of the flows of cash produced by all of the illegal operations, drugs for weapons, drugs and $ for uranium centrifuged for nuclear reactors $32M/pound, of the sex trafficking necessary for the CIA's compromise operations, the organ harvesting of prisoners of war, of the many frauds on the government, the $Ts that have been siphoned out of the Pentagon, HUD, ...

Why do you think people pay $Ms for high office? And the leadership positions go to the people who can deliver the most $ to campaign treasuries of their fellows in the same party?

The winners in the D vs R contests determine the 60/40 splits, that is the rivalry. Ideology is the method for free votes, the kabuki, the kayfabe.


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philipat Buckaroo Banzai Sun, 07/15/2018 - 21:00 Permalink

Greg Hunter? Took him off my list of things to read/watch when he came out as a neocon ultraZionist. I don't know why guests with anything other than these same persuasions would waste their time?

At least he has learned a lesson not to get onto the topic of Israel and Palestine with guests after CAF tore him to shreds last time he wandered off the narrative!!

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lew1024 Free This Sun, 07/15/2018 - 21:50 Permalink

Who will be motivated to vote if Clinton, etc. are not arrested and charged, jailed, before the midterms?

We gave Republicans the House, the Senate and the Presidency with the mandate to drain the swamp. Very little progress so far, a failure, in fact.

Let the Ds win, then on with the shooting phase of this bit of history.

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I am Groot lew1024 Mon, 07/16/2018 - 02:39 Permalink

In order to rebuild the Republic, it may have to totally collapse first. I have supreme confidence in the CommProgs to do it. Let them open the borders, fill the streets with shit, let crime run rampant and bankrupt all of the states.

I'm surprised the Kinetic Civil War hasn't started yet after 8 years of Ovomit and Hillary's Saul Alinsky playbook moves.

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