EU's Tusk Warns Trump Trade Wars "Often" Turn Into Real Wars

Just before President Trump was set to hold his first ever official summit with Russian president Putin, the EU and China sat down for their own "pro-trade" meeting, during which European Council President Donald Tusk urged Trump, Putin - and China - to work with Europe to avoid trade wars and prevent conflict and chaos.

Speaking before Trump and Putin were due to meet in Helsinki, Tusk appealed for leaders to avoid wrecking a political and "economic order that nurtured a peaceful Europe and developing China", according to AP.

European Council President Donald Tusk

Tusk held a news conference with China's Premier Li Keqiang, following an annual EU-Chinese economic summit also attended by the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. They met amid mounting acrimony over Trump's tariff hikes on goods from China, Europe and other trading partners.

And in a startling warning, the former Polish prime minister went on to make the clearest warning yet that trade wars can turn into hot wars: "It is the common duty of Europe and China, America and Russia, not to destroy this order but to improve it, not to start trade wars which turn into hot conflict so often in our history."

Quoted by AP, Tusk then appealed to governments to "bravely and responsibly" reform the World Trade Organization by updating its rules to address technology policy and state-owned industries, areas in which Beijing has conflicts with its trading partners including Europe. Trump has repeatedly criticized the WTO as outdated and has gone outside the body to impose import controls, prompting warnings he was undermining the global system.

"There is still time to prevent conflict and chaos," said Tusk. "Today, we are facing a dilemma — whether to play a tough game such as tariff wars and conflict in places like Ukraine and Syria, or to look for common solutions based on fair rules."

Tusk's statement follows a similar warning from last week, when the Polish bureaucrat slammed Trump's criticism of European allies and urged him to remember who his friends are when he met Putin. Trump enraged and strained relations with Europe after he imposed tariff hikes on steel and aluminum from the EU as well as Canada and Mexico. The European trade bloc responded with import taxes on $3.25 billion of U.S. goods.

* * *

Meanwhile, China's premier Li - speaking in his new and delightfully ironic role as defender of the global free trade system - said China and the EU agreed to take steps to "safeguard free trade" and the global multilateral regulatory system. Which is ironic as China has some of the most draconian protectionist measures of any nation today.

"Given the complicated and fluid international landscape, it is important for China and the EU to uphold multilateralism," said Li.

Even more ironically, Beijing tried, and failed, earlier this month to recruit European support in its dispute with Washington, when Europe flatly turned down Beijing's offer for a Grand Alliance against the US. European leaders have criticized Trump's tactics but share U.S. criticism of China's industrial policy and market barriers.

In other words, EU admits that Trump is right, just disagrees with his unique... presentation style.

Asked whether China used Monday's meeting to try to form an alliance with the EU against Washington, Li said the dispute was a bilateral matter for Beijing and the United States to solve.

"Our summit is not directed at any third party," Li lied.

Meanwhile here is the truth: according to an EU report last month, Beijing imposed more new import and investment barriers in 2017 than any other government, making a mockery of China's grand pretense to be some grand defender of "free markets."

Chinese leaders have tried to defuse foreign pressure by promising foreign companies better treatment without changing their industrial development strategies. Translation: China will be delighted to steal the IT and process of any company that begins production in China, something which Tesla is currently considering.

On Monday, reporters were invited to watch part of a meeting between Li, the premier, and executives of European companies including Airbus and BMW AG in an apparent show of openness.

Li assured the companies Beijing would protect patents and copyrights. When a BMW executive said joint a German-Chinese agreement this month to cooperate in developing intelligent vehicles would benefit from the early release of standards by Beijing for the technology, Li asked whether he was concerned joint formulation of those standards would undermine his company's intellectual property. The executive said no.

"I want to hear if any big company here would like to make a complaint here on the theft of intellectual property," said the premier. "I don't know where my measure should target at if you don't let me know."

And while none of the executives raised concerns about intellectual property during the portion of the meeting reporters were allowed to see, that was the only thing on everyone's minds and yet when Trump voices that concern in a less than diplomatic manner, he is slammed by all sides.


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yeap ... lets invade poland we are at it ... right again - KAG !!!


the only thing i don't seem to quite like about trump is his majestics quick 360 degrees turn around almost on every subject ... call me old fashion, but i cant keep up with the guy ... he is simply amazing ...


it is almost as the machine is moving in a certain direction (silly me thinks nuclear) ... and trump is up overthere somewhere and playing with (whatever he likes to play) and tweeting while eating icecream or playing with his princess ... it seems to me like he is there as a distraction to what the machine is doing ...

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I guess they should have thought about that before stiffing us with their trade debt and NATO costs. 

If you look closely the EU has been secretly waging a trade war against us since the late eighties when it was becoming apparent the Soviet system was collapsing. They took part in the oil crisis of the seventies.

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Zerogenous_Zone HowdyDoody Mon, 07/16/2018 - 11:51 Permalink



when you're the world's LARGEST CONSUMER, you kind of get to set the rules, right?!


IF the US decided long ago NOT to export natural resources, jobs, capital, etc...what would the Europe, China or any other G8 (GX) country look like?!


THAT is the question everyone needs to ask...


if we decide the trade/tariffs are imbalanced, prove it otherwise...i could care less if the euro-peon companies fail...adapt or die, right?!



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"If you look at it closely" the US has been printing dollar checks to itself since the 50's to subsidize the enforcement of their hegemony, meaning they and their taxpayers really "spent" nothing, while the rest of the world had to "earn" dollars (sell something to buy something) to defend against "what", enemies created by the CIA or whoever, convenient shadows.... 

Ah well, now you have to pay the interest on what you borrowed from yourself over the years as the pyramid of cards collapses and you're left scrambling with the blame game of retributions between the agencies of the swamp. Good luck with that.

From that position all that's left is massive inflation, or friends to bale you out. If you don't believe me channel Harold Wilson and ask him about the decline and fall of Sterling. That's how empires empires fall.

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So being a critical thinker is anti-American ?? 😅😅😅😅

I'm anti-JooSA... & don't think for a minute they haven't got their noses in this shitshow...

As for "liking" you ?? ...I imagine you are more of a Shrub intellectual... 


"You're either with us or with the terrorists"


& as such I give little thought to your comments &  general ramblings...



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The US created NATO to ensure any war it wanted with USSR/Russia was fought in Europe while the US watched safely from the rear. Things have changed somewhat but it still stands if the war is constrained (as the US hopes) to a land war. The 'pay your share' bs is nothing more than the local mafiosi demanding more protection money for a problem the mafiosi created in the first place. Especially as the 'pay more' amounts to more purchases of over-priced under-performing US MIC crap.





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"Trump's foe is China....."


I see u actually READ the article... unlike some here......

as a "european" I would LOVE to see NATO dismantled. Its not defending us against anyone, rather its ramping up pressure on the Russian border for NO good reason... the world will be a safer place without NATO...

TRUMP...PULL IT !!!  😎

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Bring it on Bitchez.  You lock up Tomy Robinson for exposing the child rape gangs.  You allow shit TRUMP balloons to fly disrespecting the strongest president we have had in decades.  Your countries are over run with Migrants...and you have to put in place NO GO ZONES.  You screw us on tariffs....on and on.  Trumps said in his campaign what he was going to do....he followed through.  Either play fair or fuck off.  Hurts doesn't it?


Oh...and by the way...most of your countries don't allow citizens to protect themselves with firearms...hmmmm.

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Then fight we must.

This is going to be a global war with each country pitted against itself.

I would bet Trump is warning Putin not to try anything stupid while the US purges itself of the deep state. They are probably working through how not to react to false flags that are going to come up now.…

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"fuck the E.U." - some oligarch's puppet

Get back to work debt slaves! Your oligarchs have been global for many years and they need you to get real work done on the global plantation for the lowest wage possible!