Democrats Call Russia Meddling "Act Of War", Urge Cyber Attack On Moscow Banks In Retaliation

President Trump's refusal to condemn Russia for allegations of meddling in the 2016 US election while accepting Russian President Vladimir Putin's denial has triggered many on the left along with never-Trump conservatives in a blind rage. 

After declaring Trump "treasonous" and calling for a coup, many on the left are now calling Russia's alleged hacking an act of war, with some suggesting it was a modern Pearl Harbor. Aside from the 2,403 Americans who died in Pearl Harbor that just had their deaths casually compared to an alleged cybercrime, sure. 

Former Homeland Security & Counterterrorism Adviser to President Bush and CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Frances Townsend is one of those people - tweeting on Tuesday night: "Putin's Attack on the U.S. Is Our Pearl Harbor. It was an Act of War and we should recognize it as such.

Politico drew the same copmparison with their article: "Putin's attack on the US is new Pearl Harbor," while trotting out the "Act of War" language as well.

Members of the House and Senate have been briefed, but remain deadlocked in partisan bickering. Some in the House have spent more time investigating the investigators than they have in trying to hold Russia accountable. Trump’s suggestion to accept Russian investigators into this process adds a new layer to the sideshow. When right of the boom feels like left of the boom, it’s easy to miss the fact that what the Kremlin did—is doing—was, and is, an act of war. -Politico

Rep. Steve Cohen, (D-TN) - the guy who wanted to give disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok the Purple Heart - told The Hill's Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball that Russian interference was clearly an act of war, and that the U.S. should have hit back with attacks on Russian targets

It was a foreign interference with our basic Democratic values. The underpinnings of Democratic society is elections, and free elections, and they invaded our country. A cyber attack that made Russian society valueless. They could have gone into Russian banks, Russian government. Our cyber abilities are such that we could have attacked them with a cyber attack that would have crippled Russia. -The Hill

Meanwhile, as Breitbart's Josh Caplan notes, CNN's Chris Cuomo is stoking the fire: 

CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo repeatedly accused Russia of “election hacking” to wage war against the U.S. “The big, ugly white elephant in the room will be the U.S. election hacking,” Cuomo speculated. “We’ve been calling it meddling, but I’m trying to stay away from the word because it’s just way too mild. This is an act of war.

The CNN host described the Russian hacking allegations as “the truth”: “How does [Donald Trump] raise the act of war of the hacking and different attacks during the U.S. election when Vladimir Putin knows damn well that President Trump doesn’t really believe the truth and doesn’t put a whole lot of stock in the event itself?” -Breitbart

Marketwatch's Rex Nutting suggested that "Russia's ongoing attack on our democracy amounts to an act of war," while criticizing President Trump's meeting with Putin.

Russia’s ongoing attack on our democracy amounts to an act of war. But instead of confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin at a joint press conference in Finland on Monday, Donald Trump praised him. Instead of standing up to Putin, Trump stood by him. By his actions, Trump is violating his oath, in which he “solemnly swore” to not only “faithfully execute” his duties as president and commander in chief of the armed forces, but also to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution. -MarketWatch

Not everone's on the warpath...

Business Insider senior editor Josh Barro injected some common sense into the debate, tweeting "People like to throw this term around, "act of war." I don't think they're being very thoughtful about what that means. An act of war justifies military action."

Author Michael Malice offered some perspective: 

Others questioned the sanity of the MSM and politicians alike for casually throwing around the notion of war:

And Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York offers up some suggestions for why President Trump does not accept the Intelligence Community's assessment on Russian election interference: 

Is every country whose elections the United States meddled in now entitled to retaliate for our "acts of war"? 


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"Russian interference was clearly an act of war" Rep. Steve Cohen, (D-TN)

Cohen another rabbid jew supremacist always agitating for war, & more wars !

jew supremacists are never happy unless goyim are killing fellow goyim, so the jews can sit back and say " we had a good day".

Remove all jew supremacists from all positions of power no matter how small -NOW!

Shut Down all jew supremacist Foreign Agent organizations on American shores; Aipac, Aclu, Zoa, Splc, Adl, Jdl, Jwc and a thousand more jew supremacist organizations. Use the FARA ACT to Prosecute them and Shut them down.

Hannity melt down, Traficant owns the day:


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Fucking demoncrats are gonna get a lot of people killed, WTF? That is some dangerous talk.

They are communists and should be dealt with harshly when they decide to rise up on the streets.

Not only the fucking communists, but the larping misfits on this board lying about the NAZI's.

All will be dealt with eventually. Including traitors in gov't and dual purpose fools.

Down arrow away misfits, I could give a rip!

Sic Semper Tyrannis - get on board of fuck off!

I just wanna make money to feed my family and make a living, but if they want to fight on the streets, I can change gears and accommodate! I won't be in a good mood either, no quarter will be given!


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At least one, probably dozens, within TRUMPS' Justice Department are ACTIVELY working to bring him down!

Why in the Hell is Trump standing for this?

Rosenstein PURPOSELY coordinated with DEMOCRATS, the NEOCONS and the MSM to "indict the Russians" days before Trump meets with Putin; Trump walks out of that meeting and right into the trap they set!

Trump was set up by HIS OWN Justice Department...GEESH! How the hell can that be a strategy on the part of Trump?


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Democrats and leftie libtards morphing into crazy shit throwing apes. Obviously they are panicking and scared to death that their Russia collision story is going to be dismantled very soon and that being proven a humongous lie and manipulation correlated with the shit stories coming out non stop from DNC it will plummet their party and leave them without a job, exactly like it happened to their counterparts in Ontario, Canada. All the liberal poor taste cheap show is about keeping with teeth and claws on their cheques and paystubs, they will risk even a nuclear war with Russia for being able to save and preserve their privileges and freeloading schemes pumping.

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We should bring duelling back.  


Cohen:  "But MUH RUSSIA!"

Patriot: "Sir, are you suggesting that we should start a war with a nuclear power over shit that is very mild compared to shit that we've done?"

Cohen: "But MUH RUSSIA!"

Patriot: *SMACK!* "Sir, I challenge you to a duel!

Cohen: *GULP!*

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Interesting how, when faced with their imminent demise, humans lose their ability to think and reason, and devolve into blindly thrashing, ignorant, overtly aggressive, savages, striking out at anything and everything. 

It would appear that the left can not bring itself to simply say, "We were wrong.", and move on. And so, we get to witness the inevitable crash and burn.


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Must be that the entire nation is completely crazy. There is no evidence that the Russians "hacked" the election. There is no evidence that Trump "colluded" with the Russians. There is no evidence that the Russians did anything more than Canada or France did to influence American voters which if anything they could care less what either US party things or says, because these nations are aware in every election of how US - Israeli lobbies influence their elections and politicians. Yet, despite these simple facts and without any evidence the false assertion that the Russians "hacked" the last presidential election still has great currency on the American political stage. Then from there the same liars and manipulators, the same Zionist-bankster-multinational-controlled, anti-Russian lobby, from this totally false and empty premise ASSERTS that the non-existing "hacking" is "an act of war".  

This is absolute insanity. Trump with Putin surprisingly behaved like a diplomat despite the US war dogs who surrounded him and tried to control every word he spoke. The rest of the world knows the Russians did not "hack" the election and could care less if they did. They are so used to US meddling in their political affairs anyway. But that is not the point. The point is the insane assertions and bi-polar reactions in the US, making it appear more and more unstable and unreliable.

If, for instance, there was any moral justification for a war then it is the completely bullshit propaganda and heinous crimes engineered by the US-Anglo-Zio-controlled deep state: eg. - the false vilification of arabs for 9/11; the false allegations of WMD's to vilify Iraq; bombings, invasions and destructions of Iraq and Libya; the false vilification of Syria's Assad; the creation, arming and deployment of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist organizations; the illegal deployment of US troops in Syria; the war in Syria; the war in Yemen; the US-led Anglo-Zio coup in the Ukraine; the US-led Anglo-Zio failed coup in Turkey; crippling economic sanctions imposed on Russia and efforts to bankrupt that nation. 

Now get back to the issue of a nation and its people regardless of what political party they belong to being absolutely crazy. They entertain a suspicion that some Russian computer nurds "hacked" someone's email and they seriously entertain a debate at their highest levels that it was "an act of war" by Russia. What do people outside of the US think and do? What do mistrustful allies do? They say that people of that nation are absolutely crazy and the only sane power out there is Russia.   

Sane people have to look more carefully at what is going on: 

#1 - Russia has been and remains the primary opponent of the nation-deconstructing globalists. Therefore, US-Anglo-Zio Russian bashing.  

#2 - Russia defends and supports resource-rich nations like Syria fighting to control its own resources and borders (i.e., sovereignty). Therefore, US-Anglo-Zio Russian bashing.

#3 - Putin's Russia nationalized its oil and gas industry as did Iran after the Shah, and Putin kicked out of his nation the Zio carpetbaggers who bribed and bought up everything in sight after the fall of the USSR - mostly by Zio billionaires or Rothschild-controlled money.  Therefore, US-Anglo-Zio Russian bashing.

#4 - Knocking out Russia entails: controlling its resources; geopolitically controlling Asia; controlling the oil and gas resources even of Iran; ending the world national sovereignty movement.   Therefore, US-Anglo-Zio Russian bashing.


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Was Netanyahu, a foreign power, interfering in US' foreign affairs, bragging that he got Trump to drop out of the JCPOA and cause friction between US and its closest allies as well as tarnish the US' and the dollars' reputation - was that interference with a democracy?


Oh, wait, it's not a democracy, the Jews may rule, but the Russians have no right to have any input.  Not even free speech. 

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Probably true, but you see he is still a newbie at this political bullshit, and he is not allowed to keep anyone on his staff that could actually help him. It's become a revolving door, he still has more vacancies to fill, because of all the roadblocks but in front of him, he doesn't have the time.

I am satisfied with the SCOTUS picks to a degree.

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It's not demoncrats it's the jew supremacists (Rep Steve COHEN) that agitate and push for war and more wars.

It's the jew supremacist controlled media that scream & agitate for war and more wars.

It's jew holywood that worships and pushes death, destruction, and more goyim against goyim wars.

It's the jew supremacists that continually cause our best to come back in body bags for continual jew wars for so-called israel.

It's the jew supremacists- Period. 

WE have now reached weimar republic conditions. And yes, the NSDAP was right all along. Truth will always eventually be brought to light no matter how the jew misinformation machine tries to squash it.

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Fuck, you must like the taste of my cock, son. I've slapped your Tomfoolery down enough in a 24 hour period. I have proof you are a lying cunt about your beautiful NAZI's. It's not the democrats? Are you serious, so you defend enemy #1 and think you have a finger on the pulse, pure Genius, lol, I've heard it all now!

You generalize like a deer in heat! I have no doubt there are jews that are fucked up, just like gentiles, muslims, hindus, buddists, atheists, satanists, etc. You just generalize everything, and anyone who confronts you is called a joooo boy. I bet you have a swastica on your fucking neck? Iron cross?

What? Do you want a medal or a fucking chest to put it on?

Look to the movie - Inglorious Bastards final scene! You ain't got shit for me, son! THAT is how pissed off I am.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Yeah, you would glory in that sick twisted jew supremacist monstrosity called inglorius bastards, perverters of the truth always. You bow to the jew supremacist and most likely are one, or a deranged Christian-zionist duped by the scofield commentaries financed by the jews.

Now here comes the my poor uncle stories, or the I'll have you know I'm a Christian, or the I'm not a jew but a red blooded american gi joe or some other boiler plate non sense you jew supremacist spew.

And it's not demoncrats, leftists, or liberals-its the jew supremacists and always has been-Fact

Name the true ENEMY of all peoples of the world- IT IS the jew supremacists !

Since you once called yourself a Christian then you must believe what Jesus said. He said, speaking to the jews "you are of your father the devil".

He said "you make him two fold more the child of hell than ye yourselves" again speaking to the jew supremacists.

St Paul said, speaking about the jew supremacists "Their mouths must be stopped".

St Paul also said, speaking about the jew supremacists "They are your enemies for the Gospels sake".

Jesus also said of the jews "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of satan, which say they are jews, and are not, but do lie;".

And there are many, many more scriptures to help true Christians to realize that hugging the anti-Christ so-called modern israel is blasphemous.

Don't be a dumber than dumb Christian-zionist, but rather, be a CHRISTIAN !   

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It's just a movie dumbass, did you watch the last scene? I've decided, you have no chest to pin anything to, you are just one big brainwashed pie hole!

Yep, my uncle's letters home and his battle map, trump your bullshit any day!

Keep posting your spam drivel, makes no never mind to me.

You are a cross-eyed amoeba, go find a second brain cell to rub it together with only the one you have, maybe then you can form a synapse.

I nice warm place awaits you some day fella.

At this point I will leave you to tighten the bolts on your neck, dolt!

You quote Jesus Christ and spew your hate, man that is interesting. Maybe Israel is satan's spawn, but I don't think so, they have a right to a state, just like we have a right to one. Stop generalizing and name names, then we can get down to business!

You say this:

"And it's not demoncrats, leftists, or liberals-its the jew supremacists and always has been-Fact "

I call BULLSHIT on you! They have become full blown communists in my eyes!

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They sure are ignorant as fuck...they are the one's that killed Jesus Christ to begin with, but it had to be done, to cover our sins with His blood.

They are Godless heathens in my eyes, but they are also not the only heathens out there in the world - plenty of fucked up gentiles, islamists, etc out there too.

I gave you an up arrow for your post, but you prolly won't care anyway.

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