Salvini: It Will Take 50 Years To Expel 500,000 Illegal Migrants From Italy

Authored by Sharan Kumar via The Daily Cller,

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has spoken out this week against the current rate of migrant deportations in Italy, claiming that it would take 50 years to expel a backlog of 500,00 illegal immigrants unless more than 10,000 migrants are deported per year, reports ANSA.

In an impromptu meeting with other EU officials, he stressed the time sensitivity of the migrant issue.

Although Salvini made clear that he prefers a peaceful  resettlement processfor asylum seekers, he leans toward more aggressive deportation procedures after hundreds of additional migrants arriving by boat in the past months have exacerbated problem by overwhelming border control authorities and increasing the backlog.

“If arrivals in Europe are reduced there will be no problem at the internal borders of the EU and we can continue to work peacefully among peoples as we intend to do,” said Salvini, Express reports.

Salvini’s comments on the migrant issue were preceded by his controversial decision to prevent NGO boats carrying rescued migrants from docking in Italian ports. A tough critic of the clandestine immigration taking place in Europe’s southern border, Salvini has justifies his policy by asserting a Italy-First stance, saying that “Italy cannot become Europe’s refugee camp.”

While this no-landing policy was the norm of his predecessors, Salvini is more flagrant in his enforcement of the matter and has recruited allies across the European Union to more effectively combat this issue.

“I have to do everything I can to protect the people who live in this country... Nobody will ever change my view that the fight against human trafficking and clandestine immigration is one of this country’s primary objectives,” Salvini said on RTL radio on Friday.

Salvini’s hardline immigration policy was recently overruled by the Italian prime minister in a case involving a docked NGO boat in Sicily containing rescued migrants. This overruling was prompted by pressure from the Italian president and NGOs. This is significant because the President is largely a ceremonial figure and his foray into this matter makes it an exceptional circumstance. Salvini reacted with “regret and amazement” to the president’s intervention.

“If someone does it in my place, he will assume the judicial, moral and political responsibility for it,” Salvini comments on the migrant policy overruling, Reuters reports.


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Nonsense - once there is a simple mandate to arrest on site anyone is is black or brown and doesn't speak the language with the proper accents, collection and expedited hearing that demands no more than 48 hours for a decision then remanded to a holding pen for ocean shipment to point contracted with payoffs to African warlord with a sea of tents .

You might make a few mistakes on identification but so what? - just do what Big Pharma does with negative effects of Vaccines - little to no compensation under government law and a video saying..... we are sorry

You can do it in 60 months easy, with military converted to one single objective - the transport / logistics / organization are all there plus a bounty of $500 per head to civilians or military  for arrest or identification of where they are hiding

The existing  laws restrictions are simply a product of exit from EU Brussels rules - NO Sanctuary allowed

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Grave Dancer 22 Four Star Sun, 07/15/2018 - 11:21 Permalink

Italy better move fast or their national football team is going to look like France's.  Not ONE native white Frenchmen on the French national football team, all blacks and arabs.  On the other hand Croatia who protects its borders, their team is all white native Croatians.   World cup final today tells you who has open borders and who protects its borders. 



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L Mc Grave Dancer 22 Sun, 07/15/2018 - 13:41 Permalink

+GraveDancer22: Vraiment!  I was surprised to see the obvious NON-indigenous French dominance on the French National  team today, thinking all along there would be at least one white French!  Adieu to white French DNA, hello to "caramelization" of French, as well as Anglo, German, Italian stock.  Then the question will be, are these caramelized European people going to be better off 5 generations from now after out-breeding the indigenous DNA? Whatever, the white DNA will sadly become irretrievably extinct. 


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Captain Nemo d… Omen IV Sun, 07/15/2018 - 09:52 Permalink

Right. Like all you need to be is white in South Africa and they will assume that you are a supporter of the system that kept them dehumanized right up until 1994. Of course there could be a few mistakes but so what. Wasn't it up until the middle ages when the Roman church was keeping you all under its thumb the "high culture" in France was to throw down poop onto the street from above, whence the origin of "loo", from "Garde loo"? It was the knowledge preserved by the "old world" that triggered the renaissance. Kind of ironic to talk of "European ancestory" and "those shitholes" as if only "other people" are like that. Why they are like that, of course, is once you developed yourself you systematically sucked up the resources of every other country and brought them down to this stage, and still try to keep them that way. In the 1980's Libyans celebrated three separate days: one when the kicked out the British, one when they kicked out the Italians and one when they kicked out the French. And then they came in together as NATO this time? Libyan teens had deep scars on their faces, ostensibly marks made traditionally to keep them safe from the Italians and the supposedly the tradition has continued. And now in your high geniosity you have taken care of Libya again, and are whining about the resulting immigration from Africa that anyone could have foreseen. For all of your supposedly celebrated high average IQ, the only use you make of it is to blame the group with the supposedly higher average IQ (by 5 points) to absolve yourself of all the blame.

If you want to solve the problem, stop being a part of it.

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This is such an incredible opportunity for Italy to access a large migrant pool of labor. However to actually 'get work' from the migrant pool they must be paid by the widget.

I suggest the following pay table 

10 cents a pound for tomatoes sold at market for market rate.

5 cents a pound for digging potatoes sold at market rate.

..add 200 more items. parts, tools, car parts etc..

Rates will receive a 50 percent future production bonus if they are not fertile. 

15% of their salarues are held in a trust payable back to themselves upon departure..

All migrants refusing to participate in the social productivity plan must be incarcerated to solitary until they choose to leave or work.

All migrants staying become a profitable ward of the state..Italy welcomes them all.. 


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the hold up are filthy dual (((shitizens))) who infiltrated and rotted out european nations to carry out Coudenhove-Kalergi's plan to breed white nations out of existence using low IQ odd color mongrels, subhumans and simians.  italy should forget the rapefugees for now and deal with the (((tribe))) that is destroying Italy.

edit: (((mofo's) like these in Italy and in every EU country I am talking about

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Said that I am totally pro-Salvini, the history of Sicily is not that way.

Originally, Sicilians were like south Italians of the Roman empire, probably quite dark-haired. Then in 800AD the Moors arrived and it took to them 150 years to conquer Sicily, spreading there also their genes.

Around 1060AD the Normans arrived from Scandinavia, and with the blessing of the Pope conquered Sicily, getting rid of the Moors in 30 years. Many Moors returned to Africa, other converted and merged with Sicilians and Normans. Overall, the whole thing was not very bloody. Many Sicilian monument built in 1100-1200 were in fact built by Moor workforce, among which the Cathedral of Monreale, which I consider the finest Italian church, at least in its internal. Many Sicilians still have blond or red hair, and blue eyes, but this is due to Norman genes.

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shovelhead Richard Chesler Sun, 07/15/2018 - 10:09 Permalink

Um, actually since the first boat hit the Med, Sicily was a major trading stop between East and West Med traffic. The Arabs just added their baby batter into one of the most polyglot mixed area in the region. Any blond hair most likely came from the Normans who conquered Sicily and S. Italy prior to the Crusades.

Sicily has always been genetic soup sitting on the stove for millennia with new ingredients added as they became available just like any major Med trading port. The only thing unifying them is the common language they adopt or learn at the present which is subject to change. 

History is like that.

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Dr. Bonzo Philo Beddoe Sun, 07/15/2018 - 08:27 Permalink

That's part of the problem. Like all migrants, Africans carry Africa with them. Have you seen parts of the rural south? Alabama? Georgia? Louisiana? South Carolina? Resembles Liberia.

People refuse to get it. Just simply refuse to get it. It's not about race. It's about culture.

Wherever Africans travel, they carry the Pleistocene with them. It will revert to the Pleistocene. Every inner city in the US. Look at it. Inner Baltimore. It's reverting to the Pleistocene. South Chicago. Ditto. Look at the townships in Sweden. Ditto. Show me one city in the developed world that has improved as a result of the arrival of Africans. Show me one. Just one.

This isn't complicated. They can assimilate and embrace better options, but they refuse to.

Then they must go. One and all.


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