Italy Blocks 450 Migrants As New Mediterranean Crisis Unfolds

Italy dug its heels in on Saturday after conservative Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refused to let 450 migrants aboard two military vessels dock at Italian ports, marking the country's latest stand against the large-scale influx of predominantly North African refugees.

The migrants had originally set sail from Libya in a single wooden vessel which was identified early Friday as it passed through Maltese waters. After being denied safe harbor in Italy, they were transferred to the two separate vessels near the Italian island of Linosa - close to Malta, after which Salvini suggested they "head south, down to Libya or Malta." One of the two ships is operated by EU border agency Frontex, while the other belongs to Italy's tax police. 

In an exchange of messages, emails and phonecalls on Friday, Rome had tried to push Valetta to take responsibility for those on board the wooden boat.

But Malta said the ship was much closer to the Italian island of Lampedusa, insisting that those on board only wanted to reach Italy.

On Saturday morning, they were transferred to two military vessels but where the vessels will dock remains unclear. -France24

The new standoff began just hours after Italy allowed 67 migrants to disembark in Sicily from an Italian coast guard ship on Thursday. 

"We need an act of justice, of respect and of courage to fight against these human traffickers and generate a European intervention," said Salvini during talks with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

On Sunday, Germany, France and Malta agreed to take 50 migrants each, while Conte sent letters to the governments of the 27 other EU members encouraging them to share responsibility.

"Germany and Italy have agreed that, in view of the ongoing talks on closer bilateral cooperation on asylum, Germany is ready to accept 50 people in this case," a German government spokeswoman said on Sunday.

“This is the solidarity and responsibility that we have always asked of Europe and now, after the results obtained at the last European Council, they are beginning to become reality,” Mr Conte wrote in a Sunday afternoon Facebook post, adding "Let's continue on this path with firmness and respect for human rights," he added.

Conte's comments were not well received by the Czech Republic, who refused his request as Andrej Babis, the prime minister, tweeted that the approach was the "road to hell" - adding that boats carrying migrants should be turned back, and that migrants should be helped within their own countries. 

Germany's agreement to take 50 migrants follows an announcement by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer that the Bavarian state police would begin granted authority to patrol the southern border with Austria as part of a new series of measures aimed at resisting migrant arrivals. 

Mr Seehofer said on Sunday that Bavarian police would be able to conduct checks at the Austrian border “at the request or with the consent of federal police,” after it was questioned whether it was legal for such power to be granted to them. -Telegraph

Seehofer threatened to resign earlier this month if Chancellor Angela Merkel could not arrive at a European solution, or to let him implement tougher border security measures. The debate which threatened to tear apart Germany's coalition government, an agreement was reached on how to control the influx of migrants from the German-Austrian border.

Italy's Conte, meanwhile, says that his country is willing to help the migrants as long as other EU members share the burden - while Salvini said that he will allow a few children and mothers to disembark in Sicily. 

"I am monitoring the situation of two ships travelling in Italian waters... there are 16 mothers and 11 children who will disembark in the next few minutes, hours...," Mr Salvini said in a statement to TV channel RaiNews24.


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Now that the talmudic communists masquerading as socialists took power in Spain, they are opening the flood gates to Spain.

The new PM claimed Spain had not been fulfilling its EU refugee quotas and had only allowed 2000 refugees of 19000 required.  Of course the talmudist agent promised to make it up.

In Malaga the talmusdists, seizing the chance, have opened a new refugee processing center next to where the cruise ships dock bring thousands of tourists daily.

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you can sink the boats in the affikin ports just as they're getting underway, and kill (maybe) dozens - but that would be mean

or you can keep on doing this same stupid shit until your people rightfully snap and go berserk, driving the invaders out with fire and driving them into the sea at bayonet-point, and kill tens or hundreds of thousands

tough call. WhatWouldSorosDo?

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People used to give me shit saying I was crazy, or a dumbass for buying ammo every week, and sometimes by the case. Who's laughing now....? I tell people that someday my garden gnomes may end up becoming improvised Claymores. Fuckers are pulling out a notebook taking notes now on my every word. Unless you live in Heaven, this shit is coming to a neighborhood near you too soon. If it's not Africans, it's muslims. If it's not muslims, it's Mexicans or Guatemalans or Hondurans.

Start prepping now ! Its not too late.

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they will keep coming as long as nation states accept them. simple shit maynard.

until the originators are stopped, nothing changes. like a peaceful(for now) human war with trojan horses,

only boats. Humanity, being compassionate as they are, is only going to see the folly of such

foolishness when it is too late, which it already is. devolution by sheer numbers, so in a strange way this is

how nature culls it's number with a twist of evolutionary technology to eliminate the sheer numbers with efficiency.

molon labe

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Didn't used to be. It's a sad irony that modernization makes people soft and ignorant about the laws of the jungle they used to live under when they weren't modern.

EUrope is particularly amazing because they actually held back the muslim hordes centuries back. A lot of credit for this disaster is also due to the ziowasp warmongers in DC London and Tel Aviv, who perped the wars in the Middle East, particularly against Saddam, who was secular, before thinking out the results.

At least the nations are now arguing over 50 migrants, instead of 50,000. We're going to ZERO before long. The biggest problem with modernity is not race but gender. Most men smell rot in this situation. It's the stupidly arrogant modern Western woman who has become utterly clueless in a range of behaviors, and this is only one of them, inviting in men from a religion AND culture which would openly subjugate and torture them. Women from that culture speak out, and are threatened with death, and western women STILL don't get the message. Western men need to start shoving their own women into more rational stances, if at all possible. This election in the fall is a prime example. The democratic party is about to do all sorts of stupid gender crap. I'll never vote Republican, because I dont believe in trickle down economics and intl warmongering, but women in the West refuse to wake up, and they're alienating a lot of male voters.

ANd, yes, similar things are happening in the AMericas. Catholicism is a rotten old religion that generates babies and dirt and not much more, and the US and Canada, lands of real development and education (used to be better) are NOT obligated to take care of a hemisphere of basket case nations who will not get their act together. There is some truth to the colonial argument, but Asia was colonized by the West, and now they take care of themselves. What's the difference? NO catholicism or Islam.

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I have best and simplest solution to the immigration problem.


Jews are at the main force behind migration problem. They stir the pot (middle east wars) then they demand that someone else picks up the crap they made. If they PAY for the consequences themselves I am sure that immigration problem will be solved in no time.

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I've been a dem, but I'll become a Repub if that means sending yids back to their homeland. I'm also totally down with a wall with a giant flashing sign attached - Catolicos - No Mas!

Liberals are going to have to realize that they represent modernity and education, not religious ignorance. And the West and China better get the UN together for a conference on reducing religion in the world, because this shit will ruin the planet. It already has. Catholic Latin America and Africa are complete and total disaster areas. Same with all Islamic nations except Indonesia, where Asian culture has saved it (sort of).

The lack of birth control in these nations is insane. The fact that the US right-wing refuses to fund birth control spending overseas is also insane. The people of the West need to wake up our leaders that assimilation is no longer an option and has failed miserably.

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so sick of this bollocks. Catholic poverty-worship coupled with corporate greed for slave labourers to depress wages is why the immigrants keep coming


They were brought in by the rich so they could get around paying western wages and conditions to workers with high living standards in the first world.


Nothing to do with jews, soros or any individual politician - they may contribute but they didn't cause it in the first place. This was set in process more than a decade ago. It just got harder and harder to stop the more you bring in.

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Spain has a huge unemployment rate for own citizens; that country cannot afford to absorb more welfare-consuming job seekers.

It is a lot like the USA, but without the lying about the labor-force participation rate (101 US citizens out of the workforce), the number of gig pieceworkers (78 million) and the size of the womb-productive welfare-qualified population of citizens & noncitizens (42 million) that only works part time to stay under the income limits for the programs.

When you let in too many people who qualify for welfare due to womb productivity and instant-citizen kids, welfare pays more than work, driving wages down as rent prices soar, with more & more people searching for units.

It is a recipe for mayhem. 

Whatever happened to Trump’s safe zones, a place outside of Europe or the USA for all of the refugees to stay until they are taken back home? 

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These blacks never look for work.

Blacks have the mentality that the only time to work is when you're hungry or you want to fuck your neighbours kids.


People should look to this guys channel!!


This guy talks about how the blacks all want to kill white people and are doing so!

and what do we do?... ... ... we let them in over here where they do what they do best... 

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In the USA, we hear a lot of Tammany Hall-style ethic triumphalism in the form of chest beating about demographic numbers.

For 40 years, in the USA, we have seen falling wages, as we absorbed more and more legal & illegal immigrants, paying many of them per kid produced in the following ways: free EBT groceries, free or subsidized rent, monthly cash assistance and up to $6,431 in refundable child tax credits.

They work part time in single-breadwinner households for [traceable] earnings that fall under the income limits for these programs. 

Unsurprisingly, the pay-per-birth approach worked to create the biggest working-age generation in US history—the Millennials—who are one half racial minorities.

The plan by liberals was to pay people (of all races) to have sex and reproduce, giving them 100%-free, non-contributory welfare so that they would bolster the coffers of the SS-retirement trust that all citizens pay into at either 7.65% or 15.3% of every penny we ever earn up to the $128,400 SS-taxation cap. 

The plan did not work to buffer the solvency of SS. 

The plan did work to create these massive, bigger-than-the-Baby-Boom generations, the Millennials and the Z Generation, which is already a  majority-minority generation. 

SS solvency was not boosted: 

101 US citizens of working age are out of the labor force.

78 million “self-employed” people are mere gig pieceworkers 

42 million single-mom citizens, legal immigrants and illegal aliens are eligible for free EBT food (and many other layers of freebies) as a reward for sex, reproduction and part-time work in single-breadwinner households with US-born instant-citizen kids, when they strategically keep [traceable] earnings below the income limits for the welfare programs.

Whereas, the single, non-womb-productive citizens and single parents with kids over 18 who work all year long for earned-ONLY income face rent that consumes more than half of their pay.

Wages never rise when so many job applicants are like the “women we have working here [who] have somethin’ comin’ in.” We have a ton of “voted best for moms” jobs, which are low/wage jobs with lots of absenteeism privileges for the womb-productive. We have a ton of construction crews that are 98% Hispanic, likely not Hispanic citizens, either. 

Per-capita income in many states is $20k or below, while the refundable child tax credit for citizens & noncitizens with maximum womb productivity is, at $6,431, close to 1/3rd of what an entire year’s worth of wages at full-time hours yields for non-womb-productive citizens and single citizens with grown kids, living on one earned-ONLY income stream.

The ever-expanding refundable child tax credit offers money that parents can spend on any frivolous thing, added to their free monthly household bills. 

Work does not pay. Sex and reproduction pays....until it doesn’t. 

At some point, this Pay Per Birth Ponzi will implode. 

Minorities, including our 12% population of Black Americans who are not immigrants—but citizens, here from the beginning of the republic in many cases—are soooo sure that minorities are all going to band together, creating a strong Tammany Hall II Empire to put whitey in his place.

Not sure it will work out that way on many fronts, including on the economic-strength front, but there is also the issue of racism by minorities, not just the overt reverse racism toward whites in the many 98% minority-staffed workplaces, but factionalism among the minority groups. 

After Jim Crow was demolished 50 years ago, Black Americans have seen a situation where the majority population was regarded as uncivilized at the slightest indication of racial bias.

Most white people in the USA were raised with white guilt, trained to remember that white ancestors whose names we do not even know treated Black Americans horribly.

White people are no longer the majority. 

Other minorites do not consider themselves to be Black, and many of them openly discuss the fact that they feel superior to Blacks. Many minority immigrants and US citizens of foreign extraction have zero white guilt over ancestors who treated Black people wrong in past eras. 

Take an Indian colleague, a person who was very nice to me except for telling me that the Indian customers would not buy from me, a white woman. They would only buy from a fellow Indian who was not even born in India. 

This person was very polite to me otherwise, regarding me as an equal, but no so for the Black customers. One of them was so relieved that I was polite to her, showing the proper deference to a customer, that she asked me exactly when I worked so that she could make her payments on those days. 

That is not the only case like that I have seen, not even close, and the other cases did not involve Asians, but other racial minorities. Asians have recently shown that white guilt does not compel them to put downtrodden racial minorities ahead of their own hard work to get into Harvard.

Politicians are bending over backwards, trying to hand out Tammany Hall II favors, letting white Americans know that their wages do not matter as much as racial diversity, but they might end up favoring one racial minority over another, rather than being seen as a pander bear for “minorities”—-a singlular and solidarity-bound group.  


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It's not the race or the color of the skin that denotes value, it is the enlightenment or lack of it. You're unenlightened, so of course so is your solution. 

How about this: How about sending every single immigrant of value beyond measure to Israel and in Rothschild's own properties? 

Don't you think it is time that you saw through to the source of the attack upon the white cows in Europe and America? For the source is none other than this vile evil Rothschild Zionist sick house called Israel even now crumbling on its own soiled sand. You do see that evil Zionists are playing you whites and blacks, yes? 

And then, with human dignity and enlightenment, once the crumbling house is removed, don't you think that a man, no matter his race or origin, can rise high with class, doing things off the charts for the positive? 

Of course. Even a blind man can see that. You must have very good eyesight.

Human waste is in not seeing what is waiting to be seen, once you take the blinders off. 

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Denial of genetics and human biodiversity led to the problems the first world is facing. Bullshit like this ^^^


You are wrong. Genes matter. Race matters. Culture, which is a racial construct, matters.

Society is a racial construct, not the other way round.

Shitholers live in shitholes and turn any non shithole into a shithole because it's all they know. They cannot escape their heredity.

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Israel has made it clear they don't want black immigrants. I sure hope someone working foreign policy in the US and Israel has now figured out that secular dictators are needed stat to suppress ISlam, but it's too late after removing Saddam and Qaddafy. They have one in Egypt. There was no choice. the UN needs to convene a meeting on containing ISlam and Catholicism, and tie funding to birth control and education TOMORROW!

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Okay I found one I want.  Only I'm not really a trader at this point and never was.  How do I move to Asia, South America, or some Island and make enough to buy one.? Price: US$ 19,900,000

  • A superb example of a classic Feadship motor yacht
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Shared, predictable, effective disembarkation arrangements would save time, minimize suffering, and prevent politicians from competing on who takes the least responsibility.

Couldn't someone dig a tunnel across the straits of Gibralta, to save these poor people getting their feet wet?

Of course, poor chappie who's job depends on there being refugees to rescue would lose out completely, so he probably wouldn't want that. Why does no one comprehend that 500 million Europeans will not be able to house and feed one and a half billion Africans? Logic and maths suggests that reality will catch up at some point, even if the indiginous population doesn't.

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I thought I would check the African population number (1.2 trillion, so I over-estimated slightly), but whilst doing that, I found this:…

Africa accounted for only 9 per cent of the world's population in 1950, but by the end of this century about 40 per cent of all humans (and nearly half of all children) will be African, heralding one of the fastest and most radical demographic changes in history, the report says.

What could possibly go wrong?

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The massive lie that masquerades as bullshit fear-mongering about “overpopulation” has multiple purposes. The same lie plays to the promise of comfort through “family planning.” 

Look- when they say that something, particularly as venal as “comfort” is more important than life, you have a great clue that you’re being lied to. 

Overpopulation, aka Malthusian economics, is 100% discredited by the fact that there isn’t mass starvation. According to Malthus, the earth couldn’t support a tenth of the current population.

Because Malthus is objectively wrong, they invented the lie of climate bullshit. That’s a freaking lie too.

The same players are behind each temptation and/or deception.

The goal is the destruction of western society.

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Go back 50 years and stop sending food to fucking Africa for fuck;s sake.

Any of you remember the 1980s and "We are the World"? To help 40 million starving Ethiopians?

Thanks to that effort, there are now 90 million starving Ethiopians. That's just one region.

We have distorted the balance of nature by providing food and modern medicine to them.  By 2100 there will be 4 billion of them if we don't stop.

The best answer would be to declare Africa a nature preserve (animals and paelolithic humans) and block all traffic in and out. No more food or aid. No more immigration.

Nature would restore the Africans to their true state and sustainable population within 20 years.


But no. (((Somebody))) insists that it would be rayciss to not send them food and give our daughters to them for raping.

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OverTheHedge Refuse-Resist Mon, 07/16/2018 - 11:56 Permalink

My point wasn't about feeding the starving billions (my autocorrect does like to say "trillions" instead of billions, but I see no one noticed). My point was that I, personally, don't understand how I benefit from paying to feed and house all the Africans that come to Europe. What's in it for me? What do I get? I quite understand the downsides - I get higher taxes, higher property prices, more competition for work, lower wages, the chance to be raped and murdered, sometimes not in that order, and so on. What is the benefit? Logically, if we supply free housing and free money to all Africans who come here, they will ALL come here. Perhaps we can do a population swap - at least the Europeans will probably be better at looking after the big game on the Serengeti - all those vegans wanting to hug trees and so on.

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