Gallup Shows How Much Americans Really Care About The "Situation With Russia"

While ever-hope-filled expectations among the left are for a 'blue wave' in the Mid-term elections, we suspect things may not turn out quite as planned given the last week's "crisis". Even before President Trump had set foot in Helsinki, the left and the media were banging the drums of war against "the thug" Putin and how he would trump Trump, and once the press conference furore was over, all hell broke loose as the left-leaning world attempted to out-signal one another's virtue as to the "treasonous", "surrender" that had occurred.

So much so - in fact - that the internet became 'full' of "Trump" and "Treason" chatter - more so even than when he joked in July 2016 about Russia having Hillary's missing 30,000 emails.

Once again - the "Russia, Russia, Russia" cries drowned out any sane discussion of the end of cold war 2.0.

There's just one problem with the Democrats' unending focus on Russia and the media's constant collusion chatter: few Americans care, because - drumroll - they have real lives in the real economy to worry about.

As the latest survey from Gallup shows: when asked what the most important problem facing the nation is, Russia did not even warrant a 1% - and worse still, it is declining in importance from there.

Source: Gallup

As David Sirota noted, "Gallup recently did a poll of what Americans say is the most important problem facing the country. One finding: the percentage of Americans saying “Situation with Russia” is the most important problem is literally too small to represent with a number. "

So with all that energy expended on pinning the Russia collusion tail on Trump's campaign donkey, let alone former FBI Director Comey's insistence that 'anyone voting Republican is anti-American', we are reminded of the blinkered view of the world so many suffer from and what Steve Bannon said yesterday at CNBC's "Delivering Alpha" conference: The Democrats abandoned the American worker.

The meddling was on the margin, and the Democrats need to accept this. The collusion - they haven't found one shred of evidence.

The Democrats have yet to embrace why they lost...[they] have wanted a do-over since 2:30 am on Nov. 9 - and they've lied and they've bitched and in November they'll get their do-over...but on November 6, the deplorables will be plenty jacked up.

But in November, voters will render their decision, and whatever they decide it'll be on Trump's platform of economic nationalism, which has boosted economic growth and created jobs.

"It's an up or down vote, the economy, the tax cuts the whole package. I think the Fed's going to say in the second quarter it's at 4%...because of economic nationalism."

So, will The Left find policies to run on that are not "socialism"? and are not "not Trump"?



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"We have a right to know what Trump said to Putin behind closed doors!" - Rep Joe Kennedy III

So Joe, about that letter your uncle Teddy sent to the Soviets by circuitous route back in the 80's ;-)

janus DingleBarryObummer Thu, 07/19/2018 - 06:35 Permalink

HOLY COW!!! looks like (((they))) had magensky killed to cover bill browder's corruption and theft.  then went so far as to pass a law blaming the russian cops.  this is astonishing.

download and watch this documentary before it's deleted

browder and (((certain internationalists))) are trying to bury this.


this is nuclear.


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Yellow_Snow johnQpublic Thu, 07/19/2018 - 07:15 Permalink

Then the light bulb went on...

Main Stream Media realized they weren't mainstream anymore...

Even the left has lost trust and is flocking to their own versions of 'alternative news' like Jimmy Dore Show

There are still a few sheeple left in the middle...  those are the idiots that you hear laughing at the late night anti-Trump jokes on HBO...

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"Russia" is all about impeaching Trump after the D's Take over the Congress; that's all there is to it. From their point of view, Trump has to go...he is dismantling everything they've spent decades building.

Now, as far as taking over Congress...the D incumbent Senator (McCaskill ) in Missouri has a 1 POINT lead over her nobody R opponent...statistical tie...and given the polls are rigged to help the D, Missouri may just add one more R to Congress.

"This time, McCaskill’s luck may run out.  The state has swung dramatically toward Republicans over the course of the past decade; Barack Obama narrowly lost the state in 2008, while Donald Trump won by twenty points. "…

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I've asked friends to write me in and demand paper ballots only.

If I play the spoiler, I'm going to promise tons of free shit.

I understand that Claire has a bus she rides to get to her meetings with the sheeple. She doesn't actually ride the bus going from city to city and town to town, for that she flies in a private plane. 

Yeah, you can google this shit.

Standard Disclaimer: When I look up either the word "feckless" or "cunt" in the dictionary, I find Claire's visage staring back.

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Agree 100%, but the Ops of our Owners always have more than one major objective.  Other obvious objectives are increases in weapons spending and perhaps a war with Russia as a diversion from and phony cause of the coming GFC v. 2.0 which will be an order of magnitude larger that v. 1.0 because it will not just be the TBTF banks that are insolvent but nations, as well as a huge increase in general debt of all types, especially derivatives, leverage, and uber hypothecation of phony "collateral."

As to the November elections, I have little doubt that the real vote will go red, though most Republicans are also compromised Deep State shitheads as well.  The question is, how rigged will the vote be?  The Hildabeast was so sure of her victory that she and her minions did not spend sufficient attention to rigging the electronic voting machines.  The other theory is that Trump's faction of the Deep State was able to cancel it out through better cyber craft.  If it is the latter, let's up they can do it for a second time.

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Missouri  - the show me state - lived in University city suburb a couple or years and on Clayton st. was there for 7 years - got to to watch one world series game when the Cardinal's won the world series when all the schools got to go to some games 1968 Bob Gibson - Curt Flood - Lou Brock - Tim McCarver - joolian javier - Orlando Cepada - forget the rest of the team 


good memories of St Louis in 1965-1972 playing corkball at the school and everything else - Waterman St.  damn  good days

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Over my lifetime, I have been in situations like that. In fact, a year ago, I moved to a lower cost state for economic reasons. Sometimes you simply have to make changes that is best for your family. However, I live my life to the fullest and won't let an abundance, or lack of money determine my attitude. The media is collectively acting like idiots and I am so thankful my fellow "Flyover countrymen aren't concerned with the weekly eruptions that the dem's and media are spewing.

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Social media is becoming interesting finally.... will it actually become a realistic representation of reality  (something polling could do in the past,  but has become questionable) or will it continue to be inane chatter and subjective memes?

My vote is on the later. Humanity will eventually figure out that "trending on Twitter" is not desirable.

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