How The UK Can Escape Angela Merkel And The EU

Authored by Brendan Brown via The Mises Institute,

The British are finding out in their Brexit voyage that escaping from the “might” of an EU dominated by Germany is perilous. At this point there are many grounds for despairing about the ability of their political leaders to achieve a meaningful exit. There would have been much stronger grounds for hope if the May government had nurtured an alliance with the US whilst simultaneously moving to provide its fellow citizens with superior money to the euro which incidentally would bolster the competitiveness of the UK financial sector once outside the EU.

Of course, British J.S.Mill-type conservatives, just as their US counterparts, have qualms about Trumpism, but that is a sideshow in the world of realpolitik. In taking on Berlin, London surely had much to gain from forging an alliance with a new US President ostensibly inimical to Chancellor Merkel and the EU and with a fondness for Scotland and the Queen. When British negotiators found out very soon after the referendum (June 2016) that Berlin was insisting on large contributions to the Brussels budget and continuing immigration from the EU as condition of not shutting UK service exports (especially financial) out of the EU, it was surely already time to strengthen their hand by reaching across the Atlantic.

Specifically, if the UK were offering the US enough advantage in terms of a strengthened alliance, surely President Trump would make a condition of any US grand deal with the EU, after the present period of intensifying trade war, that Brussels also makes a peace of equals with London.

Of what would a UK-US deal consist?

Britain would open its market to US farmers (and so incidentally providing much cheaper food) and both countries would have broadened financial integration (removing barriers to each other’s service-sector exports). On the world stage the UK would staunchly supported President Trump’s policies on Iran and Israel whilst taking the European lead against Chinese unfair trade practices. London would also lead the charge against currency manipulation, setting an example of free markets in currencies and interest rates starkly different from the Berlin-Frankfurt model.

In reality there has been absolutely none of this. The landed interests in the Conservative party have blocked any talk of a deal which would have brought down agricultural prices in the UK. Indeed the May government is now proposing that the UK join a EU-UK customs area for goods including farm products - meaning that cheap food imports would be shut out permanently.

The arch-appeaser in the May government, when it comes to negotiating with the EU, is Finance Minister Hammond. Mr. Hammond is also a monetary appeaser – apparently getting on tremendously with Bank of England Governor Carney, an arch dove in so far as that means anything in the global central bankers club. Mr. Carney has kept money market rates at an emergency near-zero level despite inflation running at over 3% earlier this year and with Sterling ostensibly cheap.

Brexiters dislike the Governor’s closeness to the “Remainers” and his doom-laden views about the economic costs of any real escape from the EU. Unless the Brexiters get their act together pretty quick, Mr. Hammond will soon be appointing the successor to Mr. Carney, whose departure back to Canada he “successfully” delayed by one year. Under the Carney-Hammond leadership not only has the UK applied every new EU financial regulation in full but there has been a continuing crackdown on offshore market activities from which the City once flourished in competition with highly regulated and highly taxed market-places on the EU mainland.

Many Conservatives it seems are now deeply concerned that their party could pay the electoral price for a generation of failing to deliver the Brexit their party promised. Instead they are delivering the British people into a “vassal state” even more under the influence of German might than previously. The anti-EU (and anti-immigration) working class voters so essential in their consummation of power could desert in droves.

The anti-EU vote was an anti-establishment vote. But monetary inflation continues to shower riches on the establishment whilst the small saver approaching retirement has much to fear. His or her children struggle to find affordable living accommodation in a real estate market totally distorted by unsound money and crippling forms of taxation (up to an 8% tax penalty – euphemistically called turnover tax or stamp duty — if you buy a house today and decide to sell it a few months later because of a change in mind about it or the neighbourhood).

Benjamin Disraeli understood how to win working class loyalty to Conservative-led nationalism of the day (Queen and Empire) and sustain this by delivery of the economic goods (respecting free trade and the gold standard). Today’s Conservatives are failing on all scores – a phoney nationalism which is revealed as Chamberlain-style appeasement to Merkel might; soft money, currency depreciation, and inflation which ensnares the least able to defend themselves; and an embracing of high food prices to suit the landed class.

Some Brexiters say they will vote against PM May’s EU deal this autumn. Even if they do and her government collapses, it is a very long and hard road back in a shifting and dangerous global environment to a safe ground where the UK can launch a 21st century version of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations agenda. That philosopher founder of modern economics told a friend who lamented that Britain faced disaster after having lost its American colonies “there is much ruin in a nation”. The embracing of his economic principles by the Younger Pitt had much to do with Britain avoiding that ruin and instead leading the first industrial revolution.

Could a similarly rosy outcome follow the disasters of the May government’s flawed attempt to escape German-dominated EU might? Time will tell, though we should report that there is no Adam Smith and no Younger Pitt and perhaps crucially no Prince Talleyrand, in view.


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It’s not about Merkel. She is a disgusting POS, but nevertheless she is just a puppet to the bankster elites. She is following orders. It’s the inbred “elites” are responsible for the bad choices, including the wave of useless 3rd world rapists to Europe. The plan is to destroy nations, take the will of the people. As always divide and conquer and lead trails away from the banksters. Eventually they want their NWO

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"Britain would open its market to US farmers (and so incidentally providing much cheaper food) and both countries would have broadened financial integration (removing barriers to each other’s service-sector exports). On the world stage the UK would staunchly supported President Trump’s policies on Iran and Israel whilst taking the European lead against Chinese unfair trade practices."

A propaganda piece of garbage cobbled together by the usual zooish trash promoting GM poisonous food (no longer owned by Monsatan,but rather the German NAZI corporfascist entity Bayer) and then a pledge to back dying, dead beat USSA against China and the rest of humanity...not to mention the USual anglonazi plea for more grovelling before the disgusting khazarian ziomob in occupied, apartheid Palestine and the drooling satanic Nutnyahoo's USAN war against Iran .

Why the hell smear Zerohedge with this zooish filth?

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Don't get me wrong, the best thing about this piece was Ben Garrison's cartoon. If anything some posters here might be pulling their hair out as they provide more valuable insight for free on a daily basis. Having said that, certain facts cannot be changed:

1. The people voted

2. Brexit is NOT any closer to happening (and I'm estimating it's 80/20 that it won't)

If you are going to exit, you cannot run around looking for a big brother after the fact. They were too busy estimating Brexit wasn't even a remote possibility and, as such, didn't prepare. Ideally, you have to be ready to stand on your own (come what may) and consider any additional support as icing on the cake. It is easy to granstand and spew theories and quite another to actually be thrown into the water and forced to swim. However, at this stage, if the Brits do not swim they will be Merkel's bitch. They will be Merkel's successor's  bitch too and so on. This is not yet a fact but I would bet very heavily on this happening. So, the vote happened. You negotiate the best deal possible and you plow forward. The future of the EU (success/failure/breakup) is irrelevant and so is buyer's remorse.

The number of organic alternatives has increased spectacularly over the past few years. Bezos has lowered the prices of many of those foods since purchasing Whole Foods. This has and will create additional pressure to lower prices throughout the market. Moreover, there are new categories of foods emerging. These are not 100% organic but they are antibiotic free etc. and quite a few steps away from "100% science experiment" like so many foods were just a few short years ago. Things are far from perfect but headed in the right direction.

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This article seems to advise that the answer to being a vassal state of the EU is to become a vassal state of the USA. Fuck both of those! Whichever one you side with is run by the zio's, as is Britain, but at least with less ouitside interference the pople may have a chance of resetting the system to something more like a Western culture and not a 3rd world shithole, which both of these alternatives represent.

Hang the bankers and their ZOG lackies.

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Yes, it does but that isn't exactly what I was referring to. The vote happened. Who is run by Z-iOS and who isn't is irrelevant to this now. What's done is done. For once, can the fucking vote count and actually mean something please? Just fucking once? Ireland, Holland, France........ This backdoor shit should cause every logical person to break out in hives.

Besides, if Brexit ever happens, I'm certain that numerous nations will be willing to trade, make friends etc. That's not even really an issue.



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the disease is the inevitable debt spawned by libtard welfare socialism - it infects the entire eurozone and the UK.

the cure is running fiscal surpluses of 2% per annum for the next thirty years to repay the debt borrowed to fund the disease.

this can be acheived by halving the NHS budget from 160 billion in two years time to just 80 billion by redesigning it to deliver twice the care in half the time and double the quality. that is possible, just look at health care costs for the same service elsewhere and adopt global best practice.

160 billion pounds a year is 8% of gdp. this is crippling the country and making people choose treatment that is non-essential - elective surgery for example - and which should be provided privately.

May is a closet socialist, as are all MP's because THEY DO NOT HAVE THE QUALITY TO PRODUCE ANYTHING ELSE.

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The British a once proud people are now cucked by the EU and the hajis.

The people voted, the government is ignoring their wishes.  Why "negotiate" with the EU only to be extorted for BILLIONS of dollars.  Just walk away and tell the EU to pound sand.  What are they really going to do about it.  Go to war?

Hey May, that's called putting your balls up on the table.  Not rendering service on your knees.

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What if the U.S. just took Canada and told Trudeau that he sucks and needs to be replaced?  Then what?  Would that be imperialism or would we be practicing mercantilism?  We already are statist fucks technically.  Interesting.

I'm really not a fan of Canada after all the shit they are doing to white Mericans at the border while letting everyone else through.


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Britain would open its market to US farmers... both countries would have broadened financial integration .... On the world stage the UK would staunchly supported President Trump’s policies on Iran and Israel whilst taking the European lead against Chinese unfair trade practices

So GM food, Goldman Sachs, Zionism and fighting the US trade deficit for them.

No fan of the EU but if that's the alternative, no thanks.


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Why should the US care if Britain leaves the EU or not?  I don't understand why Trump gets all excited about Brexit.  Is it because Brexit  weakens the EU which is something Putin cares about, but why should the US care unless it is supporting Putin.   I've read that Russia financed advertising promoting a yes vote on Brexit.

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"The British are finding out in their Brexit voyage that escaping from the “might” of an EU dominated by Germany is perilous."

Germany is still legally occupied.

There is a treaty that allows the allies complete control of the press, media and education until 2099,,, which is why you see young Germans allowing the complete destruction of Germany and Europe.

It's all bread and circuses folks. If it bleeds it leads and nothing else matters.