George Carlin Was Right

The wisdom of the late George Carlin on display once again...

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” - George Carlin

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Healers don't heal.  Teachers don't teach. Leaders don't lead.  Media doesn't report.  Freedom doesn't Reign.  Liberty doesn't rule.

- Republicanism, Federalism, Democracy don't exist

- Honest Players don't accept gifts or money or campaign contributions/lobby money

- JFK & Obama are fabricated royalty stories that have no place in history...

- Propaganda rules the land, rules education, rules history, rules cover up of finance, insurance, real estate and banking... and rules Hollywood, California

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well, yeah, ol' george WAS right, but - he did it the wrong way. he told the truth, sure, but he stopped being funny when he did it. that's not comedy: that's making a speech

this is pretty much carlin's "comedic stylings" the last 15 years of his life: "I believe this and this and this, and if you don't think that too; if you dare to disagree with me, well then .... you're just STUPID!!!"  (smug pause for laughter and applause from the virtue-signaling dipshits in the audience)(not unlike oprah, now I think of it ... )

not much worse than an unfunny comedian, no matter what it is they have to say. see: maher, bill, et al

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Bill Maher is an asskisser for the Zionists. I loved Carlin’s humor all the way to the end. Even if I disagreed on some thoughts. 

I always wondered though if even he was controlled opposition. The Illuminati rule the entertainment business from Hollywood to NYC. It would have been a miracle if he was not part of it. 


But i love him and his humor anyway.

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Buckaroo Banzai Rapunzal Sun, 07/15/2018 - 17:11 Permalink

George Carlin is an interesting guy.

He smoked weed--daily-- for almost his entire adult life, until one day, he decided that maybe that wasn't such a good idea anymore.

Once he stopped polluting his brain with the ganja, he woke up to a lot of uncomfortable truth.

He spent the last ten years or so of his time on earth doing his level best to wake the goyim up.

God bless George Carlin.

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OMG, I just watched the video, we are fucking doomed!

It's a big fucking club, and you ain't in it!

Full Retard alert:


Loved the routine about kids...Carlin was great!

You know what I say, fuck the children! LOL


George and I had similar life then, buckaroo! that is why I am so high strung now!

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Carlin was right and so is Patrick Little.

Had hoped that Patrick Little had garnered more votes, but was pleased that 56,000 in an only 3 week exposure time voted for him.

We are making progress and the movement is gaining momentum daily.

"I’ve been meaning to write to congratulate THE BARNES REVIEW for moving the Holocaust revisionism football a little farther down the field with the the publication of Stephen Mitford Goodson’s article “ British Diplomats & The Holocaust.” which was a departure from the usual forensics and technical based revisionism exemplified by the contents of the subsequent issue of THE BARNES REVIEW devoted to The Chemistry of Auschwitz in that it introduced Andy Ritchie’s primary research in the British National Archives on the intelligence services (“Deep State”) origins of the narrative.

I’ve been waiting for years for a book or essay like Stephen Goodson’s from revisionists who understand the importance of the Allied armies’ psychological warfare departments and the intelligence services in manufacturing and promoting the myth of WWII Nazi homicidal gas chambers.

Castle Hill’s Holocaust Handbooks Series does not include any handbooks about Fort Ritchie, Maryland or it’s Camp Sharpe Annex in Gettysburg where approximately 9,000 US multi-lingual soldiers were trained in psychological warfare techniques and sent into occupied Germany to take over and control film, print media, culture and education under the direction of the founding members of the Judeo-Marxist Frankfurt School who were welcomed and precision placed in the OSS and by General William “Wild Bill” Donovan.

This is the same Frankfurt School of Social Research whose theoretical cultural Marxism (“Critical Theory ”) was embraced by academia and resulted in the turbulence on college campuses and in the streets across America and Europe in the l960s.

Stephen Goodson is to be commended again for his article “Germany’s Constitution: Why it’s a Total failure,” which examines the Allies’ continuing post-war control over German culture.

Every once in a while I run across a BARNES REVIEW article that mentions C. D. Jackson, but only in passing. Jackson deserves a whole issue in that he orchestrated psyops at the Buchenwald and Ordruf concentration camps during their liberation, founded the CIA and the Bilderberg group and helped change the 2,000 year old dogma of the Catholic Church in Rome in l965 at Vatican II. He was America’s foremost expert on psychological warfare yet no biography, or decent purview of his career before, during and after WWII exists."

Watch out, now here comes "my aunt & uncle" stories from the jew supremacist chorus, funny how they all survived to tell their fairy tales and collect their holohoax stipened. 

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That's interesting! I happen to be a fan of Stephen Mitford Goodson's books (including his vg book "A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind") as well as THE BARNES REVIEW magazine (bringing history into accord with the facts).

Yes, the excellent Barnes Review has been persecuted by the bankers for their courage in being prepared to print relevant articles on the holocaustianity forbidden topic.

The chemistry of Auschwitz disproves the possibility of the 'official' (compulsory) narrative of mass gassings if people who still have the ability to question officialdomspeak and ability of critical thinking just read the books in which all the hard effort of scientific research has already been done.

But the psy-ops side is new to me and a fascinating topic to me as I see the general daily psy-ops of the te-LIE-vision stupefying the masses. Get rid of the te-LIE-vision, folks!

So I'm very pleased you posted this comment and I agree with all you have said therein as would anyone who

a) wants to get to the truth of things, b) has followed this up with their own research eg good books such as


2) GERMANY'S WAR by US author JOHN WEAR (the latter a regular article writer in The Barnes Review and whose website is v revealing too… )

OR read online Right Now the following:-

3) FREE ONLINE BOOK UPDATED 7TH EDITION (recently censored by Amazon so the author made it free online so that the information gets out there:


4) 'Holocaust Deprogramming Course: Free yourself from a lifetime of Holo-brainwashing about "Six Million" Jews "gassed" in "Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms" '

(scroll down and see photos first)

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"...My uncle saw these death camps, ovens and all and wrote home about them - you are a fucking liar!..." Was your uncle a Russian, in the Red Army?  Because the holyhoax promoters do not pretend any longer that there were any death camps in Germany or any US "liberated" area.  The pretend gas chambers are all now conveniently claimed to be located in the Soviet conquered east.

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Expendable Container when the saxon began Mon, 07/16/2018 - 17:51 Permalink

Correct. 'his uncle' didn't see any such nonsense. Since they were only faked up AFTER the war by the Soviets as you exposed. Which is why you only find the fake chambers in Soviet occupied POLAND. By the way, the Soviets built a massive chimney at Auschwitz but they forgot to actually attach it to anything, so there it sits, this fake chimney, unused and never used for any reason and built AFTER WWII. But I presume you already know all that.

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'have you ever visited Auschwitz?'

No. I don't waste my time visiting fake holohoax sites and listening to false narratives. But a Jew, David Cole, did visit Auschwitz and proved that the 'gas chamber' being shown to the public is a fake and filmed his Tour of Auschwitz:

David Cole who investigated Auschwitz personally and proved there were no genuine gas chambers: LU

I also informed myself from PETER WINTER'S FREE ONLINE book which can be read right now:

'THE SIX MILLION: FACT OR FICTION' 7th edition updated


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They were labor camps as everyone knows. Auschwitz even had its own money for inmates to use within the camp system for the post office, shop, prostitutes etc. It also had football teams, orchestras, art studios, swimmingpool, dentists, maternity ward (3000 babies born there). Marriage ceremonies between inmates took place at Auschwitz.

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The relatives that I had that were witnesses to portions of the holocaust beg to differ.  Those relatives of mine who served as soldiers in World War Two were at Buchenwald and other death camps.  One cousin served as a Nuremberg trial guard.  Yeah, that Holocaust happened.  Also, the six million Jews slaughtered may be a low ball figure.  You might want to actually view footage shot by Alfred Hitchcock.  I know you guys play this little hoax nonsense that's been played since the Third Reich.  However, you people making these claims never experienced the actual history, nor lived with the witnesses.

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The holocaust happened to the incinerated German people of Dresden whose photos of piled up burnt bodies (mainly women and children and many refugees) are censored by the self-chosenites.

As for the Six Million nonsense, from 1900-1945 Jews made allegations about 'six million Jews' two hundred times!


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"you deny the millions murdered in death and work camps"

Not at all, the Soviet GULAGS, which were run by the bolshevik Jews, worked millions to death on purpose and murdered millions, as written about by gulag internee and Nobel Prize winner, author Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

There were no death camps in Germany or German occupied territory, only labor camps. It was only when Germany was defeated and unprecedented ALL-LIES bombing of infrastructure resulted in total breakdown of the camp system as no transport, medical supplies, food,  etc was possible - at this late stage in 1945 deaths from typhus and starvation took a hold.

A military medical professional checked thousands of bodies and selected a hundred for autopsies. Not a SINGLE body died from gassing by Zyklon B (cyanide). You see cyanide death is easy to diagnose as the surface of the body would have very large red sections throughout. There were not one.

Moreover Zyklon B is absorbed permanently deep into the walls in prussian blue and no so-called 'gas chambers' showed any. Whereas the small clothes delousing chambers all were stained with this blue discoloration. Science disproved it.

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Germany  put up with British bombing for 3 months BEFORE they were prepared to retaliate because Hitler was very pro-British and dead against war with Britain (contrary to the Dew-lies-newspapers/hollywood fake narratives). Hitler tried in vain for peace negotiations with the Dew Churchill but he was determined for war.

Honest and fair facts of WWII and its lies, right here:

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Is there some kind of time limit when they stop expecting reparations? Does that go on for eternity or only as long as people are willing to be milked?

When will the yearly multiple Hollywood movies cease and give someone else's genocide a shot? Has anyone even seen a Hollywood movie about the Holodomor or the Armenian genocide? Why not? Are jews just that much more important?

Why is every leader the jews don't like another Hitler? How come every govt the jews don't like is another 1938 Nazi Germany?

Why is everyone who criticizes israel an antisemite? 

Maybe they would garner more sympathy if they just shut the fuck up about it already. It's nothing more than a huge grift now. 

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I don't think anyone is asking for reparations, I am just stating the truth here.

We speak out only because of the lies being perpetrated here by some posters.

There is no denying other holocausts to be sure, but this is the one being brought up.

You raise good points, and I for one won't call you any names.

I tell the truth, cold hard facts, that is all. No I am not jewish, my uncle died killing nazi's, period.

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Freethis, your just another jew supremacist apologist, a holohoax cryer singing your yiddish song of sorrow while you secretly laugh your self silly and say "we had a good day". Your facts are the contrived lies perpetrated upon the masses by the jew supremacists that were allowed to control the media message as well as the travesty of justice called the nurenberg trials. You jews are sickend liars to the core. Eisenhower the sick rabid jew couldn't wait to lay waste to the Good German People and he did. Not because of any make believe death camps (lies started by the british propagandists & the bolshevik commisar jews of russia, with stalins approval). Patton was absolutely right when he showed up on the scene and stated " we have fought the wrong enemy" he knew the jew supremacist was the real and only enemy, just as today.

You have no truth in your statements by and large, and when you do slip in some truthism it is to manipulate and then deceive once again.

You appear to be a trained tel aviv israeli operative, but you will swear you are a dyed in the wool red blooded American or some such hokum that each of you are taught to say. 

Your time is over and THE TRUTH is OUT and you deceivers can not put it back in your guilded cage ever again.

Your edward bernaysian jew supremacist propaganda has seen its day- Finito! 

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I will add this to the thread - as I am seeing this crap spammed everywhere!

To moresun, et al,


There is one slight problem with that propaganda you are pushing.

My uncle saw the death camps, saw the bodies piled up like stick figures, and wrote home about it. His battle map proves his movements from Normandy to the Elbe River, where he died.

I will take his words over your propaganda. I know I will be down voted here for saying this. I really don't care.

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You jew supremacists just can't stop with my aunt and uncle charades because you have been taught to perpetuate the holohoax lie, because when it finally fully blows up in your face the reparations owed by the jew supremacists and so-called israel will be past the point of remuneration, and there will be a world at your door step that will be very, very un-pleased.

Your fabrications have already been proven false, and false again in courts of law as well as by hundreds of credible goyim & jew historians, not your jew supremacist so-called historians that when put in the witness box under oath had to admit the lies , distortions and corruption of facts that they had subscribed to and published.

Some of your own well tell the tale of your holohoax lies- get over it! 

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"...The relatives that I had that were witnesses to portions of the holocaust beg to differ..."  So your relatives were in the Red Army too?  Once again, the make believe death camps are now all retroactively situated in the east where conveniently no westerner could ever investigate.  The pretend death camps in the west were all debunked long long ago. 

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All deaths were from disease in particular typhus and occurred at the end of the war when Germany was defeated. No deaths occurred from cyanide gas.The bodies were examined by US military medical men and NOT ONE died from cyanide gas (ZyklonB), not 1.

It is most unfortunate that the unprecedented Allied Bombing of German infrastructure had this tragic result of disease and even starvation but not 1 died from gas chambers. There has been no proof of genuine gas chambers anywhere (all Russian reconstructions that don't stand up to simple scrutiny ie no sealed doors, open drains that would have resulted in any poisonous gas seeping into the nearby hospital killing all including doctors. No, its just a propaganda story turned since into mass psyop to drain money from Germans and Americans.

The so-called 'nuremberg trials' were revealed to be unlawful, lacking in any Justice, and an embarrassment to most. They were controlled to a large degree by Jews. Here is Nuremberg Trials Farce Quote No. 35:

"From Sweden to South Africa, the Nuremberg Trials Were Condemned":…

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