US And Allies Planning Evacuation Of White Helmets From Syria

Perhaps we are about to witness the final chapter to the controversial White Helmets saga?

As we've detailed many times before both the West and the group's leadership have long claimed it's nothing but a humanitarian non-governmental organization (NGO) devoted to rescuing Syrian's in the midst of war; however, new reports reveal the US and UK are mulling plans to evacuate the group's members who, far from being a "neutral" NGO, are funded by Western governments which have simultaneously sought the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

US government officials say White Helmets members are in "imminent danger" and face the threat of assassination as pro-government forces advance deeper into southwest Syria.

White Helmets members filmed celebrating alongside al-Qaeda terrorists. 

CNN reports the following based on diplomatic sources:

The fate of some 1,000 volunteers and their family members, and the need to plan a possible evacuation for them, has become a focus of discussions of several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France and Canada, according to a diplomatic source familiar with the subject and two administration officials.

And CNN reports further that President Trump broached the subject at the NATO summit in Brussels last week:

In the plans under discussion, the volunteer rescue workers, who are officially named the Syrian Civil Defense, would be resettled in several countries; two diplomatic sources mentioned the possibility of resettling some of the group in Canada and the United Kingdom, while another two sources said Germany is expected to take some rescuers.

President Donald Trump discussed the possible need to evacuate members of the group during his meetings at the NATO summit last week, a source confirmed. There were several conversations between the US and UK about the issue during the summit, the source said, adding that Western delegations have convinced the US to help lobby both Israel and Jordan to find escape routes for besieged rescuers.

Among the consistent criticisms leveled at the group has been that its rescuers only operate in al-Qaeda and anti-Assad insurgent held territory — this while being caught on film multiple times bearing arms alongside insurgents and even assisting in al-Qaeda conducted field executions — and the group has received large sums from Western governments even while presenting itself as a homegrown "first-responder" organization. 

Yet last June this narrative was again exposed as obviously false as President Trump authorized new funding for the White Helmets to the initial tune of $6.6 million to continue what US officials call "the vital, life-saving operations of the Syrian Civil Defense, more commonly known as the White Helmets." 

Soon after the State Department announced the formal resumption of funding, the Syrian Army began a successful offensive to take back Syria's southwest provinces with the help of Russian fighter jets. There's also been a significant uptick in Russian air strikes on al-Qaeda held Idlib province in recent months, which analysts bill as the last significant "opposition-held" territory in the war ravaged country. 

Concerning the potential evacuation of White Helmets members, US planners see Russia as a possible obstacleaccording to CNN:

Western countries hope to find a way to help the group leave Syria without Russia's aid, the diplomatic source said. They are looking at various possibilities for ground evacuation, but all of them are difficult and negotiations are at a sensitive stage, the source said.

And CBS reports the following statement issued by Trump administration officials:

"We are concerned about the humanitarian situation in the southwest since the Syrian regime and Russia violated the ceasefire,"National Security Council spokesperson Garrett Marquis said in a statement to CBS News' Margaret Brennan."This includes the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the fighting. Among them are many who fear regime reprisals, including specific groups, such as the White Helmets. We are pushing for Russia and the regime to allow international aid convoys to deliver badly needed assistance to the civilians in the Southwest."

Russian officials have accused the White Helmets of helping al-Qaeda groups stage "chemical attack provocations" — such as the latest April 7th suspected chemical attack in Douma — which Western countries and international media as a matter of course blame on the Assad government. 

While evacuation plans are being discussed, it is also possible that the fate of the White Helmets could factor into reported ongoing negotiations between world powers to end the Syrian proxy war. 

* * *

The White Helmets are a 3,000 member NGO formally known as the Syrian Civil Defense. Established in "late 2012 - early 2013" after a group of 20 Syrians were trained and organized by former British army officer James Le Mesurier. The group then received funding from Le Mesurier's Netherlands-based non-profit group, Mayday Rescue - which is in turn funded by grants from the Dutch, British, Danish and German governments.

The US has in the past provided at least $32 million to the group - around 1/3 of their total funding - through a USAID scheme orchestrated by the Obama State Department and funneled to the White Helmets using a Washington D.C. contractor participating in USAID's Syria regional program, Chemonics. 

According to their website, the White Helmets have been directly funded by Mayday Rescue, and a company called Chemonics, since 2014.

Yet there’s evidence that both of those organizations started supporting the White Helmets back in early 2013, right around the time the White Helmets claim to have formed as self-organized groups.

Mayday Rescue, as we said, is funded by the Dutch, British, Danish and German governments. And Chemonics?

They are a Washington, D.C. based contractor that was awarded $128.5 million in January 2013 to support “a peaceful transition to a democratic and stable Syria” as part of USAID’s Syria regional program. At least $32 million has been given directly to the White Helmets as of February 2018. -TruthInMedia

So the US, Dutch, British, Danish and German governments have been funding the White Helmets, a non-governmental organization, through proxies for over five years.



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He may.  He re-enabled their funding, so he made some deal with somebody.  

On one hand, bringing our little toadies home is good, as it means that we're leaving Syria.  However, these little pricks are going to be your neighbors now.  I wonder how much gratitude they will show when they get here, for not leaving them for Assad to round up?  I bet no gratitude at all.

Isn't it interesting that they rescue the "neutral" white-helmets, who shouldn't need rescue if they were as neutral as we were told, and leave the Kurds, who actually fought ISIS and al Qaeda.  How are there still people who do not see that we have been lied to by people working for our government and their captive media about Syria? 

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This is pure insanity of the worst kind. Dressed in Isis Black at night, white Helmets the next day after they caused the devastation. They were behind many of the false gas attacks. Then would make a movie saving the children. In Syria they are known as the "Head Choppers" All CIA plants sic bunch. The leader of Isis, I mean the White Helmets (same people) was on a no fly list last year for terrorist connections. He couldn't come and pick up their best acting award. Now they are going to relocate  these POS as your neighbors.

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After this summit if there is to be another false flag in Syria then the US must be really divided at the top, because it is now clear that Trump and other factions of the US establishment want rapprochement with Russia. Seems like a deal of some sort was made. Trump was not making threats or firing off missiles over cake like he did last year.  Perhaps the US has settled for a multi-polar world with Russia so that they and China can divide up the planet into spheres of "influence" and exploit the rest of us. It is hard to believe that the US-Anglo Zionist establishment and the US war machine will ever settle for peace and the rule of law to protect lesser nations. Something must be cooking with Russia. Perhaps it will be Iran next and the Russians will look the other way.  

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Isn't it interesting that they rescue the "neutral" white-helmets, who shouldn't need rescue if they were as neutral as we were told, and leave the Kurds, who actually fought ISIS and al Qaeda.  How are there still people who do not see that we have been lied to by people working for our government and their captive media about Syria? 


I suspect that the populace has been so gaslit and become so reflex socoipathic in their thinking that they have lost the ability to identify deceit, partly because they innately think in such patterns of self deception themselves in their daily existence. So to them the 'reasoning' of the Left, and of the naive and mendacious the sociopaths, seems both familiar and 'reasonable'. It "feels" like thinking and they mistake that typhoon of misinformation and narratives and slogans rattling around their script running cortex (no synthesis,  just recall grouped by moments of feelings) as "thinking".

Like children too , who have yet to develop the capacity of abstraction, they rely on 'parental' authorities to do their thinking for them in what is otherwise a world beyond their intellectual skill set. Hence their Simian toddler "Yeah well my mum said you're wrong, poo head" responses come naturally as defense to them and their loyality is both like a child to parents and limbic spasm fear of danger. Just now said with correct grammar, bigger vocabulary and a plethora of memoriesed sophistries and feel good cognitive thought-flanking hyperlinks. 


Human malware.

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WHATEVER the Jews want from the US, they GET, always.
I mean they got away with murdering 34 of our sailors and wounding 135 or so of them in 1967.
They get a LOT of our, that is TAXPAYER money.

This is from 2003, the gentleman who wrote it then died at the age of 40 from a "heart attack" perhaps. The website is run and owned by former State Department employees:
The cost of Israel to the American taxpayer at that time was $3 TRILLION!

The "WHITE HELMETS" are lying murderous dogs.
Something is Not Adding Up In Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack April 04, 2017

For one, seen in the above picture, the White Helmets are handling the corpses of people without sufficient safety gear, most particularly with the masks mostly used , as well as no gloves. Although this may seem insignificant, understanding the nature of sarin gas that the opposition claim was used, only opens questions.

Within seconds of exposure to sarin, the affects of the gas begins to target the muscle and nervous system. There is an almost immediate release of the bowels and the bladder, and vomiting is induced. When sarin is used in a concentrated area, it has the likelihood of killing thousands of people. Yet, such a dangerous gas, and the White Helmets are treating bodies with little concern to their exposed skin. This has to raise questions.

It also raises the question why a doctor in a hospital full of victims of sarin gas has the time to tweet and make video calls. This will probably be dismissed and forgotten however.

Yeah LOAD UP the white nations with MORE people of color...gee who would want THAT to happen?
Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: Send $$$ so we can continue to fight the Prez and work with Islamic Relief

Shock as Jews Bombing Gaza Again for No Reason
Andrew Anglin July 14, 2018

It just never ends with these Jews.

And okay – whatever – bomb your neighbors.

But in the US, due to laws created by JEWS, as soon as a brown person sets foot on our soil it starts a five year lawsuit.

The same JEWS who create those laws lobby in support of Israel’s right to bomb their neighbors.

Literally, the exact same Jews in Congress.


I mean – can you even imagine anything more obvious?

But the JEWS have successfully created a situation where you can’t point out they’re Jewish. You can’t say the word. You can’t suggest that this is an alien group of people with alien interests.

And even saying “Chuck Schumer is supporting mass brown immigration into the United States while supporting Israel randomly bombing their brown neighbors and slaughtering civilians constantly” will get you labeled an ANTI-SEMITIC NEO-NAZI HATER. Just making the observation, without placing any value judgement – you’re doomed.

Just saying “Hm. This seems contradictory…” – BOOM, you are now a neo-Nazi, you will be hunted and have your life destroyed by massive Jewish ethnic warfare institutions.

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Yeah these are the faggots who keep saving the same child over and over again, while "decontaminating" people of "Sarin nerve agent" while wearing dust masks and machine shop face masks, while manning water hoses.   Brought to you by "Soros" which has what people no smarter than plants crave -- electrolytes. 

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As long as Islam is the dominant political force in the Middle East, Israel will not give up Golan - they view it as essential to their security since they got shelled from that particular high ground before.

Any suggestion that they would do so is automatically a flight of fancy. It's the kind of issue that can be reopened once the Middle East becomes predominately Christian and Islam either dies off or is killed off.

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Deliberate dealbreaker and it has nothing to do with shelling, never did have.If you hold the Golan you can stop

whats left of the River Jordan flowing downstream.This is a resource war over water,Israel is fucked.

They daren't or won't give up their agricultural sector,and Hezbollah backed by Iran stops them taking

the Litani delta which has been their plan since 1948.Oded Yinon was just the more modern version.

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Sometime in the near future just like a seed bank your going to need a Western Civilization bank the self immolation of society is increasing exponentially.