Soros: Obama Was The "Greatest Disappointment"

New York billionaire George Soros is not a fan of former President Obama - telling the New York Times that Obama is his "greatest disappointment," lamenting that he was "frozen out" by the administration despite his financial support.

Soros was an early backer of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. In Paris, Soros told me that Obama was “actually my greatest disappointment.” Prompted by an aide, he immediately qualified himself, saying that he hadn’t been disappointed by Obama’s presidency but felt let down on a professional level. While he had no desire for a formal role in the administration, he had hoped that Obama would seek his counsel, especially on financial and economic matters. Instead, he was frozen out. -NYT

“[Obama] made one phone call thanking me for my support, which was meant to last for five minutes, and I engaged him, and he had to spend another three minutes with me, so I dragged it out to eight minutes,” Soros said.

The liberal billionaire told the NYT that he was mostly disappointed because he had hoped to be consulted on economic and financial issues, and that Obama was known to "take his supporters for granted and to woo his opponents."

After that, the 87-year-old financier was left out in the cold where he would subsequently focus his efforts on facilitating the wholesale transport of mostly North African migrants into Europe via human trafficking networks. 

Soros also praised Senator John McCain and said the main priority of his political activism was to promote bipartisanship, explaining that Republicans on the far right led him to become one of the top funders for the Democratic Party.

And as Democrats set their eyes on November and the midterm election push to regain control of the House of Representatives, the long-term goal of ensuring a Democrat resides in the Oval Office in 2020 remains the party’s glaring concern. Meanwhile the biggest question remains unanswered, as nobody quite knows what Soros is up to regarding the 2020 election, while he told The Times "I don't particularly want to be a Democrat." 

Soros, who also poured millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, wouldn’t say if he would back Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in the upcoming presidential election, but said when it comes to politics, “I don’t particularly want to be a Democrat.” -Fox News

Did Soros just have a #WalkAway moment? If so, there will be a lot of sunk costs: Soros has contributed more than $15 million to support Democrats in the midterm elections, and told the paper for every Trump supporter "there is more than one Trump enemy who will be more intent, more determined." Perhaps.

When asked about where he views his political ideology, Soros told The Times “I’m opposed to the extreme left,” he said. "It should stop trying to keep up with the extremists on the right." Which is surprising in light of the various media reports that it is Soros who is, directly or indirectly, funding many of these most extreme elements on the left.