EXPOSED: Secret History of Russia and Wall St.

As we have often explained in our book Splitting Pennies, the world is not as it seems.  Politics often polarizes a country it seems every election there becomes 'two' Americas but the current polarization seems to be that of 'rational' and 'irrational' whereas on one side, there are facts; and on the other, hysterical opinions.  While no evidence was provided that any Russians 'hacked' the mere accusation in absentia is 'proof' for the irrational left that it was the Russians.  "Blame it on the Russians" seems to be the scapegoat story of the day, perhaps lingering from the previous generation that came to power during the cold war.  It's a bunch of nonsense, the entire Russian narrative is a fantasy created by intelligence operatives as a propaganda effort to smear Trump and anyone who doesn't fall into the Leftist/Liberal mindframe.  As any American who has ever been through the justice system in America knows, you are guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.  Someone can sue you or call the cops and make any false claims and the burden is on you to prove it is false.  If the complaining witness is the US Government itself, you can forget about any 'rights' you may have had or the right to a fair trial (they have immunity and other powers that prevent any fair and reasonable defense if you are targeted).   As usual, these aggressive and toxic forces that are attacking Trump politically from inside the deep-state are exploiting the masses lack of education of history, so we would like to here expose perhaps one of the most important looked over historical facts pertinent to understanding the deep roots of the relationship between USA and Russia.  MUST READ: Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Russia was ruled by a Monarchy similar to the rest of Europe until 1917 when the Bolshevik's staged a successful coup of the Kerensky regime thus installing a Soviet Dictatorship run by the Communist Party until its collapse in 1991.

The 1917 Revolution was financed by and orchestrated by Wall St. - Not only did New York bankers provide money, they allowed safe passage to Russia revolutionaries like Trotsky and others by use of diplomatic cover by the US and other governments.  The main character in this play was Thompson, wealthy banker and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Most of the bankers had first degree relationships with J.P. Morgan himself (the man, and the firm).  MUST READ: Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Although this was reported in the press, at the time, it didn't seem that it required further examination by historians:

William B. Thompson, who was in Petrograd from July until November last, has made a personal contribution of $1,000,000 to the Bolsheviki for the purpose of spreading their doctrine in Germany and Austria ....

Washington Post, February 2, 1918

Of course, the official story is that the "American Red Cross" mission to Russia was a humanitarian effort (but if that was the case, why was it composed of mostly lawyers, bankers, and merchants, and only 2 doctors?) 

To really understand this one must read this book MUST READ: Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution.

The world is different now.  The politics of the time was different.  100 years ago, groups such as the Morgan firm would finance any revolutionary in hopes to gain contracts from a newly formed government.  Monopoly Capitalists were the perfect business partners to Communists which operated a state controlled regime.  And they achieved their means, guys like Armand Hammer made vast fortunes doing business with the Soviet Union.  You see, the Monopolists realized that the best market was one that was controlled.  In the example of Russia, consumers had no choices.  So if you sold shoes or pencils to the Soviet Government, you sold to all consumers (they had no choice).  It was one big customer that always paid on time.  There was no advertising.  No consumer protection.  It was a Monopoly Capitalist's wet dream.  And, remember that in this time America was undergoing massive consumer protection reforms that were not present during the previous century.  

The bankers who financed the Bolshevik revolution had no interest in politics, in Russia, or in 'helping people' - they wanted big juicy government contracts from Dictatorships.  Because in a Dictatorship, the Dictator and his friends make the rules (as in LATAM countries).  

But does the world still work like this?  It seems so, as Putin claimed in his recent meeting with Trump about Bill Browder, a guy who made unknown fortunes (Billions) in the wild times in the 90's in Russia and paid no taxes.  Then he uses his influence to buy politicians, create laws, and is a major financier behind the Russophobia campaign.  That's how these creeps use politics for gain, guys like Soros who know how to grease the palms of the wrong people to do their bidding and profit.  They only need to trick 30% of the population to create a critical mass of support, as most of their advertising efforts fly in the face of truth and reason.  But it's enough, to create a political divide and start a discussion in the wrong topic.  Since Trump has been 'defending' himself on the Russia collusion issue, it has been difficult to do anything else.  They have used this Russia topic as a stale fish to let rot in the market for days after it has spoiled, preventing any customers from coming close to the market even to discuss other issues.  

The take away here is, the deep state has existed for 100 years, as referenced by this book MUST READ: Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution..  Here we are just elaborating this historic fact, how the Elite manipulate the system for the benefits of the haves and to the detriment of the have-nots.  Browder, Soros, and others like this stand in the way of real democracy, as their real dream of a democracy is that of a Dictatorship with the illusion of Democracy (fixed voting machines).  As Trump attempts to 'drain the Swamp' he must confront these demons which he did in his recent meeting with Putin.  Ironically, Putin is at the end of a similar campaign in Russia in which he attempts to flush out corruption in Russia which although still widespread is on the decline.

Readers - don't forget the irony here.  The Soviet Union was made possible by Monopoly Capitalists who later made fortunes trading with them.  During the Cold War the US spent billions in taxpayer money fighting 'Communism' and finally this victory was achieved in 1991 - when the script was flipped and now the Russophobes are against "Russian Mafia" because they are greedy Capitalists!  The US convinced the Russians to be a market economy and are now chastising them for their Oligarch class, and other trappings that come with Capitalism.  Amazing! 

But it is the way of the world, we all have a role to play - and sadly for Russia their role has always been the macabre defender of Western Civilization from the evolving demographic threats whether from the Golden Horde, Third Reich, or ISIS.

For an alternative view see Global Intel Hub 

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Psychos are merely tools of the SG... secret govt... who have their own bosses up the 'ladder' or pyramid of power.

It's about control, domination,  not money.... those in real power don't need money, those that create it work for them.

What we see is their puppet show.... fake democracy, fake freedom, fake education, fake science, fake entertainment... fake in the sense of it all being controlled.... the difference historically, has been between the West and East.. in our western system, the real power stays hidden behind the curtain in Oz... while in the East, it has traditionally been out in the open, in-your-face system of control. History repeats itself because the same SG group is behind it all. Putin and Xi are both dealing with the corruption in their own countries, mostly among those attached to the West.... here in the West, our puppet show seems up in arms as the entire establishment, i.e. Repubs and Dems, rise up to proclaim Trump as evil for being diplomatic.... as it spoils their puppet show theatrics... but they are all idiots if they don't realize that the SG is the one exposing them, outing them, showing how inept, corrupt and insane they really are.... full of psychos, pedophiles and the usual A-holes, criminals in suits, uniforms and collars.... from religion to politics, military to education, media etc.

"Out with the OWO, in with the NWO"... that is the script.... as the SG seek to install their new regime before Mother Nature swings on in to do your reset/cleanup... within the next decade... though the entire process usually takes a couple of eons to finish.... most won't survive too long once the comets and plagues arrive.... same throughout history.... which doesn't go back too far due to these cyclical cataclysmic events.

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"Soviet Dictatorship run by the Communist Party" ......


And I thought it was the Zionist jew Bolsheviks 


"Most of the bankers had first degree relationships with J.P. Morgan himself" ....and it came out after he died that most of his company was Rothschild owned.


...Zionist evil Rothschild Pharisee jews.


You can't make this shit up.


Rothschild scum, we are coming for you.

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I Am Jack's Ma… GoFuqYourself Wed, 07/18/2018 - 21:39 Permalink

it was.  Stalin weakened their powerbut despite wikipedia Jewish Bolshevism ruled, and before Hitler ever came to power Jews led the Bolshevik coup attempt in Germany

So Jews who MASSACRED Russian Christians

The following year tried the same in Germany

After Jews had come to dominate Weimar, after the Treaty of Versailles, in which Jews sat on both sides of the table literally.


Think about that for a while.  And how it isnt taught.

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America actually owes to Russia the same perpetual debt that is owed France. The Czar solved an existential threat to the Republic. Just when neutral Britain and France were about to enter the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy, the Czar sent his fleet to help in Lincoln's blockade of the South. Terrified by Russia, France and England remained neutral, saving the Union. Two high tech iron ships that had been built for the South never made it across the Atlantic. The purchase of Alaska was a means to help the Czar out of a financial trap set by what we would call the globalists of the time (City of London). The Romanov intervention in the US Civil War explains why Russia was chosen to be the first Communist state. Some day, an American president will make a speech and thank Russia for its help in the past, cementing a friendly relationship that is a natural. The roots of both nations are Christian. America and Russia have been allies for a longer time in history than they have been enemies. American engineers built the trans Siberian railway and transferred other technologies.  But, as long as America remains high jacked by the international bankers, who imposed a their kleptocracy (Socialism) on Russia, this speech will never be spoken. A fantasy: Trump and Putin emerge from a holy day Christian service and announce an alliance in the struggle against backward forces of Islam and globalism.

Uchtdorf Old Hippie Patriot Wed, 07/18/2018 - 17:12 Permalink

What is this Civil War of which you speak? Do you mean the War of Northern Aggression? 

Is there anybody in this big ol' world with whom you prefer not to associate? Would you feel mistreated if I made you stay with that person against your will? 

Well, then, why do you think it just that the North made the South stay in the Union when the Southern States had the natural right to disassociate themselves?

If you can force a person or a whole State of persons to remain associated with those with whom they prefer to not be in league, you are, in effect, a slave-master.

Yes, of course I know that some Southerners were actual slaveholders. I abhor slavery in all its forms and make no excuse for the practice of slavery, which also existed in the North, by the way. The main point to remember regarding the slavery of blacks from Africa is that with technological innovation, the institution of slavery was on the way out as farming could be done without the manual labor provided by the slaves. There were also legitimate proposals for the ending of slavery in an equitable way. Selling federal lands and using the funds thus generated for buying the freedom of slaves held throughout the country, for example. The slave would be freed and the owner paid. Who could complain?

At any rate, there is no reasonable excuse for killing and maiming over a million Americans to end slavery.

As for Russian involvement in that war, I shall have to learn more about that. Thanks for teaching me something new.

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Slavery is just an excuse to cover up, as you put it, the actual fact it was the War of Northern Aggression. The south seceded over economic reasons not slavery. There were northern states that had slaves too and no one cared. The freeing of the slaves is another head fake as the slaves were only freed in the south to encourage black soldiers to desert and have to be replaced by white boys. Lincoln was a master politician who by his earlier speeches and writings did not oppose slavery and knew freeing every slave would cost him dearly in political support. Lincoln was so desperate for allies he went against all the required criteria and made Nevada a state.

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...against all the required criteria and made Nevada a state....

Without the easy surface, (placer), gold skimmed off the surface of California for the previous 10-12 years, to fund the North's military might, (a statehood which was granted virtually immediately as soon as Sutter's crew noticed the stuff in the "American" River outside Sacramento in 1848, and which had to wait until 1861 for middle/flyover state Kansas to finally obtain), the South may have been able to weather the storm of conflict without it being so destructive.

The banks in NYC were the main depository for the stuff as it was shipped out of the Port/mint/Banks in San Francisco, where the issuance of greenbacks to float as currency for the minions/miners and for the hard stuff to serve for international trade magically occurred. (Oh, and as a side note, Russia had a trading/military outpost near the city up until this time at Ft. Ross)

The silver discoveries in Nevada fueled the cry for bi-metalism, as a way to increase the amount of currency offered for the "common man", as the "greenback" solutions offered by the banks were prone to widespread distrust, as thinly portrayed in the popular work of "fiction" of the day, "The Wizard of Oz".

Don't forget either, the capital needed to establish the entire slave trade did not originate in the "South". That seed money came from the same sources, (and it wasn't cheap to outfit entire ships with crews, hardware and trade goods for barter), as most all other funding for profit generating activities.


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Don't forget perfidious Albion. Post Feb 1917, Trotsky traveled from NY to Russia. When the ship he was on docked in Canada he was arrested by the Canadians, effectively for being a German agent. MI6 told the Canadians to let him go. It is well known that the Germans pumped 50 million goldmarks into Israel Helphand's scheme to bankroll the Bolshevik coup, but at least Germany was at war with Russia and the deal was to close the eastern front.  English treachery against an ally during war was possibly due to the fact that the Russians had stymied the British plan to split the US by supporting the Confederacy. Besides the grand strategy of rolling back the American revolution, Yankee control of the South threatened  English control of the cotton trade and its central roll in the plantation system.

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The 1905 revolution had led to an agreed phasing out of the monarchy, the establishment of a constitutional monarchy along the lines of the UK. The UK had several hundred years to grow to a modern political system supporting a historically large middle class. The middle class, because they were literate and numerate, provided capability, a human resource. Of course, where the UK had the advantage with a slowly changing polity, Russian aristocrats found their livelihoods being threatened by people who less than a generation before wouldn't dare put themselves forward for a legitimate fear of retribution: you sought the uneasy protections of patronage if you wanted to climb. This sort of social friction in an organisation necessarily (or at least demonstrably, according to most militaries) leads to capability being denied: this led towards Russia having its arse handed to it by Germany and the social unrest that erupted with the 1917 revolution.


You'd be forgiven for thinking that Wall Street was probably perfectly aware of the opportunities up for grabs with regime change back in 1905. Given a Fed Reserve in 1913 they'd probably be ready to go about, I dunno, communications and logistics being what they were, 1917? So where a modern coup takes two years to engineer, back then it took 12. Progress.

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Issuing a country's currency and new bank loans is directing how that country's future surpluses should be spent. The surpluses of American economy were immense before 1913, but they were not concentrated. Federal Reserve and fractional banking concentrate that and leave it at the hands of oligarchs how to spend it. Whichever fields the banks are financing are the winners, others are losers, national interests be damned. 

The only way out is greenbacks and charging the banks heavy interest for any loans lent in excess of the deposits, even if only for a few minutes. 

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The whole truth behind the 2007-2009 financial crisis has not yet been written - probably never will be. Because the layers of hidden leverage in the system - off balance sheets and off-shore are the true issues. That means there was safety and soundness violation of the BoD's of all major US banks/Brokerages and that would require a formal capital call against the Directors of those banks. This never happened because our illustrious Federal Reserve Chair, and Paulson (us Treas.) went to the US Senate for a thing called TARP. Then they gave out favors to major Wall St mutual fund families and money managers to buy Maiden Lane Assets from the Fed / Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac and HUD, as well as others who gladly shoved the shit into Maiden Lanes I and II.

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When I read the title of the article I immediately thought of Anthony Sutton.  Anyone who cares about the history of the western, and eastern, world should read his books and watch his youtube video interviews.  You will be shocked to learn about Wall St and their role in the rise of the bolsheviks.  But you will also be shocked to learn about Wall St and their support of Hitler and the third reich.  It will make you sick when you realize we've all been played for suckers.  

GeezerGeek Wed, 07/18/2018 - 21:47 Permalink

Good article. There is so much about the history of US-Russian relations and interactions that few know. Go out on the street and ask when was the last time the US actually invaded Russia (about a hundred years ago), and conversely when was the last time Russia actually invaded the US (never, as far as I know, if you exclude their attempt to steal the Russian River). 

The article would have been far more enjoyable without the numerous "MUST READ: Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution" ads. I got the message the first time.

CTG_Sweden Thu, 07/19/2018 - 03:24 Permalink

You´ll find similar information in the book "Ryska Posten" (Russian Mail) written by the Swedish district attorney Hans Björkegren, although Björkegren focused in mid-level, primarily Swedish, aids to the Russian revolution.

The book was published by the largest publisher in Sweden, Bonniers, which owned the Jewish(!) Bonnier family which also owns a very significant portion of the big media in Sweden.

So about the same information has been published by a Swedish mainstream publisher.

It´s also interesting that Björkegren had access to the historical records of the Swedish intelligence SÄPO.

fleur de lis CTG_Sweden Thu, 07/19/2018 - 09:41 Permalink

Another good and extremely informative read --

The Triumph of Unarmed Forces by Brit. Adm. William Consett.

He was assigned to Sweden during WW1 and spotted supplies from all over the British Empire going to Germany.

He realized what was happening but knew all too well that he would be eliminated if he breathed a word.

But he got them anyway -- he outsmarted them.

Since his job was keeping accounts of supplies, he quietly kept a second set of records.

Then at war's end he published his findings in his book.

There was a firestorm in Parliament and among the public as a result but it was quickly stifled.

Of course.

Every once in a blue moon the good guys win, and Adm. Consett was one of them.

What is really astounding is that the British Navy is oblivious to his name.

Consett should be known by every last British seaman from the boat swains and every crew member all the way up to the ship's Commander.



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