“Biggest Bubble in the History of Mankind” Is “Going To Burst” – Ron Paul


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Gold at one-year low and a record number of investors in survey say it’s a buy (CNBC.com)

Gold prices steady as dollar firms after Fed comments (Reuters.com)

Gold drops more than 1 pct as dollar strengthens during Fed testimony (Reuters.com)

Powell says the ‘best path’ is continued, gradual interest-rate hikes (MarketWatch.com)

Bitcoin surges 10%, blows through $7,000 level (MarketWatch.com)

Source: Bloomberg

Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings (ZeroHedge.com)

World is on Pace To Consume All the Silver Produced in 2018 (Gata.org)

Gold note: "Our bias is that this is late and exhaustive selling" (KingWorldNews.com)

Good news for markets – fund managers are feeling jittery (MoneyWeek.com)

Titans of junk: Behind the debt binge that now threatens global markets (Bloomberg.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

17 Jul: USD 1,243.65, GBP 938.46 & EUR 1,059.96 per ounce
16 Jul: USD 1,244.90, GBP 938.41 & EUR 1,063.52 per ounce
13 Jul: USD 1,240.50, GBP 945.14 & EUR 1,066.83 per ounce
12 Jul: USD 1,244.85, GBP 942.10 & EUR 1,065.97 per ounce
11 Jul: USD 1,250.00, GBP 943.63 & EUR 1,068.38 per ounce
10 Jul: USD 1,253.70, GBP 946.17 & EUR 1,069.41 per ounce

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17 Jul: USD 15.77, GBP 11.91 & EUR 13.46 per ounce
16 Jul: USD 15.81, GBP 11.90 & EUR 13.49 per ounce
13 Jul: USD 15.81, GBP 12.04 & EUR 13.60 per ounce
12 Jul: USD 15.84, GBP 12.00 & EUR 13.58 per ounce
11 Jul: USD 15.92, GBP 12.02 & EUR 13.59 per ounce
10 Jul: USD 15.93, GBP 12.04 & EUR 13.61 per ounce

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chubbar Wed, 07/18/2018 - 08:07 Permalink

With all due respect to congressman Paul, the US is so far over the cliff with this monetary system that there is no going back. The US may as well spend what it wants before the reset, it isn't going to make a bit of difference as nothing is going to be paid back to the institutions that create money out of thin air.

monad Wed, 07/18/2018 - 08:11 Permalink

When this blows it will take out the rentier class. 70% of the population won't even notice.

For once, let nature take its course.

everything1 Wed, 07/18/2018 - 08:52 Permalink

But of course he's right, we are addicted to economic contractions or recessions.  If the fed raises rates that will cause this to happen.  So when it's time to wash out all the debt and increase consumer spending/buying power again the fed will bring rates up again, which they are in the process of doing now.  They are hoping for a sweet spot of around 3%, hoping to find that # sometime in 2020.  We will never, ever get passed 4% again, even at 3% things may come tumbling down.  We can see from debt accumulations that higher rates are a thing of the past.  Higher debt loads support adequate profiting for banksters at lower rates.  They don't care if the money gets paid back, they just want interest income.  At the same time lower rates are good for leveraging up on lots and lots of debt which is a smart, smart play in shorting the dollar, or any currency for that matter.  Get some debt while it's still cheap - lol.


Kidbuck boostedhorse Wed, 07/18/2018 - 12:29 Permalink

At every campaign stop, in every speech, Trump called out Obama for the 20 trillion National debt. Since he's been president Trump ain't done jack shit for the deficit but increase it. The least he could have done was to veto any spending bill that didn't lower the national debt. He didn't even have the decency or balls to do that.

In reply to by boostedhorse

ToSoft4Truth Wed, 07/18/2018 - 09:34 Permalink

Don't be fooled.  All the "Conservative" Republicans at GM took the bailout money.  We're all the same when it comes to money and want the free tickets.  Nobody ever sends the check back. 

RonBananas Wed, 07/18/2018 - 10:01 Permalink

Nothing will happen while Trump is President and here's why:

All of the bad guys are holding too much cash and can't convert or liquidate before Trump leaves, so they will continue to prop it up

With tariffs and re-repatriation there will be an explosion in growth in the U.S. and faster growth in the velocity of money. GDP will reach 25T by the end of Trump's 1st Term and 30T by the end of Trump in office.

On top of the already record number in taxes being collected, expect that to double or triple by the time Trump is done. Inflation which will play a big part will actually help push revenue higher than the deficit. The debt will hit the brakes around 2020-2021 and start to be reduced in his remaining 3 years, which by itself will create a whirlwind of U.S. investment from around the world as confidence in the U.S. economy soars.

The engine that will drive this prediction and has driven the U.S. Markets so far has been Trump. The business community is on fire with confidence both here and abroad.

Crashes are on the horizon in every direction with derivatives, long term debt obligations, etc. but when money gets nervous, it will back Trump.

I have been watching the pundits for years, they have all been wrong. Accountants will tell me I am wrong now, but the new dynamic of Trump is something we can't put on paper but it's there.

Don Sunset Wed, 07/18/2018 - 10:07 Permalink

The inability to have a recession makes the economy terminal for good.  There is no cleansing allowed.  Mal investment will build and build until BOOM!

yellowsub Wed, 07/18/2018 - 10:17 Permalink

The logic after 2008 crash was to spend the way out like removing lending standards so people can buy homes and furnish it with credit that they can't afford.

It's just a matter of when and the job losses and global conflicts will speed it up.

ToSoft4Truth Wed, 07/18/2018 - 12:48 Permalink

What does Ron add?  We've all heard or read the following our entire lives:


“I see trouble ahead, and it originates with too much debt, too much spending, Paul said.

PGR88 Wed, 07/18/2018 - 13:42 Permalink

If the USA  deep state can control and contain China and Russia, then the empire built on printed money and massive debt can go on for possibly decades longer.

Those are the only two major challengers to both the political and financial primacy of the USA empire.