Mexican President Gives Himself A 60% Pay Cut

Mexico's leftist President-elect Andrews Manuel López Obrador announced plans to cut his salary from his predecessor Enrique Peña Nieto's $171,000 per year (270,000 pesos) to $68,544 - about enough to survive in San Francisco with three roommates.

"What we want is for the budget to reach everybody," López Obrador told reporters on Sunday. The President-elect said that he would have reduced his salary further, however he doesn't want to stoke resentment among future Cabinet members who are leaving private sector positions and academic posts that already pay more than the new ceiling for public officials. 

López Obrador then reiterated several campaign promises, including cuts on taxpayer-funded perks for high-level government officials, such as private medical insurance, chauffeurs and bodyguards - though considering the 130 candidates who were assassinated during the election, he may want to reconsider on the bodyguards.

At the same time, he doubled down on pledges to stem corruption. Mexico ranks 135 out of 180 countries in Transparency International's 2017 Corruption Perception Index, with higher numbers indicating higher levels of corruption.

Public officials will have to disclose their assets, he said, and corruption will be considered a serious offense. -LA Times

Obrador's supporters cheered the proposals.

"This is what we need," said 57-year-old Josefina Arciniega, who earns 12,000 pesos a month as an administrative assistant ($635). "We are fed up."

Arciniega says she's tired of low-level public servants asking for bribes while she watches high-ranking officials living in luxury amid a country of struggling citizens. 

Orlando Alvarado, a chemical engineer standing next to Arciniega, called Lopez Obrador's proposed presidential salary a dignified wage. -LA Times

"A lot of Mexican professionals don't even make 6,000 pesos a month. I'm talking about accountants and doctors," he said.

López Obrador's comments come weeks after he beat the candidate from the country's ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party to become Mexico's next president.


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Get your tacos and enchiladas now, amigos.


As Mexico descends into the pit of communist hell, soon the really good food will be but a memory. Think the genocide on the border was bad while Obama was president? Just wait...short lifespans, long coyotes. #northvenezuela

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I don't miss Mexico at all. I can go get limes and tequila at my local Liquor World. If I want Montezumas Revenge I'll go eat at Chipotle. I got 20 Mexicans living in a house across the street from me. I can sit out on my front porch and watch them trash their yard. Who needs to go to Mexico ? It's here already.

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"Arciniega says she's tired of low-level public servants asking for bribes while she watches high-ranking officials living in luxury amid a country of struggling citizens. "

I believe the president's sincerity. It'll be hard for him to hide living in luxury there.

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The WALL will cost Mexico dearly.

The criminal gangs & peons will be prevented from crossing north. The amount the USA spends to subsidize the illegals is well over $100 B per year considering all the welfare and crime. No telling what the reduction in gang activity here will save in tax dollars. No telling what the increase in gang activity will cost Mexico.

The WALL pays for itself in six months.


Another Bonus:  fewer illegals means lower body count for the census and will cost the left several seats in the House as well as lots of fed dollars.


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east of eden macholatte Tue, 07/17/2018 - 19:45 Permalink

Your 'country' is collapsing. States are removing payment and returning to dirt roads. You can't pay your pensions. Your Social Security fund is bankrupt. Your student loan program is bankrupt. Your Medicare and Medicade programs are bankrupt. Your banks, are bankrupt. But you still manage to 'print' 2 Trillion dollars a year to throw at a military that is, in a word, useless.

And still you come on with the fucking defiance.

You and England have a lot in common.

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You have to also consider the effect that tighter immigration control will have on Federal and State budgets, especially WRT the welfare rolls. The first thing many of these fence-jumping trespassers do is apply for welfare...and they get it.  And nobody in charge seems to make anything more than a very shallow and cursory attempt to verify their nationality. Illegals have been on the welfare rolls for decades:  Illegal immigrant has lived on American welfare for 20 years!?!

They also apply for and get Fed tax credits for bringing their brood along; about 6K for each.: Illegal Aliens Claim BILLIONS in Fraudulent IRS Child Tax Credits

How much longer before we have the eventual economic catastrophe and there's no money to pay the people who used to dispense welfare goodies?  As the old saying goes, no place is more than three missed meals away from a revolution...and people like illegals are already so close to the edge that they have nothing to lose. In Venezuela it happened slowly; when the Collapse hits, it will be much faster. And bloodier.

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Are you enjoying paying more for imports so that Wall Street can have a much needed tax cut so that they can keep inflating the big fat ugly bubble? It's you who will pay for the wall and your fellow Americans. I can fuck myself if I decide to do so, the orange dick is fucking you and you have no choice. 

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and whats his cut of the cartels income?

lol just wondering.....

the proof will be in the pudding , if by the end of his term hes living in a 20ksqft mansion with a white lambo parked outside you know if hes corrupt or not hahaha

ColorMehJewish Tue, 07/17/2018 - 19:03 Permalink

You can cut your pay by 100%

It doesn't matter much when you sell out your country to the cartels (b/c the cartels pay FAR better than the government)


He's sold out SO badly, that localized gangs make masked videos and post them online to complain about how blatant these crooks are.


Idiocracy's Not Sure Tue, 07/17/2018 - 19:21 Permalink

Im willing to be if the USA did not take Mexico's GOLD that Mexico would be the wealthiest nation on Earth not the USA. Mexico probably would not have engaged in as much financial crime like wall st so gold would be worth much more than it currently is 

chippers Tue, 07/17/2018 - 19:23 Permalink

Holy fuck,  a politician who is not doing it for the golden canada where the politicians make sure they get raises way beyond inflation they should take a lesson.